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Next catch/evolve/leave- Anime (Potential Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Lord Feraligatr, May 3, 2009.

  1. If there is a thread similar to this then i do apologise.

    What do you think the main characters (includes TR and rivals) within the anime should catch/evolve next ?

    Ash - Monferno (been confirmed by movie 12)
    Floatzel -it would be nice for all of his Pokemon to evolve at least once with the exeption of pikachu.

    Dawn - Chikorita or/and cyndaquil - With the possible GSC remake, i see this as similar to that of May with bulbasaur and squirtle. More likely chikorita.

    Brock - I could see Brock leaving one of his Pokemon at pewter city on the way through to the BF.

    TR - I can still see one of them getting skorpi.

    Paul - Hariyama - Seen battling against Brandon
    Gyarados - we have not seen Paul's strongest water Pokemon and i think gyarados suits him.
    Magmortar and Electivire - both have been expected on Paul's team.

    Barry - Snorlax and Rapidash - The fact that he has the rivals team thus far, i think we will see these two sooner or later.

    What is other peoples opinion upon this subject ?
  2. It would have been nice if Ash's Squirtle evolved and to be honest I never understood why it didn't. It was at a high level, knew a full move set, it was set for it but never came close.

    P.S. I think that Paul guy is an ass.
  3. Rai


    Wow, this seems pretty spot on of what I'd think they would do Pokemon wise. 8D
    Though I don't think Team Rocket would get skorpi mostly because of Hunter Jay having the evolved form of it.
    Paul and Gyarados seems pretty fitting, he used to have Azurill remember, so maybe he won't get another water type?
    Barry seems right on, I mean if he has them in the game, it's pretty likely he will in the anime.
    But who know, they've surprised us before. C:
  4. Squirtle never evolved because it wanted to prove itself as a squirtle.

    Thanks Rai for your comment, what do you think about the other (minor) characters and what they will catch/evolve/leave ?

    Does anyone else have any views or ides on this subject ?
  5. I think Ash will also have a Staraptor. It would be awesome.
  6. Well the thing about it is Ash already has a Staraptor and Paul already has a Magmortar. Electivire and Floatzel seem like safe bets.

    I think Croagunk will evolve toward the end of the Sinnoh series too.

    I think it's a safe bet to say Ash will likely catch only one more Pokemon at best though more likely none in the Sinnoh series, as each series continues his pattern of starting with Pikachu, getting the main bird, then the grass, then the water, then the fire, and then one random; though they did have the bug in there until Hoenn started.
  7. I agree that Ash's Chimchar will evolve but I wouldnt be surprised if Grotle evolves before the 8th Gym. Seeing as in the first set of series ash's Charmander Fully evolved but Bulbasaur and Squirtle didnt and in the Johto series, Only Chikorita evolved out of the 3 Starters Ash Obtained.
  8. Eh. I'd prefer Grotle not to evolve as I already dislike Paul and Ash both having Gliscors, so I'd prefer not to see two Torterras. I also can imagine Chimchar going all the way to an Infernape to complete the little fully evolved starter triangle we got with Paul, Ash, and Barry. I would like it if Brock's Happiny evolved down the line, although since it already has had an Oval Stone since forever, I don't really see it as a possibility.

    ...Or *coughcoughnotcoughcough*
  9. I think Ash's Chimchar will definitely evolve maybe even to an Infernape. I don't think his Grotle will evolve anymore since then there would be two and they don't usually have two of the same starters. I could see Ash with Staraptor too.
  10. Ash does have staraptor now
  11. He does? I haven't seen very many recent episodes, but I'm glad Ash finally got a decent bird Pokemon.

    I really want Piplup to evolve sometime. Even though his cuteness is needed for contests, there is a sort of tough beauty in it's evolutions.
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  12. Piplup won't evolve, it already nearly did and it resisted it.
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  13. Seeing as Piplup isnt likely to evolve now, I believe that either Grotle shall evolve into Torterra and Chimchar into Monferno, or Chimchar into Infernape and Grotle will stay the same. That will leave 1 starter at 1st evo, 1 at second and 1 at final.
  14. I don't think Chimchar would evolve into Infernape, just into Monferno (and Infernape later no...) and I doubt Grotle will evolve since Paul already has a Torterra. It would be nice for Crogunk to evolve into Toxicroak just for a more KO like Poison Jab on Brock. Also' I think Buneary is more capable of evolving, since Dawn (I think) gave it some friendship to it. For Brock (besides Croagunk), he should at least capture another Pokemon, and have Happiny evolve. For the capturing, at least like a Nosepass, Snover, or maybe Hoothoot (unsure about the last one...). Other than that, they are all doing fine.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Okay, I've edited the title of this thread.

    You guys have been assuming everyone follows the Japanese Anime series, and that's not true at all. So, try to be a bit more aware of that when you're spoiling the dub series for them (which is barely past the 6th Gym battle :p).
  16. I think ash's Chimchar will go all the way to Infernape Ash allways has awesome fire types so Infernape would make sense and as for Grotle no...in the begining Ash and Paul both have Starlys now they both have Gliscors (so i've herd I have not seen the show in a while)so if they both got Torterras that would be pretty weird.And Brock's Croagunk should evolve so it would be easier to take Brock out when he obseses over a girl ;D
  17. Guys this is a bit of a spoiler but I have big news...

    firstly, Ash's Chimchar HAS evolved. It evolves in episode 601 (Or 602, I aint sure)

    Secondly, Paul has a Magmortor. Same episode, confirmed
  18. For those who dont mind seeing it, check out you tube diamond and pearl episode 132 preview.
  19. I don't think Ash's Buizel and Brock's Croagunk will evolve because of their rivalries with their evolved forms.
    However, I think Ash's Monferno will evolve into Infernape because Barry has an Empoleon and Paul has a Torterra.
    I don't think any of Brock's pokemon will evolve, but he may get one or two pokemon later on.
    Dawn's Buneary will probably evolve and she will probably get at least one Johto starter (probably two) and at least one other Johto pokemon.

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