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DPPt/HGSS Normal Gym Double Battle Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Kalseng, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Mmmmyes.

    Like the title says.

    I need help.

    SO much help, IN FACT,

    That I only have three for sure pokemon.

    And that, my dear friends, results in


    SO, without FURTHER ADEU... Yeah. That word.

    Ambipom@Life Orb
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: Maxed out Att and Spe
    Fake Out
    Brick Break

    Togekiss@Mostly Clueless
    Nature: Calm For Tank, Something else for sweeper. (Which she might end up being.)
    EVs: Sp. Attk, Speed, Def? Or something like that?
    -Thunderbolt/Something else
    -Aura Sphere
    -Air Slash

    Togekiss is built to be a sweeper here, but if she were built to be a tank that would be fine. Sadly, however, it seems as though she would function better as a tank, which I don't need.

    Nature: Relaxed/Sassy
    EVs: Maxed Att and Def
    -Gyro Ball
    -Rest (?)
    -Earth Quake

    So, judging from all of that, I need either

    A special Sweeper, A Physical Sweeper, and either a wall or an annoyer,


    two special sweepers and a physical sweeper.

    I can use two out-of-types with this set of people, but that's maximum differentiation.

    So, other than that, go crazy.

    Oh, also,

    I don't have an item clause, I do have SkarmBliss clause, and I do have a no-weather-changing clause.
  2. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    Well, I told you I had a couple of smeargles for you... here they are :)
    I may continue editting this post as I go, if there aren't other posts after it, and I'll let you know in chat when I do

    Smeargle@Focus Sash
    Technician [Own Tempo if Skill Swap]
    Any nature raising defenses or speed.
    -Follow Me
    -Helping Hand
    -Fake Out / Skill Swap / Protect

    I can NOT remember what I originally had for the fourth attack here, but those three seemed well enough x_x
    Support with the ever annoying Fake Out... if you make the right choice with fake out, it can be a very valuable asset in double battles. Follow Me + Focus Sash ensures that you can distract both of your opponent's pokemon for an entire turn... if you have something that uses Agility, Nasty Plot, etc. but lacks defense, this is the perfect room for set up.
    Accupressure is the only stat raising move I know of that can be used on your partner in battle.. even if it is luck based, it can provide quite a handy boost when smeargle has nothing better to do. It fits in with the support set XD
    Skill swap freezes people abusing Earthquake + an ally with Levitate in double battles.

    Smeargle@Focus Sash
    Own Tempo
    Jolly/Timid Nature
    -Dark Void
    -Hyper Voice
    -Helping Hand

    Like the previous set, I can't at all remember what I had originally picked for the fourth slot here >>;

    Dark Void, put's BOTH foes to sleep with 80% accuracy, and hopefully you've taken a hit before you get it out, but not both hits. If you managed to put both foes to sleep, you're free to endeavor as you please, meanwhile your partner can build stats up as much as they want... should your opponent attack smeargle with both pokemon right off, the partner will most likely get a free turn without damage anyway.. Barring Earthquake, Surf, Rock Slide, etc.
    Razor leaf hits both foes, so you can endeavor both, and if they haven't woken up, finish them off with the same attack.
    This set will take placement and a bit of luck to pull off to its fullest, but will be an assist to your team regardless.
  3. Furret. Furrets win.

    So many possibilities. To bad it has poor stats, otherwise this thing would kill a lot.

    Furret@Choice Item
    252 Atk / 84 Spd (+4 for everyone one IV from 31)/ Rest into HP or 168 Atk or S. Atk / 88 Def / 252 Spd
    -Return/Hyper Voice
    -Sucker Punch
    -Focus Punch/Brick Break/Focus Blast

    First set of EVs is for Choice Scarf. The other one is for Choice Band/Specs.
    Trick to really annoy opponents.
    Return and Hyper Voice give STABed attacks.
    Sucker Punch for priority.
    Focus Punch and Brick Break for coverage in physical sets.
    Focus Blast for Specs.

    Furret@Choice Band/Choice Scarf
    4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd or 252 Atk / 84 Spd (+4 for everyone one IV from 31)/ 40 S.Atk /Rest into HP
    -Sucker Punch
    -Focus Punch/Brick Break/Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch/Shadow Claw/Aqua Tail
    -Quick Attack/Pursuit/U-Turn/Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch/Shadow Claw/Aqua Tail/Me First
    Multiple Options.
    Choice Band for power, Choice Scarf for speed.
    Return for STAB.
    Sucker Punch and Quick Attack for priority.
    Focus Punch/Brick Break to hit Steels.
    Shadow Claw/Fire Punch/Thunder Punch/Ice Punch/Aqua Tail are all for coverage, but watch that all but Shadow Claw are Platinum Move Tutor moves, unless you have Emerald for the Punches.
    Pursuit to catch switchers.
    U-Turn to flee and do some passive damage.
    Follow Me to take advantage of Choice Scarf. Repels moves at 1.5x the power, and it gets a different move everytime (unless FollowMe copies that move and locks you in, which would suck).

    Furret@Life Orb/Choice Scarf
    208+ Atk/160 S.Atk/ Rest into Spd or 84 Spd/252 Atk/174 S. Atk
    -Flamethrower/Fire Punch
    -Brick Break/Focus Punch
    -Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch/Sucker Punch

    Life Orb:

    For optimal use, 208 Atk EVs (+4 for every IV point away from 26) can give Brick Break a slim chance to 2HKO, but sure to 3HKO. If Focus Punch is used, OHKO is possible, but not likely. You can then finish off an opponent with another move. If Stealth Rock or Spikes was layed, then a OHKO will almost be certain (Not counting Leftovers).
  4. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    Well, as I had Fachion/Jet point out to me.. There IS an attack with 100 accuracy and hits both opponents. That's been editted into my first post.

    Clefable@Flame Orb/Leftovers
    Magic Guard
    Calm/Careful Nature
    -Follow Me
    -Cosmic Power

    Burn Orb ensures that you don't get put to sleep, aren't going to be frozen, and won't be paralyzed... the lowered attack on it won't make any difference as it has no attacks to be weakened, and Flame orb over Toxic so that if you choose to fling it, you can halve any one opponent's attack while maintaining the burn that protects you from other true status effects.

    Follow me for obvious reasons: detract attention from your opponents
    Cosmic Power: To raise your defenses before trying to absorb hits
    Moonlight: HP recovery
    Protect with Leftovers: Restore a bit of health, and defend against anything thrown at it specifically for that turn... also could be used to play games with Roar and Whirlwind attempts at it allowing it to delay even further.
    Fling with Flame Orb: Only attack in the game with a 100% chance of burning, even if it is one time use, it'll have its purpose

    EVs for Clefable should be some balance between HP, Defense and special defense, less in special defense than the other two, as you'll want your defenses to be the same... Giving a pro-defense nature would seem to help that, but the higher the base stat boosted by a nature, the more gain it gets... boosting the higher stat results in a higher total defense in all, just an uneven EV spread.

    Linoone@Sitrus/Salac Berry
    Jolly Nature
    -Belly Drum
    -Headbutt/Return [note about Extremespeed]
    -Shadow Claw

    Belly Drum down to half health, and then your berry activates. Most things with any level of power at all can OHKO Linoone, but whether you go with Sitrus or Salac Berry is up to you. With Salac berry, it will have more room for other EVs, but will be slow for the first turn when you're using Belly Drum.
    Headbutt has a 30% Flinch which can be really helpful if you come up against something you know that you can't OHKO, meanwhile Return will provide that extra power you might want instead... just know if you come up against a powerful wall or something with an attack that hits both pokemon, you really don't have any hope at all for Linoone. [a note that there is apparently some way to get Extremespeed on it, which would also make for a great STAB; however, I couldn't find out how to do it]
    Shadow Claw was for some amount of coverage and just because Linoone really didn't have any other choices
    Dig can -REALLY- screw some things over in a double battle, but you'll have to watch out for Earthquake more than ever. Combined with the Clefable above, you can dig on a turn that you would rather be stat raising or something on Clefable, and then use Follow me on the next turn when Linoone would be left open. Two turn attacks such as Dig and Fly can really come in handy in double battles, partially because the second turn isn't quite as predictable.
    A tip for it as well, if you see something on the field weak to it, and something else -not- resistant to it, you can catch them on the switch by not attacking the one weak to it. And then you just got a free delay turn for leftovers on Clefairy [if that was the item] and got a bit of damage off, possibly a KO after belly drum, on the other opponent.

    EVs for Salac Set
    252 attack
    88 speed [+4 for every point under 31 the speed IV is]
    Split whatever is left between HP and the Defenses as you like, but know it won't make much difference..
    if you're willing to sacrifice some of its attack EVs, they might make more of a difference, but know you're losing vital power as you do for something that still might not help. Belly drum gives 4x attack, so think of it as if every point traded for defense is 4 points lost in attack.

    EVs for Sitrus
    252 speed
    and then either full attack, or split defense with no attack.
    You get more HP to work with in this set, so you're more likely to live through a weak attack... still your choice for defenses or attack. Defenses mean you might be able to take one extra hit, but it could also mean the same thing.

    I should note, this Linoone is inspired by Jeydis XD

    Me First is -not- a priority attack; if you're slower, the attack fails entirely and you've just given your opponent a free attack...
  5. Noted. Fix'd and added Choice Scarf as an option with Me First.

    Miltank@Choice Band/Life Orb/Muscle Band
    Scrappy Nature
    252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def
    -Return/Belly Slam
    -Hammer Arm/Brick Break
    -Fire/Ice/Thunder Punch/Rock Slide/Zen Headbutt

    Return or Body Slam for the STAB.
    Body Slam has the paralysis rate over Return.
    Earthquake is for thy Steels and is a nice attack overall.
    Hammer Arm or Brick Break give you coverage. I'm leaning towards Brick Break just cause Hammer Arm lowers your speed.
    Elemental Punches are there from Platinum.
    Rock Slide is to get Flinch and give some coverage.
    Zen Headbutt for the hit on Fighting-types.
  6. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    Adamant Nature
    -Skill Swap
    -Shadow Claw
    -Focus Punch

    Skill Swap + Shadow Claw is what Kecleon was practically made for XP
    Give them your ability, possibly screwing over an Earthquaking opponent by stealing levitate from their partner, Shadow Claw once for damage, and the next turn Shadow Claw for Super-effective Damage.
    Focus Punch with follow me support is a very nice way to deal major damage to an opponent that poses a threat. Without follow me support, you might be able to pull it off with some luck, if your opponent prioritizes your other ally as a larger threat.
    Protect in the event you didn't have follow me support, your opponent will, if they're not entirely imbecillic, make at least one of their pokemon attack Kecleon to prevent another punch; if they try to double team it and attack with both, you've just scored an free turn for your partner. From there on it's just a guessing game. Your opponent will try to predict when you're going to protect and when you're going to punch.

    Secret Power could make a decent replacement for Protect, if you'd like another attack instead... the paralysis, if it sets in, will further improve your chances at successfully Focus Punching [will also make your opponent weak to Focus Punch and kill any resistances they had if it's the one you skill swapped]. Don't rely on it having STAB though, as you're likely to take a hit before you Skill Swap even if you do it first turn.. Kecleon isn't exactly fast XD
    Sucker Punch is another alternative, but would provide nothing except priority, as it has redudant coverage with Shadow Claw in the moveset.

    A good number of other choices are available as well, but I've listed what I thought would work best XD
  7. Persian@Life Orb/Leftovers/Lum Berry/Focus Sash/Choice Specs
    Timid Nature
    252 Spd/252 S.Atk/6 HP
    -Nasty Plot/Power Gem/Thunderbolt
    -Hypnosis/Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball/Icy Wind
    -Water Pulse

    Swift gets STAB and wins. A double boost.
    Hypnosis will make sure you can get 1 Nasty Plot in.
    Water Pulse is for coverage and Technician boost.
    Nasty Plot is obvious

    With Choice Specs:

    Thunderbolt is a strong option and pairs well with Icy Wind.
    Power Gem hits a number of Flying-types that cause it problems.
    Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse are for coverage as well. Choose one or the other. Their coverage is a bit redundant.

    Focus Sash:

    You could replace Hypnosis with another attacking move it you choose so.

    As a note:

    IVs in distributed in this fashion 30 Def/28 S. Atk/30 S. Def/30 Spd (The other two don't matter) will get you HP Fighting with a power of 59. It gives you the highest possible speed stat to get HP Fighting, and still receive an almost max HP power with Technician (Roughly 88.5).

    Highly doubt you could get IVs like that, but hey, just for you.
  8. i saw this in another site:
    wigglytuff gender:male ability:cute charm
    moves:attract,body slam,secret power,doubleslap
    clefable:gender:female ability:cute charm
    moves:attract,confuse ray,sing,tri-attack
  9. Besides not listing Natures or Items or at least an explanation why of choosing those moves, the moveset is eye appealing in general. EVs would be nice too. Warn'd

    I highly suggest you read this topic and this topic as well. You just might learn something.

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