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Moments of Pure Stupidity

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Blisk, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Ever have any moments where you're saying to yourself "Why the hell did I do that?"

    Today whilst playing Super Mario Bros. on Virtual Console, I was on 6-1. I was playing through a speed run trying to get as far as I could, as fast as I could. Ok, back to the 6-1 part. Well, I was running through on my last life, all happy because I had KO'd the Lakitu momentarily when....I run into a hole. I died an epic death of failure. I was in shock on how stupid of a death that was.

    Also on 5-2 before that, I lost all of my lives, but the life mentioned above, by falling right before the end of the stage. I just kept jumping too far or slipping.

    Anyone else have any "Why the hell did I do that?" moments?
  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    I'm playing a zombie survival map on Gmod, offline. I has spawned a bunch of zombies all over the field, enough to lag the computer a little. They I went Zombie hunting. Eventually I came to a trap that the creator had set, destroyable things held up a container. I walked under the container, attracting a few zombies. Then, thinking it a good idea at the time, i sprung the trap, destroying the container's supports. However, I hadn't gotten out from under it first. And so I was crushed along with the zombies...
  3. I was playing Mario Kart: Double Dash a couple hours ago on vs races with my cousin. I was in the lead, and I decide to take a short cut, right? I took it, but I thought I could clear the gap without a Mushroom. I thought wrong. I came sooo damn close. SPLASH! I got behind, but got ahead and won the race in the end, but that was one od my stupider moments, because I knew the only way I could clear that gap was with some sort of speed boost. Damn, I feel stupid.
  4. I've had stuff like that happen before in racing games. I attempt to take a shortcut, but instead it makes me drop to last place. Sometimes the shortcuts work though, or else I wouldn't try to use them still probably. ;)
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only that's happened to.
  6. Last week, I decided to play Final Fantasy VII over again. I had gotten to a part where I found Emerald weapon (An over-the-top uber boss) And before fighting it, I saved inside the Highwind. Anyway, the moment I started the highwind, the battle starts....and then I realize I'm serously underleveled. -_-

    I feel like such an idiot cause now I can't leave my plane without the battle immediatly starting...
  7. Errr..I done fucked up in Dragon Age: Origins. I am right at the Archdemon fight...and uhh.. I kind of saved and I have absolutely NO poultices.. Which means I cannot heal myself, I have to wait for my healer to do it..and when she's dead..well.. Basically it's going to take a LOT of skill for me to win the damn fight since I screwed up and didn't get poultices days ago. =/
  8. Nim


    I was playing call of duty 4 on the gillie mission. Then i got to this part where there was heaps of enemies and then isaved whilst hiding under a truck. Then i somehow die. It then turns out that i had saved just before an enemy spots me and call the alarm and shoots the crap out of me while i am laying helplessly under i truck . I tried for ages atempting to get to a spot where he couldnt spot me but it was no use so i tried to fight my way through but all i have is a sniper and a pistol. So eventually i had to start the mission all over again. I was quite angry.... >:(

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