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Open Murder Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Views, May 10, 2017.

  1. Hello :)
    This Roleplay,is about a murder mystery that happens in a small town of Ren wood
    1. Please respect all rp rules
    2. NO Mary Sues
    3. You can be killed by the killer. If you are you can come back as a new character.
    4. Some will secretly be the killer. I will inform that person.
    5. You can have up to one character

    a girl named Brittany Brown was found dead in the pool, stabbed in the back and leg.

    To make a character answer the following.


    Name: Ryan Wilcox
    Apparance: Red hair,Blue eyes,average height and weight
    Personality;Smart,Caring,Brave,Very Emotional. Strong at times
    Likes: Friends,Family,Being normal,feeling safe,everyone being safe
    Dislikes: Disorder,People he cares about being harmed,Killers,Mean people. Sports
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  2. Ryan walked into school, awaiting of what was to hear of brittanys murder. He wondered how and why.
  3. Name:Brooke Young
    Apparance: Blond hair,Short and skinny
    Personality;Rebelious, a bit mean, has a sentesive side, Flirty
    Likes: Girly things
    Dislikes:Killers,being scared
  4. Brooke walked into the school. 'Hey Ryan did you hear about brittanys cold blooded murder?'
  5. Ryan turned around. "uhh yeah i did"
  6. "We are gonna be late" she say walking into class
  7. Ryan walks into class,with Brooke and sits down. "How was it done?"
  8. ((It's not my job, but if you don't want this roleplay shut down, I suggest you follow the rules better. There's no information on what the roleplay really is, so that's something you should add detail to. It's also easier to create character sheets and rules on a Discussion Thread. Instead of posting a character sheet on here as a full reply, you should separate that and the actual reply. You can ignore my suggestions, as I'm not actually an admin or anything, but I imply that you follow them.))

    Name: Addison “Addi” Clearwater
    Age: 15
    Appearance: A petite, sun kissed girl. Her hair is a pretty platinum color, tied into a ponytail. She wears a loose red t-shirt, short jean shorts, and blue sneakers. Her eyes are bright green and she has freckles.
    Personality: Optimistic and cheerful. She always finds the bright sid rid the situation.
    Likes: Animals, colors, drawing.
    Dislikes: Accepting the downside of a problem.

    Addison, the usually cheerful girl, lost her bouncy step. Instead, she grimly walked into school, already hearing the murmurs and whispers about the incident. It made her mad, and she stormed past the selfless students. Muttering how disrespectful it was to speak of such incident, she sat down gloomily in a desk.
  9. "I honestly have no clue" she says while putting her backpack on the floor and put her books on her desk
  10. ((Ok thanks i fixed it thanks again btw))

    "Uhhh not really sure,but i heard once there were some murders 20 years ago and its prob the polices job to find out who done it" he says lightly and nicely
  11. "Why would you need to know trying to see if your murders are connected to the others" she says rudely trying to be a bit of a queen bee
  12. Name: Dylan Little
    Apparance: Blond Hair,Brown eyes,Tall
    Personality;Calm and bubbly
    Likes: Almost Everything
    Dislikes:Being sad and killers

    Dylan walked into class and sat down noticing he might have been late. "AM I LATE" He yelled wondering if he would be back in the office again for being late.
  13. As Nathan addressed her, Addi simply glanced out of the corner of her eye. Closing them, she sighed. “Nobody has any respect for Brittany's death. It's aggravating,” she admitted grudgingly.
  14. Dylan sat in his chair, thinking he was thinking "Is nathan and Addi dating and is Ryan and Brooke dating" He says then relized the had said that outloud.
  15. "Me and Ryan are not dating" she says"at least not yet" she mumbles under her breath. "And im not scared to fight you Dylan" She walks over to dylan smacks him with her purse lightly and walks back to Ryan
  16. Name: Ben Winters
    Age: 16
    Apparance: black hair,green eyes
    Personality; Serious, has a odd sense of humor
    Likes: Horror movies
    Dislikes:Being made Fun of,

    Ben sat in the back of the class, writing he had been there the whole time but no one noticed him, "Guys if this were a horror movie Ryan and Addi would survive with Brooke being killed next and dYLan dieing then Nathan after him . "
  17. Addi blushed brightly at the remark if they were dating. “No,” she replied defensively. Then at the next voice, she turned her gaze to the boy in the back. As he spoke about survival, she weakly smiled. “Right...,” she said.
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  18. "Really You think i would survive? Thanks" He says surprised. He turns around a quickly glances at nathan and Addi and then turns around to Brooke. "so"
  19. "Because cant you see it, the opening kill the connection to the past murders he says thinking that they must not know what he meant
  20. "cue Creepy Monolouge she says when ben starts talking about the connection stuff

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