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Ask to Join My Hero Academia: Almighty Rebooted

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    You MUST sign up before posting. Here's the discussion thread:

    6 AM.
    Well, the Entrance Exam started at 8:30, so that would be plenty of time, right?
    Turns out it was too much time.
    Dekiru shot up, unlike his usual lazy self. He shut off his alarm clock, silencing the hammer in his skull. He got out of bed, stretched, and activated his Quirk a few times to get his blood flowing.
    He ate a breakfast bar... or two... or three... okay, four... and washed up.
    He brushed his teeth, washed his face, took a shower, and took his sweet time with it.
    Dekiru opened his closet, pulling out a running shirt and a pair of black pants. The shirt was
    As he dressed himself, he stared at the posters and miniature models across his room in admiration.
    Merchandise of heroes, whom he had admired since he was in preschool. Posters of well-known heroes such as Kamui Woods, Mount Lady, Endeavor, Air Jet, Midnight, Edgeshot, Ingenium, and of course, the Symbol of Peace himself, All Might.
    Dekiru was gonna be one of them, soon enough. As long as he passed this exam. The thought excited him. He grinned, opening his closet again, this time pulling out a white jacket with a bold black M on the back of it, with red stripes that went down the lengths of the arms. Finally, he picked up a pair of worn goggles that had no real importance to him, but he had them since he was a little kid. They were way too big for him back then, but they were perfect for him now. The frame was a sleek gunmetal, and the lenses were a dark blue. Dekiru threw them on around his forehead, put on his jacket, and wheeled his bike outside to the front of the apartment complex. There, he laced on his new pair of kicks; steel-tipped, and good fore running and jumping. His dad, though overseas, had gotten them for him for this specific occasion. He grinned as he tightened the knots.
    Down the lightly-populated streets, Dekiru pedaled faster, eventually reaching U.A. Academy, eventually moving to the city-scape arena where Present Mic told him the exam would be at.
    He parked his bike, chaining it to a rack not far from the massive door.
    "Wow, never expected to be the first one here," he muttered to himself, a habit he had been keeping. "I know I took my time getting here; what the heck..."
    He pulled out his phone, turning it on. 7 AM. He stared at the time, a little shocked. He looked around. Nobody else was there. It was empty.
    "Oh, come on!" Dekiru muttered. "Now I have to wait here for an hour and a half?!"
    He looked around, shrugged, and stood there.
    For somebody else.
    God, this was boring.
  2. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Gon woke up at 7 to his alarm clock with a mindset thinking that he was late. Rushing while being as much of a perfectionist he can he brushed his teeth, got dressed, tried fixing his messy hair (which didn't work), and had breakfast. After doing all that he had activated his quirk Specialist, using the transmuter part he cloaked himself in lightning. He called this "transformation" godspeed and ran out the door to UA as fast as he could.

    Once he got to UA at 7:45 which was later than expected but probably due to him trying to be a perfectionist and show off the best he could be. If it weren't for that he would of been at UA in 10 minutes. After contemplating all that he turned off his quirk and looked around. He saw another dude waiting around, it seemed like he had been here a while so Gon was gonna try to make things brighter for him and talk to him.

    "Hey! My name is Gon, what's your name?"
  3. Muko Hoiru had been rather swift with getting down to UA. However, she was surprised that some way in hell, somebody had gotten there before her. Talk about punctuality. Actually, punctuality was being on time. Not early. Wrong choice of words. The girl sighed, looking down at the black jumpsuit with white stripes she was wearing. It really wasn’t her style, but it was the best for her own maneuvering during the exam, which was going to be her only real shot at success. She let out a sigh as she looked around, assessing the area. She quickly realised that served absolutely no purpose, and as such, gave up.
    She noticed another person showing up. It seemed like the crowds were going to pick up soon enough.
    - - - - -
    That aforementioned “other person” made his way over to the massive door, looking up to the imposing structure with a intent he would have never expected of himself.
    The boy had hazel coloured hair, messy and slightly spiky at the top, and his orange eyes set their gaze upon the entrance to the arena, unflinching. He wore only a black tank top and baggy black trousers, that outfit making his lean yet surprisingly athletic build obvious. He stared up to the arena door silently, not breaking eye contact with it. Today was a day he never had thought would come.
  4. Masahiro was planning to wake up at 2:00a, but he ended up pulling an all-nighter. He was ecstatic to be able to stand in the very arena he dreamed of being in for years. He spent hours daydreaming about his school life, what his teachers would be like, and even his hero name. It was during one of these daydreams that Masahiro noticed his alarm clock, flashing 7:03. 'I better get ready,' He thought to himself. He knew that he wouldn't be late. He simply wanted to get there early in anticipation of the exams. He threw on a navy blue hoodie and black sweatpants. His outfit wasn't much, but it was comfortable. With his white hair looking messy, Masahiro ran out the door, not even waking up anybody in the house.

    He was pleasantly surprised to find a small group gathering outside the gates. He strolled up to Muko (@Generation Sect) and, as he always does, made small talk. "Hey there. You excited about the exams too?" He said this in a friendly tone, perhaps even overfriendly.
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  5. Tomorrow was different from any other. Tomorrow was the day of the UA practical. He'd already passed the written portion, with flying colours no less. However, that was only step one. Step two would require meticulous planning, a great strategy and…
    Staying up all night playing video games.
    So much for planning. Not like that would've worked out anyway.

    Minami finally passed out at around four fifteen, plugging in his 3DS and setting an alarm for the morning.


    That was time Ayato set to wake up.

    Instead of rising to the melodic tones of his digital alarm, he awoke to needle sharp teeth embedding themselves into the exposed cartilage of his ear.

    Minami yelped, startling the ball of black and white fluff responsible, sending the creature plummeting off his cot onto the floor mere inches below. He turned sharply, watching as the kitten tumbled, before springing up to its feet, licking its side, and sitting up in anticipation as if nothing had happened.



    "Good morning to you too," he sighed, addressing the kitten, who responded by jumping to his feet and pattering off towards the kitchen. Ayato yawned, shambling off after the hungry feline.

    The rest of the morning seemed to pass in a blur. He fed his cat (who angrily whined for more, despite the fact that he still had kibbles left around the sides of the bowl), haphazardly shoved a few handfuls of dry cereal in his mouth and drank a tiny bit of bitter coffee, pulled on a comfortable pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt adorned with many buttons and enamel pins, and brushed his teeth, almost unintentionally swallowing the toothpaste in the process.

    The time on his phone read 6:48.
    In that case, maybe it was best that he'd been rudely awakened prematurely.
    Minami slipped his 3DS into the pocket of his sweatshirt, checking his phone for messages before leaving for the exam.
    [Mum friend]: I swear to god, if you stayed up like you usually do. You… really don't have to do that you know.
    [C'est moi]: yeah, i did anyway
    [Mum friend]: You're killing me, Nami. Please at least tell me you weren't playing the sims or something.
    [C'est moi]: no it wasnt the sims
    [Mum friend]: You know what, I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole. I'm not going to ask what it was, I really don't want to hear you rant about the new Pokemon game or whatever. Regardless, you'd better get in at this rate.
    [C'est moi]: oof, okay

    Pocketing his phone as well, Minami headed out the door, double-checking to make sure his door was locked firmly shut. Before starting off towards the meeting location outlined in the email he'd received.
    Thankfully, he lived fairly close by; it was mere minutes on bike before he arrived before the massive door at 7:05AM.

    Minami noticed the sights almost immediately; he had to admit, the sheer size of such a gate alone was impressive. UA sure had the funding to do… whatever this was going to be.

    He also noticed that he, evidentially, wasn't the only one who'd gotten the wild hare to arrive early.
    Regardless, he sat himself down cross-legged on the sidewalk below, neglecting to introduce himself to anyone. Instead, he pulled out his 3DS, resuming his playthrough in anticipation of the events that would transpire hours later.
  6. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Someone blue skinned had appeared, when he had appeared he started to talking to the person Gon tried to interact with. Completely ignoring Gon in the process causing Gon to feel mad but he brushed it off. He saw a new person all alone in isolation so he decided to confront him. "Hey I'm sorry for bugging you, just felt like introducing myself. Anyways my name is Gon what's your name? When Yout done saying your name mind saying what game your playing on your device?
  7. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru, after waiting for so long, had fallen asleep with his eyes open.
    By the time he had been snapped back into reality, the person who had tried to introduce himself was gone.
    "Crap," he thought. "I'll have to talk to him later."
    But people were starting to arrive. A girl, a few guys, and...
    It couldn't be.
    It was.
    "Why is he here?" Dekiru thought to himself. "He's..."
    Dekiru walked over to one of the people there.
    "Chikara?" he asked, surprised.
  8. The hazel haired boy turned to Dekiru, his orange eyes instantly flashing with recognition.
    “Hey. Nice to see you showed up on time. Figured you were the kind for being ‘fashionably late’. Or y’know, late late. Because you slept in.”
    Chikara kept up an air of casual formality, even in the strange situation, scratching the back of his neck.
    Muko turned to the person attempting to talk to her, simply twirling one finger around in the air, as if it was some sort of preparation exercise.
    “Yeah, you could say that. So you better watch out, because it’s everyone for themselves here.”
  9. Masahiro chuckled.
    "Thanks for the advice." Muko's comment awakened a sense of competitiveness in him. "But it's always nice to make friendly rivals." He held out his hand.
    "My name is Masahiro Tenso. What's yours?"
  10. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru shrugged. "I actually woke up early for once--that's besides the point. The point is, why are you here?"
    Realizing his mistake, which could have been taken as an insult, he waved his hands, immediately trying to defend himself. "Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I guess, you being here is just unexpected. Y'know?"
    Dekiru immediately felt concerned. They both wanted to be great heroes someday. It was just that Dekiru...
    ...he had something that Chikara didn't.
    You see...

    Dekiru had a Quirk.
  11. Chikara turned to his friend, his grin turning into a much more serious kind of semi-scowl, which was a rather bad reaction coming from somebody as easygoing as him.
    “Well I didn’t expect it to be expected. That’s just an advantage for me I guess.”
    He lowered his hands back down to his sides, letting out a breath he had clearly been deeply holding in, as if some sort of anger he had been holding back had been transformed into that air.

    Chikara Yoki - Quirk: ... Quirkless?

    - - - - -

    Muko still kept her gaze kept firmly on the finger she was twirling in the air, as she listened to Masahiro’s words.
    “Muko. Hoiru.”
    She spoke quickly and concisely, becoming silent for a bit before tacking on her last name, as if it had taken her a while to decide to throw it in there, or just care enough to do so.

    Muko Hoiru - Quirk: Ringmaster

    Seemingly ignoring the boys outstretched hand, Muko’s eyes suddenly snapped shut, stopping her finger dead still as what seemed to be a... yellow ring, about the size of someone’s head, made of some strange substance, formed on the top of her finger, skillfully balanced in the air, as it span around off of its own momentum, her finger completely still. It seemed as if this was the next stage of her practice, as she simply began moving her finger at certain intervals, bouncing the ring up and down, taking advantage of some sort of squishy or elastic property it seemed to have, bouncing it into the air only to catch it atop her finger once again, keeping it spinning still.
  12. It was the day of the entrance exam and two students had been looking forward to this for an extremely long time, Yuki Hase and Tokoyami Aki. These two had attended the same middle school, both aiming to enter the prestigious school that was U.A. Though that wasn't the only thing, the two were also practically rivals. The two had always lived close to each other, and would occasionally spare to test their quirks. They were on par when it came to fights, though Yuki was physically stronger and Tokoyami was way smarter.

    The two would pass their written exam and would be ready to take the entrance exam and hopefully pass to enter their dream school.

    Yuki had been the first of the two to arrive at U.A. and she was in complete awe. The school looked way bigger than she had ever imagined. She then started walking around the school, keeping that look of wonder as she navigated her way around the halls and perimeter.

    But before Yuki could start interacting with other students, she noticed a little someone enter the gates of the academy. It was none other than her best friend..."Aki-kun!" Yuki exclaimed as she ran over to give the dark hair boy a big hug.

    Though, Tokoyami didn't seem share the same feelings of joy that Yuki did and actually seemed rather annoyed. "Stop hugging me! You're crushing my spine!" Tokoyami exclaimed as he tried to squirm out of Yuki's hug, "And stop calling me Aki-kun!!!" So, to probably no one's surprise, Yuki was the only one who saw Tokoyami as a best friend.

    Yuki would then let go of Tokoyami, and asked, "So, are you excited for this exam?"
    Tokoyami snirked, and responded, "There's no need to be. I already know I'm going to pass. And I'm going to get a higher score than you!"
    Yuki just chuckled, and said, "Yeah, you're probably right."

    Yuki would then start trying to have a conversation with Tokoyami, though he seemed to be ignoring her the entire time and facing another direction that wasn't towards her's. Though, she didn't seem to mind and kept rambling.
  13. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru just attempted to smile (failing in the process), rubbing the back of his head. "Uh, yeah. I guess so. So..."
    Still nervous, Dekiru attempted to shove it off.
    "How've you been, dude?"

    (OOC: Sorry this is short; it's kind of hard to make a response lengthy.)
  14. Chikara rolled his eyes with disdain, his orange orbs moving from side to side.
    “Training... Hard. It’s kinda like hell.”
    He shrugged, raising his bare arms as he did so (what with his top being sleeveless and all). The almost triangular like scars were visible on his skin, almost traceable, the skin inside those scar patches a slightly different, darker colour shade.
    He chuckled carelessly, putting his arms back down to his side as he seemed to shake off his prior annoyance and frustration.
    “But hey, I gotta work ten times harder than people like you in this situation. I’ve been looking up at you- Not physically, of course- for a long time, so now...”
    He held one arm up, forming a fist that pressed into his other arms outstretched palm with enthusiasm.
    “Don’t expect me to be looking anywhere other than ahead of me.”
  15. "…Hm?"

    The boy hardly glanced up from his screen, catching no more than a glimpse at the spiky-haired boy from out of the corner of his eye. "Minami Ayato…I sometimes just go by Nami though… so you can use that if you want… or don't. I don't really mind either way."

    The second part of the other boy's question seemed to have slipped Minami's mind completely, or at the very least he didn't acknowledge it as he continued tapping away at the worn rubber buttons, oblivious to Gon's request to begin conversation, as well as to the heated debate that was currently ongoing between the green-haired boy and his recently-arrived rival. Needless to say, he wasn't about to get involved.

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