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New to diamond and Pearl, Advice?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by xiraiya, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, I am going to buy a DS next week and I want to buy Pokemon D/P, any suggestions as to which one to get? I'm also getting broadband so i'm buying a Wifi USB thing so I can get online and trade, battle etc. I know my way around every pokemon game from GB to GBA SP so I'm curious as to which game you have all brought. and what the difference is (if any) besides version exclusive Pokemon.

    Any help would be appreciated and hope to be battling with you all soon!
  2. The big diffrances are in what pokemon you can get

    In Diamond you can get


    And the Pokemon only in pearl are


    Personaly I like Diamond
  3. Well, I suppose GTS will help me obtain the version exclusive Pokemon easy enough so i can finish the sinnoh dex and have somewhere to begin with breeding, not sure about the version exclusive legendary though.

    Is Pokemon the only difference? I remember Ruby and Sapphire had tons of differences gameplay wise(Thank god for our Beloved hybrid Emerald!)

    Thank you for that list though!.
  4. Well there is one item you can only get in each. They are held items made for Dailga and Palkia
  5. Magpie

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    Pokemon are the main difference. The items/treasures you can dig up in the underground have different rates of finding, depending on what game you're playing, but that doesn't really effect actual game play.

    I play on Diamond - which I chose mainly because I wanted Honchkrow and just like Epic Charmeleon listed, Murkrow is found in Diamond, not pearl. The one thing to watch is that if you intend to use traded pokemon from the beginning, the gap between some of the early Gyms is quite large, so them obeying you can become an issue.
  6. Also, another bit of info. Dialga/Palkia have HIGHER catch rates then other legends (30% as opposed to 3%), so you could catch them quite easily with an ultra ball, or a net ball in Palkia's case. (I learned this AFTER I chuck my master ball at Dialga. >>)
  7. Heh, heh. I totally used my Master Ball on Dialga but I don't care. What else was I gonna use it on? Besides I find Dusk Balls more useful (and cheaper) and than Ultra Balls.

    Back on the subject: I picked Diamond sheerly because it had the better version exclusives as there is no difference in the gameplay. However I will say Light Clay, Claw Fossils, Icy Rocks, Heat Rocks, Sun Stones, Fire Stones, Thunder Stones, Water Stones and Magmarizers are more common in Diamond while Dome Fossils, Leaf Stones, Moon Stones, Iron Balls, Smooth Rocks, and Electirizers are more common in Pearl (if my guidebook is correct). Doesn't really matter but hey.
  8. Ah I see, Thanks for all the Info, I'm grabbing the D/P Prima guide as well so I suppose I'll end up grabbing pearl for the sake of Bagon and Houndour, which will stop me from going insane from the lack of familiar and good looking Pokemon haha.

    Also, since most people have diamond I could probably use that to my advantage when dealing with GTS much later in the game.
  9. Don't forget that you can migrate Pokemon for R/S/E and Fr/Lg. That's the easiest way to get Pokemon from previous generations.
  10. FYI you need to have seen all 150 pokemon in sinoh before you can migrate
  11. Or you can just take the easy route and trade with someone here on the forums to get what you really want to use, you don't have to have the national 'dex to do it either. (at least I am fairly certain of that)
  12. Yeah, you're right about that--those Pokemon will just appear with ??? as the 'Dex number but you can do it. When Xiraiya mentioned Bagon and Houndour I assumed he was already talking about post-E4 and national 'dex. ~sorry about that~
  13. Sadly, this will be the first pokemon game i have actually owned since Silver, the third generation games were via Emulators all my pokemon were legit atleast...

    But yeah, I like breeding, I can see that I'll end up with eggs, eggs and more eggs in pearl, in Emerald I managed to chain breed a near perfect houndour with a nature I wanted, IV stat man said it was completely flawless anyway, so I'm guessing it was damn close to perfect IV's.

    Can you breed fairly early in the D/P games?(like R/S/E) or not until after the E4 etc.? (like fire red *grumble*)
  14. Day care is maybe 1/2-2/3 way through the game if I remember correctly. After the gym 5 I think. You might be able to go there sooner but I can't remember if the path is blocked or not.
  15. The path isn't blocked. You must be thinking of the Route to Celestic Town. Psyduck blocked that route. (The one with fog.)How would one get to Veilstone then? Since the daycare is in Solaceon Town, you might be able to breed after you leave Heaarthome City and go to the right.
  16. You are completely right, snuck a peek at my guide and just flipped the pages till it showed me Solaceon Town and I saw the pics for Hearthome Gym battle in the summary for Hearthome City. You can do it fairly early on, after the 2nd Gym and a bit of traveling from there, but it is straight in the path you are going to be taking to the third gym anyway.
  17. Ah I see, that sounds good then, thank you all for the information, I was just looking at screenshots for D/P it looks very nice and quite a jump from the GBA SP games, the towns remind me of "Animal Crossing" Haha
  18. now that you mention it they kind of do look like animal crossing.
    on the side of the graphics update, they make the best use of them in the Gyms
  19. The graphics are, I warn you, SUPER TRIPLE DECKER AWESOME! You need to get used to a new battle interface. The plot is good. The one catch is that you can get National Dex before you beat the champion. What I did is since I only needed to see one of the Pokemon that the champion had, I got to that point, and when I lost, I went to Rowan's, the professor, lab and got my National Dex from Oak. That's right. Oak. I migrated my level 100 Rayquaza from Ruby, and I kicked the champ's deryair with a non-Sinnoh Pokemon! The Battle Tower lets you battle CPU's of real teams submitted, but not real people. You can only do that if you have a person's friend code. Hope this helps!
  20. I've just Ordered My DS lite (onyx black, no fancy color sadly) and Pokemon Pearl game, along with the D/P Official Guide and a USB wi-fi adapter, once I get through the game I can't wait to get online and battle everyone haha. Non of my friends are really into the Pokemon games.

    As much as I hate the anime/movies, I just can't stop loving the games they are very fun for RPG's, someday I hope for a completely 3D MMORPG on Wii or PC even haha.
  21. 1. I think you should have gotten the white one, the black one smuges like hell.
    2. Have fun whith the game I hope you like it :)
  22. Funny you should say that, they called me back saying they have no black ones in stock and
    won't for weeks, so they said they had Pink, Blue or white, I chose white since being a male I don't find pink badass, and I have no idea what the blue one looks like but if its the Ice/baby blue I've seen then I probably wouldn't like it, So I went with white haha, yay!

    And yes, thanks I would hope I do after spending like $340 just to get all of this stuff haha. (I'm in Australia, so prices differ here than America)
  23. Weird I have ever heard of a blue one. ???

    My DS just brke ( it was a fat )
    I plan to replace it whith a pink one.
    and yes i'm a guy
  24. http://i.pricerunner.com/prod/16_12_11_2_616640s/Nintendo_DS_Lite_Enamel_Navy.jpeg
    Thats a blue one, however I don't know if that was the one they spoke of at the shop, I have to ring in a couple of days to confirm my order due to some rule thing they have. If it's that blue they spoke of "Enamel Navy Blue" then I'll probably go with that, looks like it might smudge though, oh well.

    Nothing wrong with a guy and his pink DS,I just don't like them, or the "Ice Blue"
  25. Yep, never seen it, but i looks cool.I'm almost shure i won't smuge at least not as much as black.
    I swear the Black DS lites can smuge whithout touching them, they are like a smuge magnet
  26. Going off the main topic are we now?

    Locking this for now. If xiraiya has anymore questions...he can PM me and I'll sort it out as I see.
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