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Open Mortal Kombat RP discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. After nine consecutive loses. Shao Kahn emperor of Out World all but tastes his victory over Earth Realm. Now Lord Raiden God of thunder must recruite warriors to participate in the tournament if Earth Realm has a chance of winning.

    Welcome to Mortal Kombat.
    This RP will be fallowing the events of the original timeline. In order to keep this somewhat creative the only Cannon characters will be Raiden, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn (if this becomes a series.) Shinnok (if we get that far) Quan Chi, Onaga and Blaze.
    In other words You have to create your own character.
    Here are the guide Rules.
    1. Fallow the rules as stated on this site.
    2. Since we don't know if children might be reading these I recommend we keep the gore to a minimum.
    3. You cannot do a fatality on a player character unless they allow it. NPCs are fair game.
    4. You're character can serve any canon group.
    5. You may have up to three characters.
    6. Have fun.

    Character bio
    age ( 21 and up)
    Style: (How they fight)
    Little back story

    My 1st character
    Name: Thomas Write
    age: 26
    Style: Primarly Boxing with a little bit of MMA fighting
    Organization: Earth Realm Defender
    Back story: Growing up on the streets of Georgia. Thomas had to learn how to protect himself. Through out his life he kept honor in the way he battled. He eventually went into street fights in order to provide for his daughter.
  2. So, am I still able to join?
  3. Ah yeah sure.
  4. Well...

    Name: Oithost
    Age: 21
    Style: Sanshou, though, sometimes, he would carry a falchion along with him.
    Organization: Another Defender of EarthRealm
    BackStory: Once a young boy of being human, Oithost was often assaulted by others of his kind until he was driven into putting one of them down. The original state of the boy, after brutally attacked by a animal, was never heard from again. Oithost is now known to be a grey cyborg roaming around in a forest, filled with darkness and insanity, as the tragic events still haunts him to this very day.
  5. Alright then, so I guess I just post a reply on the other thread.
  6. Name Halt Willow
    age ( 21 and up) 32
    Style: (How they fight) He focuses on brute attacks. (Is magic, weapons or similar abilities allowed?)
    Organization NA
    Little back story Halt grew up with a bow in hands. At a young age, he could hold and keep a 50 lb bow at full draw. Halt became a bounty hunter and fought many people. Most lost. He follows no rule of chivalry. His greatest kill would be a demon terrorising a large town, which he killed using his whip laced with iron and salt to kill unworldly creatures. (If magic, Halt can become a lightning form, increasing his speed and agility.)
  7. I think I'm interested... I'm also gonna use my character from the hotel rp :p
    Name: Mike Johnson
    Age: ???
    Style: likes to use his axe or machete for nice stab or two in the gut or he used his hammer to break skulls or his knife to shove it in someone's throats and his most iconic weapon a modern day chainsaw that has strait up torn more limbs than any horror movie you've seen. Other that that he likes to use brute force to kill his victims he joined the mortal combat to raise up his kill count and he will never speak.
    Organization: he is his organization
    Little backstory: Back in the modern days he killed almost and entire hotel he would've gotten away with it if he weren't gunned down by a fleet of police he was granted eternal life and came back not immortal and supposedly not being able to die.
  8. Nice! What Mortal Kombat is this based off of? I've played most versions including the arcade ones.
  9. This is based off of the first game.
  10. The arcade game? Or which one?
  11. Jagson's talking about the arcade game I do believe.
  12. The arcade one. If you played MK9 story the first third of it was a retelling of the first game.
  13. I played it a while ago. I get it. Thanks.

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