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Ask to Join New Initiates in the DWMA | Soul Eater Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zenhu, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Hello! This is a Soul Eater RP, so please ensure that you've at least familiarized yourself with the concept of a Meister and a weapon. If you need me or anyone else who has watched the series to clarify something, feel free to ask~
    Also this is just before Maka and the other OC's arrived at the Academy.


    In the aspiring Death City, the balance of peace has been disrupted, as an organization littered with lowlife thugs - some of which are starting to consume human souls. The clan of foul people is run by none other than a Witch! The DWMA hasn't yet realized the threat of the deadly group, but each day that passes they continue to become stronger.

    Although it seems grim, new students have just arrived at the academy, they must be trained and given partners as soon as possible, as they must face the punks that are apart of the organization that run the streets. These students must be prepared to fight for their lives, but do not fret!
    As long as they work together to beat the enemies that await them, all will most likely work out for the new students.


    Bio Format

    Name -
    Surname -
    Age -
    Type (Meister or Weapon) -
    What kind of Weapon (Do not answer if Meister) -
    Preference of Weapon (Do not answer if Weapon) -
    Skills -
    Flaws -
    Brief Backstory -
    Other -


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