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Ask to Join Nova-Operation Specialists: Start of War

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by MihajloJedi, Dec 23, 2018.

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    Before anything,I wanna say thanks to @Jagson because he made more than half of this,and he is admin too,which means he can accept and do all other stuff as me!!!


    After a twenty year war against the gods (Ashari) And the uprising of the dark ones (Sitari) The seven goverments goverments of the A sector of the Galaxy have been wounded. As solar system that were once well protected are now open to attacks from raiders and other groups. As a result of the more common attacks the goverments have turned to mercinary groups to keep the systems protected. One such group is Nova Operations or known more commonly as N-OPS.

    GOVERMENTS AND HISTORIES (Non full at the moment)

    BWH (Before written history)
    The galaxy in the civil unreast that was the War of the eight races. The Mulich took advantage of the situation. for the next hundred years the Mulich War spreaded throughout the whole galaxy. In a desperet act the seven other humanoid races ( In current names) The Terrans, Quzacions, Vegans, Valkarians, Solistians, Arians, and Aquarian gave up their powers given to them by the Ashari (Though some regained their powers over the millenniums) and formed seven rings. With these rings they were able to destroy the entirety of the Mulich war machine, their technology, and sent them to the outer regions of the A sector of the galaxy.
    Seeing what the Seven races had done to the galaxy the races they hurt and nearly destroyed they decided it would be best to go to their own home worlds and start over.
    380 B.E.
    Mulich Archelogists started to uncover artifacts dating back to over five hundred millennia. Hating what those other humanoids did to them leaving what was left of their species on a rock that could barley support life. The Mulich started to plot and plan a way to regain everything they lost. Firstly they started on control darkness in each of them.
    76 B.E.
    The Mulich slowly started to take over systems near them. From what text they were able to salvage they knew the errors of their ancestors and planned accordingly. They sent out ten of their strongest and young warriors through out the galaxy their plan was to learn how things have changed and in bed themselves in what they belived would be powerful goverments.
    37 B.E.
    As their technology grew back they discovered threw their source in the A Sector that a small collation was forming. Six of the seven humanoid races were joining forces as well as a few sub and non humanoid species. They took precaution watching as this ASHOR rose to power. Around the same time they caught word of a small mercenary group was being formed by a Human/Quzacion hybrid name Chris Morriland. The organization was called the Knights.

    17 B.E.
    After two decades of planning the Mulich made their presence known as they under the command of Dracon attacked a Galactic Alliance deep space station above the planet of Necromia their homeworld. The Battle was swift as the legions of Mulich troops stormed the station. Paladin Alanos Ragnrock sacrificed his life to save his wife and a few soliders. He died at the hands of Dracon's second Malgon. Shortly after the victory Malgon slayed Dracon thinking of him as too weak to command the Mulich forces. He Assumed command as the commander of the Mulich Forces.
    12 B.E.
    In five years the Mulich had broken the entire GA fleet. conquering the GA's outer rim boundries.
    In their numerous attacks in the mid rim boarders of GA's boundaries. Their final push to take the planet of Solist and leave the GA with only a third of their planets left. The plan failed when Mulich Imperator Zion was cut down by Squire Johan Morriland. With that victory the Alliance was able to push Mulich forces back.
    10 B.E.
    At this point in time the war effort for the Mulich started to wain as the Alliance started to push back.
    Over the planet Yaven the largest military show of might happened between the GA and Mulich. The battle lasted days as the Mulich fleet was able to repel GA ships. While on the ground the battle was brutal. As it appeared the GA fleet was going to lose eighteen Wraith ships descended from subspace and turned the tide of the battle. By the end the Mulich had to retreat from their last planet in the mid region of GA space. During the battle Malgon was severely injured by Paladin Seiko the wife of Alanos. He survived his wounds and escaped from the planet killing eight soliders and three knights.
    9 B.E.
    Malgon having fully recovered from his injuries launched a brazen sneak attack on the GA capitol of Quzac. using a commandeered shuttle and forged security coeds. He and five thousand legionnaires attacked Quzac during the midst of the battle The GA's High Chancellor Cinder Caleese was killed. The battle was quick as Malgon and four thousand legionnaires left the planet in chaos. From the ashes the Quzacion senator Cero was announced as the new GA chancellor. Since he was there from the beginning of the Alliance first as an aid and now a senior senator he had the blessing of nearly all voters.
    7 B.E.
    The great crusade ended where it began . The battle lasted two months until Malgon was defeated by Knight Jake Morriland. The remaining Mulich under their treaty were given back their home world and every world they had prior to the war. While some disliked it the Mulich high Leader Nero agreed to the terms shaking hands with the Chancellor.
    4 B.E.
    While civil unrest plagued the outer boundaries of the GA for three years leading to multiple disputes and mini wars. A Mulich spy in the government continued to gain fame and power. When the Knight's Grand Master Chris Morriland got word of who the Mulich spy was he confronted him with three of the best paladins and a Knight of the round. The Mulich quickly took care of all of them except The Grand Master. Their battle lasted much longer moving from one floor of the building they were in to another. While this was going on a Mulich that infiltrated the Knight Order a few years back started to assassinate the GA Senators framing the Knights as he did so.

    In the end the GM was allegedly killed being betrayed by his own son. The Spy being revealed as Cero comforted the fractured Galactic Alliance and promised that this would never happen again turning the GA into the Galactic Community secretly giving the Mulich control over one of the biggest goverments in the A sector.
    50 B.E
    Aquastria Republic is formed by group of peaceful planets from Aquastrius System and was named Aqua Kingdom lead by Dinasty Psári (Fish in Greek language)

    25 B.E
    First Gundam Mech was made and Great Economy and Industry Age began in Aqua Kingdom

    2 B.E
    Psári are slowly loosing control over people

    10 A.E
    Last ruler of Psári got killed by group of Rebels and Aqua Kingdom is starting to fall apart

    11 A.E
    Aqua Kingdom is almost gone. Bandits are everywhere. People have no money. Economy i sdestroyed

    12 A.E
    Before total destruction of Aqua Kingdom,few people that still had common sense made Aquastria Republic Agreement which was signed by representatives from all Aquastrius Planets

    20 A.E
    Aquastria Republic almost recovered from years of destruction

    26 A.E
    They signed United Galaxy Agreement

    35 A.E
    They made their finest production line of Mechs that could compare with Star Fighters

    39-59 A.E
    They are involved in Ashari war

    50 A.E
    Raider attacks are more common and common
    6 A.E after their victory at Quzac the Revolutionaries officially became the Confederation. They molded their poltical system to match that of the Galactic Alliance. The first High Chancellor was former Mythonian Senator turned Revolutionary founder Twila Senclaris- O'Rilley.
    The Confederation signed the treaty of Quzac ending the revolutionary war. Shortly afterwards do to a majority vote they started to demilitariz believing that a very strong military will make them look like the Galactic Community.
    10 A.E
    For the next few years multiple planets started to join the confederation. This led to them being right at the edge of Alliance space near the planet of Jomark. Do to a lack of resources in the outer boundaries they started to ask for resources. This spirled out of control as a small group of soliders started to bully the Alliance leading to the death of Alliance citazens. The soliders where court martialed but the damage was already done. Do to this event the Alliance cut ties with the confederation.

    20 A.E.
    Without warning their outer boundaries were attacked. Do to their lack of military forces they lost well over a dozen systems in the first month. They got word of the Alliance's being attacked by the invaders. They were unable to send help do to their continual bombardment.
    21 A.E.
    The Confederation started to increase their troops and ships they started to ask for help from their former allies and enemies. Within six months the GC, Wraith and even the Mulich joined them.
    25 A.E.
    With the end of the war from the surprising cease fire from the Coven as they appeared to start regretting their decisions.
    26 A.E.
    The United Galaxy pack was signed in neautral space between the Confederation, Alliance, Galactic Community, Mulich, and Aqustria republic.
    39 A.E.
    After years of perfecting a mutrality between the Military and senate. The Confederation was able to create a strong military and political presence. Before they were able to relax they were attacked by the gods of the past.
    59 A.E.
    It was said that during the Ashari War that a generation had disappeared. Do to the Ashari War many of the Confederation's planets were in ruins. Their military shattered.
    61 A.E.
    A GC shadow government started attacking the weakened confederation breaking them even further.
    The Coven is a various group of Alien races brought together by what can only be describe as a succubus named Amelia
    in the year 29 B.E.
    She and her houndred daughters were able to seduce and enslave the fifty races.

    In 20 A.E. do to the undying loyalty for her the Coven declared war on the Confederation, and the Terran- Vegan Alliance. Their plan was to keep the goverments focused on them while Amelia and her daughters slowly take over every source of power in the A sector of the galaxy.

    In 25 A.E. Her plan failed as Amelia was killed during the battle of Ancoragh. Do to this a decent portion of the Coven was able to break free from their control. This resulted in infighting resulting in the death of most of the daughters.

    In 26 A.E. The Coven though having been under control decide to stay together forming the fourth most powerful government in the A sector.

    39-59 A.E. They participate in the Ashari warhelping the combined forces of theConfederation, GC, Alliance, Mulich, Empire, and Republic. They suffer heavy loses and multiple planets during this time.
    4 B.E.
    After being crippled by a terrorist group known as the Knights the Galactic Alliance was turned into the Galactic Comunity. As two thirds of the senate was slaughtered Chancellor Cero took it upon himself to be the leader the people needed him to be.

    In order to track down the remaining Knights Cero created the Setari program. This involved volunteers being trained in the use of the Knight's weapons of choice a saber ( A metal that crates a solid beam of energy based on the person's emotion and energy output.)

    Among the first to join the Setari a mute man incased in metal named Callius and a mysterious woman only known as Stalker.

    The GC went to become more Military based. As Cero belives that a time of darkness will be approaching.

    Around this time a man wearing a white mask with one eye completely blood shot and the other dim. He started spewing propaganda about how bad the GC is.

    2 B.E.
    The GC force the Neutral planet of Namiria to join the GC as they had a certain metal that would make a starships haul stronger. Some resistance occurred lead by a former Knight named Johan Morriland who made the planet his home a year back. In the end Morriland gave himself up so that the people would be safe. He was sent to a penal colony of mykar to do hard labor for the rest of his life

    Queen Catherine of Quzac started to speak out against the GC stating that this was not what the Alliance would have stood for. She was later arrested for harboring enemies of the GC. She was publicly executed by Callius one week later. causing a major outcry of civilians.

    The GC started to back track helping out planets affected by natural disasters, and raiding victims.
    1 B.E.
    Riots started to happen on nearly every planet. As well as terrorist cells. Each Cell ended up being defeated in timely order. The most imfamous of them was the Red Sun Rebellion
    The Red Sun Rebellion
    A small strike force of ships attacked the GC mining planet of Mars. The battle was swift as the Red Sun took over the planet. Their victory didn't last long as a fleet of GC battle cruisers and Chimera class dreadnoughts attacked the planet. in force. Only two rebel ships got out of the hellfire that was the GC's orbital bombardment. Within a short period of time one of the ships the Toshizo it's crew either killed or imprisoned
    The Hiroshima made it to earth to seek refuge. when the GC asked the Earth government to release them they said no.
    1 A.E.
    Seeing what the GC was capable of all rebellion ended

    Needing money to fund their Military and other resources the GC implemented the Pronz tax. resulting in every citizen having to give thirty percent of their earnings to the government.

    Arian Wilu Dyer veteran of the Wraith War as well as the Mulich incursion is promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral

    With continual civil unrest two senators Erica Leaf the junior senator of Quzac and Senior senator Twilia of Mythos declare independence. They quickly left Quzac and started getting resources for what would be known as the terrorist group the Revolutionaries.

    During a prison riot on Mykar Johan Morriland escaped killing two guards, thirty prisoners and injuring fifty more. Stalker and Callius were sent to recapture but he was able to get away.

    War was declared near the end of the year as the Revolutionaries attacked and captured the planet sneed. A primarily desert planet in the back end of the GCs territory

    3 A.E.
    The GC turned the civilians against the Revolutionaries as they recaptured Sneed.

    Thinking that the so called Revolutionaries were defeated the GC pulled their Military away from their boarders only to lose three planets nearly simultaneously.

    Over the next few months the GC lost ten planets. In response The GC tightened down their control keeping the boarders defended.

    The GC raised the taxes again so that they could fund the war effort. Dyer launched the Canoran campaign leading to planets being taken and repelled by the clashing of the two forces. While Dyer had more ships the revolutionaries Commander of arms was a little more skilled tactition.

    Planets Nimeria and Vega seceded from the GC hurting their manufacturing and recruits.

    The GC launched operation Draw back under Admrial Zulu. The plan was to retake Nimeria. The operation was short lived as the commander of arms was able to not only repel the GC forces but also kill Zulu in the process.
    With more and more loses at key positions the GC had to pull back. Atleast that's what they wanted the revolutionaries to belive.

    Over the planet Laziria Stalker shot down Callius star ship beliving him to be too weak.
    4 A.E.
    Operation: Hammer
    Fallowing a plan created by Dyer he was secretly able to divide the revolutionaries into four groups located in Vega, the Solian ship yard, The Nucron nebula, and their capital Mythos. the idea was that as soon as the trap sprung all groups will be hit at the same time.
    The Sacking of Vega
    Lead personally by Dyer the plan was to break Vega's military force as well as their fighting spirit. With twenty Battle stars, twelve Chimera class Dreadnoughts, eight cruisers, and four interdictor cruisers to keep them from escaping. Everything was going fine at first as they destroyed Vega's defense fleet. As they got ready to deploy ground forces four ships appeared out of nowhere and bombarded one of the interdictor turning their gravity wells off. With the ship's destruction eighteen Vegan star cruisers were able to escape.
    Reeling from the set back Dyer kept to his plan and started the ground assault. The battle lasted two days as every male and female Vegan fought to their last breath. By the end of the battle millions of vegans died as well as the Revolutionaries commander of arms.
    Battle of the Ship Yards
    Taken three months prior the Revolutionaries planed on using the secluded ship yards to create and repair their capital ships.
    Four battle stars appeared in a coordinated strike destroying their defenses in a matter of minutes. Eighteen revolutionaries were able to escape
    With the help of a created leak Dyer gave information that the Cero and his top crew were heading threw the Nucron nebula. The revolutionaries sent four strike forces lead by the man in the white mask known as Toby O'Riley and Johan Morriland, a Sitari turned revolutionary Lee Thomas, and Lewi vong. Minutes after the Revolutionaries ships appeared and the two squads boarded Cero's personal ship the Liberty. Eighteen Battle stars appeared and quickly whipped out the Revolutionaries fleet.
    Each squad was attacked leading to many casualties. The tide of the battle turned as a four unkown ships appeared and attacked the battle stars. While they didn't have more powerful guns they did have stronger shields. One of the ships rammed into the air lock of the Liberty.
    As twenty marines took defensive positions around Liberty's air lock a single man walked out of the unkown ship. He had eyes as golden as any sun and grey skin. He activated his saber and within seconds all twenty of the marines laid dead at his feet. The man made his way to the throne room. When he made his presence known it shocked both Toby and Cero. The man introduced himself as Renovamen formerly known as Callius. With Toby's help Renovamen killed Cero. His dying words were "They're coming."
    Only eight revolutionaries survived the battle.
    After the battle the Chancelor position went to the supposed leak and aid to Cero Silvia
    Battle for Mythos
    Unlike the other battles which were all successes in one way or another this battle was a complete wash for the GC. As Admerial Cham didn't arrive when he was expose too leading to Mythos being alearted about the attack. The Revolutionaries on Mythos fought valiantly leading to Cham not being able to break their defenses. As he tried to retreat multiple Wraith ships appeared flanking them. The entire fleet was destroyed
    With wraith support and Silvia's incompetence as a leader the what would've been end of the Revolutionaries only made them stronger gaining support in many neutral systems.
    6 A.E.
    The GC continued attacking the revolutionaries but they were getting quicker and smarter While the GC continued to put up a strong front they were starting to break on the inside.
    Silvia while being charismatic and powerful in her own right she was a terrible tactition. causing more lives and currency wasted than necessary.
    While involved in a training excersise with an isolationist group known as the Aquarians (Not the same as the Aquaris republic). They after more than two decades decided to join the GC. While the exercise was over Quzac. Dyer recived word that a small fleet of Revolutionaries was seen entering a system les than ten light years away from Quzac as such he and his fleet went to intercept them. This left only twelve GC Ships in Quzacs orbit. Two hours into the training mission the Aquarians started to use live ammunition on the GC ships imoblizing them. While that was going on the Aquarians General Olivia Rylon(Necros) took over control of Quzac's ground defense. Within minutes of them shutting down Quzac's shields thirty revolutionaries now known as the Confederation laid siege to Quzac.
    Quzacion battle
    As the ships left subspace the GC's true defense force jumped in as the hundred Battle Stars and Chimeras laid waste to the Confederations strike force. On the ground the 58th battalion destroyed any Confederate ground forces. Rylon was captured and her men executed.
    one day after the battle was finished as Dyer returned back to Quzac with his fleet. The Capital was attacked by Confederate ground forces that appeared out of nowhere. In space the full force of the Confederation fleet as well as their Wraith, Aquarian, Alliance, and some minor factions allies attacked.
    The battle of Quzac lasted two months as the GC fleet was fractured. Silvia was presumed dead as the Confideration took the capital. The ship yards, and most of the key defensive positions. Dyer surrendered and ordered a retreat.

    6 A.E.
    After the loss of Quzac what was left of the GC command went to the Space Station Avalon. Renovamen confronted them there. He belived that the current command was curropt and gave them a simple request join him and change the GC for the better or die. Three of the command joined him among those were Grand Admirial Wilu Dyer and Senator Anotha of Aris. As for the rest Renovamen blew up a window in the chambers they gathered at and sent them into the vacuum of space.

    Renovamen, Dyer and Anotha created a triumvirate to govern the people. At the same time they signed the treaty of Quzac that ended the war between the GC and Confederation.
    20 A.E.
    The GC had stayed durmant during most of this time keeping to themselves. In that time they built a stable government and powerful military. That was until they were attacked by the Coven. They repelied their attackers with ease. Though that didn't stop them from continual raids.

    21 A.E.
    The GC continued to push back their attackers though they lost two planets in the process. Deciding it would be best to get help they agreed to join the Confederation when they asked for help. They also sent a fleet to help defend the Alliance at Terra prime.
    23 A.E.
    Renovamen died in combat sacrificing himself so that his twenty seven year old son Ness would survive. After his death he gave his role on the triumvirate to Ness.
    Though the Alliance did suffer the lose they under Dyer's military leadership lead several successful campaigns against the Coven. leading to him holding his title of one of the greatest military minds of the galaxy

    26 A.E.
    The GC joined the United Galaxy. during these times the GC sent aid to many of the planets under their control and those in other control that where affected during the war.

    Unknown to most the Sitari created a shadow government with the propose of overthrowing the current regime to bring the GC back to how Cero planed it.
    39 A.E.
    They arrived. The time of Darkness that Cero predicted finally came as the Ashari started their crusade on the B sector. The GC joined the war effort on behalf of the United Galaxy as they combated the Ashari in nearly every campaign.
    53 A.E.
    Drew the son of Ness joined a mercenary group that recruited from all goverments as a way of striking and protecting planets that were under constant harassment from Ashari and raiders. That groups name N-OPS. He became a well known Ace pilot for the mercenaries
    59 A.E.
    During the final battle of the Ashari War Admiral Dyer rammed his ship into the ship lead by the Ashari's war lord Anubis. With the destruction of both ships the combined Sector B Military was able to defeat the Ashari at the planet of Migido.
    60 A.E.
    Seeing that the GC was weakened the Sitari made their move attacking multiple planets in the GC and Confederation.
    62 A.E.
    With the help of the protectert pseudo mercenary group the Second Knight Order the Sitari were defeated. The GC under the leadership of Councilor Drew, Grand Admiral Haze, and chief of staff Riolu.
    Do to the government still being weak from the two wars they started to focus on helping their planets thrive before moving on to help others.
    1 A.E.
    After a powerful solar flare made Earth uninhabitable. What was left of the human race that wasn't off planet at the time migrated to a colony known as Tera prime. They kept the colony's existence a secret not wanting the Galactic Community to know about it. Human's renamed themselves Terrans and created a stable government.
    2 A.E.
    The scientist created a stable cloaking field. While Terrans kept themselves secret to the GC they been secretly building up a military force to protect themselves
    They got word that a group of revolutionaries declared war on the GC. Unlike other terrorist groups they seemed to be more organized. The Terran government after a close vote decided that they would remain neutral during this war wanting to stay out of the GC cross hairs
    4 A.E
    While they have continued remaining secret they have been observing the war. After they got intel about an upcoming attack on the Revolutionairy strong hold on Vega they sent four cloak ships and a captured GC Chimera class Dreadnought to help evacuate the people from the coming slaughter.
    The Massacre of Vega lead to the death of millions of Vegans. Those that survived from the help of the Terrans were escorted to the planet Caleous were they tried to rebuild. Seeing how the Terrans fought and bled to protect them the Vegan remenent joined them. Offically creating the Terran-Vegan Alliance.
    6 A.E.
    Over the next two years Terrans and Vegans were able to recruit a few other Systems to join their small alliance. In the process they created a sizeable strike force.
    The Alliance has noticed that the Revolutionaires now calling themselves the Confederation have been able to push back the GC.
    The confederation contacted the alliance with a plan they belived might end the war an attack on the GC capitial planet of Quzac.
    After a nearly unanimous vote the Alliance agreed to join in the battle.
    The Battle of Quzac is one of the bloodiest battle in galactic history. The Alliance using their cloaking tech were used to transport troops to the surface. While their ground forces were tasked with taking and holding Fort Carson. By the end of the battle only one third of the Alliance task force was still breathing
    7 A.E.
    With their ten star systems the Alliance has an open election for their government officals. This lead to General Cal Greyson becoming the first official leader of the Alliance.
    10 A.E.
    Boarder and trade disputes between the Alliance and Confederation starts to think their bonds. At the planet Jomark a group of confederation officers started to seize supplies. Some citizens saw what was happening and tired to stop it only for a small fire fight to break out killing two Terran children. This caused the Alliance to sever their ties with the confederation.
    14 A.E.
    The Alliance allows the Second knight order to establish two bases in their territory.
    20 A.E.
    A group of unkown Aliens later to be called the Coven attack the Alliance world of Jomark leading to the Alliance going to war against them. They swallowed their pride and asked the confederation for help. They didn't respond
    21 A.E.
    The Alliance lost two more planets Narzra and zeroes to the Coven. The race was somehow able to see threw the Alliance's cloaking tech. by the end of the year only Terra and Caleous remained.
    Battle of Terra
    The Coven stormed past their defenses as the weakened and broken alliance tried to fight back only to lose most of their fleet in the first few hours of the battle. As all seemed lost help arrived not the Confederation but the remade Galactic Community. With their help the Coven was pushed back.
    23 A.E.
    With the help of their allies the Alliance got their fighting spirit back as they were able to reclaim their lost territory. Afterwards with the help from the GC they started attacking the Coven on Confederate planets.
    24 A.E.
    After the ten year squabble the Alliance and the Confederation rejoined forces leading to the now unified Military of all the goverments known as the Galactic accord.
    25 A.E.
    After the war the Alliance went to rebuilding and restoring their boarders. They improved their tech not wanting to be caught unprepaired again.
    26 A.E.
    The United Galaxy was formed. This was away so that each of the goverments could stay up to date on each other and help each other out when needed.
    39 A.E.
    A new threat from what is called the B sector emerged. The Alliance pushed their troops forward knowing that peace would eventually fade. 49 A.E.
    While Alliance territories had yet to be affected by the Ashari their military has been stretched out from one battlefield to the other. Without the defense raiders have started attacking multiple planets. President Adar gave the order to bring back their troops much to the dismay of most everyone.
    52 A.E.
    The Ashari invaded the alliance planet of Serenity cutting of most of the alliance from Tera.
    The second battle of Tera. It was swift as the Ashari hit them hard and repeatedly resulting in all of the fleet being destroyed. The ground battle lasted four days before the Ashari Anubis executed President Adar and most of the council effectively destroying the Alliance
    59 A.E.
    As the Ashari were finally destroyed the A sector of the galaxy tried to put themselves back together. The Alliance was remained keeping the name as other weakened planets joined them.
    62 A.E.
    The Alliance started to get back on it's feet. Though they had heard about some minor war that happened in the GC/ Confederation territories. The Alliance chose to stay out of it. As such they were able to stabilize their control and make the Alliance a thriving civilization


    1.All 'Charms rules applied
    3.If you want high positioned character you have to get Admin approval by me or Jagson
    4.No controlling other people
    5.Swearing is allowed,but don't overuse it
    6.Romance is allowed,but don't go too far over making out
    7.You have to respond at least once in day
    8.You can have up to 3 characters,but that is your own decision
    9.Try to follow story
    10.This RP will have more parts so be sure you have room for it
    11.Most importantly,have fun and ENJOY!!!


    Humanoid: Those that look like humans just with a few subtle/ minor differences

    Sub Humanoid: While they have human like body they have clear differences.

    Non Humaoid: the name should explain it.

    Humanoid and sub humanoids can have hybrid esq offspring with each other

    Confederation Species.

    Quzacions from Quzac: Humanoid, They have control over what is known as energy, Most have white hair and either sapphire or ruby like eyes. While they are powerful fighters they get drained easily best way to defeat them is let them use up their power reserves before opening fire.

    Almecians from Almec: Non humanoid, They look like bi pedaled bears with the head of dogs. Their voice is primarily growl like having to use a communicator to talk. Their weapon of choice is the Saber having had trained the early knights with how to use them. They have powerful upper body strength able to rip any person in half.

    Mythonians from Mythos: Sub Humanoid, While they have the physical body of a human they're skin is a variety of colors ranging from light yellow to black and every color in between. They have cat like ears and narrow eyes. They have a matriarchal society. While men over the years have gained in support the women still have complete control over the world ( Will explain when I get started on the confederation). They're quick and agile

    Slerki from Obion: non humanoid an alien race with grey skin. they have big eyes a long body with long fingers. most of the time they are bald. They are a species that make logical decisions. They've abandoned the need of blood shed centuries before the other races. They are considered one of the most advanced technological species in the known galaxy. While they don't create warships they do lead in other areas that help out all species. They are weak physically so they use their wits in battle.

    The Togon from Riolo: Sub humanoid. They have maroon colored skin with horns coming out of their head. They are quick and powerful usually able to trip up oponnets. Since joining the confederation they have become one of the leads in military defense.

    Omega-OPS (They are rivals with N-OPS)
    Maybe I'll add more


    Code Name:
    Special Skills:
    Politically Supporting:
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  2. Please note that species will be updated as well as some of the histories
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    I think we’re missing confederation
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  4. Technically It's ASHOR. I haven't gotten around to write the up to date Confederation history yet.

    Probably going to get to it tomorrow since work is pretty much going to be at a snail's pace tommorow
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  6. ASHOR was the previous version of the GC and Confederation before their split and yeah @m1h4jl0 you forgot the Terran -Vegan Alliance
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  8. Yes. Which were apart of the GC before declaring independence.
  9. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    True. Only thing I don’t know about is the space ships
  10. I'll get to that tomorrow hopefully.
  11. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I repeared it
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  12. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Name: Selima Myeong

    Code Name: Libelle

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Age: 19

    Species: Mythonian

    Appearance: She has bright green eyes, brown hair, and slightly tanned skin. She wears a leather shirt, pants, and shoes. They are all dyed black, so she can blend in with the darkness.

    Armor: She only has a mask that looks like a Black Dragon’s head.

    Personality: Sneaky, very happy, has a lot of energy. She enjoys the sport of stealing, and she has done it many times.

    Weapon: A sword that is a deep purple color, and the handle of the sword has little fake wings for decoration.

    Vehicle: N/A

    Special Skills: Stealing, using a sword, and spying.

    Faction: Thieves

    Politically Supporting: The Confederation

    Relatives: Mother and Father went missing, and her grandparents are dead.

    Backstory: She was born with her parent, and they lived very poor. One day her parents went missing, and her grandparents had to take care of her. Once she was 18, her grandparents both died by old age. So she went to steal and spy on other opposing Factions.

    Other: N/A

    (Tell me if I did this wrong, and I will edit it)
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  13. @OtisRolePlays switch the political support to Confederation.
    Since Mythonians are a Confederation race
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  14. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    I edited it.
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  15. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

  16. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Isn’t the second knight order also a faction?
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  17. Yes they are
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  18. Name: Ealies Emnia
    Code Name: Altas
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: bi
    Age: 29
    Species: the togon
    Appearance: cherry red skin with two short horns that curve along her head that upwards, dark wine red hair that is usually kept in long tusses. She had honey yellow eyes and wears rather unsuspecting plain clothing with the only decernibke trait being the yellow bow she ties her hair back with
    Armor: light combat armour that she can hide either in or under her clothing
    Personality: playful, doesn’t like getting serious unless she has to
    Weapon: short range hand blaster for close range but she prefers a sniper blaster if she can.
    Vehicle: white motorcycle with black panel inlays
    Special Skills: she’s a sniper, give her a target and she’ll do her diddly darn best to hit it, no matter what might be in the way
    Faction: soldier
    Politically Supporting: the confederacy
    Relatives: lionina Emnia- older sister living in their home planet
    Backstory: grew up with her parents and sister and had a reletivly normal life. When she was younger she enjoyed watching the local flora and fauna so she transferred those skills into sniping when she signed up with the military.
    Other: n/a

    This good?
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  19. Yeah welcome aboard Storm
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  20. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

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  21. Name: Ben Morriland
    Code Name: Blaze
    Male: Male
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Species: Quzacion Primarily
    Appearance: dark red hair from his mother's side, saphire eyes and a full goatee. He stands at 5'10. He's built like a line backer
    Armor: Standard N-OPS armor while on group operations. When in space battles he wears a retrofitted Confederation Flight suite
    Personality: He's very distant and cynical. It takes a lot to earn his trust and respect.
    Weapon: A B20 Plasma riffle, A modified pistol, and his grandfather's Saber.
    Vehicle: A B28 confederation interceptor ( essentially an A wing)
    Special Skills: marksman, Ace Pilot, hand to hand combat
    Faction: N-ops
    Politically Supporting: Confederation
    Relatives: Grand Admiral Aaron Morriland (Farther-deceased. ) Kareen Jade-Morriland ( Mother-Alive) Cylina Morriland ( Wife- Alive) Jenna (Daughter-Alive ) Jack Morriland ( Son-Alive) Paladin Jake Morriland ( Uncle- Alive)
    Backstory: Ever since he was a little boy on Nimeria Ben always wanted to fly and be an Ace pilot like his farther. He would practice on simulators and even a couple of actual low orbit ships. When it was time to join the military he was accepted into training with flying colors. His military career however was cut short. Do to a training mission where he disobeyed orders and nearly got himself and his squad killed in the process. Do to nepotism since his farther was a high ranking military official He got discharged instead of being court-martialed. After a year of going job to job he stumbled on Nova.
    After joining them he quickly made a name for himself. By the time the Ashari War ended(Eight years later) He was commander of the Night Stalker squadron one of Nova's best Star Fighter Squadrons.
  22. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    yea i definitely don't know what those are or all things in those categories that have specific names
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  23. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Names aren't really matter, description is more important
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  24. Just make stuff up. Essentially what I did
    B20 plasma riffle essentially an M16
    B28 interceptor small, fast decent shielding.
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  25. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I will make my first BIO, there will be more one or two

    Name: Michael McCain
    Code Name: Moon
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 27
    Species: Humanoid
    Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes, 7'0" height, almost unnoticeable scarf over his right eye
    Armor: Normal N-OPS armor with thunder bird sign on his left side of head, when he drives spaceship, he is in his common black shirt, pants and jacket
    Personality: He is always prepared, brave, smart, kind and likes to cooperate
    Weapon: On his missions he usually uses his Heavy Assault Blaster Rifle B14R - S. In battles he mostly uses Blaster Minigun.
    Vehicle: BZ668 (looks like blue X-wing starfighter
    Special Skills: Driving and shooting
    Faction: Nova-OPS
    Politically Supporting: Vegan-Terran Alliance
    Relatives: Mother-alive, father-dead, sister-alive and brother-dead
    Backstory: He is son of one of the makers of N-OPS, because of that, he and his brother went on the same way. They were Operational leaders of N-OPS supported by secret directors, after their father's death. Once in battle in Ashari war, his brother died, and from then, Michael was leader on his own. After few years, in raider crisis, he starte, finding a good job that his team could do.
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  26. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Soon, I will make new OC, and what are you waiting for, I really don't want this RP to fail
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  27. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    I don’t want it to fail either, and I’m sure it won’t. It looks and is promising to be a good RP and I’m sure we will all have fun Role Playing in this universe.
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  28. It won't as linl as we keep each other in check also @m1h4jl0 switch ASHOR with the confederation from the private message.
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  29. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Name: Anastasia "Ana"
    Code Name: Cable
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Age: 22
    Species: Humanoid
    Appearance: Short blonde hair,blue eyes, 5'8" height
    Armor: She is not usually wearing armor,she has her black uniform with N-OPS signs on it
    Personality: She is smart,a bit lazy,charmful and likes to make jokes
    Weapon: Small blaster B99M14
    Vehicle: N/A
    Special Skills: She is good at hacking
    Faction: Nova-OPS
    Politically Supporting: Galactic Community
    Relatives: Mother - alive and Father - alive
    Backstory: She doesn't have very exciting story. She is born on small,peaceful planet in GC where she grown up. After Ashari war,her parents made her find job. She went on aplication for Computer Technician in N-OPS and she got job.
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  30. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

  31. I'll get on it tonight
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  32. It's 11:36 at the time I'm starting to write so point out issues and I'll fix them when my brain function is restored

    Name: Shas'la
    Code Name: Hunter-Killer
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Age: 28
    Species: Togon
    Appearance: Shas'la has the signature skin and horns of the Togon race, she keeps her hair short and silver, she has a large black coat she wears out with a black shirt and jeans
    Armor: When going into combat Shas'la dons a light carapace armour with a helmet with a built in visor to assist with combat
    Personality: Shas'la isn't much of a talker when in groups but one of one conversations she had been know to be quite socialable and friendly
    Weapon: she has been know to use
    A Exodus Mark II sniper rifle.
    Two heavily modified plasma pistol which works more like a SMG in functionality
    A Semiautomatic Shotgun with both Explosive and Slug shells
    Vehicle: A small troop transports which she has turned into a portable home, she also stores a landspeeder made by her father
    Special Skills: Marksmanship, Stealth
    Faction: Theif
    (If this is outside the rules I can modify this)
    Politically Supporting: N/A
    (Same as above)
    Mother- status- Desceased
    Father- status- Presumed Dead
    Backstory: Little is know about Sha'la and her life up until she became a gun for hire, all that is know is her mother was shot dead by raiders and father disappeared soon after, weather it is linked in uncertain
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  33. MihajloJedi

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    You are accepted just change Faction to raider or thief

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