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Ask to Join OC Stars Reboot RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Psymallard, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    It was dark- but grunts an rustling could be heard close. An overhead light flickered on to show Mallard, Turtle, Rooster, and Hamster sitting around a table. Mallard pulled his fedora down over his eyes and spat, "I ain't got all day, Hammy. Deal the cards." Hamster took a puff from his cigarette and smiled. He shuffled the cards slowly, then dealt them out face down. They started to play, and Rooster took the lead. "Unoo!" He shouted as he slammed down a +4 card. "Sonuva-." Mallard glanced at Rooster to see two cards peeking out of his feathers. "You stinkin' cheater!" Mallard revealed a glock which he pointed at the farmland fowl. "I hate cheaters." All of a sudden, there was a rumbling. The four stood up and dipped under their black blanket that simulated the darkness on that sunny day. A huge circular shadow was now was covering the area. They looked up to see a silver circle with flashing green lights. Rooster chickened out and fled the coop, while Hamster took out a bottle of Jack Daniels and took a swig, blacking out instantly. That just left Mallard and Turtle. The two looked at each other for two solid seconds, then the reptile receded into his shell while the waterfowl pulled out a golf club and outfit. "Fooore!" He yelled as he drove Turtle into the UFO like a cannonball. Mallard flew up to the hole that the shell created, ditching his golfer's getup. There was a humanoid figure there, working on what looked like a metal honeycomb. It stood up and twirled around, whipping out a freeze ray and fired at the two animal intruders, stopping them in their tracks. "Ahaha! Tis I, Martian-023657003115! Whilst you two fools are popsicles, allow me to introduce the instrument of your doom." Martian gestured to the machine he was working on moments ago. "This is my new weapon, and it will pull some of the strongest individuals from multiple dimensions and place them right in front of us! And when it does-" Martian strapped a metal device onto his helmet. "I'll use this to invade their thoughts with those of serving me and only me! Oho, truly a show of my brilliance! Now! Let the invasion commence!" By then the ice had melted, as the freeze ray wasn't finished. Mallard fired off a feather into the machine. "NOOO!" Martian screamed, but the machine had already started to fire off sparks and electricity while vibrating dangerously. The entire ship rumbled, light and sound started to warp. Mallard and Turtle were flung out of the ship, and crashed into asphalt. Turtle looked up, to see the UFO spinning out of control over the horizon. Mallard looked up from eating the road, and they both stared at their surroundings. "I think we're in a city," remarked Turtle.
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  2. [Neon Barry]
    Neon was walking around the city of Chicago, minding his own business. He saw many people gather around a fountain. That fountain’s usually popular...but this is ridiculous. He thought to himself, but then found out a kid who was running around and poking people had tripped and fell in. Strangely enough, most people seemed happy about this outcome. Neon couldn’t really blame them. He walked into an apartment complex, and stepped into the elevator. As he was going up and looking at his phone, the smooth jazz of the elevator started to muffle and distort. “What the...” He looked ya from his phone, and saw that the elevator was also distorting and that the lights were flickering. “What the freak is happening?!” He thought aloud. Then, for a moment, he was in complete darkness, before he was suddenly 3 feet in the air in a dark alleyway. He fell down, but luckily landed on his feet. He exit the alleyway, and discovered that he was in NYC. “What the...”
    [Jay Barry]
    Jay was chilling in a dark alleyway, minding his own business, and chilling with the alleyway cats. No human really seemed to like him anyway, so he usually just hung out with animals. He was on his phone, watching a youtube video on how the society was crumbling. “HAH! Tell me something I don’t know.” He said while grinning more than usual. The cats started meowing at Jay, so he bent down to pet one. As he did, his hand basically phased through it. His eyes widened, but, like usual, he kept grinning. “Huh?” The cats’ meowing then became muffled and distorted, as well as his surroundings. He looked around in confusion, before it stopped, and he was in a new location. He looked up and saw the Empire State Building. He raised an eyebrow. How did he get here?
  3. The Lizardperson sprinted through the crowded street, shoving people aside and dashing around carts. He didn't care if people stared at his more than rude actions, he had to get away! The Lizardperson darted down an alleyway of Hau, glancing back over his shoulder. There was no sign of his pursuer. Still, the Lizardperson did not slow. Only just a bit further to the safety of the Chinamu Club, and then no bounty hunter would follow him there. A wicked grin spread across his face. He would make it.

    But just before the Lizardperson could make it out of the alleyway, he was suddenly body slammed from the side. The attack slammed the Lizardperson into the wall, knocking the humanoid off his feet. Maria stepped out of the shadows, dusting off her red leather longcoat. The Lycan looked down at the Lizardperson, who quickly jumped back to his feet with a snarl and knife in hand. Maria danced back as the Lizardperson slashed at her, dodging and ducking out of the way. Maria managed to catch the Lizardperson's wrist before he could stab her in the shoulder, and the Lizardperson slammed her into the other wall of the alley.

    "You should have stayed home, foreigner!" The Lizardperson hissed, putting his weight behind his knife. Maria strained for just a moment before quickly sliding to the side, forcing the knife to slash harmlessly against the wall. The Lycan woman smashed her forehead into the Lizardperson's face, causing the humanoid to stagger back. In one swift motion, Maria drew a flintlock pistol and aimed it to the Lizardperson. The humanoid lunged towards Maria, and there was an explosion of smoke and sparks. The Lizardperson fell limp, dead from the shot of the Flintlock. Maria took a moment to reload her pistol, looking around the alleyway. The last thing she needed was more of this guy's friends coming around.

    Maria reloaded her pistol, putting it back on her bandoleer. Now to bring this scum in to the police and collect her bounty. But as the Lycan woman went to pick up the corpse, a strange feeling came over her. She felt... woozy. Strange. The world seemed to shift and change in front of her, and before she knew it she disappeared.


    The first thing Maria felt was a sudden impact, and pain. Loud noises filled the air, somewhat familiar and some not. A large murmur of voices, yet also deafening noises of machines and strange honks.
    "Oh, jeez, are you okay?" A voice said. Maria could feel people lifting her up, moving her. She was greeted to a rather strange sight. An entire street of horseless carriages, so many humans. There was a large dent in the front of the one that people were dragging her away from. Had it hit her? Much to the people's surprise, Maria was already staggering back to her feet.

    "Whoa, how is she okay?"

    "Awesome costume!"

    "Is... is that real? What the hell?"

    "Did someone call an ambulance?"

    "She just appeared! I didn't see her!"

    A group of humans were around her, and Maria let out a low growl. The buildings here were huge, huge! This was all so disorienting! With an intense feeling of panic and overwhelmed fear, the Lycan woman pushed her way through the small crowd and sprinted into an alleyway.
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  4. Alina Steelflare had been sharpening her swords when she fell off of where she had been sitting and through a portal, landing in Madison Square garden in New York City. She had no Idea why she was here, all she knew a Martian had decided to open portals to other dimensions. She then ran out of the arena, picking up some speed for flight towards somewhere safe.


    Bastraal had been preparing to meet his descendant, Connor I, The Mad Dragon King of Wethera, when a portal opened right under him, swallowing him whole and he landed in Central Park, as a person. He immediately ran towards the nearest municipal office.

    "Why run when I can fly?" Bastraal thought and transformed.

    A blue dragon with ominous purple scales flew towards the nearest Municipal Office.
  5. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    A large werewolf yawned and stood up. Sleepily, he proceeded to walk along, before empty air stopped him.
    "Whoa! Uh, Loufe?"
    "Did they build a city while I was sleeping...and put us at the top?"
    We're in New York City, on the Empire state building. Calm down-wait. How did we get here?
    "That's what I was asking!"

    Loufe sighed. Whatever, let me go.
    O.S sighed, before turning back into a human and letting Loufe free. The male leapt off the tower, and as he got close to the floor, he used his psychic powers to pause midair as to avoid shattering to pieces. Once on solid ground, Loufe sighed.
    "Geez, this is weird. Wonder if anything interesting is happening." he said to himself, stuffing his hands in his hoodie ad he casually walked in the city.
  6. Young Sakano sat still on the edge of a building in industrial Tokyo, watching calmly as the cars went by. He looked up at the sky for a moment before his arm started beeping insanely, stating "Warning. Space time continuum has been disrupted." Sakano got up from his spot realizing that it was true. He had been teleported to New York City in an instant by some outside force.
  7. Nikki walked along the rooftops of impossibly tall skyscrapers looking over the neon hellscape of Neo New York. She held the Shredder casually over her right shoulder as she spun two cherry sized metal spheres in her left hand, they had no special features on them with the exception of a blinking neon pink dot. She was wearing her mask and goggles, her bubble gum pink hair fluttered in the gentle wind. “Boop, boop.” Nikki dropped the two spheres in her left hand off the side of the building.



    The entire building she was standing on shook along with the one next to it. A huge blinding flash of pink light drowned out the rest of the lights as the explosions happened. Massive bellowing clouds of glowing neon pink smoke surging with pink electricity rose from the streets below as people’s screams filled the air.

    Nikki crackled in laughter as she reached into her picket and pulled out four more spheres, on in between each of her finger and she carelessly tossed them over the edge of the building, this time over the edge that was facing the street.

    The explosions blew apart several vehicles, pedestrians, and took out huge chunks of buildings and even causing a small shop top collapse.

    Nikki looked over the edge down at the street, she grinned under her mask as she pointed the Shredder down and began to open fire specifically aiming for cars, blowing them up with only a few well-placed shots. The explosions of the vehicles added a beautiful accent of darker colored smoke and multicolored fire to the explosions of bright pink all around.

    Sirens echoed in the distance as two helicopters flew overhead shining their spotlights on her. Nikki looked up, her goggles filtering out the blinding lights. She replaced the Shredder onto her back and reached into her pockets, drawing out more sphere bombs, these were slightly larger, roughly golf ball sized. She tossed them into the air with a slight delay before tossing up the second one.


    The first explosion knocked the two helicopters off course and off balance, one of them crashed into a nearby building while the other spiraled around out of control. The second bomb exploded much nearer the remaining helicopter, it burst into a mixture of bright pink and red and orange flames as it plummeted into the street below. The residual smoke from the two bombs lingered in the air floating like glowing pink fluffy clouds.

    The building she was standing on began to violently shake as its foundations began to give out and the roof began to collapse. Nikki took out eight smaller bombs and threw them down around her.

    The resulting explosion sent her flying high into the air, from a distance she looked like a glowing pink projectile that shot out of the smoke as the building below it filled with the glowing pink as windows, columns, and other debris exploded out in every direction as the building collapsed on itself then exploded sending debris in all directions causing its neighboring buildings to collapse and very foundations of the exploded building to collapse through the ground and into the sewers. The normally green and blue neon street was now stained and covered with bright glowing neon pink smoke that drowned out everything else, the destruction of the city block was catastrophic.

    As Nikki flew through the air, her goggles beeped and alerted her to an abnormal atmospheric distortion. “What the hell?” Nikki looked around, herself or her goggles unable to pick anything up.


    Nikki suddenly crashed through a storefront window. Screams and yells sounded though the store at the sudden intrusion. Nikki stood up, slightly disoriented from the impact rubbing her head, she had flew through the widow and crashed into the cashier desk. Scanning around the room her goggles fed her a bunch of information about the things in the store, most of it looked outdated and old. She shook off some glass shards and simply left the store much to the surprise of everyone around. She didn’t have a scratch on her.

    “This is New York… just without the Neo.” Nikki giggled as she left the store. She tossed a softball sized ball into the before she left.

    Beep! Beep!

    The entire store exploded sky-high with bright neon pink smoke as she left the scene. She took off the Shredder from her back and put it into storage along with her goggles and mask. Now she appeared as an oddly dressed young mechanic with bubblegum pink hair. “Let’s paint the city pink!”
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  8. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Mallard and Turtle got up from their crash site, leaving behind a bathtub-sized crater. They began to walk down the sidewalk, receiving stares filled to the brim with confusion and maybe a little fear. "So, Turt, how do you figure we get out of this one?" "Say, I don't know Mal. I guess we gotta go find Martian again." "Yeah, but before that, if this city is anything like the human city in our world-" They rounded a corner to see a ice cream shop. "Ice cream!" They both yelled in unison. The duo scrambled across the street, but stopped halfway as an explosion sounded off nearby, and in that direction pink smoke rose over the buildings.

    Mallard and Turtle waltzed out the shop with 20-decker cones, trying their hardest to balance the "One of Each Cone," which means they got a scoop of every flavor in the shop in the shop. "Ready?" Turtle asked, as they started to run towards the smoke. They simultaneously tripped, dropping their cones. Mallard quickly rolled over to open his mouth while Turtle stuck out his tongue a few feet, and they both caught every single scoop without a drop spilled. The two got up and brushed themselves off, then resumed their dash to a possible act of terrorism.

    Upon arrival, they saw what had happened that the area was wrecked and on fire. "Boo! This movie sucks!" Mallard shouted, and the two wore 3D glasses and sat in folding seats, with Mallard's right hand holding an Xtra-large soda, and in Turtle's left was a family-sized bucket of popcorn. Turtle chucked the bucket at the pink-haired criminal and crossed his arms. "I could act better than that blind," he mumbled.
  9. The bucket hit Nikki in the head and bounced off. Nikki merely looked at it on the ground and ignored it figuring it was just something that was being tossed around from the explosion, not realizing who threw it. She reached to her pockets she pulled out ten cherry-sized bombs, five in each hand. She walked down the middle of the street and threw them around on either side of the street. Instead of exploding, each of the bombs split into five additional smaller bombs and rolled around as if they had a mind of their own. A few seconds later the pink glowing spots all turned upward in unison to the sky and exploded in harmony, nearly engulfing their entire block in glowing pink electrified smoke. They destroyed cars, shops, and blew people into smoldering pieces that rained around the street like a bloody rain.

    Camouflaged into the smoke Nikki noticed the Duck and Turtle sitting in their chairs. She smiled, still obscured by the smoke she took out two tennis sized spheres and gently tossed it at them, it rolled under their chairs. Nikki then continued on her way through the opposite side of the smoke as police sirens began to converge on the location. Nikki juggled three baseball sized bombs in on her right hand as she went along.

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  10. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Dashing along the thick covers of tree leaves and bushes, a young kid ran pass the paths set out for travelers in a wild charge. He skids through the forest with his companion, a Shiba Inu, as he races for a river, gently being filled by an old waterfall.
    "We're almost there Koi!" the kid notified, receiving a panting bark from the puppy. With a cheer, the two stops, just to jump straight into the water, letting the cold splash stab through their skin, chilling them. The kid giggles, and the dog paddles, tail wagging and flicking droplets at his owner. The sun was bright on that day, and what's not to love about cooling off on a hot summer day by playing in a pool?
    The child allows the spray from the waterfall to damp his face further, relishing the feeling with his arms open welcomingly. His dog took that as a sign for a hug, so the puppy straight up head tackled the bright-haired kid into the waters. A gurgle of complaint surged up in his throat, but he had no air to release it too and emerges quickly from the suffocating waters to take a breath.
    "Koi! I didn't feed you to have myself drown to death by your name!" he exclaims, throwing aside a poor minnow that got caught in the act, "If I wanted to die, I don't need a dog to send me on my way thank you very much!" he pouts, nicking the dog on the head.
    As much as how the kid wishes to proceed with the scolding, his sentence hung at the tip of his tongue once a light erupts from the waterfall. It successfully gained the duo's attention, and they wade closer to the falling droplets to have a better look.
    "What the..." the kid heaves himself onto a stone, Koi on his heels. The water disoriented before their eyes, and Koi waddle towards it, dipping a paw through the harsh waves clamoring from above. It was no doubt a portal of some kind, and it tickles their curiosity greatly. The kid smiles mischievously, and Koi gave him a knowing look.
    "Ay, how does an adventure sound?" the kid chirps, "It's not every day someone finds a random remnant of a swirly twirly waterfall now right?"
    Without hesitation, they both slipped through the waterfall, and into the modern-day city, they both weren't familiar with. It strikes them instantly with the realization that they must be in the future, there was no other way around it, it was painfully obvious.
    "Holy crap, we've traveled to the future," the kid whispers, looking around the place. The portal disappeared from behind them, but they both ignored it. Not like they couldn't go back, surely, whoever made that damn thing will take responsibility for throwing off the world's balance with the timelines.
    Just as he said that, multiple eruptions suddenly exploded around them, destroying buildings and burning people to crips. The cause was unknown to them, but they ducked from falling debris.
    "....to the end of the world." the kid finishes, "Grandma, maybe we aren't coming home for dinner tonight."
  11. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Mallard and Turtle stared as the orbs rolled underneath their chairs, and their vision flashed pink. They were flung into the air by the explosion, their bodies covered in soot. Mallard landed flat on his face and Turtle on his rear. The reptile remarked, "This movie is really carried by the 3D." Mallard coughed as a reply, a wisp of smoke leaving his mouth. The two stood up and shook off their black coating. "What's her problem?" Mallard asked no one in particular.

    A white van swerved in front of the pink girl. Out popped Mallard with a Clark Kent style wig and glasses, alongside a blue blazer, yellow tie, and white button-up. Turtle followed, who was holding a camera and rocking a t-shirt with a mysterious stain. Mallard plopped down a tall stool in front of her and jumped on top to get to eye level. Now wielding a microphone, Mallard inquired, "What made you cause such a commotion, Ms...." He shoved the microphone up to her mouth.
  12. “What the fu – whoopsie.” Nikki fumbled the three bombs she was juggling. One rolled into an open manhole, while another rolled under the white van. Nikki managed to catch one. “Sorry Ducky, I don’t do interviews.” Nikki grinned as she carelessly tossed the one bomb she caught over her shoulder. Clearly these creatures were not normal, but she didn’t care, she was having fun in this primitive city, and couldn’t wait for the local law enforcement and potential military force that would try to stop her.

    The entire ground shook and crumbled as the streets cracked and the cracks filled with bright pink light, other manhole covers popped out of their holes as massive pillars of pink smoke erupted from them. The bomb below the van exploded sending its flaming husk flying and completely collapsing the street fusing it with the sewers below. The bomb that exploded underground had caused the streets around several blocks of the city to become highly unstable, many sections of it outright collapsed.

    The bomb behind Nikki blasted her forward. She let the very powerful force propel her and she simply rag dolled as she landed several meters away on the street, she got onto her feet without a scratch, and her clothing and other equipment were fine as well. She put her hands on her hips and looked at her handy work, not too bad. The entire area appeared to be nearly isolated now in the pink electrified smoke, mass hysteria and panic ran rampant in the area as people tried to flee and/or figure out what was happening. Like a magician, with a flourish of her right hand, she held another baseball sized bomb in her hand. “I hope the cops or military in this time will have some spare parts they don’t mind… parting with.” Nikki said to herself as she listened to the sirens drawing closer. She took out her mask and put it back on as she waited.

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  13. [Neon Barry]

    Neon was walking around in curiosity, he hadn’t been here before. Might as well explore now that he was here. Suddenly, he heard many explosions, and he also saw pink smoke rising from a. Specific area. That can’t be good. He thought to himself, before arriving there in a flash thanks to his super speed. He then saw the true chaos that was going on. “Whoa whoa who!” He said, before using a bunch of energy squares the size of buildings to slowly push all the innocent civilians away from the area. He needed to be careful in case a battle went down. Once everyone in about a mile in everyone direction was pushed away from the area, (Besides anyone’s characters who are in this area of course, as that would be autoing.) he faced the pink haired girl. “What the heck are you doing? You’re causing mass destruction for no reason!” He said, while electricity covered his body and stray debris suddenly floated in the air behind him, he had them there in case he needed them as weapons. He would fight if necessary.
    [Jay Barry]

    Jay flew around the city. He had noticed large pink explosions and decided people wouldn’t be incredibly surprised if they saw someone flying around. He flew to the area where the explosions were coming from, and was slightly surprised to see some people there. He had also noticed a familiar face. It was his brother. What was that goof doing here? He also saw a pink haired girl who seemed to be the cause of the destruction, due to the fact she was carrying many bombs. “Not that I don’t support the chaos, but what’s happening here?” He yelled from the sky, dive bombing down into the area, before coming to a halt 10 feet of the ground. He wasn’t asking anyone in particular, he just wanted an answer.
  14. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    "My van!" Mallard sprinted over to where the burning metal landed as Turtle continued to film. The fowl dropped to his knees, sobbing as the reptile popped a gumball in his mouth.

    Two other seemingly superpowered people entered the area, and Mallard didn't skip a beat. Snot still hanging out of his nose, he zipped in front of the camera, which was now facing the three superhumans. "It seems that two others have entered the ring, and I think it's about to go down." Mallard zipped behind the kid with tan skin, switching out his reporter gear for a towel hanging around his neck and a red satin jacket. The fowl tossed a pair of boxing gloves at the human. He massaged the kid's shoulders and whispered into his ear, "You got dis, boy. She ain't got nothin on you, and to be honest, she don't look too bright either. I want you tah play defensive and see what she got, then go in and knock her out." Mallard pat him on the arm and shouted, "Go get 'er, boy!"
    @Captain Pokémon @Foxex
  15. Maria staggered down the alleyway. She was completely disoriented, hurt from being hit by a car, and in a complete state of panic. As she dashed out into another street, a dark shadow passed overhead. Looking up, the Lycan woman froze and watched as a dragon soared overhead. What was this place?

    Before she had the chance do do anything else, an explosion knocked Maria off her feet. Multiple explosions began to ring out throughout the area, and Maria jumped back to her feet. She had to get out of here. Frantically pushing away, Maria began to run. She had to get away.
  16. Sakano had begun leaping through the city at a very high rate of speed when he saw a dragon overhead. "That's.... not normal, is it? It's been a while since I was in New Yor-" SMASH. Completely forgetting about where he was, Sakano crashed right into a building. "Owowooowwww! My damn nose!" His nose dripping, he got up and looked around. "Nobody's... here. Very suspicious."
  17. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Yep, I'm definitely witnessing the end of the world." The kid confirms, grabbing onto Koi and looking the dog in the face, "It was nice knowing you, buddy."
    Just as he had decided that life isn't worth living anymore since it's all going to end anyway, he sees a weird white truck being flung through the air, and a talking duck sobbing over the broken remains. The kid rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing right, only to have the ground blasted before him by a pink girl.
    Okay...maybe was just pulling a prank and it's not really the end of the world yet.
    Haha, who is he kidding who the hell blasts the city apart in pink explosion in broad daylight.
    "F*ck." He mumbles, flung into the air by another explosion. With Koi in his arm, he flew quite high, not that he could tell, it was just taking an awfully long time for him to fall. He landed with a painful crack to the cement, onto his back. People screamed at the mangled sight and ran further away, most being pushed off by a weird guy with electricity surrounding him. Cool energy squares dude.
    "... I think I'm just hallucinating." The kid said, the dog giving a weary bark in agreement.
    It was from there that the kid got up, letting the blood spray from his head, to which he scraped with the fall. He gave his neck a good crack while stretching his back, getting up with a wave of bravado. Koi did the same, just not as dynamic.
    "Hehe, survival of the fittest amiright, " he chuckles dryly, waving his flute around to catch the wind, "Not that anyone expects anything from a 4-foot kid, but we can do better to at least not be the first to die."
    Conveniently they both caught sight of a body part, no doubt caused by the eruptions occurring around them.
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  18. Nikki glared at Neon, “Assumptions with no knowledge. Get out of my face.” Nikki frowned and turned to leave, disinterested in whatever they wanted to do.

    “There we go.” Nikki smiled seeing several police and SWAT helicopters enter the area. She dropped the baseball sized bomb at her feet and jumped as it exploded a moment later propelling her towards the approaching helicopters as a bright pink fire ball. The impact of her body hitting the initial helicopter completely destroyed the cockpit sending it spiraling out of control.

    Nikki had already made her way through the spiral helicopter and jumped out from the side, flying through the air and landing into another nearby helicopter. The initial helicopter crashed into the street mostly intact, but its crew was dead.

    “Hey guys! Bice helicopters, are they made of paper mache? Because they sure fall apart like it!” Nikki laughed and punched the nearest officer in the face, stunning him before anyone onboard realized what was even happening. She quickly grabbed the stunned officer by the head and twisted it around, taking his sidearm from it holster and throwing the dead man out of the helicopter. With machine-like accuracy Nikki shot each officer in the face or leg then face, in seconds she had killed the crew. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pyramid shaped device and tossed it in the lap of the dead pilot. Each of its corners and a hole on each face opened as robotic tentacles surged out from the device, stabilizing itself and taking control of the helicopter. “Hold it steady and keep pace.” Nikki ordered at seemingly no one but the device at the pilot seat seemed to understand. Nikki reached behind her lower back, and from seemingly no where she pulled out the Shredder. She knelt down in the center of the helicopter, put on her Omnispex goggles, and took aim out of the open door at the other helicopters in the air.

    Nikki shot single precision shots at the pilots of the other helicopters, each shot emitted a bright flash of pink light as the muzzle flare of the gun was also pink, each round that was fired left a trail of faint pink smoke and glowing charge particles in the air. The sound of each shot was much more contained, lower in tone, and mechanical for a gun of that caliber.

    The shredder rounds Nikki shot easily penetrated the armor and glass of the other helicopters, through the pilot’s helmet, their head, out the other side, and through the other side of the helicopter punching shredding large half-dollar sized holes though whatever they hit.

    It wasn’t long before over half the helicopters sent were sent spiraling out of control and crashing into the streets below. The damage was minimum but casualty was high. Due to the unstable condition of the streets and whatever Neon did, the ground forces were held at bay of the area. The other helicopters began to fire on Nikki’s craft, “Evasive maneuvers and reposition.” Nikki commanded .That was when the strange controller at seat swerved the helicopter. Nikki held the Shredder pointed up as she moved along with the vehicle rebalancing herself as the robot pushed the aircraft to its limits, evading as much oncoming dire as she could. Nikki looked around as the goggles ran quick assessment of the vehicle; armor plating has taken damage, and a fuel line was shot so they were losing fuel fast.

    “Man the vehicles in this time suck.” Nikki put the Shredder back into storage as the gun disappeared behind her lower back. She stood up and walked to the open doorway of the helicopter and held on with one hand as she looked out, “let’s push them into sending more stuff, all the more scrap!” with her free hand Nikki reached into her pocket and took out another baseball sized bomb. Her goggles calculated the fluctuating trajectory as she took aim. Her muscles in her arm tightened as she readied her throw, as well as her grip. “MAKE IT RAIN!” she yelled as she threw the bomb in a perfect arc at the nearest helicopter.

    Seconds after it left her hand, the bomb began to glow as replicas of the bomb began to fall out of the glowing bomb. The countless replicas dropped to the streets below all primed and ready to explode on contact. From far away, the flying bomb looked like a glowing pink comet leaving a trail of bombs as it flew in its arc towards the other helicopter. Neon, Jay, Malalrd, and Turtle were under and in the path of the falling bombs as it flew to its target.

    The streets and buildings below were bathed in an ocean of pink electrified smoke as the falling bombs began to explode, a literal carpet bomb. There wasn’t any one left in the city, but there were still buildings and they were being blown up at an alarming rate or crumbling due to the damage below ground, Nikki didn’t care either way, she knew what she wanted and if everyone else is dumb enough to get in the way, that was their fault.

    @mallard @Captain Pokémon
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  19. [Neon Barry]
    Neon looked confused as a...duck came up behind him and massaged his shoulders, while tossing him a pair of boxing gloves for some reason and giving him battle advice. He appreciated the help, but didn’t really understand what was going on. His new coach then told him to play the defensive, then ‘go get ‘er, boy’. He shrugged, and was about to make some sort of joke, but the pink haired girl then started blowing up military helicopters and raining bombs. While a few made it down already, Neon used a giant energy square with each side being a mile long, covering the whole area from the rest of the bombs. “I’ve seen enough.” He said, before a cube appeared out of the ground underneath him, propelling him into the sky at supersonic speeds. Every time he was about to lose momentum, he summoned a few energy squares and jumped off them and into a few others, then launching himself again at the last one, then repeated the process every time he began to lose speed and momentum. Once he was close to Nikki, he summoned 30 sharp energy triangles and launched them at the pink haired girl’s helicopter. These were very powerful and could break through basically any surface imaginable.
    @Foxex @mallard

    [Jay Barry]
    Jay raised an eyebrow as many grenades rained down. His brother protected everyone, but he was flying, so the square didn’t cover him. He simply snapped and all the grenades that hadn’t been protected by the square or exploded already simply stopped in midair, the exploded into confetti. His brother then launched himself at the girl, and Jay simply watched. If his brother failed, it was his turn. He wanted to have some fighting fun.
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  20. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Oh wow, raining fireworks. Falling metal birds. To think the future could hold so many things that the past could never dream of creating. It was both fascinating and utterly stupid.
    "Stop throwing exploding rocks at me you piece of rotten candy head!" he shouted, spitefully shaking his fist at Nikki. What is with her and destroying moving things? The world is going to disintegrate because of a pink demon.
    Koi barked next to him, and the boy made a face as another figure suddenly shot up to fight the woman. It looked like a video game coming to life, but he wouldn't know that. Kino would be at least a million years old if he was to exist in today's life.
    "F*ck this shit, I'm out, " he concluded, turning to leave only to be stopped by a helicopter, crashing landing the path that he almost took. He sweatdropped and gulped, looking down at the crater that could've been him of he had taken another step then turns to go elsewhere, just for the same thing to happen. A vein popped along his forehead, and he stamped his foot down like the child he was, pouring in displeasure.
    "What am I to you?! A comical relief? What's the point of keeping me here?! Why am I here? Is this entertaining? Of course, it is, you wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't." The kid ranted, nearly stepping on their dog, who yelped and jumped off elsewhere.
    Of course, with Kino being so small and the pink girl up so high, there was a low chance she'll even hear him. Heck, she probably wouldn't even acknowledge his existence, but Kino needed to heave something off his chest, so why not curse till your throat burns?
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  21. Nikki looked out the front of the window and saw the energy triangles flying at the helicopters. “MORONS!” she yelled, the robot at the pilot seat retracted back into its former pyramid form and flew back to Nikki, she replaced it back into storage as she stuck a golf ball sized bomb to the ceiling of the helicopter.


    The explosion blew apart the vehicle and sent her rocketing to the earth. Nikki crashed into a collapsed building with some of the debris of the exploded helicopter landed on top of her. The other debris were torn apart by the triangles.

    Nikki wormed her way out from the debris and exited the collapsed building and into the now pink hellscape of the crumbling streets. “The hell is everyone’s problem, can’t he take a hint I’m not interested?” She began to casually walk towards one of the intact crashed helicopter sites.
  22. "Well, as long as I'm alive, I may as well go after that dragon." Sakano got up from the rubble of his crash and rocketed up to the roof of the building. "Looks like it's headed to the... Municipal Office? What the fuck? What business does a dragon have there?" He began jumping from roof to roof, only looking down once revealing some kind of bomb fest. Can't get distracted, don't wanna break your nose twice, he said, continuing to pursue the dragon.
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  23. [Neon Barry]
    “What?” Neon said before looking back down as the girl practically blew herself up. He rode a rectangle like a surfboard to go down and chase her, but he was stopped by a telekinetic force. “What the...”

    [Jay Barry]
    “Stop right there, big brother!” Jay said as he stopped Neon with one of his powers. “You’ve has your turn, and you failed. It’s my turn now!” He said, before placing Neon down with his power. He then flew towards the girl at supersonic speeds. He stopped in front of her. “Hey there!” He said before placing an unbreakable telekinetic cube around them. “Whoopsie, looks like we’re stuck here. Wanna play 20 questions?” He joked.
  24. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Mallard dashed at the two, only to smash face first into a wall. He stepped back and shook it off, only to immediately press his face back onto the wall. He looked around the inside to see turtle in the corner reading a newspaper. The duck gawked and pressed his feathers to his forehead, and used instant transmission to appear right next to his reptilian friend. Mallard snatched the newspaper out of his hands and yelled, "There's a fight goin' on, Turt!" "I was waiting on you," Turtle calmly replied, standing up. Mallard jumped on his shoulders, and they both spun to dress up in a referee costume, with a mustache for style. They rushed in between the two and Mallard stated, "Alright now, I wanna see a good, clean fight now, nothing below the belt, no scratching, no biting, no hair-pulling, and no nip twisters. Alright, now play ball!"
    @Captain Pokémon @Foxex
  25. Nikki sighed, “Uug….” She thought for a few moments, “You know what, it might be better to wait for them to come to me.” Nikki sat down on the ground and folded her legs, she rested her head on her hand propped on her knee. “All right, while I wait, we can play 20 questions.” Nikki shrugged and waited.

    @Captain Pokémon
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  26. Jay started to laugh, and was about to summon his scythe, but he stopped doing both when his opponent said something unexpected.

    ‘All right, while I wait, we can play 20 questions.’ The girl said.

    Jay blinked twice. He held up his index finger and opened and closed his mouth a few times, trying to say something, but failing.

    “I’m sorry what?” He asked quizzically. He thought it was pretty clear that he was joking. “You just went from 100 to 0 real freaking quick.” He said quizzically.
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  27. Bastraal Shadowbolt had been flying towards the nearest municipal office when he saw something, or rather someone, out of the corner of his eye, and immediately turned his head, sparking at the mouth, then firing a shadowed Lightning breath at the person following him.


    Alina had been flying when she saw a bomb fest and Bastraal, being chased by a person. The bomb fest became a cube, so she flew over to the cube to investigate it, but thought it would be a better idea to get this person off Bastraal's trail, she then flew straight at him, aiming to knock the man on the building off said building.

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  28. "C'mon, 20 questions, lets go!" Nikki began bouncing her left leg in boredom, "Wouldn't really saw I went from 100 to 0... more like 10 to 0." she laughed. "Hurry up now we can probably get one round in before they show up."

    @Captain Pokémon
  29. Sakano had been recklessly jumping towards the dragon when black lightning shot at him. He just barely caught it with his right arm and absorbed the electricity into his robotics. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a woman soaring straight at him, and rocketed out of the way. He jumped forward at the one-horned dragon, creating a black energy sword in hand and saying, "Whoa, Black Lightning? Man, you're one dangerous unicorn! Whatever you are, I'm taking you down!" He lunged at the dragon with his sword and released his building-slicing slash.
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  30. “They-who-wha-huh?” Jay stammered, only smiling instead of grinning. He then held up his hands. “Alrighty then, let’s go. So who’s going first?”

    [Timeskip about 10-15 minutes]

    Jay laughed. “Ha ha! That was fun!”
    He said and snapped his fingers, and the telekinetic cube disappeared.Then he remembered something. “Oh yeah, you said you were gonna wait for them to come to you, right? Are you doing this all to get the attention of someone? You got a date or something like that?” Jay asked quizzically. He supported the chaos in every way, but it was strange to use it to simply get someone’s attention.
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  31. Nikki laughed, “No, no, no, nothing like that, not one person but more of a… organization.” Nikki stood up and stretched. “Why not look around, they’re here now.” She laughed as a military fighter plane zoomed by overhead. In the distance Nikki could see fully armed soldiers filtering through the streets. “Say hello to the military… or whatever sorry excuse of a military this is.” Nikki said as she walked past Jay towards another part of the city. She put her Omnispex goggles back on as she took out another baseball sized bomb from her pocket.

    The soldiers were closer than Nikki had predicted, she laughed at their movements. The Omnispex revealed everything and everyone to her through the walls, smoke, and other obstructions. “Hmm… where are your tanks, and robots and drones…? Is this place really that primitive?”

    As she finished speaking she was suddenly shot from nearly every direction, she flinched at the initial shots but quickly regained her posture, as the bullets bounced harmlessly off of her. She reached behind her with her left hand and pulled out the Lantern. A very large pistol with a rather strange design, the main barrel and body of the gun resembled a complex lantern that was turned on its side and integrated as the gun’s body, the complex futuristic interworking’s of the gun body was visible though the transparent shielding that covers over the body. The tip of the gun was protected by a ventilated shell with triangular designs, two canisters drop down from the middle of its body on either side of the gun similar to the drums found on the Shredder. The entire length of the gun was a bit over 24 inches.

    As Nikki pulled out the gun a large area around her was suddenly bathed in an almost blinding vibrant neon green light, drowning out all other light sources, the source of the light was from the body of the Lantern. Powerful energy swirled around the body of the gun.

    The soldiers began aiming for her hand and the gun she held, but their bullets were useless, the Lantern was made of a material that I almost as indestructible as she was, just like the rest of the tech. she had at home.

    Nikki smiled and pointed the Lantern in a general direction where fire was coming and shot. There was a blinding green flash and visible expanding of sphere of distorted air that erupted from the barrel as the super-heated projectile shot out of the Lantern. The projectile was only visible for a second, it was a perfect beam of green light so bright it appeared white. It penetrated and bore a large perfect hole through every and any surface that it passed though before thermal expansion took over and caused neon green colored catastrophic explosions along the beam’s path, exploding several city blocks all at once. Things caught in the explosion simply disintegrated into nothing, broken apart and destroyed at a molecular level.

    Nikki held the Lantern up next to her, it’s bright green light now spread across its area of destruction like radiation. “Where your vehicles at?” she shouted into the air before turning around to face the other group of solders that were simply in awe behind their cover, many of them had moderate to severe burns from the heat. Nikki pointed the Lantern at their position and smiled, “When are you all going to take me seriously and stop sending me fodder?”
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  32. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Mallard and Turtle were now sitting on the edge of a skyscraper's roof eating sandwiches. Both of them wore yellow hard hats and orange reflective vests as they watched buildings crumble nearby. "Well," Mallard sighed, "Time to go to work." They jumped down into the rubble and kicked up a ton of dust and debris. The dust cloud began to rise, and underneath was part of a building. In a few seconds, a good as new building stood tall. They moved on to the next destroyed building, and built that up even faster. In about a minute, multiple blocks were back to normal, with more springing up quickly. Upon completing a building near a certain gal with a gun, the two "accidentally" dumped a Jacuzzi's worth of wet cement and steel cable on the one destroying everything in the first place, then got back to work reversing her rampage.
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  33. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    No matter the timeline, it seems like the world will always have an army at the ready for any fatal threats. Kino had seen wars before, but never really pay any good attention to it, not like it'll affect him at all. Little did he know war can start between a girl wreaking havoc upon this land and the entire country's defense. The defense that probably lasted a few seconds before the girl wiped them all out.
    Pretty sad, those men probably had family they wished to go back to.
    All the woman did was pulling out her weapon, one that Kino could not see, not that he cared, it's probably just another destructive tool used for some unholy reasons. Then bam. A whole green boogie colored beam just shot out and swept the entire army off their feet. And it didn't even stop there!
    "Holy sh*t-" he gasps, snatching Koi up by the tail and quickly taking cover from the blast. It crashed through the building blocks, disintegrating everything in its path. Nothing was spared, not even the ashes left behind.
    Pleasantly though, the beam did not appear interested in Kino. Heck, it didn't even touch him, only smoothly rolls on into the far horizon, flattening the view of the buildings that had taken over. Try being so unwanted not even the reaper wants you.
    Standing with bare nothing around him, Kino had to admit he felt exposed, with nothing but a single boulder for protection. If Kino looks closely, there was probably a duck out there rebuilding the fallen blocks.
    ...wait what.
    He rubbed his eyes, squinting at the pair of animals going around and reviving the broken blocks of cement, and Kino slams a hand against his own mouth to prevent his jaws from connecting with the ground.
    "First a crazy rotten candy head shooting boogers, and now a working pair of animals? Are animals taking over society now? I didn't know modern days are that advanced. Koi, I think it's your time to shine. Dogs are pretty high standards too y'know, one even became an emperor of China." Kino said, prodding his dog. Koi snaps at him, not impress.
    "...but seriously, what have we gotten into?" The kid wails, "If they're going to end everything, dont waste my time! Strike me dead, puree me to the ground you nonexistent god!" He squeals, "I didn't come to the future just to be left hanging on the tip of my life string! If I die, I die now, no regret!"
    Koi yaps at him, having enough of this situation. Now jumping up and biting onto the tip of his kimono, Koi yanked the kid back as a building suddenly magically fixes itself in front of them. At least, magically since they can't see the animal duo through their blinding speed. If Kino had been standing where he was a second ago, Mallard and Turtle would've surely made him into a building too.
    Confusion lining across his face, Kino felt like he was moving from one topic to another way to fast. One second he was excited about a portal, the next he was feeling the doom from all the disruption. Now he was pleading for death and all of a sudden animals are taking charge of things and nearly smearing him into a building wall. What's next? Is he going to become a side character for a superhero story?
    "I'm not made for the future." He said, now sitting up high on a giant building. He doesn't know how he got up there, but he assumed a building grew from under his butt or something, "Is this a prank, it's not even funny anymore."
    It was fun while it lasted, but Kino is just done with everything. Too many things are happening, and his reaction isn't fast enough. He could be amused one moment, then become a magnet for trouble the next.
    But hey, if he survives this, he'll have quite the story to tell. Not that anyone will believe him.
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  34. As Nikki fired the second shot, the falling wet cement and other debris over her head was blown away by the heat wave. The shot destroyed several more blocks in the pointed direction. The destruction of the city was more of an afterthought, the military was trying to close in onto her position, but she was focused on getting her hands on the military’s heavier ordinance.

    Nikki tossed the bomb she had in her hand over her shoulder, blowing up the first level of a newly constructed building. She reached into her pocket again, pulling out four flat quarter sized disc-shaped objects with glowing pink markings on them. She tossed them into the air and they opened up along the cracks of the discs into four small flying discs. They were completely silent and zoomed off into the city, they moved extremely fast invisible to the eye. They quickly fed Nikki the layout of the city and its streets into her Omnispex goggles as they spread into the city, they replicated as the area grew larger, 4 became 8 and 8 to 16, and so on. In minutes Nikki had a extremely detailed map of New York.

    “Seems like they are operating from those four ships.” Nikki changed her direction and headed to the ocean where 4 military ships were positioned, “no tanks but, I can work with fighter planes and drones.” The map her own drones made was extremely well made in 3D down to the finest and smallest details. As she made her way to her new destination she would shoot off the Lantern at any soldiers that were dumb enough to shoot at her from whatever position they happened to be positioned in. Nikki took several sniper shots to her body and head, but it didn’t bother her and the Lantern hit its mark all the same, the further the target the more destruction it caused to the city, one instance, the Lantern completely annihilated several kilometres of city to hit the sniper position.
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  35. Through the fighting and the explosions, Maria had eventually came to her senses. She was a soldier, and while the sounds of war in this time may be disorienting, they were still familiar. The Lycan woman had caught sight of what cause of this was, and she hadn't been able to believe what she had seen. A single human. A SINGLE human. They appeared female, with bright pink hair. The things she was using looked to be almost magic.

    Maria had watched a bit of the fight, making notes and narrowing down her options. She appeared to be literally invulnerable to attacks, walking away from explosions and rubble like they were nothing. She was a one woman weapon of pure destruction! It didn't look like she wanted to fight either, so that left one option in Maria's mind.


    The moment the wolf woman came to this realization, she began to run away. But even as she ran away, explosions seemed to happen all around her. How far of a range did this woman have?

    After a few minutes of running, Maria came to a stop. The wolf woman took deep breaths, looking back in the distance at the explosions that were happening blocks away. She should be safe here. In fact, the whole thing looked rather strange. It looked like as quick as buildings were falling, new ones were popping back up again.

    Then Maria saw a strange green glow as more buildings seemed to fall, in a line towards her.

    It was the last thing she ever saw. The Lantern's projectile struck her, annihilating her instantly.
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