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My L. 50 2 on 2 Colosseum Battle Mode Team

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is a team I posted awhile back on the YaBB but not for rating. Anyways, since this place is quiet right now and I'm proud of these guys (they won the Orre Colosseum tournaments for me) I'm gonna post 'em. Feel free to give move and hold item suggestions, especially for Pokemon who don't have hold items listed (I can't remember what they were).
    Just note: I have no plans to replace any of these Pokemon nor re-train for better natures/egg moves.

    Pokemon: Manectric
    Nickname: Electra
    Hold item: Blackglasses
    Nature: Modest
    Thunder Bolt

    Pokemon: Sceptile
    Nickname: Espio
    Hold item: Leftovers
    Nature: Naughty
    Leaf Blade
    Brick Break

    Pokemon: Swampert
    Nickname: Vector
    Hold item: N/A
    Nature: Naive
    Muddy Water

    Pokemon: Crobat
    Nickname: Garnet
    Hold item: Persim Berry
    Nature: Careful
    Air Cutter
    Sludge Bomb
    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray

    Pokemon: Magcargo
    Nickname: Gau
    Hold item: Quick Claw
    Nature: Brave

    Pokemon: Hariyama
    Nickname: Sabin
    Hold item: N/A
    Nature: Serious
    Rock Tomb
    Bulk Up
    Vital Throw

    The Low Down:

    As stated in the subject heading, this team was built for 2 on 2 battling. This explains why certain attacks (Protect) are used frequently. First up!

    Manectric (Electra) - She was chosen to replace my Plusle - a very good choice in the end. T-Bolt and Crunch compliment her high Sp. Attack stat. The other two moves are partner moves. Toxic was stuck on her to powerful up Hariyama's Guts ability because T-Wave wasn't getting the job done. Instead of helping Hariyama it was simply paralyzing him (very bad luck IMO). Protect was added for protection against Swampert's and Sceptile's EQ attacks.

    Sceptile (Espio) - My Sceptile was an all-around sweeper. With its high speed, high sp. attack and higher than normal Attack-stat (due to his name), he was able to beat the majority of his opponents and do heavy damage in the process. LB for STAB, Brick Break for Ice-types, EQ for Fire-types, and Crunch for a wider range of attacks. All in all he could get super-effective attacks on almost anything, and anything he couldn't he would at least do normal damage to.

    Swampert (Vector) - First Swampert I ever trained, and my other main sweeper. Its Sp. Attack stat was rather poor, but nothing stood up against its offensive moves. At first I thought Return was a bad idea but it ended up coming in handy against certain Pokemon (namely Gyarados). It probably could be replaced, though - the question is "with what?". EQ was for STAB and Icebeam to take out Grass-types. His last attack, Muddy Water, was a tough decision. Surf does the same amount of damage with higher accuracy, but Muddy Water could lower accuracy. Since I was fighting 2 opponents instead of 1, giving me double the chance of lowering their accuracy, I choose it over Surf. In the end it caused me a bit of frustration (when doesn't missing?) but enough joy to keep it. Sometimes I repeatedly dropped the foes accuracy.

    Crobat (Garnet) - First Crobat I ever trained. She was an Attack-based sweeper. Air Cutter was chosen over Wing Attack/Aerial Ace because it hits both opponents, and while it was usually relatively weak the rare chances that its high critical high ratio kicked in made it worth keeping. Sludge Bomb was put on for STAB and was usually used instead of Air Cutter for Grass-type opponents. Shadow Ball was stuck on both to compliment her high attack-stat and to take down Psychic types. Sometimes her speed allowed me to do that, sometimes not. Lastly was Confuse Ray which definitely came in handy (whenever I got around to using it). One of the best things about Crobat being around was its Anti-Grass defenses. Since it was both Poison and Flying Grass attacks did virtually nothing to it, giving me something perfect to switch in Swampert's place whenever need be.

    Magcargo (Gau) - What can I say about him? The main reason I used him was to try something different, but in the end his Rock-type half and moveset came in handy. Bug-types were no match against him whatsoever, and he was good Flying-type defense. Quick Claw also helped with his super slow speed. Anyways, Flamethrower and Rock Slide were stuck on for STAB. Rock Slide in particular was very useful because of its flinching ability and being able to hit both opponents. Magcargo's next two moves work together. Yawn, being an 100% accurate two-turn Sleep attack, was largely complimented by Protect. First turn I'd used Yawn, taking whatever damage was thrown at me, then next turn I'd Protect. It virtually made Yawn a one-turn 100% accurate attack unless the opponent got knocked out/switched out. Protect was also useful for EQ match-ups (exactly how I used it with Manectric).

    Hariyama (Sabin) - Last, but not least, was my Hariyama, who again was stuck on for the sole reason that I wanted to try something new. Vital Throw over Cross Chop was a tough decision, but after using Vital Throw enough times its No-Miss guarantee won me over. Yes, it made me go second, but knowing 100% that it would hit was worth it. Rock Tomb was stuck on for anti-Flying defense. While it was rather weak its added Speed-down ability came in handy for repeated uses (didn't compliment Vital Throw, tho). To make up for its weak power, though, I stuck on Bulk Up. Bulk Up not only raised Hariyama's extremely high Attack-stat, it also up'd my Flying-type defenses. Originally I had Belly Drum in its place and replaced it since I could never get it to work. Lastly is Facade, which, from learning from Colosseum, is an obvious choice for all Guts ability Pokemon. Its natural damage-doubling ability from status changes and Guts worked together so well it was crazy. Nothing could stand up to Hariyama if I managed to fire off the attack. Sadly, though, I rarely got that chance.

    And I think that's that. Sorry for the length, but without explaining why I choose what I did there'd be no point to post the movesets. Now that FR/LG are out, tho, some of these guys could use some new attacks (ie. Rock Slide for Hariyama). So, anyways... Rate away!
  2. I think your "Sabin" should hold macho brace because, with macho brace and bulk up its power would be very good! :)
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Err... Macho Brace doesn't effect power directly, it just doubles the amount of EVs you gain from battle. Since these guys aren't going to be battling for EXP it'd be useless :?

    This topic is a year old and I've made tweaks to it and created lots of new teams since. Don't grave dig. Locking topic.
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