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my poke sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ghosty, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. hi i just want to be good at sprites so please judge these and tell me how you like them

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  2. Time for Critic... (Lots of it)

    To star these arent really sprites. They are the artwork which have been altered using copy and paste in paint.

    Sprite are fully pixles. Have you looked at Other People work so you get a feeling of spriting

    I have supplied a list of different topics to view (These are not links)
    Teh Shiny Sprites of Tun .:The Home of PokePlush™:. (By Tundili)
    A Pixel of [X5] (By [X5-452])
    Windsaver's Sprite-Home of The Famous Blockymon (By Windsaver)
    Sprites n' Stuff (By Kedpeanut)
    Trainer J's Sprite Place (By Trainer J)

    To Name A Few

    Remeber to see that there are many sprite forms
    If you want to look them up here are a couple:
    Trainer Sprites
    Scratches (Not for beginners)
    Recolours (Easiest)
    Trainer Cards
    And Plenty of Custom ideas and others

    You need to really focus more on real sprites
    Do you know where to get full sprite sheets?
    Try The Below Link if you need them
    If you need anything else don't be afraid to PM me ot other people or look around to see what everyone else is doing.
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