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Mimikyu's Sad Story?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Target, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. I found a great topic on youtube today about a fan-made prologue/past about the mysterious ghost/fairy type, Mimikyu. The video was made by ShadowForks Games, and it is called "The Sad Story Of Mimikyu."

    The video link:


    I thought this video was quite interesting because in my opinion I thought that everyone would love mimikyu, but this pokemon never received any attention. Due to it's Pikachu costume it wears, to gain a few seconds of attention. Pikachu is known as the main icon of Pokemon, and one of the cutest pokemon. Which is why the mysterious mimikyu wanted to be like him/her species.
    I think mimikyu should be loved! No matter what he/she is, what matters is on the inside! :D
    I would give some mimikyu some attention, let's go! So it's time to start a revolution!

    Everyone who agrees with me say:


  2. I love Mimikyu! It's one of the only really awesome sun and moon pokémon, and I absolutely adore the mimikyu song! I think you're wrong if you don't think there's enough love out there for mimikyu :p it is designed to be portrayed as a sad story, and I'm all for having a bit of tragedy to make you have a bit more affection towards the odd little sock puppet ^_^
    Genuinely I was at the pokémon centre in Ikebukuro a couple of weeks ago, I wish there had been Mimikyu merch available, but so close to sun and moon's release it was all starters, and pikachu =( one day...
  3. Honestly, Mimikyu really just scares me. I mean, the trial was creepy enough, but seals it for me is the disguise ability. When Disguise is broken, the Pikachu head just falls over, but if you look at it more closely, it seriously looks like a Pikachu's neck has been snapped.
  4. Mimikyu is so sad and depressed. I just wanna cuddle it and make it happy and have it best friends with my pikachu

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