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MoonStruck's 150

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by MoonStruckDragonLass, May 18, 2007.

  1. [sub]Updated- 22/5/'07- #108, Lickitongue added! I hope I did him justice, Stel ^^;

    Also, Name of Project changed to MSDL's 150.[/sub]


    Hi guys! I know I have an artwork topic already, but this one is for a new project i'm starting. . .

    I did a lovely picture of a Dragonair because i felt like it one day, and yesterday I started a Ninetails, because I wanted a picture of one of the characters I RP, Tallen (She's a Ninetails).

    So then I said to myself, "Well self, why don't we do all of the pokemon?"

    It only takes 30 minutes to 2 and a half hours to do one of these pokemon pictures (Which is realitively short if you don't know about my 50+ hour pictures that still look like crap). I can usually do one in a dat or so, maybe 2. So I figured I'd do it. ^^

    Thus begins MoonStruck's Pokémon Picture Project! I'm not doing all of the pokémon just yet, I thought I'd try the first 150 and see how that goes. Theres not nearly enough fan art of some of the pokémon, but there is enough official art that I can do it. ^^ (I'm doing my old favourites first if you can't guess, so the next will prolly be Ghastly or some such, Arbok, mebbe Charmeleon, Lickitounge, Koffing. . . ^^ I'll prolly also cheat and do one of Bayleef because it's one of my favourites). I'll try to make the order as random as I can, so no one gets mad and sends me angry PM's saying "Y do u'z nevar do mewothz?!?!!/11?one? U only do psn typz!!one!"

    The backgrounds are determined by PTCG backgrounds. I look at all the versions of the card I can find, and then from those, form an opinion on where the pokemon should live.

    So I give you the first two pokémon in the great MSDL's P[sup]3[/sup]. I'll update this string as I draw more! ^^ I hope you like 'em.

    Please let me know If I screw up any numbers. ^^ And Feedback is certainly appreciated! If you don't like something about one of my pictures, let me know! If my anatomy is wonky or if you just don't like something about it, don't hesitate to say so. And if you do like it, please say why! I don't want any "that looks good i like it,"'s. "That looks great, i love the tail!" Or "The pose is really nice!" Are completely acceptable.

    [sub]And yes, I do watch Charmed, and no, I did not mean to have that reference in there. Sorry.[/sub]


    [sub]-3 Hours[/sub]

    [sub]-1 Hour[/sub]

    [sub]-45 Minutes[/sub]
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  2. Wow...those are great! I love the colors, poses, and the backgrounds...amazing.

    Curious - what digital art program do you use? Photoshop? And do you use a tablet? Do you draw the lineart/sketch on paper, then scan, then color on the computer...or what? I'm trying to see the methods other people use to draw stuff so I can (hopefully) improve past the crappy level I'm at. :)
  3. On a major piece, I'll sketch on paper, scan it, then take it into photoshop and work with it. I have a tablet, so that's dandy. ^^

    On these pieces tho, not so much fuss. ^^ I just take tablet to photoshop and see what happens. I'm going for a less refined look on them, so I like the sketchy-ness and the sloppy-ness.

    Well, actually, I have what you get when you cut all the decent bits out of photoshop- Photoshop elements. :p it's basically a digital piece of paper with a pen and eraser, and a digital box of crayons. ^^'''

    Thaaaaanks! I hope I can get your input on the rest of the pieces, Persian! *huggles*
  4. Heheh. I got Elements also (Photoshop Elements 3). ^_^;;

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