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Private/Closed Minecraft RP: New Heroes

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. (So aside from my two friends already joining, @EspeonTheBest and @Twilight Nova, this RP is open for one more person. There will be a posting order to keep things organized, so please don't post out of turn.

    Posting order:
    1) @Eeveechu151
    2) @EspeonTheBest
    3) @Twilight Nova
    4) @lord of pain
    5) @SismicFlareCharmander
    6) @_Umbreon_

    Just a few rules. 1) Play as your own character. If you didn't make a character that someone else plays as [Ex: SkyDoesMinecraft, SGCBarbierian, NewScapePro] then DON'T TAKE THEIR CHARACTER. Oh, and no playing as Steve, Alex, Notch, Jeb or Herobrine. AND entity303 DOES NOT EXIST. 2) Please only use stuff that could be counted as Vanilla Minecraft. For example: Something like a fusion of a gold and diamond sword? Could be possible in Vanilla Minecraft. Mutant Zombies? Those are mods. NO. 3) Stick with the story. If everyone else is one place and you're in another, then go to where everyone else is! And no just spawning random mobs out of nowhere. ESPECIALLY not in places they're not supposed to be. [Ex: No having an Ender Dragon in the Ice Spikes biome!]

    Plus, there's gonna be a discussion thread. Link will be posted here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/minecraft-rp-new-heroes-discussion-thread.12683/)

    Long ago, before the universe itself...
    There were three sparks of light. One yellow and brown, one green and red, and one white and blue. These were the three great gods of the world. Using their divine powers, Notch, Jeb and Herobrine formed the planet known as Early Minecraftia. With it, they brought the first life. However, Herobrine wanted compensation. When the other two were able to offer him nothing, he created a Nether Comet to smash the world. While the impact wiped out all of the previous life, Notch and Jeb were able to create an icy layer of land to hold the world as it healed. So came the Ice Age of the first prehistoric Minecraftians. Now, they our our ancient cousins, the Neandercubes. However, the world eventually was repaired and the two good gods melted the ice. The smartest of the Neandercubes survived the turmoil, chosen by Notch to live and prosper in the new world. Thus began the New Age of our time. However, in anger, Herobrine created many monsters to strike back against the new Minecraftians and Villagers. However, humanity had evolved enough to fight back and protect themselves. However, it was merely a thousand years ago when two great heroes, Steve and Alex, rose and sealed Herobrine away for all eternity. The monster attacks weakened with their leader gone, and the Minecraftians pushed them to the darkness once again. However, the seal is not guaranteed to last forever. Herobrine may soon return. But who will rise to stop him?

    The spiders crawled behind him as he picked up speed. Quickly chewing up a piece of Steak, CreeperNinja360 continued to run. His light blue wool was held in his left hand as he had his custom sword in his right. The gold-diamond combination was a perfect balance between weight and power. Well, at least for him. Holding up his wrist, the chat bar appeared. Through mental thought, he quickly sent a message to his teammates. Is anyone nearby? I need some help with these spiders if I'm going to get this wool to the checkpoint!
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  2. ((Now is this going to be realistically speaking; as like the characters aren't nesessarily blocks? Or is it legitimately going to be Blocky?))

    Is anyone nearby? I need some help with these spiders if I'm going to get this wool to the checkpoint!

    Pipfrost looked at her chat and grinned to herself. She pinpointed who she was looking for; a player being chased by many spiders. In her inventory she had many random things, like flowers and water buckets left over from creating a farm only a few hours ago. Although, there was one useful thing. Swiftly the girl jumped through layers of leaves in a forest nearby and crouched down in a specific tall tree where she had made her base. She could still see the player, Creeperninja360 judging by chat, running from the spiders. Pipfrost brought out a Fire 1 enchanted bow. She pulled back and fired on the spiders, and if they didn't die at first, they sure did due to fire damage. Pipfrost couldn't kill all of them, but enough to probably keep Creeper alive.

    She too held up her wrist typing...

    Ah, Spiders. I hate the buggers. I've gotten around 3 off your back, and I'm not good with close combat, so should I keep sniping them off for you?
  3. Wolfie was looking for her wolf. Angie, the timid one, had run away from home when spooked by a zombie. She knew it was dark, and she wasn't safe at all, but she HAD to find Angie. Jordan, her other dog, trotted along behind her, barking for Angie. Wolfie held up her torch, squinting in the faint light. "ANGIE?" She shouted. A flicker of movement caught her eye. "Angie?" She called again, turning to see it. Coming out of the trees..... A zombie. She sighed, swinging her sword at it until it died. In the darkness, she saw a lot more zombies. Wolfie was worried internally, but didn't show it. She stepped between Jordan and the zombies and narrowed her eyes, growling at the hoard.
  4. It was dark but dravak was able to hear the sounds of a girl and a bunch of zombies, he was hiding behind a tree when he saw the zombies, he saw wolfie and decided to have some fun.
    After climbing up a tree he threw his diamond axe at a zombie, nailing him between the eyes, as he fell dead the other zombies looked back at him as he drank a light blue potion, "I hope you enjoyed the afterlife because you are about to die again!", he went for a sprint jump boosted with a potion of swiftness, landing next to wolfie and said "go! I will take care of them!", pulling out a few dark red potions he started to throw it at them, "instant damage potions, always do the trick", soon the zombies have backend up and he got his axe back, opening the chat box and started to think of what he wants to say
    "Guys I can use some help right know!".
  5. Wolfie nodded. "Thank you!" She exclaimed before running at the nearest zombie. Jordan spotted Angie cowering in the darkness and ran to her. She yipped happily and brought her back to Wolfie.
  6. Greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    CN typed into the chat as he dashed by. He heard the spiders fall behind them. He considered picking up the string, but decided against it. If he slowed down, they might not win the minigame. He had the wool, so his team was counting on him. A player jumped out in front of him with an iron axe in hand. From his red leather armor, CN could tell he was on the red team. Dodging the strike, CN stabbed the player in the chest. The ninja was surprised to see the player flash red and die. Since this was only a minigame, though, the player would re-spawn. CN dashed off again, determined to place the wool on the pedestal. If he could do this, his team would win the game. With the tower in sight, he realized he needed backup. Pipfrost! Cover me as I make a run for it!
    (Sorry to be a bugger, Twi, but remember the order? Wait until your next turn to post again, please. And yes, Espeon, it is blocky. This is the world of Minecraftia, not a game.)
  7. The Red tea member respawned a few feet in front of CN. The figures hood was pulled over his eyes, his Iron Axe gleaming in the sunlight. The enchanted hum of the axe could be heard loudly in the quiet forest. The Player teirled the axe dangerously before swinging at CN.
  8. Pipfrost leaped out of her tree base with her bow in hand. She sighed at the sight of a Red member attack CN, which meant she would have to get up close. Her bow really doesn't help with that. While Sprinting, Pipfrost pulled together potions and an iron sword given to you by the minigames director. Finally she made it where she was running next to CN. Quickly she typed,

    Here, I'll try my best but I'm not good at close up combat and my iron boots alone won't help with that.

    Pipfrost sped ahead to the approaching Red. She drank a potion of regeneration before starting to attack the Red player.
  9. Wolfie's heightened ears picked up the sounds of a minigame nearby. She wondered why they were playing at night. Oh well. You can play when you want to play. She thought with a shrug. [Hey Eeve? Since her skin has it can she have a tail and ears plz?]

    Wolfie looked at the player who had so kindly helped her and said, "Hey! I'm going back home, you can come too! I'm making a run for it!" And with that, she turned and ran back towards her house, Angie and Jordan running after her.
  10. Hearing this dravak decided to follow her , he pulled out a grey potion and said "I enjoyed the company but I gotta go!", with that he drank the potion and went invisible.
    After following the girl to her house he drank some milk and was visible again, "thanks for having me over, my home is pretty far away." He checked his inventory for any potions but he used them all, he pulled out his shield and started to polish it as he started to talk, "we didn't get a proper chance to introduce ourselves, I'm dravak"
  11. "That's fine." CN said, not bothering to use the chat. Drawing his sword, he blocked the strike and feinted around the attacker. He then continued heading to the checkpoint.
  12. Rye was caught by surprise when a flurry of swipes was sent at him from the left. His leg buckled but he managed to set of the trap he had planted for CN. It was a pitfall trap, involving sand and lava. And all three of them were in the radius. Rye watched as the sand began to fall in rows.
  13. Pip looked around and sighed as she saw the sand start to fall. "Well, why don't you go?" She asked Creeper. She used her bow to attack him and push him forwards, but she highly doubted that she was able to get him out of the proximity. Pip turned to the Red and gave a small smile. "That was smart. I've never thought of using traps in This minigame." She stalled, knowing she was going to die either way; by lava or by Red.
  14. "Well I lost any way." He said as a loud Explosion echoed from the path that CN took. "Unless your friend runs into them." He said. Chuckling.
  15. (You know what, screw the turn order. No one cares about it anymore.)
    "Gah!" CN was caught offguard by the trap, but managed to use his Fishing Rod like a grappling hook to swing across a tree to the checkpoint. "TOO BAD, REDS!" he said, slamming the piece of wool onto the checkpoint. Blue fireworks rocketed into the sky, signifying that the blue team had won the game. The chat bar was filled with celebration cheers from the blue team, and disappoint or anger comments from the red team. Everyone was teleported back to the lobby of the town, New Block City. The players were in the Minigame Citadel, a tower in the west quadrant of the city. "Thanks for the help back there!" CN said to Pip. "You were amazing with that bow! Way better than I could be, at least."
    (Just a little in-joke: CN sucks at archery. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a bow. A sword throw, definitely. Just not with a bow.)
  16. Dravak noticed the fireworks and said "sorry but I need to go" and with that he exited wolfie's house, he headed where the fireworks where coming from, "I wonder what's going on" he looked around but accidentally bumped into CN, "sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, again sorry!"
  17. Wolfie waved goodbye, looking down at Angie and Jordan. She sighed, sitting down on the floor to pet them.

    Take good care of the dogs you use these bones to make happy. They will protect you until their demise. The words her friends told her when giving her the bones. She smiled at the memory, remembering them, how they were before.....
  18. CN flinched, as a player he saw as Dravak bumped into him. "That's fine!" he said. "I do the same thing a lot. I don't think I've seen you around here, though. Where are you from?"
  19. "Oh I'm from far away, I'm anti social"
    Said dravak as he looked around and asked "so what is this place?" As he unconsciously started to polish his diamond axe
  20. "New Block City's minigame tower. I suppose you've never been here before." CN said. "I was like you before. Eventually, I learned the ways of society. Now I've got a minigame win record so high that you'd need a full day to count the streak."
  21. "Hmm... If these mini games involve fighting mobs or other players I'm pretty sure I've got a very high chance of preforming good in it" said dravak as he looked around and continued "After all I live in the extreme parts far far away, plus I've been to the nether before, can't be that bad compared to the nether, right?"
  22. Wolfie sighed. She stood, then stiffened up as she heard a knocking on her door. She peered from where she was. Wolfie covered her mouth to conceal any sounds. Griefers. She knew if she opened the door, or was seen, she'd be dead, or at least horribly injured.
  23. 'Why do I lose every time?' 8bit said, walking out of the minigame tower. He was a red team player. When he arrived home, he opened his large chest. He put his dyed-red leather armor into the chest. He was supposed to leave it at the tower, but took it anyway. George, 8bit's pet pig, walked up to him. 'You look hungry.' he said. He took out a carrot and fed it to George. I'd better get some sleep he thought. He was just about to sleep when he heard an explosion. Creepers. He thought. He grabbed his iron sword and ran outside...
  24. Wolfie held Jordan and Angie by their collars, shivering. What was she do to? She couldn't type in the chat;the griefers would see it and blow her up. She lived near New Block City, but she wasn't fast enough to run from them. Wolfie knew the griefers might even invite themselves in. She had no where to go, and no where to hide.
  25. "Some of these parkour games take place IN the Nether. Oh, fun fact, I've got a Pigmen-farming factory in the Nether." CN said. "You know, why don't the three of you come over to my place? I've got lots of supplies, some custom minigames and some other awesome stuff."
  26. "Sure" said dravak as he accepted CN's invitation, "by the way Mabey we should play some mini games together, being an outcast can get boring you know"
  27. As 8bit walked outside, he noticed he was wrong. They weren't creepers. They were griefers. They were standing at the front door of someone's house. He could tell they were there to kill whoever lived there. And they would come for him next. He ran towards them. He was never good at PvP, but he had to protect himself. And anyone else in danger.
  28. Wolfie heard someone else and prayed to Notch it wasn't another griefer. She realized it could be someone to help her and she poked her head out of her hiding place, flicking her ears slightly. [yes, she has wolf ears and a tail. They won't do anything but exist.]
  29. SMBlaze was having a bad day. Forest base Alpha had been leveled, which was bad, and his main base (Lambda) had to have a massive defence upgrade. Now he was headed to New Block City, in order to obtain some iron for a Chest piece. Of course, it was hard to actually get anywhere when everyone starts attacking due to his rep as anti-social, but that was besides the point. As he looked, he saw his only friend, CN360. "Hey man. Anything new?" He asked, gruff and in a rhetorical tone.
  30. "Oh, hey Sismic!" CN said, waving. "This is my friend SismicMasterBlaze. We've been friends for a long time. He's pretty anti-social, though. Well, around anyone but me." CN turned to Sismic once more. "I was just inviting these guys over to my castle. Want to come along?"
  31. 8bit parkoured across the trees. "I think I heard something!" said one of the griefers. "Me too" said another. 8bit took his bow and shot two poison arrows at them. They died within seconds. This is gonna be easy he thought to himself. There were two left. He shot another arrow. Then another. Another. The third dead. He jumped off the tree and killed the last with his iron sword. I guess I was wrong, he thought I am good at PvP! He held out his arm, and knocked on the door. He typed: Hello? Anyone home?
  32. "Aaaaaanyways..." CN said, turning away form the silent SMBlaze. "So, invitation. You guys wanna come over or not?"
    (THIS RP IS DYING @EspeonTheBest @_Umbreon_ PLEASE CONTINUE)

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