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Ask to Join New Kalos (RP Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by tokkiyo, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    The Kalos region prospered for years after the fall of Team Flare, but now a new danger arises from within the shadows. Team Card is a evil organization that uses specially designed Pokemon collars that brainwash the wearer, causing the helpless creatures to have no control of their action and in the process helping Team Card bring down the Kalos Region. Th eight gym leaders have all been defeated, the elite four have dissapeared in order to protect all the cities, and the champion has been captured. In order to help the falling region, the elite four and Proffesor Sycamore have joined hands and decided to all look for the new eight trainers to help bring down Team Card and at the same time help encourage more trainers out there to pursue Pokemon battling once again. Will you be that trainer?


    Gyms and their Gymleaders:
    Santalune Gum (Bug Type) - Reserved (@Pinch)
    Cyllage Gum (Rock Type) - Taken (@ThAtGuY101)
    Shalour Gym (Fighting Type) - Taken (@Gamingfan)
    Courmaline Gym (Grass Type) - Taken (@Gold The Dragonite)
    Lumiose Gym (Electric Type) - Taken (@EmoKitty21)
    Laverre Gym (Fairy Type) - Taken (@Tokki_Boki)
    Anistar Gym (Psychic Type) - Taken (@Red Gallade)
    Snowbelle Gym (Ice Type) - Taken (@ShadowedEevee)

    ▪︎Keep it PG
    ▪︎Limit your cursing (preferably just dont cure all together)
    ▪Follow and respect all the original rules made by Pokecharms
    ▪︎Each trainer can have up to 6 Pokemon
    ▪︎All your Pokemon do not have to correspond to your gym type, but most of them have to
    ▪︎Please be very descriptive about your character
    ▪︎Do not ruin the fun for other people

    Character Outline:
    Physical Appearence:
    Clothing Style/Theme:
    Pokemon Team:
    Pokemon Description: (How they met and the Pokemon's personality)

    Laverre Gym (Fairy Type Gym)
    Name: Roséline (Rosy/Rose) Han
    Age: 16
    Physical Appearence: A short teen who stands at about 5'0 even. She has naturally dark charcoal brown eyes and pastel pink hair. Her skin is fair in color and is clear at all times, like a dolls. Her wavy hair ends mid back and her bags are styled in perfect fringes that sit on her forehead.
    Clothing Style/Theme: Pastel Lolita/Soft
    Personality: She's usually sweet and all around jolly when with strangers, but when she starts feeling comfortable towards others she turns mischievous and very playful. She can get a bit bratty at times and will throw minor tantrums when things dont go her way, she will even become violent when she doesnt get her way.
    Backstory: She is the spoiled and only child of a wealthy businessman and actress from the Unova region and she makes sure everybody knows it. Being the daughter of two people who traveled a lot for their jobs, Roséline got to experience many regions and started catching Pokemon in those different regions when she turned 10. She was doted on by both her parents and was given everything, leading up to her current bratty personality. Both her parents wanted her to inheiret the company, but she always had a fancy for fashion and dolls. So growing up, she started off making clothes for her dolls, then to her parents pokemon, and then now actual outfits that the Unova gymleader Elisa even wore during her fashion shows. Though she loved traveling around the world with her parents, Rose cant help but miss her home in the Unova region so she was constantly homesick.
    Pokemon Team:
    ▪︎Lopunny (Shiny, Female)
    ▪︎Grimmsnarl (Male)
    ▪︎Togekiss (Female)
    ▪︎Sylveon (Female)
    ▪︎Slurpuff (Male)
    ▪︎Florges (Female)
    Pokemon Description:
    ▪︎Rose and Lucky met when they both were very young. Lucky was the child of Roséline's mom's own Lopunny named Dutchess. Dutchess was left at a daycare for a few weeks and ended up having an egg, so naturally Rose begged to keep the egg and even ended up rolling around on the floor of the daycare and bawl her eyes out. When the egg hatched, Roséline was beyond ecstatic when it was a pink Buneary, so she named her new bestfriend Lucky since it was pure luck that her very first Pokemon would be a shiny.
    ▪︎Jester, her Grimmsnarl, was a mischievous little Impidimp when she first met him in the Galar region. Roséline traveled with her parents to the Galar region for her mom's movie shoot, and while she was sitting behind the camera waiting for the shoot to end, a little Impidimp ended up ruining the shoot. Rose felt angry at the little Pokemon since she hated having to sit around for hours doing another shoot, but when she confronted the Pokemon she felt guilty while reprimanding him. Out of pure guilt, she brought the Pokemon to their hotel. She befriended the Impidimp very easily, but she knew she would have to leave once her moms movie shoot was over. When the day came for her to leave, she begged her father to allow her to catch the Pokemon and he did. So ever since then, Impidimp had always been by her side and was still her bestfriend even when he evolved into a Morgrem, and eventually into a Grimmsnarl.
    ▪︎Jubilee and Roséline first encountered each other when she was gifted a Togepi on her 12th birthday by her father. Rose and Togepi did not get along whatsoever, but as time progressed they grew closer. Rose ended up naming her Jubilee since Togepi always tried her best to comfort Rose whenever she was feeling down. And when Jubilee evolved into a Togetic, their friendship only grew stronger. After acquiring a Shiny Stone in the Desert Resort, located near Castelia City in the Unova Region, Togetic happily agreed to evolve. Once becoming a Togekiss, Jubille became Rose's ace when it came to arial battles and pure speed.
    ▪︎Ahri was the first Pokemon that Rose caught properly. Rose and her team of 3 back then were messing around in the Castelia sewers and ended up finding a secretive spot with a lone tree and a grassy area filled with small Pokemon. One of those small Pokemon was a spunky Eevee that caught Roséline's eye like a diamond. Back then, her team wasnt as strong as it would have been now so her Pokemon were easily matched with the Eevee. Jester and the Eevee fought like no tomorrow, until Eevee fell and Rose caught her using a Love Ball since Jester just so happened to be a victim to the female Eevee's attract. She usually gave nicknames to her Pokemon, but giving the Eevee a nickname was just so impossible. She ended up choosing the name Ahri since it rolled off her tongue to naturally when she said it towards her new Pokemon, she originally wanted to name it Violet since she wanted the normal type to evolve into an Espeon but thank goodness she didnt since becoming an Espeon was not what the world had planned. Roséline was super excited when Ahri started to glow, signaling an evolution, since she wanted an Espoen like her mothers but was even more happier when her beloved Ahri became a Sylveon.
    ▪︎After the evolution of Ahri, Rose flat out decided that her whole team would be Fairy types except for Lucky. So when her parents took her to Kalos, before the corruption, she went out of her way to search high and low for a Swirlex. So when she did encounter an adorable little Swirlex near the daycare center, she did not hesitate to catch it. In her opinion, naming the Pokemon felt so much harder than catching it since she once again was having a hard time coming up with a name. She ended up naming him Mallow after her mom pointed out that Swirlex's fur color looked similar to the petals of a Mallow flower. The name ghen became when her father pointed out that Mallow was also like the short version of the word Marshmallow, which was what Swirlex looked like. Mallow took some time to evolve since Rose didnt really know how to evolve him, but after a lot of research and talking to a Slurpuff owner, she found out that she had to trade him while holding something called a "Whipped Dream". Findind someone to sell her a Whipped Dream was easy enough, but finding somebody to trade with her and trade back was the hard part. Thankfully there was a young girl around her age who wanted to evolve her Spritzee as well. So the two girls traded and then traded back, causing both the Swirlex and Sprtizee to evolve.
    ▪︎Azalea was a Floette when Roséline caught her while in the Kalos region. Nothing really special happened during the catch but Azalea had and still has a habit of placing flowers in Rose's hair. The little pink Floette was found by Roséline when she was touring Parfum palace in Kalos and found a bunch of Pokemon in the grass. The Floette was stunned and afraid of the hyper young girl who was running around with a gigantic Grimmsnarl. Catching the eye of the trainer, Floette naturally became a apart of them team but was never really sent out for battles since she was too afraid. Feeling bad that she felt useless to her trainer, she decided that when she evolved she would become one of the heavy hitters in Rose's team. After buying a Shiny Stone from a store in Lumiouse City, Azalea happily evolved into a Florges and became one of Roséline's go to choices for double battles due to her special bulk and supportive move pool.

    Once I approve you, you may head on over to the official RP and start whenever you please. Have fun
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  2. If you do not mind. I would like to reserve the electric type gym, it might be a bit as my hand is bandaged up as I burned it yesterday at work.

    Would it be ok to have some work done on the gym? As the character I have in mind would like to redsign the inside to their style and job.
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  3. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Of course I can reserve it for you. I hope your hand feels better and of course it would be alright to have gym red-zone to your liking.
  4. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Could you please reserve the Grass gym for me? I'll have the bio up soon.
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  5. This seems interesting, I'm rather busy right now but is there a chance you could be a dear and reserve Psychic for me for when the time comes please?
  6. @Tokki_Boki Do our characters have to be Gym Leaders?
  7. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    This looks interesting, I'm up for it
    Can I reserve the fighting gym? I'll add more info on the pokemon soon.

    Gym: Fighting gym (Shalour city)
    Name:Ben (Unknown)
    Physical Appearance: Slightly muscular, semi dark skin, 5'9
    Clothing Style/Theme:
    Ben is a licensed pokemon ranger, as such he wears a blue shirt under his read hoodie, as well and red goggles, a yellow scarf, and all-terrain ranger shoes, which are pretty worn out. He also carries a styler, specially modifies by Prof.Hastings, and also has a rotom inside. Otherwise, he wears jeans, which he rolls up when in the heat.
    Personality:Kind and caring to a fault, Ben will try to help every and anyone. He's capable in battle, and is surprisingly intelligent, at least pokemon-wise.He has some decent coordination when focused, and has trained in martial arts by training with Bea, a galar gym leader. He's pretty optimistic and like to crack jokes often. He thinks the best out of people, even if they act cold, he'll try his best to have them warm up to him, but will keep his distance if it's what they wish. Despite his intelligence, he can be very dense and can't really take a hint unless said aloud. He's clumsy whenever unfocused, which is often. He can be very sarcastic and snarky when in a bad mood, usually because of cold or if he just doesn't like the person. He has a hard time remembering names, so he often nicknames people as to remember them.

    Backstory: Ben always wanted to be a trainer, but he never really tried to study to be one. It was after he got his riolu at 6 years old when he started to genuinely want to accomplish his dream, so he studied hard, and after years of studying, he got his trainer license. Previously he wanted to be the champion, but after the discovery of other regions, he decide he just wanted to experience adventure. Hearing of kalos' condition, Ben rushed over to see if he could help.
    Pokemon Team:
    Pokemon: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Personality: (Hardy) A quiet, calm and collected exterior hides a burning passion for battle. Doesn;t take losing very well, often chiding and thinking less of itself.
    Ability: Justified
    Backstory: As a young riolu, he was kept by a trainer who wasn't..... the greatest kind of person.
    He pushed his pokemon beyond what they could handle and left them without food for a day when they couldn't comply with his orders. Riolu was the most rebellious one of his team, but also the one with the most potential, so the trainer refused to let him go. Eventually, the riolu escaped, and boarded a boat to a new region. The trainer was furious, and tracked the pokemon wherever he went. For years the little pokemon lived in the wild, boarding different boats to different regions to avoid his trainer, until he landed in kanto. While fleeing from a group of raticate, the riolu hurt its leg. It dragged itself behind a seemingly abandoned house in the forest. To his surprise, a 6 year old child and his mother lived in the little house. The boy found the pokemon and was absolutely ecstatic about it. The riolu wasn't. It tried to scare the boy off, but the boy noticed it's injury, and worried. For a couple weeks, the boy visited the pokemon, bringing berries and medicine to help it. Eventually the pokemon grew to enjoy the boy's company, but still planned on leaving as soon as he was healed. After about 2 months, the boy came to the riolu's location to find it gone. The boy searched for it, calling it's name. He found the little pokemon, who was found by his trainer! The trainer called out his pokemon, planning on beating the pokemon to a pulp the bringing it home by force. The boy, terrified about the pokemon's future, yelled at the man, trying to convince him to let riolu go. The man lost his temper, and told his pokemon to attack the boy. Riolu acted without thinking, taking the brunt of the hit, and was knocked out instantly. The man stood, stunned by the rebellious riolus selfless act. He walk to the boy, leaned over, dropped a pokeball, and said "Take good care of him". He then left the two, and the boy never saw him again. The riolu now had a new owner, the boy, named Ben.

    Pokemon: Poliwrath
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Hard-working.(Rivalry with grapploct)
    Ability: Swift swim
    Backstory: Even a little poliwag, caught by Ben saved from being hunted by a tentacruel, this pokemon always wanted to do it's best. Unfortunately, "its best" was very limited due to it only having feet. After evolving, the ecstatic pokemon put all his effort into whatever it did. For a while, the pokemon was content as a poliwhirl, and refused to evolve. Before the a fighting tournament, however, poliwhirl saw the power fighting types have and allowed Ben to use a water stone. Now a poliwrath, the tadpole pokemon give 100% in everything it does. It refuses to stop training or battling until it's absolutely exhausted.

    Pokemon: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Calm and collected
    Ability: Justified
    Backstory: Remember the little ralts wally caught in hoenn? Yeah, that's gallade's sister. Turns out the previously timid ralts hid in the bushes to escape the trainers, leaving his sister to face wally. He could barely survive alone, so after a couple of weeks of this, ralts ended up on the road, too hungry to move. Luckily, he was found by ben, who gave him food and let him stay for a while. Eventually, the pokemon decided to join Ben and his team, much to both of their delight. Unfortunately, the gallade often suffers from extreme guilt over leaving his sister. Seeing other ralts would make him tense up and cold.

    Pokemon: Pangoro
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Big, Bad, Buff dude with a hidden soft side (Loves being pet, often lets Ben ride on him, one-sided rivalry with bewear)
    Ability: Scrappy
    Backstory: Ben met pangoro as a pancham, who blocked his path and started to tried to intimidate him, failing miserably. Ben simply saw him as cute. Pancham apparently swore revenge, and started following Ben, playing pranks on him and making everything difficult. Eventually Ben realized what the little pokemon wanted and apologized, the pokemon refused to forgive him... without a battle. The pancham nearly won the battle against Ben's espurr, which surprised Ben so much, he called pancham awesome. Pancham was overjoyed to be called something other than cute, and so let Ben catch him, feeling accomplished.

    Pokemon: Bewear
    Gender: Female
    Personality:Friendly, likes to hug people when happy. (Unintentionally dangerous, Ben likes ride on her, however)
    Ability: Fluffy

    Pokemon: Grapploct
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Hard and thick headed (Rivalry with poliwrath)
    Ability: Limber


    Personality: Cunning, but short-tempered. (Avoids heat)
    Ability: Dry skin
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  8. Can you reserve the ice gym for me?
  9. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    No, of course not! I'm sorry I didnt put the option up, but your character does not have to be a gym leader.
  10. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Yup! Love the bio! You can join the RP anytime youd like!
  11. This seems interesting, but I can't decide right now whether or not I want my character to be a gym leader or not, mind if I reserve the bug type gym for now while I think about it?
  12. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Of course I can
  13. Gym: Santalune City Gym (Bug Type)
    Name: Oliver Davis
    Age: 16
    Physical Appearence: An average height and weight for his age standing at 5'8 with messy black/brown hair and green eyes.
    Clothing Style/Theme: Oliver dresses for the wilderness, wearing a brown rangers hat on his head complete with a black T-shirt that he wears under a brown wilderness jacket and black pants with once again brown boots that his pants are tucked into, he acknowledges the boring color scheme, but he doesn't particularly care about how he looks since he dresses for practicality.
    Personality: Has an eccentric personality that can get a bit annoying sometimes, he enjoys adventure and goes camping often, he's fairly knowledgeable when it comes to surviving pretty much anywhere and bug types.
    Backstory: Oliver was born in Azalea Town, Johto, and from a young age took quite an interest in bug type Pokemon, frequently venturing into Ilex Forest to play with the Oddish and Heracross that resided there. Once he was about ten years old, he obtained his first ever Pokemon, a like minded Heracross with lots of potential. This was when his love for adventuring began, as he journeyed through various regions such as Johto, Kanto, Hoenn and Unova, learning many new things and meeting plenty of people. Now he resides in Sinnoh, having recently moved out of his parents home he lives in a small house just outside Eternia Forest.
    Pokemon Team:
    Pokemon: Heracross
    Gender: Male

    Pokemon: Volcarona
    Gender: Female

    Pokemon: Scolipede
    Gender: Female

    Pokemon: Scizor
    Gender: Male

    Pokemon: Vikavolt
    Gender: Male

    Pokemon: Golisipod
    Gender: Female

    Will flesh out bio later as I don't have much time right now.
  14. Here is my character. If I can I might put up for another character. Let me know if there is anything I need to add. I will have to think of on how he met the pokemon that are on his team at thos point in time, so it was left off for now.

    Gym: Electric, Lamious city
    Name: Taylor Blackwell
    Age: 20
    Physical Appearance: Taylor has a small build. Though he is toned as well from running and swimming. He is around 5 feet tall, and looks very slim. He has very long white blond hair that reaches down to his thigh. He pulls his hair up into a ponytail when he runs as to not get in the way. He has a very slim face with delicate features. His strong cheekbones are very pronounced and give off a very model like appearance. His skin is very pale, with a flawless complexion. He has pink eyes that pop against his very black and long lashes. His nails are very well taken care of, and are painted black. Taylor will sometimes wear a bit of makeup though he does not need it.
    Clothing Style/Theme: Taylor tends to be very well put together and looks the part of a model to most. He tends to wear a loose fitting sweater that almost covers his hands fully. He pairs it with a pair of skinny jeans with rips and embellishments that look to be very well sewn onto them. On his feet he wears a pair of dark purple converse, that have flowers and very detailed pokemon painted on them. He wears a long dangling necklace that has a heart on the end. He wears that with a choker that has a vintage pendent in the center. He will carry around a bag. It is dark purple with the same painted flowers and pokemon as his shoes. He will sometimes wear a pair of dark sunglasses when he is walking outside.
    Personality: Taylor is very active and tends to do a lot of running. Though he is active, he has other activities that he loves. He spends a lot of time with a pencil and sketch pad in hand. He loves to draw, and some of his drawings can be seen around the newly renovated gym. He is a very kind soul and does what he can for others. He spends a lot time helping out pokemon shelters and has taken a lot of pokemon from them. Though he is kind he can have a bit of a temper, which can come off as funny coming from someone so small. Taylor loves to sing and perform for others.
    Backstory: Taylor started out his career as a model from a young age. It was when he first started out as a trainer. He has since made a name for himself. He had done a lot of shoots that show cased a lot of new fashion for Kalos. When he was a bit older he had managed to make a large name for himself, and started his own gallery to showcase his art and photos.

    Before he became a trainer, he was actually kicked out of his home by his parents. They did not love their son as he told them he was gay. They disowned him and his younger brother Saphrax, who is in his own right became just as successful as a rockstar. Taylor wanted to try and become a trainer, and that is how he found himself with a small pichu, and a friendship began. He ended up naming the pichu, Spark. He and spark grew a bond. Spark does not want to evolve, and has not done so, even after years of training. The two have overcome the not evolving, and became a force to be reckoned with.

    Taylor took to contest as soon as he found out about them. He was jaded to learn that men were not able to perform for the princess ribbons, so he took on the contests with a vigor. It took a lot of planning, but he was able to convince them to let him perform. He has since been crowned the King of Kalos on two separate occasions. Spark enjoyed the contests and the way his trainer fought for the chance. Taylor was glad he was able to make the change for other guys who wanted to perform.

    Taylor was offered to perform in a couple of movies, but he turned that down, as he would rather be with his pokemon on stage. He has since been featured in a lot of magazines for new fashions. Because he was featured, he has been able to take a lot of the clothes he modeled as a way of publicly for the different brands.

    Taylor has a very lovely voice, and done a couple of singles and duets. They have done really well as most love his voice. The songs he recorded were of his life before becoming a model. The duets were with his brother Saphrax, and were what jumped started his musical career. Though he does not record often, he does do a few concerts when his brother is in Lamious city,
    Pokemon Team:
    Species- Pichu
    Name- Spark
    Personality- Spark can be a bit of handful as he loves to play. He has never really met a stranger, though once he knows what kind of person they are, he will either be the best of friends, or their worst nightmare. He loves to perform, and be on stage.
    Appearance- Spark is bit lighter then most Pichu, and a bit smaller then the average pichu as well. He tends to wear a light pink scarf around his neck.

    Species- Bolthound
    Name- Bolt
    Personality- He is very loyal, and loves to play. Bolt loves the morning runs that He and Taylor go on. He can be a handful as he does not stop playing most of the time.
    Appearance- He wears a black callor that has the symbol of a lightning bolt dangling from it.

    Species- Jolteon
    Name- Jacks
    Personality- Jacks can be very hyper and tends to run every where until he falls asleep in some random spot. Though that takes a long time for it to happen. He is also on to fall alseep in Taylor's lap as he is drawing.
    Appearance- That of a normal Jolteon.

    Species- Toxiricity
    Name- Jade
    Personality- Jade is very calm and tends to be very level headed. She loves to strum to the accustic guitar that Taylor plays at times.
    Appearance- She is that of the low key form.

    Species- Toxiricity
    Name- Emerald
    Personality- He is very hyper and loves to battle. He tends to be bit impatient compared to the other pokemon on Taylor's team. Though he does love to battle he tranforms into a very aggressive battler.
    Appearance- Emerald is of the High Key form of the species.

    Species- Alolan Rachiu
    Name- Lena
    Personality- She is very laid back. Lena loves to surf and will be at the ocean if Taylor would let her. She loves to be the mother figure of the group. She and Spark have a kind of younger brother and older sister type of relationship, as she tends to go into together with Spark to pull a few pranks on the others.
  15. Aaannd done!

    Gym: Psychic, Anistar Gym
    Name: Brian Killian
    Age: 19
    Physical Appearance: Standing at 5'11" with skin between Pale and Fair, Hot pink eyes and smooth Dull dark blue hair that goes down to his chin. His facial features have gotten him called handsome a few times and his physical build shows no sign of fat or muscle, yet decently slim thanks to a lot of travelling.
    His attire consists of a Black t shirt underneath a Fuchsia knee long closed trench coat with a White scarf, Black pants, Brown shoes and a Fuchsia pointed fedora. (I have an image to give you an example. [​IMG]
    Personality: Brian is a very kind and friendly individual who tries to behave like a gentleman, especially toward women. He has a good sense of humor and rarely gets angry... although when he does, he can be very cruel and terrifying. He cares deeply for his Pokemon as if they were his own children and would do anything to protect them. He also chose to train with only Psychic types like his father who was a gifted fortune teller and through this, has a strong belief in destiny. He shows a strong sense of passion when it comes to battling and a lot of people underestimated him due to how friendly he acts.
    Backstory: Born in the town of Opelucid City in Unova between a Female Pokemon Veteran and a gifted Fortune Teller with great Psychic abilities to see the future that his family had for generations. Brian unfortunately didn't posses his father's gift, but he and his mother raised him well nonetheless. As Brian's childhood went by, they began to realize that he was a lot more like his mother; Someone who loved Pokemon and battling with them considering how often Brian battled with his mother's beloved Arcanine. One day he was gifted a Pokemon egg which soon hatched into the Ralts that became his first partner Pokemon. His father ended up having a vision that involved Brian "Reaching a new height as a Pokemon trainer", with this knowledge, Brian decided to travel from region to region and see what his future journey had in store for him.
    Pokemon Team:
    Gallade (M)
    Gothitelle (F)
    Metagross (Shiny)
    Espeon (F)
    Hatterene (F)
    Rapidash (M, Galarian)
    Since Brian learned he didn't inherit his father's future seeing abilities, his positive demeanor showed signs of diminishing, so his mother took measures into her own hands and showed Brian the thrills of Pokemon battling. Brian was fascinated by this and his positive attitude was reignited once more. By his eighth birthday Brian was gifted a Pokemon egg that hatched into Brian's first ever Pokemon: Ralts, who immediately took a liking to Brian and vice versa, already becoming inseparable. As he evolved, his bond with Brian grew until the two saw each other as brothers, because of this, Brian has picked up a habit of sometimes calling his Gallade "Brother."
    Gallade shares a similar personality to Brian and undoubtedly loyal to him. He tends to try and help others whenever they need it and can show a somewhat playful side toward the younger Pokemon.
    Gothitelle was a wild Pokemon in Unova who fell head over heels in love with Brian's Gallade (Ralts) at first sight. Ever since then, she tried to do what she could to be 'worthy' to join Brian's team... only to be surprised when she was able to join easily. As time went on and after she evolved, she eventually confessed to Gallade and began a promising relationship, all while helping Brian with his future.
    She has a caring side like one wouldn't believe, especially toward Gallade, she gets jealous very easily if a female Pokemon interacts with him and is considered a mother figure to some of Brian's Pokemon. She is best friends with Hatterene and knew about Hatterene's feelings towards Gallade, but went easy on her due to their friendship.
    Metagross was found in a cave by Brian ever since they were a Metang in Hoenn, Brian tried several times to bond with the Metang in the hope that he would catch it, only to learn that Metang would only join him after they saw how he was in battle. The battle was a difficult one which ended in a tie, the Metang was convinced and joined Brian's team. He became even more loyal to Brian after evolving into a powerful Metagross, becoming Brian's second strongest Pokemon. (And mode of transportation during emergencies)
    Has a strong sense of loyalty and honor when it comes to battling; one of the reasons why he joined Brian... Although he does share Brian's mercilessness when it comes to dealing with bad guys.
    Brian found Espeon while it was still an Eevee. She was injured and ill after an unfortunate incident, when Brian found her, he took her to a Pokemon center as quickly as he could. After three days, she got better and started to follow Brian around, much to his slight confusion. Eventually, Brian decided to catch her and the two gained a promising bond, especially after she evolved into Espeon.
    Espeon was cheerful back when she was an Eevee, remaining close to Brian's side even after evolving. Like other Espeons who display loyalty, Espeon is a Pokemon who always listens to Brian without question.
    Back when she was a Hatenna enjoying life in the wild area of Galar, but when she met Brian, she was immediately drawn to his calm and positive attitude and immediately wanted to join him and his team. After she evolved, she began to gain a friendship with Gothitelle and feelings for Gallade... her best friend's lover. Gothitelle knew of this and decided to help her--with Brian's aid--get over her crush, still remaining close to Gallade and Brian.
    Hatterene is a playful Pokemon who overreacts to other people's emotions, although Brian has taught her not to react as much and can be rather sadistic in battle.
    Back as a Ponyta, he was often bullied by a group of Impidimps and didn't have any friends until Brian came along and helped him with his bully problem, Brian caught him shortly after and the two shared a decent bond. After evolving, Rapidash gained a habit of sometimes levitating Brian on to his back and giving him rides.
    Rapidash is a very friendly and loyal Pokemon who enjoys open areas to run around in. He doesn't like it when people touch his hair.
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  19. Awesome, now to just think of a post and hopefully not procrastinate longer than I usually do.
  20. Gym: Snowbelle City (Ice)
    Name: Yuki Wakahisa
    Age: 17
    Physical Appearence: She is rather short, at 4'7. She looks young for her age, and she has straight black hair that goes down just past her shoulders. Her skin is very light, almost like freshly fallen snow
    Clothing Style/Theme: Yuki normally wears a white and blue kimono. The top of it is white and it fades to a light blue. The light blue section has a snowflake pattern. She wears a white fuzzy shawl around her neck,
    Personality: Yuki only likes cute Pokemon. She adores anything that might be huggable, and hates Pokemon that are larger than your average dog. Because of this, Yuki only uses first-stage Pokemon. She believes that you don't need to evolve your Pokemon to win battles. She is incredibly childish, often throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She's a sore loser, and doesn't like to admit to defeat. This leads to her pushing her Pokemon past their limit during battles.
    Backstory: Yuki grew up by the base of Mount Lanakila. She was the youngest of three brothers, which caused her mom to coddle her and push a more girly lifestyle on her as her mom always wanted a little girl. Being the baby of the family, she got almost anything she wanted. Her room was filled to the brim with PokeDolls, and when Yuki asked for a Pokemon when she was 12, her parents caught her two, an Alolan Vulpix named Rokan and an Alolan Sandshrew named Kamakura. At first the two Pokemon were just housepets, but Yuki wanted to start a journey around Alola when she turned 14. Her parents offered to find her two Ice Stones to evolve Rokan and Kamakura, but Yuki refused, wanting them to stay cute forever. Because of her parents insistence on evolving her Pokemon, she set out to show that Pokemon can be cute and strong at the same time. She has gained some fame due to her odd team, but when she was approached by Drasna, she was shocked that they wanted her to be the final gym leader in Kalos.
    Pokemon Team:
    Rokan was Yuki's first Pokemon alongside Kamakura. She might be an Alolan Vulpix, but she loves curling up by the fire when it's cold and cuddling with Yuki. She is the closest with Yuki, and is often walks outside of her Poke Ball. Even though she isn't evolved, she still is a strong battler.
    Yukihami is a Snom that Yuki met while she was traveling in the Galar region. Yuki had heard of the cutest ice-type from the locals of Circhester, but she never imagined the real thing would be so cute. Since Snom are naturally frail Pokemon, Yukihami normally doesn't battle. Instead he cheers on his teammates from the sidelines. Yukihami adores steaming hot curry, sometimes leaving nothing left in the pot for his trainer and teammates. He is a Pokemon of few words, normally staying silent.
    Kamakura is an Alolan Sandshrew that was one of Yuki's first Pokemon, Unlike the other Pokemon on Yuki's team, Kamakura is more skiddish, curling up into a ball whenever he meets new people. The only person he is truly comfortable with is Yuki.
    Achi is an Amura that Yuki found the fossil for on Mount Lanakila. Achi loves to sleep during the day, and is most active at night. One thing she loves to do is stargaze at night with Yuki. Achi is normally very quiet and laid-back, but beware if you wake her up from a nap.
    Mochi is a Vanillite that Yuki found in the cold storage in Unova. Yuki named him after her favorite ice cream, as the snow he produces tastes like it. Mochi is outgoing and willing to share his tasty snow with others.
    Koru the Bergmite is the latest addition to Yuki's team. Given to her by Drasna, Koru was bred from Wulfric's Avulugg. Since they haven't been together for long enough, Koru ignores Yuki's commands. He is stubborn and stuck-up, not seeing Yuki as a true gym leader.
  21. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Gym: Courmaline Gym
    Name: Orion Orchard
    Age: 17
    Physical Appearence: Orion is 5'7" (I think that's height?) and a athletic build. He has dyed, neon green hair. Orion has fair skin and also green eyes. He usually wears a light green t-shirt with a Pokeball on it and a deep green and white hoodie. Orion also wears lime, baggy jeans and dark green sneakers.
    Clothing Style/Theme: Seafoam/Emerald
    Personality: A bubbly young man, Orion is a great friend in need and a complete extrovert. He doesn't care if he wins or loses, as long as he's having a good time.
    Backstory: Orion grew up in the Alola region for a few years. When he was around 7, his parents split up and he moved with his mother, who moved frequently, around mainly Hoenn and Galar before staying in Sinnoh, catching many Pokemon along the way and going on adventures in said regions. After this, he moved and lived a fairly normal life in Eterna City. Orion had taken a liking to Grass types and their serenity, catching Pokemon only of those types.

    Pokemon Team:
    Tseerena (Female)
    Lurantis (Male)
    Appletun (Male)
    Abomasnow (Male)
    Breloom (Male)
    Jumpluff (Male)

    I got some good gender variety!

    - Tseerena was the first Pokemon he caught. Well, his father caught. He had befriended a Steenee when he was young in a forest, adventuring the Lush Forest's cave. Orion was attacked by a group of Zubat, but they were fended by a Steenee. The two became friends very quickly, and when he went back to his parents, Orion's father caught the Steenee, and gave it to his son. Orion named her Jade. Jade was a nice Pokemon, much like her trainer. She was caring and loved Orion. However, Jade could be aggressive to others. She's been by his side forever and had evolved into a Tseerena sometime in Hoenn.

    - Lurantis was the second Pokemon Orion caught. He was found in the Lush Jungle while Orion was a little older. Fomantis was teasing Jade, while evading her rage with quite graceful moves. However, when the Steenee actually hit him, he was instantly down. Orion caught him and named him Mantis. Mantis is a quick mover and can be annoying with his taunting. However, if he is hit, it's very likely that he'll be incredibly weak.

    - Appletun was a quite large one for his species. He could be seen wandering through the town Orion was staying in. When he decided to fight and hopefully catch the Appletun, Steenee tried her best. She eventually got it weak enough for Orion to catch him and he was named Smith. Smith is quite laid-back and carefree, mostly waddling around. However, in battle he tries his hardest until the end.

    - Abomasnow was a Pokemon he caught soon to when he came to the Sinnoh region. He was a Snover at the time, and was quite shy. When Orion first met him, the Snover ran away immediately. It didn't get far however, as he was hurt. Orion helped him and caught him, naming him Frost. Frost is the shyest of Orion's Pokemon and rarely warms up to others. Like Smith, he tries his best in battle for Orion.

    - Breloom was met in Orion's journey through Hoenn. He was king of Petalburg Woods and everyone looked up to him. However, due to Mantis' endless jeering, the Breloom snapped and attacked the Lurantis. Mantis dodged and attacked back. Orion caught the Breloom and named him Shroom. Shroom is aggressive and quite prideful. He has a grudge against Mantis and never backs down from a challenge.

    - Jumpluff was Orion's last caught Pokemon. He hatched it from a egg he received shortly after going to Sinnoh. Hoppip was a energetic Pokemon, trying to fly shortly after being hatched. He named her Fluff. Fluff evolved after being trained by Orion. She's an energetic Pokemon, however gets tired easily. She thinks of everything as a game, and is never serious.
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  24. Gamingfan

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    So, yeah, how should the gym leaders meet?
  25. Gold The Dragonite

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    Probably some meeting at Lumiose City. There could be a whole ambush from Team Card maybe.
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  26. Like them sabotaging the construction of the new gym for Taylor. It could work. It would maybe start with the other gym leaders hearing of the attack when Taylor is basically not at the fullest with his gym. Or they could damage the gym as to why it has to be repaired while having the inside redone.
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  27. Alright, took a while but here's what I got!

    Name: Shiori Fujimoto aka Karpman
    Age: 18
    Physical Appearance: Standing at about 5'10" and weighing in at 150 lbs, Shiori also has scruffy black hair and blue eyes. Overall, he's moderately well-built muscularly due to a life of working on a fishing boat.
    Clothing Style/Theme: Our man has two main outfits. In his first outfit, his normal clothes, Shiori wears a relatively worn-looking t-shirt and jeans as well as tennis shoes and a small backpack. Shiori's second outfit, however, is what he is going to be wearing most of the time when he battles. It is his Karpman Costume. A large Magikarp mask covers his entire head, and he wears a red track suit over his normal clothes. Shiori also wears red gloves and boots while in this costume. TL DR: a guy with a Magikarp for a head in a red track suit.
    Personality: Upon first meeting Shiori, he would probably come off as a person of low self-esteem and self-confidence, but generally well-meaning and mild mannered. He is heavily driven by his moral compass, and likes to travel and watch Pokemon Battles. If he gets into a battle, however, he tends to freeze up and doubt his moves. That's where his Karpman disguise comes in! While dressed as Karpman, a hero Shiori made up, he... well... he acts like an anime protagonist. So basically dramatic, over the top, and super confident. Because Karpman is a hero. And heroes never give up. (For this 'persona', think less of an alternate personality and more of just... acting) Shiori also enjoys fishing.
    Backstory: Shiori comes from Kanto. He grew up watching a lot of anime and superhero stuff. He's from a poor fishing family, with many brothers and sisters. At a young age, he set out to become a trainer so he could get money to help support his family. While in Kanto, he made a 'rival' who enjoyed stomping him into the ground at any chance she got.
    Pokemon Team: Beast the Magikarp, Beauty the Feebas, Tethys the Feebas, Raza the Zoroark
    Pokemon Description:
    • Beast the Magikarp - Male - Holds an Evolite - Beast is Shiori's first Pokemon. He looks pretty much like a normal Magikarp, except the scales around his eyes are blue (making a 'mask'), and his tail has gold stripes. He has a rare genetic disorder that prevents him from evolving, while also causing the discoloration of his scales. It also makes it slightly stronger than the normal Magikarp. He tends to act very stupid, but is smarter than he looks. Best friends with Shiori.
    • Raza the Zoroark - Female - Wears an Assault Vest - Raza is Shiori's second Pokemon. She was hatched from an egg that Shiori's uncle gave him, and the uncle never explained where he got the egg. The two become close friends, going on quite a few adventures together. But nowadays, Raza is beginning to have the feeling that she is 'outgrowing' Shiori. She's very proud, and hates losing more than anything. Has a sweet tooth. In public, tends to disguise herself as a human.
    • Beauty the Feebas - Female - Holds a Damp Rock -
    • Tethys the Feebas - Female - Holds a Mystic Water
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  29. tokkiyo

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    I like the idea of meeting in Lumiose City since it's the center of the Kalos region, meaning that all the Gym leaders have a pretty good purpose being there. And I was thinking that maybe all the new gymleaders get called to meet at Proffesor Sycamores lab but get ambushed by Team Card within the lab
  30. Due to how busy I am, I can't promise how often I'll post.
  31. I would like to reserve rock type please...
  32. Gym: Cyllage City Gym
    Name: Kaiser Richter
    Age: 22
    Physical Appearence: Kaiser is a fairly muscular man from years of hard work. He stands at 5'10 ft. His hair is a shade of dull brown short and combed to the right slightly messy. His right eye is blue and his left is green. His skin is slightly tan.
    Clothing Style/Theme: light brown long sleeved button up shirt, dark brown faded leather jacket given to him from his grandfather, dark brown pants, long black socks, light brown steel toed boots for working in hazardous terrain, he has a rope backpack with all sorts of mining and excavation equipment. He has a pair of gogo goggles he usually wears around his neck just in case he goes to a cave with lot of dust or possibly the desert. He wears a th thick leather belt with a bronze "K" shaped belt buckle of which he keeps his pokéballs on the side of. (I took some inspiration from Indiana Jones
    Personality: Kaiser is a very charismatic person as a result of being around so many different people his whole life. He is a very calm person with a bit of a comedian side as he occasionally likes to make jokes or puns when he isn't completely immersed in his work. Kaiser is a very confident man that enjoys talking about prehistoric civilizations and pokémon. Despite his confidence in his field of expertise he can often times become awkward or nervous when discussing things outside his understanding as since devoting so much time to his craft there are some things he is not well informed on. Kaiser's personality will occasionally change depending on which pokémon he's dealing with as each of his pokémon vary in personality ,and Kaiser does so as a way of seeing to each of the pokémon's needs.
    Backstory: Both Kaiser's grandfather and father were both paleontologists however his mother was an archeologist. His father and grandfather both possessed quite the curiosity for fossils and ancient pokémon while his mother had an extensive curiosity for early human civilizations and development. These things would pass down to Kaiser in his childhood development. Kaiser had met many people as his parents would often times work with others within their field of work giving Kaiser an opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Despite all the great people he met he didn't make many friends during his childhood as his family traveled across from continent to continent rarely staying in one place for over a year. He had traveled all over from his home region in Kalos, Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova ,and even Galar for a brief time. Despite all his family's travels they always considered Ambrette town, Kalos their home. Kaiser eventually grew to travel independently of his family, and spent years on his own. While paleontology and archaeology are his focus points in life he is quite the devout trainer. So much so that he was eventually brought to the attention of Professor Sycamore who needed another gym leader to replace the one that had previously been defeated in Cyllage City. Kaiser happily accepted as it would be an opportunity to spread his knowledge with others as well as a place he could further pursue his hobbies. He also enjoyed the fact that Cyllage City was fairly close to his hometown. Thus he could still visit Glittering Cave. Kaiser considered that Perhaps after team card was defeated Kaiser would take occasional short leaves from his gym leader duty to visit the various continents as a way of improving his knowledge of paleontology and archaeology. However Kaiser took his role as gym leader seriously and had no intentions in doing these things often ,nor did he plan on doing them before team card was completely dealt with.
    Pokemon Team:

    (Same pokemon as shown in pictures)

    Pokemon: sudowoodo (shiny)
    Typing: rock
    gender: male
    Nickname: Duw
    Description: Sudowoodo is a mostly carefree laid back pokémon that enjoys laying back and watching the sun set. Kaiser met Duw when he was 13. One day kaiser was bringing food and water into the caves for his father as well as the other workers in the mine when before he could go into the cave he bumped into the strangest tree-like structure. Upon further inspection he had come to realize it was a pokémon. Despite their poor first impression Kaiser and Duw became fast friends.

    Pokemon: bastiodon
    Typing: rock/steel
    gender: male
    Nickname: Basdon
    Description: Basdon is a friendly pokémon that enjoys socializing. Basdon enjoys spending time with people, and pokémon alike. He rarely meets anyone he doesn't like ,and often tries to defend his friends. A week after Kaiser had officially caught the sudowoodo he had been friends with he had finally discovered his first fossil which was an armor fossil within a cave near his hometown. Upon reviving Basdon he quickly took to fondness for rock type pokémon.

    Pokemon: kabutops
    Typing: rock/water
    gender: male
    Nickname: Kubo
    Description: Kubo is pokémon that enjoys acting tough ,and is quick to anger. Kubo is also very competitive, and hates to lose. This can sometimes show in his anger ,but despite this he still cares Deeply for his friends. Around a couple weeks after he revived Basdon he and his folks eventually traveled to the Alph Ruins of Johto where he found a dome fossil that would eventually become the Kubo that you see today.

    Pokemon: relicanth
    Typing: water/rock
    gender: female
    Nickname: Lanther
    Description: Lanther is a jolly happy go-lucky pokemon with quite the sense of humor it enjoys acting silly ,and making others laugh. Lanther enjoys cheering people and pokémon up alike ,and always tries to make them laugh when they are feeling down. Lanther was found swimming around within an underwater sunken ruins within Hoenn.

    Pokemon: archeops
    Typing: rock/flying
    gender: female
    Nickname: Chopa
    Description: Chopa is a hyper energetic pokémon that loves being the center of attention. His hyper-activeness can lead to him being reckless ,and sometimes play rough. When Kaiser and his family traveled to Unova to an old Relic Castle where he found a plume fossil to which eventually became Chopa.

    Pokemon: aerodactyl
    Typing: rock/flying
    gender: male
    Nickname: Drac
    Description: Drac calm, serious ,and quick witted pokémon. Drac rarely indulges in goofy shenanigans as he has little tolerance for silly behavior. Despite this character trait he does not hate any of the pokémon he is around. After Kaiser was old enough to live on his own he journeyed to Kanto. He had already been to Kanto before ,but this time he was completely independent. During his time in Kanto he was given a piece of old amber as a gift from a fellow research colleague. He eventually revived it filling his sixth roster.

    Kaiser's Gym: Kaiser's gym is bigger than the previous gym leader before him due to Kaiser expanding in the gym underground creating a large reservation that is inhabited by many fossil pokémon from different regions. Many tourists are welcomed to visit his gym as a reservation rather than a pokémon gym. He still receives gym challengers of course however visitors are given a stamp on the wrist to signify that they are not gym challengers. The reservation and the challengers path are two mostly separate paths. The visitors are advised to stay out of the challengers area unless they wish to become challengers ,and vice versa.

    Once the visitors head to the reservation they are met with all sorts of pokémon from ancient times. as well as various habitats specially suited to fit the needs of each and every pokémon as well as a couple structures replicated to look like ancient houses. You can even go inside the building too. There are also signs with tips and facts as well as a couple tour guides willing to educate you about ancient civilizations and ancient pokémon. To the far end of the reservation is a pathway that leads to the gym.

    The gym challengers go through the challenger path which is a 3 part challenge. Once you walk in you are given a brief historical description of a certain fossil pokémon. Upon receiving the information you are met with two fossil pokémon ,and one of them fits the description of the information. You are expected to follow the pokémon that you believe fits the description as the correct option will lead you closer to the gym leader while the wrong answer will lead you to a trainer where you are forced to battle them. Once you have moved onto the second part of the trial you are met with one fossil pokémon ,this time there are three pathways. each pathway has a different environment to it(sandy, grassy ,and rocky) your goal is to lead the pokémon to the environment they would most likely be found to unlock the third pathway. The two incorrect paths lead to trainer battles. at the third challenge you are met with four food troughs ,and four fossil pokémon. Your goal is to match the four pokémon with the proper food for the specific pokémon. if you match all four up and get any wrong you have to battle a trainer(there are three trainers in that room) you are allowed as many tries as you need. You will know that you are correct when all four of the pokémon begin to eat(none of them will eat until they are all in the appropriate places). Once you reach the end of the path you are met with an arena type area where you will encounter Kaiser spending time with his pokémon. He will happily greet you ,and accept your challenge if you are a challenger.

    Visitors will be kindly asked to sit in the stands during matches for safety purposes. Kaiser enjoys encouraging schools to have field trips to his pokéreservation/gym as the pokémon are perfectly safe to interact with. (this is pokémon after all... not Jurassic park... nothing bad will happen...)
    Other: even though Kaiser specializes in fossil pokémon not all the pokémon at the reservation came from fossils (example: baltoy, claydol, relicanth ,and even a couple unknown).
    the reservation and gym are mostly separate of one another so gym challengers do not mistake random fossil pokémon as being part of the challenge ,yet still allow the visitors to be able to conveniently walk from one to the other.
    Throughout Kaiser's journey he has had the privilege to learn various ancient languages of prehistoric civilizations.
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  33. Didn't realize they were headed into the tower, where abouts, the top or just a certain section within it?
  34. It is the central tower where the gym is located. It is the one that looks like the Eifal tower in France.
  35. @Tokki_Boki Hey... Was curious if I was accepted. Thanks in advanced.
  36. Just curious, which nickname is Brian?
  37. Gamingfan

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    Megamind, since he's the psychic gym leader and all
  38. Gold The Dragonite

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    I was waiting for Orion's and I could think of is Onion, being grass type xD
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  39. Or "big brain boi"

    Or say what bakugo(my hero academia) says...
  40. tokkiyo

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    Accepted and I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I didnt see the notification
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