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Oliver & Me - A story of Friends and Adventure!!!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Electabuzz_65, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Oliver & Me

    In the beginning, there was a boy who had a father who was famous as being the Sinnoh League Champion, but one day, he disappeared. The only one left of his Pokemon was a Rankurusu named RK, but he has no recollection of the past. He also had a girlfriend, but they've been having trouble, but the boy didn't notice. This is the back story to the greatest Adventure/Comedy to ever be thought of by this here narrator! Lettuce begin!

    “I think we need to break up.”
    “What, why?”
    “Ha, did not see that coming!” Oliver said with a grin that would make you want to punch him.
    “Oliver, go play with the tree!” Brendan was already mad at the fact his girlfriend was breaking up with him, now Oliver is just gonna make it worse.
    “Excuse me?”
    “The tree, Oliver.”
    “Anyway,” Brendan’s girlfriend, Josselyn, had a good reason for breaking up with him, “You pay too much attention to your Pokémon and not enough to me.” Hey, I didn’t say it was a great reason.
    “Well…I can,”
    “I’ll see you later.”
    The next thing he knew, there was a helicopter flying over the park they were in, then a ladder dropped down from the sky, and Josselyn climbed on it with a smile that made this seem like it was normal.
    “Well, bye.”
    After those words, Brendan’s face showed an expression that was only surprised, then Oliver screamed from the tree he was “playing” with, “What the crap just happened?!”
    Later that day…

    “So now what,” Oliver’s anxiousness was the result of him worrying if the break up would go to Brendan’s head, seeing how he decided to join the Sinnoh League with only a Cherubi when his father disappeared.
    “Let’s go on an adventure!”
    “Oh boy, here we go,” Oliver saw it coming, but was hoping he was wrong.
    “I’m serious; let’s go to Hoenn, not to get gym badges but to just have fun!”
    “Fine, I heard there is this beautiful place called Foretree City and--“ Oliver was cut off, he didn’t realize that ever since he said ’fine’, Brendan was packing.
    Brendan grabbed Oliver and rushed out the door screamed “Bye, mom, I’m going off to put myself in danger!” his mom was fine with it, as long as they kept in touch.
    “Well,” Oliver started narrating, and Brendan stopped listening, “Here we go, the start of a new journey, where lives will be changed forever!!”

    "You think they'll be ok?" This is one of two lines that RK will only get for a while, "You think I should follow them?"

    To be continued…
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    This is really more of a story, so it's been moved here instead. Make sure you check the board descriptions before posting a topic.

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