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DPPt/HGSS My Qwilfish Lead-Possible help? Suggestions? Ideas?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Tangrow, May 26, 2009.

  1. Mkay, so, due to my inherent love for all things Qwilfish, I decided I might as well make one for my Rain Dance team, which I may post at a later time for suggestions, but right now I'm focusing on Qwilfish. Which means I am dead set on using it. You here me? DEAD SET.

    Qwilfish@Focus Sash
    Swift Swim
    252 Speed/Er, I'm not sure. Just not in Defenses >>
    IVs=Something around zero for HP, Def., and Sp. Def.

    -Rain Dance
    -Thunder Wave?
    -Destiny Bond
    -Poison Jab?

    This thing is my literal suicide lead. Due to Qwilfish's less than spectacular Speed, I use Rain Dance the first turn, which is a guarantee as it has the Focus Sash, unless it gets completely paralyzed or hits itself in confusion and the like. Now, since Swift Swim will now be in effect, the Base 85 Speed will be doubled, making it pretty much faster than anything without a Choice Scarf or Speed Boosts and, other, technicalities. Anywho, at this point I use Destiny Bond if I know that their next hit will kill me, or I follow up with a Thunder Wave and then a Poison Jab or something, if need be.

    So, any suggestions at all? Maybe a replacement for Thunder Wave and Poison Jab? Also, I have not caught the Pokemon yet, so everything is pretty flexible. Maybe if y'all had another idea for a Qwilfish set?
  2. Hmmm, Quilfish is one of those really overlooked pokemon. Granted, it isn't much use than in the capacity you want it to be, but lemme see what I can come up with.

    Thunder Wave I suppose is a good choice. Could really tick your opponent off if you can land it. Especially if they have a sweeper, so it seems logical in my opinion.

    Destiny Bond is a must since it's a suicide lead. Of course, you could replace it with explosion if you wanted, but that could be resisted or blocked by a ghost.

    Poison Jab is nice as it has good chance of poisoning, gains STAB and deals an okay amount of damage. If you wanted to simply poison them though, then Toxic or Toxic Spikes would be better. However, the choice is up to you.

    The only other thing I could reccomend would be a Jolly nature over a Naive one. But yeah, those are my ideas whether you take them on board or not.
  3. If you want to stick an attack on there, I might suggest Surf or Waterfall (can't remember if Qwilfish has higher atk or sp atk stat atm) for your STAB attack. Since you should already have Rain Dance going and Destiny Bond up by the time you -are- attacking, even on the switch in you should deal better damage to more types with a water attack rather than poison unless the whole point is the poison chance just to annoy the crap out of whoever you are hitting. But if you are going to stick with Thunder Wave and truly try to screw over whoever you are facing, go with a water type attack since STAB + Rain Dance boost will be far more than just normal damage with Poison Jab. Just watch out for Water Absorb switch ins.
  4. I'm going for something a bit simple here, but if you are going for gaining speed with Quilfish and Rain Dance, go for Shock Wave. It doesn't have the same effects as Thunder Wave; however, it will get rid of people using Water-Types who are trying hog your Rain Dance. Also, if you have any other types other than Water trying to attack you - replace Poison Jab for Shadow Ball, as it has exactly the same effects as Poison Jab, and will possibly lower Sp.Def, giving you more chance to do damage with shock wave. Also, Shadow Ball has only two types that won't affect the Pokemon being attacked by it - Normal and Fighting. If they send out any Pokemon with any of those two types, you will have coverage with the other moves.
  5. Oh, well, thanks for your suggestions! Really, I enjoy your idea, Toru, but this thing is meant to die quickly and swiftly, so putting to attacks on there doesn't really appeal to me. I'm probably going to switch to a Jolly Nature, just so it has less defense, as it already has really bad special defense. And thanks Pheo, as I had JUST remembered that Qwilfish had some STAB to take advantage of with Rain Dance, eheh. So the new set is probably going to end up like this:

    -Destiny Bond
    -Thunder Wave/Spikes/Toxic Spikes?
    -Rain Dance

    Recently I've been wondering about how well Spikes work with Qwilfish, and I thought that if they didn't kill themselves with my Destiny Bond, my whole set gets completely screwed over. So I thought that I might as well set up some type of entry hazard while they're worried about if they should attack me or not, and unless THEIR lead was a suicide, I'm pretty sure I'd get at least one set of Spikes in before I try Destiny Bonding again, as from my experience, after seeing Destiny Bond, the opponent pretty much starts setting up with some form of stat boost.
  6. I would rather go with Explosion than with Destiny Bond. it is more reliable in my eyes. If you know your time's up just explode and leave a hole in your enemys team. You are faster than most pokemon anyways ~

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