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Of Growlithes & Rainbows

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Stark, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. OOC: This is a RP between myself and Stella, so you guys can read and... read :D PS - Short post is short, will aim to lengthen them when things get going :)

    Charlotte could not ask for better weather.

    The heat was intoxicating to the Butterfree, flying happily around the creamy brown meadow. Many wheat-like plants were seemingly following the butterfly Pokemon wherever she flew in the modest breeze; the little black dots on the bottom of her translucent wings distinguishing her as a female of her species. Her vibrant purple and blue hues stood out against the wooded area, she was easily the centre of attention. And she was loving it. She was intensely proud of herself, and the situation she founded herself in only served to fuel her ego.

    Felicia, on the other hand, was acting in quite the opposite fashion.

    She was perched up against a tree, one of many surrounding the meadow, gazing towards Celadon City in the distance. She was dressed in a simple yellowy summer dress to suit the radiant conditions, coming to just above her knees. Her unusual teal coloured hair danced nearly all the way down to the bottom of her dress, whilst her delicate brown eyes followed her Bug-type Pokemon around the pure cerulean sky. Charlotte was clearly enjoying herself on the outskirts of Route 7. Felicia had just left the bustle of Saffron City behind and, although Route 7 is unusually short, she found the grassy route to be an oasis in an urban desert comprised mostly of noise and bustle. It reminded her of Route 37, just south of Ecruteak City, where she caught her first Pokemon.

    The duo had just blitzed through their time in Saffron City, because the location was supposedly a place where Rockets liked to be active, which Felicia did NOT like the sound of – and although this was just in the shadier parts of town, she didn't want to take any chances. She had rushed through her shopping, buying multiple packs of the essential items including the critical medicine and Pokeballs. The teenager also had the quickest pit-stop in the Pokemon Centre known to man, depositing her purchases in her computer using the item technology that was so widespread across the region. Finally, she hurried herself to the western exit of the city.

    Route 7 provided the tranquillity that she desired, but Felicia looked towards the road to Celadon City and realised she was no longer alone. A young girl had wandered her way out of the city and looked noticeably lost. Felicia decided to wave to her new company.
  2. Allison had never approved her parents choice of moving to Celadon. It was a new place full of new people she had never met in her life. The only reason that her parents chose to move was because of the gambling, she was sure. Celadon was full of large building and concrete streets. Never did Allison imagine that she would have to leave her real home behind like that. Allison soon became a nervous wreck in the face of a new place to live. What would she do? That's what she asked herself every night when she went to sleep.

    For days, Allison stayed in her bedroom and closed her curtains. She soon wandered away from home, her parents telling her she needed to get out of the house to breathe and get some air. Allison was afraid. People greeted her, knowing she was new in town. Though, it couldn't substitute for the bit of loneliness in her. Allison didn't have a Pokemon as a partner, unlike her sister. Her sister was out to win at the Grand Festival. One of the things that Allison wanted to do in life.

    "Sis got everything she wanted. A Pokemon partner and money to go on a cruise to Sinnoh. The lucky little...!" she thought. "Why did we have to move?"

    Allison glanced down at her violet shirt, brushing it off from the bit of dust it had gained from storage. She put her hands in the pockets of her dark blue jeans and glanced up at the cloudless sky. The sun was bright and the wind was blowing at a calming pace. She daydreamed of being back in Cerulean City. It was like a paradise, especially when the gym leader was performing a show for the audience. Misty performed with elegance. Allison envied her greatly. She had a small flashback.

    "Hey, don't worry, kid. You'll be back in Cerulean someday. I'm sure that we'll meet again someday. Promise." That is what Misty told her when she found out that Allison was moving. Allison always attended her shows.

    Not realizing it during her daydream, Allison had wandered outside of the city. She was out on Route 7 where the grassy fields always are a more calming atmosphere than the busy city streets. Allison calmed down from her nervousness, but it wasn't for long. That was when she realized she was lost. Nearby, a trainer was waving. Allison noticed her from the golden-yellow dress that the female wore. She stood out. The dress didn't match the greenery background. Nervously, she walked up to the bright-faced female.

    "Er... Hi," she said, pulling her hands from her pockets. Allison was afraid to make full eye-contact, but did so anyway. She recognized that the woman was a trainer from up close. It was obvious to Allison that the trainer wasn't but a little bit older than her.
  3. Felicia noticed the girl approaching her was clearly mentally occupied – she spent her time rearranging her clothing of various shades of purple and blue, and her eyes weren't so focussed on where she was going either. Felicia looked around quickly, before tilting her head to one side.

    She looked the younger girl straight in the eyes, realising instantly that the child was apprehensive and withdrawn about the situation she was in.

    “Er... Hi,” the seemingly absent girl addressed Felicia.

    'Just like I used to be... I've gotta make an example here,' Felicia thought to herself, otherwise the pair wouldn't get anywhere in this discussion. Charlotte fluttered her way over before flying around the pair playfully.

    “Hey, you look lost all the way out here! I'm Felicia, can I help you out?” Felicia greeted, calming placing both hands on the girl's shoulders, trying to make her new guest feel more welcome.
  4. As nervous as she was, Allison attempted to calm herself down. In Felicia's presence, she didn't feel as worried as she was a moment ago. Felicia gave off a vibe that made Allison feel safe for the first time since she moved to Celadon. She settled down a bit and responded calmly, her mind focused on her situation and not the past. She was lost in a forest with no idea of where she was. How could she not ask for help?

    “Hey, you look lost all the way out here! I'm Felicia, can I help you out?” Allison grinned a bit when the girl's hands were placed on her shoulders. Felicia was a friendly face who wanted to help her out. That's how Allison interpreted her.

    "My name is Allison. I'm from Celadon... Well, sort of. I haven't been here long. I'm a bit lost, which I'm sure you could clearly tell." Allison's cheeks turned a light shade of pink from embarrassment. She turned away a bit, trying to hide the color of her face. Allison was never able to introduce herself well when it came to people she just met on the street, especially in a situation like this.
  5. OOC: Short post is short!

    Felicia watched Allison turn away for a moment, obviously in thought about something or another.

    'She's clearly nervous... though she has no reason to be.' Felicia raised an eyebrow for a moment, before replying.

    "Hi, Allison! Its great to meet you," Felicia said with a smile. "You have something about you which seems... are you a trainer?"

    Charlotte continued to fly around the pair, before playfully landing on Allison's head.
  6. Allison's mood was brightened a bit by the playfulness of the Butterfree. The pink tint color of her cheeks cleared as she turned back to face Felicia.

    "It's good to meet you too. And, no, I wish I was. My sister's the one that's the trainer." Allison was heavily jealous, but she tried not to show it. "I haven't seen her in so long."

    Living at home with mother and father didn't exactly give her a chance to go out on her own. She wanted to be a trainer, but she was a little afraid to go out into the world.
  7. "Surely you want to be one too, though, right? Its nearly every little child's dream, in this day and age!" Felicia said with a grin.

    She looked the younger girl in the eyes, and successfully got a modest nod from Allison. Felicia removed her hands from Allison's shoulders and began to run off towards the forest, turning around behind her to shout back.

    "Come on, Allison! I'll help you out just like I promised!"

    Charlotte fluttered her way towards her trainer, curious as to her intentions.
  8. "Hey, where are you going!" Allison called out. She glanced around, hoping not to see the faces of her parents following her. She didn't want to get more lost than she already was, but she knew she couldn't get out of the area without Felicia. "Wait up!"

    As she entered the clearing, a pokemon stood in the middle of the clearing. Allison noticed a grin on Felicia's face. The pokemon looked almost like a dog. She thought it looked adorable. He growled at her, though it sounded more playful than it did fierce.

    'Growl...? There's a pokemon that is like this... Oh, what is its name...?'

    Allison turned to Felicia. "What are you doing, Felicia?"
  9. The puppy in front of the duo seemed defensive of the area – Felicia and Charlotte must have trespassed without knowing. It was barking and roaring towards them, in a defensive way, although the Growlithe seemed rather young as the growls were almost cute in nature. A nest was clearly visible to the side of the clearing.

    The bug-type was fluttering around over the fire-type, not sure whether defending her trainer was necessary or not. The Growlithe began to jump up at the Butterfree, starting to Bite at her.

    “Hey! You get away from Charlotte – Use Gust!”

    The butterfly began to flap its wings towards the Growlithe, blowing it out to a safer range to battle. Felicia heard a voice and turned around, noticing Allison catching up at last.

    “Welcome to your first battle, Allison!”
  10. OOC: Went ahead with the capture. Tried to make the post a little long.

    Allison realized that Felicia was letting her take control of the battle with Charlotte. This was her chance to prove she could be a trainer! Allison knew a bit about pokemon from the short few classes she took back in the day. The rush of adrenaline had filled her mind and, for the brief minutes that the battle lasted, she wasn't nervous at all.

    "All right, let's go! Charlotte, use Gust!" As the breeze whipped up, Allison realized that the young pup was not very strong. She knew that she would have a chance to finally start a friendship with a pokemon-partner. Allison noticed a basic red and white pokeball be tossed her way. A smile that crossed Felicia's face told Allison that she'd need to throw the pokeball now before the fire pup had fainted.

    'This is for you, Sis. I know you'd be proud.'

    Allison took in a basic stance with her eyes closed to picture the capture with the pokeball in her hand. She opened her eyes and took a step forward on her right foot and quickly turned on her heel to throw the ball. "Pokeball, go!" The pup was surrounded by a red aura and then vanished into the ball.

    It shook once. 'I know I can do it.'

    It shook twice. 'I believe.'

    It shook a third time then stopped. 'Yes!'

    "Yeah! Captured!" She jumped in the air with her fist held high in pride. "I know that Sis would be proud of me for this. I'll finally be able to prove to her that I can be a trainer."
  11. Re: Of Growlithes & Rainbows

    The brown haired girl jumped into the air, the light breeze playing with her violet shirt as she was airborne. A smile danced across her face as she realised that her trainer journey had begun.

    Felicia simply chuckled before returning her bug-type, reattaching the Sport Ball to her belt.

    "Great job, Allison! So, do you have a name for your new friend?" Felicia asked with a smile, turning her head to watch the slowly crawl towards the horizon. The older girl knew where she left her bag, mentally checking through what she had in it. She somehow managed to squeeze a lot of extra essentials into her rucksack, just in case the situation arised.

    "Wow, time flies when you're having fun... Do you wanna come along with me for the rest of today?"
  12. Re: Of Growlithes & Rainbows

    Allison looked at the red and white pokeball in her hand. She wondered of a name for her pokemon. Really, what would she name the Growlithe?

    "I think I'll name the pokemon... Cocoa." A smile crossed her face as she looked back at Felicia. It was the beginning of a journey that would last her a lifetime. "I've always dreamed of becoming a trainer. Of beating my sister to the Indigo League. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to tag along with you. At least, for now."

    Allison couldn't imagine of what her parents would say if she had a pokemon as a partner at last. What would she tell them? Well, the main question was, where would she start? Allison had never been out in the world before. Then again, this was her chance to fulfill her dreams after years of waiting.
  13. Re: Of Growlithes & Rainbows

    "Cocoa, cute", Felicia said with a smile.

    The sun continued to set, as Felicia turned once again to her new companion.

    "So come on, let's go!" Felicia exclaimed, extending a hand to Allison.


    Felicia had led Allison back to where her belongings were left. A simple, large brown rucksack was lying at the foot of a large tree, in a small clearing tucked off to one side of Route 7. Felicia had emptied the contents of it, finding two sleeping bags and some food for the girls. Small talk kept the duo occupied whilst Felicia set up a makeshift campsite. Her Ninetales, Isabella, had made a small fire to keep the pair warm. The fire-type had curled herself up in Felicia's lap.

    "So, Allison. You mentioned the Indigo League. I'm gonna test your knowledge – how much do you actually know about it?"

    Felicia shuffled her feet around, playing with the grass, whilst she thought of necessities now that she was helping Allison with her journey.

    "We'll also have to talk to your parents whenever we next get to a Pokemon Centre, to let them know what's up - unless you know their number now, you could use my PokeGear."
  14. Re: Of Growlithes & Rainbows

    As Allison was sitting down in front of the fire, she gazed into it to ponder her mind of all she knew. It was a little amount, but it was enough.

    "All I know is that you can only make it with eight gym badges, collected from each gym leader across the land. It takes more than just strength to make it. Each leader has their own way of battle and design of the gym itself. However, once you finish your journey for the badges, you're on your way to the Elite Four. These people are the best of the best. If you want to be the best, you have to earn it from those four and then the Elite Champion." She paused for a moment to think further about it. She folded her arms. "The only other thing I know is that the best way to make it is to meet with a professor that owns a PokeDex. They normally give them out to trainers. It's the best tool to have while traveling."

    Allison pulled the pokeball from her pocket. Tossing the mysterious ball into the air, her Growlithe came out. She smiled gently as the pokemon curled up next to the fire. A breeze was blowing through.

    "To answer your question, the house phone hasn't been put in yet. The company has yet to set up our service. It's no surprise, really."

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