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Ask to Join Mysteries in Ba Sing Se, Discussion!!

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zenhu, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. You may post your bios here.
    Please keep in mind the rules I stated must be followed (Of course lol) and if you hadn't read them yet, please do so now. :\=|:
    Lore -

    The fire nation has attacked - pillaging and destroying everything within their path. The Avatar has gone missing! But that is the least of your worries - the ravenous fire nation will strike at any given moment, and you must be prepared. On the lighter note - word has it that the Air nomads are still alive, and they are spreading their secrets and power to those who are worthy! They say that the group will travel to the great city of Ba Sing Se - and refugees from all over are traveling there. It seems that it is the safest place to be....Or is it...?

    Template -

    Alias/If you have one:
    Element (Not fire):
    How you discovered it:

    MAH BIO (It is not the best I am tired) :/

    Name -
    Tailio Remur Graves
    Alias/If you have one - N/A
    Gender - Male
    Age - 17
    Personality/Lore - Tailio was always a peculiar child, and often explored into the wilderness and play with the critters that dwell within the forest - also to practice his bending. When he was off exploring - he had heard his village cry out in fear. Smoke pillowed from his hut, as he witnessed his own father get slain in front of him. From then on, he promised himself that be would be an inspiring bender - just as his father was.
    Appearance - Averagely tall - standing at a 6'1. Fit body, with a scar upon his back. Scruffy brown hair, most of the time covered in dirt. Brownish-Amber eyes.
    Apparel - Has grey little cloak that pillows behind him, wears a brown shirt, with normal red baggy pants.
    Element - Earth
    How you discovered it - Had been walking through the forest, when he stumbled upon an abandoned cave. In this cave was a camp of sorts -the ashes in the fire we're just put out. Three huge furry bodies had been pilled around the corner - seeming to be dead. But upon closer inspection, the bodies we're mole rats - and had been trying to hide something. Tailio heard a 'Peap' and he had found a little mole rat. He reached to grasp the Mole rat (Although it was the size of him) and he'd mended it back to health. The two had been with each other for a long time, teaching themselves the was of the Earth. When a group of mole rats had came across, Tailio had sent the little one off with them.
  2. Name - Shayne Lyon
    Alias/If you have one - N/A
    Gender - Male
    Age - 17
    Personality/Lore - Shane wasn't a very good bender when he was young, he often walked into forests in secret to practice his fire bending. He aspired to be as good as his brother, his brother was once one of the best fire benders at his age. But Shane quickly caught up to his brothers skills through hard training and dedication. He thought his brother would be happy for him, but he despised him, because his parents soon forgot about his brother and Shane got all the attention. This drove his brother to have anxiety and depression nearly to the point of suicide. Ever since Shane has been very quite and timid.
    Appearance - Averagely tall - standing at a 6'0. Fit body, with a scar going across his chest. He has Jet black hair and dark brown eyes.
    Apparel - Has a black hoodie, wears a white shirt, with black pants.
    Element - Fire
    How you discovered it - He had been practising martial arts with his family when his brother approached Shane to and asked Shane if he wanted to learn how to bend. Shane immediately took up his offer training with his brother for the next few days. His brother only taught him the basics and fundamentals of fire bending the rest he learnt of his parents and through self teaching.
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  3. Yes you're good.
  4. May I join?
    Name: Roya Adachi
    Alias/If you have one: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Personality: A very upbeat, artistic character. Would rather take time off to relax than to be serious. Can occasionally make jokes to lighten the mood. Spends time drawing to clear her head. Regardless of her element, when she gets mad, it is very difficult to calm her down. She cares deeply about her friends and family, and would do anything to help them.
    Appearance: Rather short, only at 5'3". She has clear, pale skin, which is very unlikely for a Northern Water Tribe native. She has hazel eyes, which come from her Earth Kingdom mother. Her medium length light brown hair stops right above the middle of her back, straight and constantly in a braid.
    Apparel/Clothing: She wears a light blue crop top that flows lightly against her skin and stopped right above her navel. Her long Water Tribe skirt is loose against her body and flows occasionally, stopping above her ankles.
    Element (Not fire): Water
    How you discovered it: Whilst living in the Northern Water Tribe, Roya had many friends. Almost all of them had been water benders, whom had discovered their powers at an early age. Roya, however, was discouraged. With a waterbender father and a non bending Earth Kindom mother, Roya was wondering if she would ever bend. One day, whilst attending a meeting with her high profile family, Roya heard an unfair plan towards the Southern Water Tribe. Angered by everyone agreeing, she unintentionally aimed icicles towards the Water Tribe leaders. Finally realizing what she had done, a smile broke onto her face.
  5. Yeah, you can join.
    We need more people - so I can't scold you for joining without perm.
    Its all good!
  6. Thank you! And sorry for joining without permission, I forgot to post a bio before hand.
  7. Aon


    Wait, what? Someone said Avatar? Hooooly...

    Name: Rin Itas
    Alias/If you have one: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Personality: He is a highly obsessed, stubborn character. He quickly changes his mind, often speaks without thinking, but generally speaking is a kind hearted guy. He is not clever than the avarage, but he is very good at understanding others' emotions. He rarely explains his true feelings, although is a talkative person.
    Appearance: Rin is shorter than avarage, but is athletic. He has blue eyes, straight black hair, and a quite tanned skin.
    Apparel/Clothing: He wears an uniform, consisting of a black shalwar, and a white shirt.
    Element (Not fire): Air
    How you discovered it: When he was a young adopted child, living with his family in fire nation, he often watched butterflies flying around. Each time, he sensed something inside of him, connecting his own presence to that specific moment. When he was playing with his childhood friend one day, he asked him to teach Rin how to bend fire. So did his friend, but what Rin bent, was completely something else.
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  8. Hi! Mind if I join?
    Name: Willow (never knew her parents, so she never knew her last name.)
    Alias: The Dead Shadow
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Personality: Very competitive, but also suspiciously silent, giving her the name, "The Dead Shadow".
    Appearance: She has one blue eye, and also a blind white one. She has tan skin, also a huge scar across her mouth. She has jet black hair in a ponytail.
    Apparel/Clothing: She wears a ripped pair of jean shorts and a black tank top. She wears a pair of short boots.
    Element (Not fire): Earth
    How you discovered it: She had been watching her half brother, Jay, earthbending. Wanting to try it also, she started to copy his moves. After three or four tries at doing the same move, she stomped the ground for the fifth time and a rock came up. In surprise, she remembered to punch the air, the rock hitting a tree and it falling over.
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  9. Both of you are accepted.
    Thanks for postin'!
  10. Aon


    When will we start that? ^^
  11. Anytime.
    I haven't got around to posting, but I will soon.
  12. Name: Soren Karos
    Alias/If you have one: Mortar Shell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Personality: Soren has a very upbeat aura emanating around him, as he tends to be able to cheer up many people around him. He is very generous and kind to others, which makes him a fun person to be around.
    Appearance: Scraggly black hair roughly brushed to the right. Soren has black eyes and has a pretty muscular build.
    Apparel/Clothing: Soren wears a black tank top with white trousers. He usually walks around barefoot, as shoes are a bit uncomfortable for him.
    Element (Not fire): Earth
    How you discovered it: Soren had seen an earthbending tournament that his friends had invited him to and was determined to learn the art. He took many martial arts classes and underwent grueling exercises to heighten his body and mind, and he started to learn the earthbending techniques, honing then for several hours a day.
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  14. Hey, guys.

    Thank ya'll for being apart of this RP, but If I could just ask you to try and make your posts, a little longer.
    This is not mini-modding, I am just concerned about the RP, as you all are great companions and great RPrs.

  15. I want to be taken out of this rp.
  16. Alrighty.

    May I ask why?
  17. Its because this rp doesn't interest me anymore

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