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New Years' Resolutions anyone?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by SineCosineTangent, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. So, I dunno how many people here follow this tradition, but I figured it was worth a discussion.

    This year, I've resolved to actually do what I say I'm going to do. In other words, when I think "I should study", I will actually get off my arse and study XD I think it will help me a lot in my academic career, since 99% of my failures are due to laziness.

    What about y'all? Do you try to make promises to yourself at the beginning of a new year? Do you keep them at all, or do they tend to fade with the months? Do you think it's total bunk to only try and change at some arbitrary time decided by a calendar?
  2. Nim


    I have never actually made a resolution before but this year I have decided that I too will do a lot more study and go out of my way to get A's in school seeing as I'm now going into my second last year.
  3. I have quite a few this year, and heaven knows if I'll keep them or not. I sure hope so.

    First and foremost, I have a habit of getting down for no reason at all. I tend to drag others down in this state, or sever friendships. My first resolution is that I would like to reflect happiness and make other people smile, no matter how terrible I feel inside. It can't always be about me of course. I would also love to start hanging out with people again and to be a part of things instead of isolating myself.

    Next. I want to get over at least some of my stupid fears.. like my fear of meeting new people, fear of asking for things I need or asking questions when there's something to be learned. Also my dumb fear of eating in front of people I don't know very well needs to stop, heh.

    Must obtain tattoo apprenticeship early on this year, I think I'll give myself three months to get it by. So this includes me saving up my money and buying some quality tattooing equipment.~

    Last, and pretty important...I want to enjoy this year and not worry so much!!! ^-^
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  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Much like SCT, I need to teach myself the discipline needed to do what I want/need to do and stop being such a damn slacker and procratinator. If I want something I shouldn't wait for life to hand it over or expect an imaginary clone to do it for me.

    That said, I declare my resolution for the next 364 days to be the completion of a minimum of three items on my To Do List. That does not include buying Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded or Pokemon White because I was going to do that anyway. I mean the real goals like read this certain manga, beat this certain game, etc. Not exactly serious stuff, but the more serious stuff on the list are longer term goals. That also goes for my fic, Rise of Team Neos, as well. Starting next week I want to start posting a minimum of one chapter a month though two or more is always better.
  5. Hear, hear! I wholeheartedly agree with that one ^___^
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Enjoying the year sounds like a good resolution. It's definitely a step-up from my plan to simply survive. XD

    I find that I make less and less resolutions each year, mainly because I don't seem to fully fulfill any of them. Like you said, I'll be doing good for a few weeks or a month or so, and then I'll start slacking off... or simply make totally different resolutions to fit my current living situation. It's fun to make our plans at the beginning of each new year because it feels like a fresh start, but it's probably not overly realistic. A lot can happen over the course of a year that changes us and our focuses.

    At this point I don't know what I want. A large part of last year wasn't great, but things got better with time and managed to return to some form of normality. Now I mostly think of things on a day to day basis - minus awesome stuff worth anticipating, like video game releases ('cause that's what life is all about :D). I'm happy with where I am now, even if there are many things I could be doing differently, so all I really want for this year is to survive to see next year. I just hope that whatever happens in my life over the next 364 days is mostly positive. ;p
  7. Like Linkachu said, I don't have many New Year resolutions. One thing is I'm gonna try to stop being lazy acedemically. Also cut down on spending (my family's on a real tight budget) So I'd only get 2 xbox games or anything under $120.
  8. I don't make New Years Resolutions because I'm way too lazy to follow through with one. But, I guess I might as well try this year :p

    I'm going to enjoy the year, as I only have this semester left until graduation, and then college in the fall :'D
  9. Ba-ha-ha! Resolutions? I always break those a few days into the new year. In addition, I'm pretty happy with the way I am, so there's no need to cause stress over a resolution this year.
  10. Don't know if this is a New Years' resolution because I was planning on doing it anyway; it's just near New Years that I decided to. I want to do two things: start a blog and finally do the NaNoWriMo (Two months late >>;; ). I think a blog will help me with writing and because I tweet so often (I'm lame like that XD), I might as well sort of condense all of the tweets into a blog post. The NaNoWriMo will be fun I believe and because I got a ChromeBook, I can do it at school, even if I'm not where a computer is. (eg During German class.)

    So those are my "resolutions". New Years just happened to be about when I decided on these. XD
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  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Mine is to not fly kites at night. The thing is I have nowhere to fly one and I dont have one either. :p
  12. My New Year's resolution?..... I guess I plan on not dying :I

    But in all seriousness, I want to try and settle my family issues before the year's end, which is all in all not likely. THat's why I have lesser resolutions, such as trying to get out more and start dating a little....And I guess raise my grades ::) But I also need to try and get my first job this year, and maybe lose a few pounds (Seriously, look on the TV. Half of the commercials are for weight loss! Yeesh...). But I also want to try and get back into writing and spriting more.
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  13. To finally relax, I overwork myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, why not finally just let it all go?
    I'm also going to be much more financially supportive for my family and GF in all the while keeping myself high in the green (as in good not filthy rich, lol) and to sleep in.
  14. I'm going to attempt to keep up with my exercise plan and actually go to the gym on weekends and such. But mainly, I just want to be happy with what I have and stop looking back on the past.

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