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Moon's Order: Ramen, Blue Thunder, Kiki, ES

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    The last of Sem's warriors find themselves on the northern side of the Crabclaw Peninsula, in what was once the residential area. Decaying villas line the dirty streets, fallen into disrepair with no one around to restore them. Dust is picked up by the billowing winds that echo through the place, signs of old pubs and shops creaking noisily. They are not too far from the Costa Del Sol, nor the mountain that towers over the peninsula, but it is their decision on whether to relax at the beat or fight the battle they were brought here for.
  2. Re: Moon's Order: Ramen, Blue Thunder, Jester, ES

    His mind was in a calm, peaceful standby, before he was rudely awoken by the sharp sounds around him - debris cluttering around the dusty ground. He took no time in getting up from his slumber., all he remembered was the sound of two blades clashing.

    "...Aurelio. Where did he go?"

    The last blurry minutes the warrior known by the alias of Blue Thunder were of him, fighting a long battle. Soldiers from two sides flooding around him, but the enemy scattered around him were of no interest to him. It was the person in front of him that was his focus. A confident young elemental, just like him, with a sword as large and powerful as his ego. The only thing that really brought the two together was the fact they were enemies. As the two weaved around each others attacks, in a flurry of energy and sparks, Blue Thunder remembered a bright light, which became dimmer, until he was left in his dark unconsciousness. The details of the war, and anything else, were quite small to him. He could only really remember the Geokinetic he was fighting.

    Blue Thunder looked around. This wasn't the battleground. There were no dead soldiers, only rotten and worn down buildings. Just from this, he could tell he wasn't where he was a while ago. Then suddenly, he remembered things echoing through his head whilst he was down.

    Sem. The Moon Order. An offensive.

    As light blue electricity sparked around his body, he waited for the rest of his team. Now he remembered his purpose in this world, he was at ease. Tobias could wait for later.
  3. Re: Moon's Order: Ramen, Blue Thunder, Jester, ES

    Ramen summoned a boulder from the sandy ground, levetating it in front of him for a moment before thrusting his hands in the direction of the robot. The robot was a sturdy creature, and hadn't a hope of avoiding the direct hit. He was one of many though, a swarm of recently re-activated jail-bots, and Ramen was caught in the wrong moment at the wrong time. He turned, facing what was now the bulk of the metallic horde. He shouted a number of magical incantations very fast, a similiar desert boulder rising up, and then...

    Ramen's eyes opened again. His stance was exactly the same, his mouth still open from those incantations only a second ago. The boulder was there too, floating in mid-air, suspended somewhat serenely in the air. But this was not Erd.

    Ramen left the boulder fall to the ground, which was dusty as his previous battle-place's floors. His surroundings were open though, a derelict village with no life about. Some building still bore the signs of a previous era, but most buildings were missing doors and windows.

    Ramen looked up at the clear, blue sky. It was sunny, and he would have happily reclined here if it wasn't for one niggling little thought that had appeared in his head.

    "Sem..." Ramen muttered. He remembered it all now. The Moon Order, one half of a raging war. And he was part of it. At least, Ramen thought, he had some notion of what he had to do.

    The boy ran his hand through his shoulder legnth, sandy-brown hair now. He closed his eyes and basked in the sunlight. He was even dressed for the occasion. Erd, his desert home, was hot and dry, and Ramen, dressed in a froggy-print vest, white trousers, and sandals, was ready for it.

    As his hand moved along his head, Ramen felt something odd. A cord. He opened his eyes again, his hand following the cord downwards to it's source. Ramen didn't open his eyes, it turned out. He had opened his eye.

    Ramen's mouth fell open in shock, How could he forget. His toll for entering the Moon Order. His robotic eye. Ramen swore, his hand clutching where his metal replacement used to rest.

    A crackled of what sounded like electricity startled Ramen from his thoughts.
    "Ah," Ramen remarked "Blue Thunder."
    Ramen walked down an alley, derelict long before the rest of the city probably, to the source of the sound.

    "Good day," Ramen saluted, mock-cheerily "It looks like we're partnered together on this one~!"
  4. Re: Moon's Order: Ramen, Blue Thunder, Jester, ES

    ES flexed his metallic fingers. He had only woken up a while ago, about 15 minutes, and already is mechanical arm had began to rust. He flexed it a bit, to whipe off the rust. He scanned the area, the dirt spotlighted by his eyes.

    He stood upright. He was fairly tall, 6'0, and he wore a crimson red tank top, kaki combat trousers, and jet black Doc Martin boots. Most of him was fairly unremarkable, he had a scruffy blond bed-head, and a small gotee growing on his chin. But what was most remarkable about ES was his right arm. It, for starters, wasnt flesh. It was made of solid iron, with various cords and leads connected to it, all pulsating a bright sky blue. At the centre of his palm, a deep, royal sapphire was engraved. ES flexed his hand, and a sphere of bright yellow energy appeared above his palm. ES hurled this energy at a nearby tree. The plant was completely vaporised by the resulting blast, leaving a large crater behind. This was the most powerful weapon in ES' arsenal.

    ES remembered the words spoken to him when he first appeared in this world. He remembered the words about Sem, about the Moon Order, and the war against the Rebellious Suns. At least he knew what he had to do. Kill all enemies, or risk not returning to your homeworld. Suddenly, ES heard crackling down a dark allyway. he peered around the corner to see a young warrior standing alone, electricity pulsating around his body. ES had no other option. He went over to introduce himself.

    "Hrm, er, hi there. You from around these parts?" he asked, nervously.
  5. Blue Thunder simply nodded at Ramen upon his informal greeting - he could remember what he was told by The Moon Order before he awoke; the names of the allies in his squad and their purposes.

    "Indeed we are. You are Ramen, if I'm not mistaken." Blue Thunder's almost monotone voice slightly echoed through the murky alleyway. He walked past the youth to near the end of the alley. He felt a large surge of power from the outskirts of the barren scrap of a town. With his arms crossed, he stared at who he was told was ES. His large mechanical arm gave it away - he seemed to be quite the battle tank.

    "Hrm, er, hi there. You from around these parts?"

    The cyan haired man replied quickly with the same tone from before, almost like he was under a trance, "It would appear not, and if you are who The Moon Order told me you were, you are the one known as ES, correct?"
  6. "Ah. So you're Blue Thunder. I was told you would be quite abrupt. Yes, I'm ES. From what I've heard, we're supposed to be partners or something," ES answered his monotone friend. He shifted his attention to the second person there. He had light brown, shoulder length hair, and was wearing sandals, white trousers and a foggy print vest.It looked like he was dressed for a voyage to the desert! ES had just noticed this character. He was told earlier about this person also. He sifted dirt through his mechanical arm, and continued to speak.

    "Ramen, I presume?" he asked this new character.
  7. "Indeed we are. You are Ramen, if I'm not mistaken." Blue Thunder replied, none too enthusiastically Ramen thought.
    "Hrm, er, hi there. You from around these parts?" A tall figure asked nervously. Ramen turned to face the person, ES his memory told him.

    "It would appear not, and if you are who The Moon Order told me you were, you are the one known as ES, correct?" Blue Thunder replied.

    "Yes, I'm ES. From what I've heard, we're supposed to be partners or something," ES confirmed.
    So these were team-mates then, Ramen inwardly smiled. ES began to sift a small bit of earth between the metal hand that Ramen was studying.
    "Ramen, I presume?" ES asked Ramen.
    Ramen smiled. He tugged an invisible rope with his hands, and the earth ES was playing with flew into Ramen's hands.
    "Yep, I'm Ramen, Earth mage extroadinaire!"
  8. "Very well then," Blue Thunder walked out of the alley, still in speaking distance of the other two warriors. "We have all introduced ourselves, but we still have a problem. There are three of us. I was informed before we could start looking for The Rebellious suns we were to wait until everyone arrived... We are missing Kiki."

    Blue Thunder silently and patiently waited for the last member, the winds whispering through his cyan coloured hair.
  9. "Ah, crap. I think I'm lost." A woman in her early twenties wandered the streets of the deserted town, peering through empty windows and broken down houses every so often. She held a skull in her hand, and, by the rattling noise her side bag was making, there were countless more inside. She peered deeply into its hollowed eyeholes, "I don't suppose you know where they are, do you?" She sighed, then smiled to herself before tossing the skull behind her, making a pleasant clunk as it hit the ground.

    "Of course not. I can't hear you anymore." Kiki held her head for a moment. She felt like a piece of her had been torn out. Formerly a kasha, one whom carries corpses throughout hell, she had a sort of connection to the other world. She could see spirits, souls, and countless other wonders. Now, however, all she saw in the ruined town was just that: ruins. "Bah, where are they?" She ran a finger through her bedraggled red hair before smoothing out her skirt and stretching her stockings. She continued onward, fiddling with the one button holding her vest together upon her black shirt.

    She looked up once more, and shortly spied bright hair in the distance, a distinct contrast to the rest of the town's ashy color. She began to pick up the pace, waving to the what-seemed to be a man from the distance. upon closing the gap, she raised her hand to her head and gave a sort of messy salute.

    "Ahahahah! Captain Kiki at your service! Sorry I'm late." She peered further down the alley, noting the boy with one eye and the other with the metal arm. Her smile shortly slid off. She never liked those who prolonged their life with technological doodads and whatsits. It made her job a lot more boring. Or rather, had made, Kiki corrected herself.

    Grinning much more, she finished with, "Well then, are we to be getting somewhere? I'm not going to sit around all day in this ghost town."
  10. Taking in a deep breath, the electrokinetic replied, to Kiki "It's fine. As long as the team's complete, I'm satisfied," Blue Thunder paced around the deserted area some more, taking careful steps so that he would not clumsily trip over a stray stone. "Anyways, I agree with your statement. We do need to start moving - we have a war to wage." Blue Thunder looked up to the sky, his dull yet focused expression possibly showing how he felt, maybe not. Parting his cyan hair down the middle, he sighed again, and tried to think.

    He remembered being briefed about being on a small island, but he wasn't sure where. If they had been brought to an island, this either meant other warriors were very close, or they were on a smaller offshore island. B.T had yet to come up with a decision - he needed more leads. This would be incredibly easy if we had a map... After a few minutes, he faintly moved his arms in the motion of a slight shrug, and turned to his teammates.

    "Indeed, travelling to lead our offensive would be the best idea at the moment, but first we need to get our bearings. From what I've seen, this appears to be a village or town of sorts. Well, it used too be. Maybe if we search this place, we could find an area map."
  11. Ramen turned to greet the fourth member of the mismatched entourage. The woman bound up to the group, and saluted quite enthusiastically. Ramen merely smiled welcomingly, as Kiki surveyed her team mates. Her eyes briefly hovered over Ramen, and then ES.
    Something hostile, Ramen thought. Now, Ramen surveyed Kiki's attire. She was clothed in a dress and stockings, and sported slightly unkept red hair.

    "Anyways, I agree with your statement. We do need to start moving - we have a war to wage." Blue Thunder said, replying to a statement of Kiki's Ramen had only been half -listening to.

    "Indeed, travelling to lead our offensive would be the best idea at the moment, but first we need to get our bearings. From what I've seen, this appears to be a village or town of sorts. Well, it used too be. Maybe if we search this place, we could find an area map." Blue Thunder continued.

    "Well that's sorted then," Ramen said "A scavenging hunt is in order!"
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