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Of Friendship and Challenges

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Chadwyck, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. OoC: Okie dokie, folks. This here is an RP that you would know if you were in. Meaning I would have let you know that you were in it. If I didn't tell you so, I'm sorry. I know that there were a lolton of you who showed interest and I apologize if you are not one of those four people listed above. I wasn't expecting such a high level of interest so I implemented a first come first serve policy and so the first people who showed me interest were allowed in. If you really want to do something similar, I give my permission for the rest of you to use the idea in a separate RP, because honestly it's a vague plot that anyone could do :'D


    The Sun peeked its way through the trees; the blotches of light spread themselves gracefully over the young girl’s face as she slumbered in a small clearing. Her snoring had startled the nearby PokeMon into hiding, so the forest was quiet besides the sound of her breathing. She was wrapped up in a sleeping bag, her head haphazardly resting on a fortunately smooth rock.

    A spot of light intuitively struck her closed eyes, but the sudden light startled her awake. She smiled and yawned as she stretched to greet the morning. At least, she thought that it had been morning. “Morning, Weiss,” she chimed up into the trees, not actually seeing the creature to which she spoke. The only PokeMon in the area who hadn’t been frightened away by the girl’s sounds of sleep, a small, yellow creature with four legs that rested along a web spun between two branches in the trees; a web that was charged with electricity to aid in the capture of prey.

    At the girl’s call, the Joltik scurried its way down the tree and across the ground to her feet. “How did you sleep?” She asked happily as the electric-type climbed up her leg and making its way to her shoulder. Danika Whitemarsh giggled as her PokeMon came to a halt on her shoulder, and then made a small jump onto her head. “I’m guessing well, then?” She laughed again as she started to pack away her things, taking her time to roll up her bag.

    “Today is the big day, Weiss. Today we start our quest for the PokeMon League!” She giggled excitedly, “but first we need to walk a bit more to get to Nuvema Town to meet with Professor Juniper. It’s not much farther now; we’ve got plenty of time to get there by ten, it’s only,” she paused to look at her watch, “nine fifty-five.”

    Danika sat still for a moment, then she shouted abruptly, “I overslept!” Her voice echoed through the trees, “no no no no! Not today! Of all the days to forget to set an alarm I just had to draw a total blank today!” She continued to mumble angrily at herself as she shoved all of her belongings into her shoulder bag and broke into a sprint in the direction of Nuvema Town.

    She was originally from the town of Mistralton, she had gotten a lift from her dad as he flew into Accumula Town for work with his Braviary. There were perks to her father being an ex-PokeMon trainer. He was the one who had given her the Joltik two years ago when she started studying to become a PokeMon trainer herself. She had to walk the rest of the way from Accumula, but it wasn’t too far and she would have had plenty of time to get to the lab. At least, she would have if she hadn’t overslept.

    She sprinted into the town of Nuvema at half past ten, out of breath and sweating from the effort of running the rest of the way. She didn’t even bother to slow down as she passed the town limits, nor when she reached the lab of Professor Juniper. “I’m sorry!” She exclaimed as she ran through the doors at full speed, tripping on the lip at the door and tumbling into a room, Weiss leapt from her shoulder to avoid being crushed. She lay dazed on the floor and looked around the room. She saw several machines she didn’t recognize and four other people were present in the room, one of which being Professor Juniper herself.

    In her hurry, she hadn’t really taken the time to properly dress. She was wearing a yellow half coat with a cyan tank top underneath it, a matching bandanna tied around her head. She had on a white skirt paired with cyan leggings and white slip-on shoes. All of it was slightly disheveled, and generally grass stained from her sprint through the woods.

    “Oh, Danika, how nice of you to join us.” Professor Juniper said cheerily, without showing much surprise at the girl barging in, “I figured you would be here sooner or later. And I see you’ve already got a PokeMon with you.” She smiled as she bent down and patted Joltik on the head, “and a lovely one at that.”

    “I’m so sorry, Professor, I,” she paused, blushing from her embarrassment, “I overslept.”

    “It’s quite alright, Danika, I was young once too if you could believe it.” In fact, Danika could believe it quite easily, Professor Juniper still looked young, making it impossible for the girl to decide how old the Professor really was.

    Weiss climbed up onto his trainer’s shoulder again, still pleased at the PokeMon Professor’s acceptance of him. Being a bug type made him unlikable in the eyes of most, but Danika loved him regardless; the Joltik was happy so long as his trainer was near.

    “As I was just explaining to the others,” Professor Juniper cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention, “today you’ll all be departing on your very own PokeMon journey, you’ll face many challenges and strong opponents, but if you depend on your PokeMon and raise them well and with love you will go far.” She smiled at each of them in turn. “Here is your PokeDex.” She gestured to a table where there were four small, book-like computers; one for each of the trainers present. “You’ll find that they’ve all been preloaded with your trainer card and other important personal information. I hope that you’ll travel the world and find many PokeMon with that device.

    Now take some time to get acquainted with each other and your PokeMon, for those of you who just received one. When you’re ready go out and have an adventure!”

    Danika walked over and grabbed her PokeDex, it was high-tech and she wasn’t sure exactly how it worked. So, naturally, the best solution was to start pressing buttons. She pressed randomly until the screen lit up, “all right,” she muttered, “half way there.” She pressed a few more and before long she got the hang of it. She called up her personal information; it was all there and accounted for. Her blonde hair, green eyes, five foot five inch frame; everything was spot on. “Neat-o,” she smiled, “now to meet the others.”
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    OOC: Note that for the day of April 1st 2011, all S n i v y are automatically changed to Snivy. It's not my fault!

    Terry couldn't help but grin as he walked through the simple town known as Nuvema. It was incredibly small, with not even any paved roads. The sun was shining, Pidove were singing, and everything in the world seemed to be working in perfect order. He had arrived just a few minutes prior on a boat that departed from Castelia City early that same morning. Terry had stayed the night in the Castelia Pokemon Center using a temporary trainer's license, after a long boat ride from his home in Village Bridge.

    He had just recently turned thirteen, and his parents had promised him that they would let him go when he was thirteen. He didn't like it at first, and wanted to start out three years ago, but he sees why his parents made him wait. Terry had just graduated from his school up in Lacunosa Town, and he had only a few more years of schooling left before he could pursue an actual career.

    With the grand majority of his education out of the way now was the perfect time to take a break and travel the region to discover who he was and what he wanted to do. As well as train Pokémon, which had been his dream. He had passed his basics to Pokémon Training class in school his last year, which was definitely a good thing. Terry had some good knowledge that would serve him well throughout his journey.

    He had never had a Pokémon of his own, but he had played with the ones that his friends had. His family did have Scratchers, a Purrloin, but it was more of a pet than anything. The thing probably wouldn't lift a single claw to help out anyone in danger.

    Terry glanced at his watch, seeing that he still had five minutes to arrive, which was just fine because he could see the lab up ahead. He was currently dressed in a pair of grey TrainerWear brand jeans. They fit him snuggly and perfectly, and were guaranteed to survive through even the roughest of travels. His shoes were also from the same brand, and were flat-soled and made up of durable materials with arch-support and all that good stuff. And predictably his shirt - which was a short sleeved, brown, hooded t-shirt with a cyan colored wave design on the front - was also from the same brand. His parents really had gone all out, taking him all the way to the Shopping Mall Nine to purchase his clothes. They wanted to make sure that he wouldn't be lacking in anything while he was out traveling.

    A light breeze tugged at his straight, brown, bed-head-styled hair and ruffled the hood of his shirt. After a few moments he found himself at the door of the Professor's lab a few minutes early. Trying not to smile too much in his excitement he rung the doorbell, catching a glimpse of his hazel eyes in the reflection of the window in the door.

    The door opened after a moment, revealing Professor Juniper herself. Terry took one look at her and suddenly all the Butterfree in his stomach exploded and he felt incredibly anxious. This was the Professor Juniper, the daughter of Professor Cedric Juniper. She was the one going on TV shows and publishing papers - she was one of the most renowned Pokemon experts in the world. And here he was on her doorstep. He hadn't been this nervous when he was on the phone with her a few weeks ago, asking about coming by to pick up a starter Pokémon.

    "Hi," he said. "Hi?!" he yelled at himself in his mind.

    "Good morning," the professor greeted him with a smile. "You must be...?"

    "Uh, Terry," he stammered. "Terry McCray."

    "Ah yes," she replied with a nod. "Well, come in," she told him, stepping aside to let him in.

    Terry quickly stomped the dirt off of his shoes and stepped inside, hands nervously holding onto the single strap of his backpack that was slung across his torso. He followed the woman to the back of the building, into a room full of machines and tools that he hadn't the foggiest idea of what they could be used for.

    "You're the first to arrive, Mr. McCray," Juniper commented as she stood next to a table, on which were three Pokéballs. At once Terry knew what they were, and found it hard to look away from them. "Do you prefer Terence or Terry?" Juniper asked as she tapped a few keys at a computer.

    "Uh, Terry, please," he answered. Terence was his actual name, but he had been Terry for as long as he could remember.

    "Well then, Terry, I know you're eager so let's get on with it. First come, first serve, so go ahead and pick," she said, gesturing towards the table.

    With a nod Terry approached the table. He knew exactly which one he wanted. He had decided almost a year ago during the first weeks of his Pokémon Training class. The teacher herself had been a trainer, and had brought in her Pokémon to show the class, one of which was a Serperior. Terry took a liking to it immediately, admiring how majestic it seemed. He wanted to befriend one for himself, and now he was taking the first steps.

    On the table the first Pokéball, the one on the far left, was displayed with a label in front of it which clearly displayed the word "Smugleaf". That was all he needed to know. He reached out and took the ball, holding it in his hand and showing it to Professor Juniper.

    "Well you know just what you wanted didn't you?" she said wryly. "Go ahead and let him out, introduce yourself."

    Terry did as he was told, pressing the button in the center of the spherical device. White energy poured out onto the floor and formed into the shape of the Pokémon he so wanted. Before he knew it he was face to face with it. It looked up at him silently, looking a bit apathetic. Terry loved it.

    "Hey," said. "My name's Terry, and it looks like we're going to be partners. So I hope you give me a good chance to prove myself to you," he told Smugleaf. It was nothing like he had rehearsed, but that was fine with him.

    Smugleaf still stood silently for a moment bit lifting its snout even higher before giving a quick nod.

    "All right," Terry grinned.

    The doorbell suddenly rung then. "That must be another one," Juniper said. Wait here as I go get them ok?" she said as she walked back to the front of the house. With her gone Terry took a few good breathes, feeling that he was composing himself now. He walked over to a chair and sat down, watching as Smugleaf followed him. He adored the way it walked, as if it were royalty. Smugleaf had a reputation for being snooty, but Terry still wanted one, and this one didn't seem so bad. The fluorescent lights in the ceiling reflected off of Smugleaf's skin very softly, which was interesting to look at.

    Before Terry knew it there was another trainer in the room. Juniper introduced them, and Terry shook their hand and smiled. They picked their Pokemon and then a third trainer walked in. Terry greeted them as well.

    "There's supposed to be a fourth one but I suppose she's running late," the professor said. "I'll just start explaining to you guys what you'll go through."

    Juniper then delved into a speech that she had no doubt had a lot of practice in saying. Terry had heard the general gist of it several times before, but this time seemed all the more relevant. As soon as he left the lab he would be on his own, traveling the region and training to be one of the best trainers.

    Very suddenly a girl burst into the room. Terry watched the girl burst into the room and trip, thinking "at least I didn't do that."

    Dani was the girl's name, and she already had a Pokémon, a Joltik. Terry waved at her as the Professor continued her speech. After a few moments the professor showed them four of the infamous PokéDexes. One was meant for each of them. It seemed too good to be true, such a high-tech device being given away for free, but it was definitely free and theirs to keep forever and ever. Of course, Juniper did benefit from giving them away. Any information gathered on the PokéDexes were sent directly back to her for examination, invaluable for a Pokémon researcher.

    Terry walked over to the table, trying not to walk too fast for Smugleaf, and took one of them. The first thing Terry did once he turned it one was point it at his Smugleaf and looking at the wealth of information presented to him. He stood back and played with his PokéDex for a few moments along with the others, also pointing it at the Joltik as well.

    "I'm Terry, and this is Smugleaf" he said, introducing himself and his new partner to Dani. "Pretty cool, huh?" he commented as he waved his PokéDex.
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  3. The path from Accumula to Nuvema Town was fairly straightforward, yet Ethan was only a little ways into it and he already had a few cuts and scratches. Not because of wild Pokemon in Route 1, no, he was just clumsy enough to offend Orin and send her traipsing back home.

    On the bright side, it wasn't as cloudy as the forecast had said. On the contrary, it was rather sunny, and for that, the boy counted his blessings. If it was raining today, he would have had everything he was wearing be all muddy instead. The wind was somewhat chilly earlier, however, and as such Ethan had donned his scarf, which he was now tugging at occasionally, as if to air himself. Deciding to give up wearing it conventionally, the boy removed his purple garment and tied it around his waist. It made him look a bit silly, but he felt less hot as a breeze of spring blew by. He rubbed his hand absentmindedly, which had some gauze wrapped around it, seeing as Ethan didn't want to find out if Potions worked on people. Not that he had any.

    In fact, Ethan hadn't brought much of anything at all before he left Accumula. If it wasn't for his parents shoving the Purrloin out with him, Ethan would have forgotten to bring the cat as well. Truth be told, he was a little on the older side to be going out to be a Pokemon trainer. While most kids start their journey at around the tender age of ten, Ethan was sixteen. He wasn't all that embarrassed, however; he had heard of people in their twenties giving up their career to become Pokemon Trainers. Ethan wouldn't have minded doing the same as well, as his mother had fallen ill and her poor constitution did not aid her. Regardless, his father practically shoved him out on the way to Nuvema Town, grunting something about signing him up to be a Pokemon Trainer already. It was a surprise, but Ethan didn't mind too much, despite the fact stood that he didn't know very much about battling.

    Of course, even if he had any knowledge on the subject, he couldn't do much now. As Ethan and Orin had reached the outskirts of town earlier, his first step into Route 1 constituted of tripping on a stray root and falling flat on his face, crushing Orin's tail before she could fully dart out of the way. The Purrloin, being the spiteful creature it is, lashed out at the nearest object, being the back of his hand. It hissed and slashed across it with a Scratch attack, and as Ethan rolled over from the shock of the pain, the Purrloin darted out and away. Ethan would have chased after it, but he knows where Orin always goes. He'd just pick her up later, and it would be fine!

    Not fine.

    Not fine at all.

    Ethan stared at the Lillipup in the middle of the road, emitting a low growl at him. He bit his lower lip slightly; the boy never liked canine Pokemon, and Lillipup were no exception. He could never go to the park in Accumula without one of them yapping all over. It always hurt his ears. Of course, the main difference here was that while the ones in the park were tamed and owned; this one is wild, and starting to advance.

    Ethan took a step back, and another, wishing he had worn more than simple cargo shorts today, seeing as Lillipup had rather sharp teeth, and he had rather bare legs right now. The canine's growl erupted into a loud bark as it leaped towards him, causing Ethan's immediate reaction to be to run away. And run he did.

    Before he realized hanging onto his retreating form was the Lillipup in question, latched onto Ethan's scarf like glue. He made sharp lefts and rights, yet the dog remained hanging.

    "Crap," He muttered under his breath, before doing something he knew he would get chewed out for if anyone found out. He undid the knot he made to hold the scarf at his waist, turned around, and...

    Promptly kicked the Lillipup in the face, then running away as the yelping noise the dog made startled even the Pidove in the trees when it met the ground a few feet away. Without checking as to its condition, Ethan turned once more and ran towards the now approaching silhouette of Nuvema Town.

    "Hahh...hahhh..."Ethan clutched his heart as he slowed down, using another hand to grip the sign he was next to as he panted from the recent exercise and loss of newfound adrenaline. The hand clutching his bright green t-shirt moved to run through his hair, at which point he mumbled to himself, "Okay...hahh...now I just gotta get to Miss Juniper's lab, which should beeee..." He lifted his head, scanning the town quickly. The lab was easy to spot, looking more modern than the other houses around town. "Right there." Breathing more slowly, Ethan straightened up and headed in the direction of the lab, not noticing the sizable chunk of cloth missing from the end of his scarf.

    Ethan's fingers met the doorbell as he rung it once and then waited at the door, trying to make himself presentable, which...was hard to do. He settled for smoothing down his hair and just pretending his clothes looked perfectly fine.

    Ethan thought his jaw may have dropped when the Professor opened the door, but...gosh, she was pretty! All that came from his mouth was a stuttered, "U-Uhhhh..." The woman simple gave a small smile and began to speak.

    "Good morning." Her voice was, really, really nice! Ethan felt himself calm down as she continued, asking his name.

    "U-uh, right, um, I'm Ethan." He bowed his head a little before continuing. "Um, I'm here for the, er, Pokedex and, um..." He paused, before finishing with, "stuff."

    The professor chuckled, causing Ethan to turn bright red in the face. "Well, of course you are, aren't you? Come in, come in, Ethan. You're right on time." She paused, giving him a good look. "It looks like you need some rest, anyway. The boy nodded, feeling his cheeks grow warm as he followed the professor inside, closing the door behind him.

    As he walked into the main lab room, Ethan noticed a boy to the side sitting down, who quickly got up as the Professor introduced them to each other. He was younger than him, which irked the boy a little, but only because of his own discomfort. Regardless, Ethan smiled and nodded, getting ready to break the news to Juniper.

    "Well then, let's get to it! Your first Pokemon are over there. Terry has chosen Smugleaf, as you may have noticed," She said, motioning to the snakelike Pokemon near the boy in question. "So you can take your pick from Oshawott and Tepig."

    "Ah, um, P-professor," Ethan cut in, feeling guilty for saying, "I already have a Pokemon at home. I'd rather if I used her, if that was okay with you..." The professor blinked once, then smiled.

    "Yes, that's quite alright. Some trainers tend to do that." Ethan brightened at this, before hearing a noise from the door, which Juniper responded with, "Well, get yourself comfortable. I'm going to go see who it is." Ethan took a seat from across the room from Terry, and waved at the newcomer when she came in.

    After a few minutes, Juniper decided to stop waiting and simply began talking about....stuff. Ethan found it hard to pay attention, since he was getting sleepy in the warm room. He did, however, snap to attention when another girl tumbled into the room. He grabbed a bit of his scarf, now back around his neck, and used it to cover his mouth a little, so it didn't look like he was trying hard not to laugh. It was just so silly!

    He did, however, nearly drift back to sleep until the Professor bonked him on the head with a Pokedex, not without adding, "Atleast someone paid attention, right?" Ethan sheepishly nodded, taking the device from her and opened it up. It was so...so cool! He could learn everything from this little thing and it was so adorable! Ethan made a mental note to make Orin his first recipient when he got back home.

    After scanning through the Pokedex with some random button-fiddling and feeling like his picture on his trainer card was absolutely horrendous, he stuffed the machine into his pocket and decided to try and mingle with the others. Seeing that two of them were already in a conversation, Ethan waved at the other girl with his bandaged hand and cheerfully said, "Hiya! Um, I'm Ethan! nice to meet you, uh, Miss ladyyyyyy..." Ethan trailed off, realizing he didn't know her name.

    In his mind, face met palm.
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    "You can't play with your hands, what are you even doing."

    Letting the dented, crumpled can fall back to the ground, Bronwyn turned her gaze away from the bold colors of the label and met her cousin's wry hazel gaze. "Whatever Dakota, it's Kick the Can; it's not like there are a refined set of rules to follow."

    The strawberry-blond gave a snort and jogged the half-step difference between them to match the girl's pace, kicking at the stones littering the path with satisfying, clattering thunks every time they landed.
    "You kick with your hands?"

    The girl struck a very proper pose before speaking; "Always. I'm also rather adept at handling cutlery and feeding myself with my toes."
    The two of them shared a snickering, chortling laugh before Dakota folded his arms behind his head and raised his eyebrows at his cousin.
    "You know, I forget that you're only twelve."
    His statement earned him a sidelong look from the girl as she fixed him with a half-lidded pout and shrugged nonchalantly. "You know, I get that a lot. I don't see what the big deal is, though."
    Rather than try to establish the parameters of what the world expects from a tween of her age, the boy's response was an exaggerated shrug and a passive grunt. Bronnie had always been kind of mature for her age, though he was fairly certain that her physical age would catch up with her personality some day. Or at least, hopeful.
    As they walked down the last stretch of Route 1, they reflected amiably about their trek from Castelia City, most notably the different people and pokemon that they had encountered.

    To be truthful, Bronwyn was appreciative of Dakota's company for the trip. He'd volunteered to escort her from the city, and she'd had the gall to protest, insisting that she would have been fine setting out on her own. However, as it had turned out, the trainer with the four years of experience did, in fact, know more than she did. Who knew.
    It had given her great insight into the world she was preparing herself for, however. A couple battles along the way had provided the in-your-face experience that likely would have caught her off-guard had she been alone, and a brief tutorial on how to catch wild pokemon had earned her that much more knowledge, and a Blitzle for her cousin to take home to Johto.

    " ... and I still think the look on his face was just precious."
    "There's something really undignified about losing to a male pokemon with a skirt."
    "I just need to find him a Dawn Stone, cut him some slack."
    The freshly evolved Kirlia, Chevalier, was the partner that Dakota had opted to take with him on his trip to visit family so far away, and the pokemon had drawn a lot of attention to the little party when he was out and about. If the entirety of her journey was going to be like this, Bronwyn had concluded, she was more anxious to get started than she had initially thought.
    As such, she was practically dragging her cousin along by his ears as she charged onwards at mach 3 walking speeds, hesitating only to peer around at the hillside and the woodsy environment.

    It didn't take long to reach the outskirts of Nuvema town, at which point Bronnie's mind had become a blank as she stood wringing her hands and looking over the professor's laboratory. A squeeze on her shoulder brought her back from her thoughts, and she spun on her heel with a jump of surprise. Eyes wide and heart pounding against her chest, she stared into Dakota's broad, proud grin before diving in for a farewell squeeze. It wasn't likely that she'd see him again any time soon, though he'd promised to keep in touch and had already registered his and his sister's numbers on her new C-gear.
    "You're gonna do just fine, no more nerves. Now, who's a badass?"
    A muffled 'mi mmm' came from his shoulder before the brunette pulled her face away to smile up at the last of her family she'd see for some time, and hurried off to the heart of Nuvema Town as the lanky boy waved after her.

    The doors of the lab were chilling to the touch, though once she had hefted them open the smell that rushed out to greet her was not the punch-in-the-gut sterile scent she had expected; it instead resembled the outdoors she had just left with a wafting, oaky atmosphere punctuated by drafts of sweet tea leaves.
    Though, it was likely that the smell was coming from the professor, who was already standing before the door in anticipation, looking over the newcomer and noting the dust on her traveled clothing.
    "Ah! Good to see you've arrived in one piece. Are you the trainer from Castelia?"
    Surprised by the woman's insight, Bronnie could do little more than nod politely and offer a smile and her hand.
    "Yes, that's me. Nice to meet you professor, my name is Bronwyn."
    The woman smiled and took the child's hand, both noting the surprising difference in size before the tails of Juniper's labcoat spun before the girl, a slender white hand motioning her over to the table that still held two of the three starter pokemon.
    As the girl hurried to keep in step with the older woman, she spared a wide-eyed glance at the two boys that had collected in the lab, one with a snivy and the other apparently without a starter yet. While she thought it unusual, she deemed it better in her interest to attend to the preliminary course of action necessary for any trainer to undergo.
    Before she had time to collect her thoughts, the professor was explaining the two remaining pokemon, Tepig and Oshawott.
    Bronwyn had been determined to choose her starter based on the first impressions she would have. She'd even explained her decision to Dakota on the trip over. However, the more she had mulled it over, the less certain she was, and had begun to weigh the options in her head. What kind of team did she want? Was there a certain pokemon she would endeavor to have with her?
    Quite frankly, she still didn't have an answer for herself. So when she closed her hand around the smooth, cool surface of one of the two remaining balls, her mind was so clouded over that she found herself staring blankly at the mirror-like surface of the ball before her trance was broken by Juniper's voice.
    "Oshawott, good choice. They're hardy little pokemon, and she will serve you well."

    Bronwyn had already released the stream of red matter that shot forth from the ball and started solidifying before Juniper's words had registered. She?
    Tearing her eyes away from the professor's smile, the girl met the wide, watery brown eyes of the little sea otter pokemon.
    "Oh.." she murmered to herself, before a broad grin broke out on her face.
    "Oh, hello. Hi. Gosh, you're cute."
    Juniper chuckled, reminding the girl that the woman was still standing over and watching this first meeting. "If you'd like, you can give her a name of her own. I think she'd like that."
    Bronnie nodded softly before scooping the pokemon into her arms and studying the round white face.
    "I'll think of something nice for you."

    After a few minutes, the three trainers present lined up before the professor as she began to explain the process and the equipment. Not long had passed before a fourth had joined them in a rather spectacular fashion, excusing herself hastily as she joined the rest to hear what Juniper had to say. Smiling lightly at the newcomer, Bronnie turned her face back into the Oshawott's soft-as-silk fur, taking in the sea breeze scent that the little otter had retained. The conclusion of Juniper's prepared speech saw the passing out of another new device; a shiny new pokedex for each trainer. Taking a moment to scroll through the database and the features of the device, the girl smiled to herself and pocketed it before peering up and smiling as one of the other new trainers approached and introduced himself, albeit a little clumsily. Her smile broadened into a grin and she giggled a little before shifting the weight of the Oshawott onto her hip and offering Ethan her hand in greeting.

    "Bronwyn, it's nice to meet you too! But, um, what happened to your hand? Are you okay?"

    ooc| hahahahahhahhahahhahashahshfhdghdjfdtfyhtdfjuhf oh god I don't even sobsobb
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  5. Danika was so absorbed in her own thoughts that the fourteen year old jumped when the boy came over and talked to her. She laughed because of her embarrassment, and then introduced herself, "Hi, uh, I'm Danika," she remembered something, "oh! But please call me Dani."

    Her Joltik scurried his way up to her shoulder, "and this is Weiss, my Joltik." Weiss hopped up onto her head and bowed his own in greeting.

    She watched the boy gesture to his PokeDex and looked down at her own, "yeah, they're neat." She pointed hers at Joltik and watched the information compile on the screen. "Professor Juniper sure is nice to give them to us."

    Dani looked over at the other two present in the laboratory, "so we all start on a PokeMon journey today," she said mostly to herself as she tried to wrap her head around it all. She'd been dreaming of this moment her entire life; now she was ready to go. "Pretty crazy, huh?" She asked Terry.

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    "Yeah, I'm pretty excited," Terry said. "Can we leave? I'm ready to get going pretty much right now," he added, looking around. He glanced at the other two trainers, a girl a bit younger than he was and a guy definitely older than he was. Terry didn't want to be rude and not introduce himself properly to them.

    "Gonna go say hi to them over there, come on," he gestured to Dani and Weiss, commenting on what a cool nickname that was for a Bug-type. He was definitely going to find a nickname for his Snivy now.

    Terry walked up to the other two brand new trainers. "Hey guys, I'm Terry," he said, introducing himself and then nodding down to his Snivy. Snivy seemed a little less disinterested than before, actually holding its head at a normal height.
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  7. "Oh!' He exclaimed, drawing his hand back from the handshake. "I, uh..." He paused moentaarily, thinking of what to say. He couldn't say he got in a fight with his Pokemon which ran away after it bit him! He grabbed his scarf unconsciously, biting his lip as he was reminded of the other thing bitten by a Pokemon today.

    "I fell down. Hard." He replied bluntly, kicking himself inwardly. It was a terribly unbelievable excuse, and he knew it. Yet fortunately, he was saved from explaining further as one of the other two kids came over. He introduced himself as Terry, which Ethan smiled and cordially nodded when he gestured to his Pokemon, a Snivy. Snivy never settled well with him; they always looked stuck up. He did his best to not look unsettled as he asked an embarrassing request.

    "Uh...you guys are going to Accumula now, right? Well, at least, I hope you are. I, uh..." He slowed down again, thinking of another way to say, 'I tripped over my Pokemon and it ran away.' Seeing as that sounded silly, he just continued with, "Lost my Pokemon when I was leaving town, so I don't really have a safe way back." He rubbed the back of his head, finishing with, "Could I maybe hitch a ride with you guys if you're going that way?"
  8. Admittedly, the older boy's stammering and explanation caused her brows to knit together, though the concern never left her face. Rather than press him on the matter, however, she managed to shrug it off and leave him to his devices; as it was, they had been joined by the other two youths that had also come to the lab to initiate their pokemon journey.

    The brunette boy introduced himself as Terry while the girl at his side remained quiet for the time being. Smiling down at the Snivy in Terry's arms and the joltik perched on the blonde girl's head, she brushed her own loose curly brown locks away from the oshawott cradled in her arms and ruffled the white fur as the water type fiddled with her shell. When Ethan spoke again, it finally registered why she hadn't noticed which pokemon he had started his journey with- namely, because it wasn't there. Frowning lightly, she met the eyes of the two trainers her age as if to ask if this journey business was going to be something that they were going to band together for. She'd always imagined it as being an unfortunately solitary process, so the idea of traveling with other trainers was a welcome one.

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  9. "That sounds like a great idea, Ethan," Professor Juniper said cheerily walking back into the room. "Now that you're all acquainted and being friendly why don't you get going? You're not going to get any data standing around my lab." She said in a sing-song voice as she winked, nodding her head toward the door. It was more of a cue than they should have needed really.

    Danika nodded slowly, to no one in particular. The fact that she had been so dumbfounded by the fact that she was doing it. Really doing it. Nothing could stop her now, she was going on her journey. Alone. She'd never done anything alone in her life. Her thoughts had preoccupied her so much that she seemed totally rude and snobby; to not even introduce herself to the others must have made her look like a total idiot. Nothing new. They would have learned it eventually. Eventually here meaning: a few minutes ago when she tripped her way into the lab.

    She liked the idea of going to Accumula Town with the others, it saved her the embarrassment of accepting the fact she didn't know what she was doing for a little bit at least. She'd studied everything that she'd need to know, she knew what to do, but she'd never actually done any of it.

    As the professor showed them out and gave them her best wishes, Danika decided that it was only appropriate that she introduce herself to the others; Terry couldn't be the only person that knew her name.

    "Um," she started stupidly, "I'm Danika, but please call me Dani. I guess we're all heading to Accumula together, then? It shouldn't take too long to get there." She looked up at the sky, it was blue and the air was crisp. It was still fairly early in the day, if they moved quickly they could make it to their destination by nightfall. "Oh, and this is Weiss, my Joltik." They started walking toward Route 1, the first step of their journey.

    "Here it is," Danika said with a sigh. She had just rushed down this route earlier this morning, but going away from her journey. Now she was moving toward the gyms, the adventure, the league. "We're really going."

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    I no time at all the group was talking about traveling together, at least for the time being in order to help the guy who's name Terry didn't know find his Pokémon. In no time at all it the group was in front of Route 1, an infamous route as it marked the beginning of the careers of many trainers. Funny, Terry hardly remembered the walk from the lab to the route, or leaving the lab at all. Must've been his excitement.

    Snivy had kept up with him just fine, but the boy wondered if the Pokémon was tired. "You tired, Snivy?" he asked, producing the Pokéball. "You can rest for a bit if you like." The grass-snake merely gazed at him for a moment before shaking its head. "All right then..." Terry said, putting the device away. He still wanted to come up with a nickname for Snivy. Nicknames felt so much better than simply calling one's Pokémon by the species' name.

    "Well, let's not stand here looking like idiots," Terry said to the rest of the group. "C'mon!" He had been waiting years for this moment, so he wasn't going to let another minute pass by him. He took a step, and then another, and another. He turned around, walking backwards and facing the group, waiting for them to follow. Snivy was just kind of staring at him, almost condescendingly. It was adorable. "C'mon, Snivy," he said to the Grass-type. "Mind telling us what kind of Pokémon we're looking for?" he asked the older boy.
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