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Ask to Join MHA - Heros Of Tomorrow (RP Thread) (AU)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Joelkjn Ōkami, May 14, 2020.

  1. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    To join the rp click this link > https://pokecharms.com/threads/mha-heroes-of-tomorrow-discussion-au.22460/

    Gichin Miyagi stood proud with his "Hero outfit" on outside of what he believed to be the testing ground. He wouldn't actually know until some said anything. He looked forward to finally show what he had learned from his master the last 10 years or so. He might even become a hero later on.

    "Focus. You need to keep your focus. As master has always said" Gichin thought to himself. He needed to be ready for anything. But first thing first, he needed to find someone or someone needed to find him to tell him if he was in the right area!
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  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Wyatt stood near the testing grounds, doing squats repeatedly. He was training his body to handle his weight, which got slightly heavier after every squat. After a couple more squats his body ended up getting too heavy and he fell over.
    "Whoa!" he landed on the floor, his body making a small crack on the it. "...whoops... and ow."
    He reverted his weight back to normal and rose. Maybe he should do something less taxing and...destructive. He sat up and looked around. So many powerful people here, could he really keep up?
    He shook his head he chided himself.
    I probably won't be at the top, but I'll do the best I can, and earn a place as a hero. That's all I want: To be a hero.
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  3. Yua Higaraki landed in a tree, fluffed out her feathers, and pinned her crest back. Why exactly did she have feathers? Because she was in harpy eagle morph, her bird of prey and transit morph. She had a pigeon for more low-key travel, but she wanted to stand out, and the rare and enormous harpy eagle was the right morph for the job. She spread her seven-foot wingspan again, and with one massive flap, she was in the air. Her incredible vision showed her a boy doing squats, who fell over after a good number. She laughed in her head, but birds don’t laugh aloud.

    <Hello down there!> Yua called to him in thought-speech, the way she communicated in morph. She landed behind him in a flurry of black and white feathers before beginning her demorph. <If you value your appetite, I suggest you don’t look,> she warned. It didn’t hurt, by some miracle of nature, but it sure was disgusting to watch. She’d found out that birds can actually barf the first time she’d done the morph.

    Her bird bones thickened and began to snap back into a more human formation. Then Yua began to sprout upwards like some hyper-growing tree, stopping at around five feet. Her wing bones realigned before ten feathers grew out into her fingers and thumbs. Dark hair sprouted from her head as the feathers melted and ran like hot wax before disappearing altogether. She was now a five-foot-tall human girl in spandex with a giant bird beak... but not for long. The beak, too, melted into her face, becoming a pair of soft human lips. The whole process took about two minutes, then the demorph was complete. Yua cracked her knuckles, then stretched out a hand. “I’m Yua Higaraki. Nice to meetcha.”
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  4. Katsumi flew to the entrance to the exam, sliding a bit as he landed and almost tripping over. He’d done that so many times before, yet he still wasn’t used to the speed of the slide. As he grinded to a halt he checked the watch on his wrist, he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw he had only been flying for about ten minutes. That left him with plenty of time to use his quirk in the exam without needing to recharge.

    As he pulled his wings back into his back, he looked around at who would be his rivals in the exam, spotting three people in particular, a boy who looked like he was trying to focus, another boy who had failed to complete his squats, and a girl next to him who was presumably morphing from a bird back into a human, at least that’s what it seemed like to him. The process looked particularly disgusting, causing Katsumi to cover his mouth with his hand and turn away quickly. He decided against talking to any of the people he’d spotted, it’d be pointless to develop any sort of friendship right now, especially if they didn’t end up making it through the exam, so he walked closer to,the door that would be the starting line for their exam and sat down to wait.
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  5. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Wyatt nearly fell over again in surprise when his mind decide to make words without his permission. Worse yet, it sounded feminine!
    A flutter of wings behind him snapped him out of it. He turned to see a brightly colored harpy eagle that somehow looked quite complacent. His mind did it's girl-speak again, giving a warning. Wyatt realized where it came actually from.
    "Oh...hi. ...Wait look away if I value my wha-OH GOD!"
    It was terrifying! It was like she was being mauled by an unknown force before being out back together. Wyatt felt like he couldn't watch any longer, and turned around, his hand over his mouth. After a minute or so, the girl piped up.
    Nervously, Wyatt turned, then relaxed. She looked okay, and somehow not in agonizing pain.
    He looked at the girl, apparently named Yua, and her outstretched hand, and shook it ,"Wyatt Sleral." he explained, his voice sounding slightly shaky. He gave a smile " Well, thanks for the nightmares. Are you okay? It looked like you were being mutilated, but like, in reverse." he asked.
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  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jake Smith was standing outside the testing grounds, he glanced around casually, there were a lot of interesting people here and he couldn't wait to see what kind if quirks people had. From behind him Bordie Fairchild jumped out and stood in front if him, "hey Jake, people watching are we" she said smiling like an idiot, her bunny tail twitching as she stood there. I'm just checking out what we're dealing with" he said turning to her, "oh Jake stop being so curious of everyone, it doesn't look good on you" she said with a smile as she glanced at the other people as Jake sighed beside her.
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  7. Izumi Yukage had been walking to U.A, scaring most people as she went around them. She then arrived at U.A, and looked around, finding several people who looked like students, and walked up behind them. She wasn't sure if she scared them, since her step is soundless, like an owl's wings.

    "H-hi!" Izumi exclaimed, suddenly turning invisible then back to normal.

    She hoped none of them recognized the pendant either.
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  8. “Oh, yeah,” Yua said sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck with one hand. “That’s my quirk, Acquire. Any animal I can touch, I can become... even though it’s kinda gross. I can’t control the process, sooo...” She shrugged. “It’s worse for me, I can hear my guts sloshing and feel my bones realigning, even though it doesn’t hurt.” She grinned sideways, evidently enjoying grossing out Wyatt. “But hey, if my opponents are disgusted by my morphing, that’s good for me, right?” She looked up at Wyatt, head cocked like an interested bird. “So what do you think the Entrance Exam will be like this year?”
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  9. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Wyatt shivered at Yua's recollection about being human play-dough.
    "Well, at least you have a lot of variety. My quirk is simple, once when you ignore the middle finger it gives to science, that is. Weight shift, which means that I can change my weight, somehow. Unfortunately, people have two hands, so the second middle finger, this time directed at me, is that I have the same strength, so I can't move very well, or at all, when I choose to be heavy. It helps when I'm light though."
    As he finished, Yua asked him something. Was she even paying attention? Oh well.
    "I dunno. I heard rumors that we're going to do a 1v1 against others. Dunno if they're right or not." he explained thoughtfully.
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  10. Katsumi jumped a bit when he heard Izumi’s greeting, he hadn’t heard her coming at all, nor had he been expecting someone to sneak up on him. “Hey, what’s up.” He said, turning around to face her, “who are you? Did you mean to scare me like that? I couldn’t hear you coming at all.” He mentioned as he looked down at her locket, the symbol on it definitely looked familiar to him but he wasn’t one hundred percent sure on what it was.
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  11. "Sorry, I'm Izumi Yukage, and the fact that you didn't hear me coming at all is part of my quirk," Izumi explained, albeit nervously, "I didn't intend to scare anyone, but it seems like I can."

    She then continued, "I see you noticed my pendant, I'll give you more information about it later."

    Izumi was still nervous and suddenly went invisible then she became visible again.
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  12. “Did she just turn invisible? She must have an all around stealth quirk then. She seems pretty timid though, and that pendant seems like it might have a story to it. I definitely recognise the symbol on it but I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly.” Katsumi thought. “It’s all good. I’m Katsumi Tsuchida, it’s nice to meet you Izumi!” He said with a smile, not at all mentioning how she had just turned invisible.

    “Do you have any clue what the exam is gonna be? I’ve heard it’ll be pretty similar to the robot destruction test they’ve done a couple times before.” He asked.
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  13. “A one-v-one, huh.” Yua stroked her chin thoughtfully. Depending on who I’m facing, I may want to do either wolf or grizzly. Or maybe if they have a phobia of bugs, I’ll morph to fly in front of them. She grinned at that thought. Oh, man, that would be so great. Just to see someone’s expression as my eyes bulged out and grew a million tiny facets... She realized she’d been staring into space, and blinked herself out of her stupor. “Dunno how that’d go down. There’re some pretty powerful quirks out there. It’d be mostly luck-based though, the matchups I mean. If it is a one-v-one, of course.”
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  14. "I have no idea," Izumi responded, "besides I'm not sure how useful my quirk's going to be, if that test is any indication."

    Izumi looked on nervously, as she caught sight of Katsumi.

    'Why does Tsuchida sound familiar, I'll figure it out later.' Izumi thought.

    She then tried to strike up a conversation, "So, I wonder when this exam will start?"

    Truly she was worried about this exam, she was trying to keep her identity as the Daughter of Nightstriker a secret. It could get out if things went wrong. She shook out her thoughts, and waited for the exam to start.
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  15. Nuno Yasuhiro had just arrived at the testing grounds' entrance. He had managed to caught a glimpse of some of the other examinees' Quirks as he walked. A few stood out to him, such as a boy that had fire wings, a girl that could turn invisible and an early that transformed into a girl. Quirk variety was something that always caught Nuno's eye, and he wasn't surprised to see such variety at U.A's Entrance Exam. He wasn't sure if he should approach someone and engage in conversation, but he eventually decided not to. He'd only talk should someone approach him, at least for the time being.
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  16. “Yeah, I’m not sure when it’ll start, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to get in with my quirk.” He mentioned, “basically I can sprout wings of fire from my back and use them to fly or power up attacks. It has a limit though, and if the flames burn out they have to recharge, but regardless, I should be able to do pretty well on any kind of test we’re given.” He explained.
  17. "As you see, my quirk is me being invisible and have about as much sound moving as an owl," Izumi, "most times, people are much more spooked than you were, there is one thing I have to say, you were the least spooked out everyone I've ever met."

    Izumi looked down, then back up at Katsumi, then back down at her feet. Izumi was red from her shyness, she tried to shake it off, her face returning to a normal color.
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  18. “Thanks, but honestly I’m usually not super spooked by things like that, the most you’ll get outta me is a jump. It doesn’t really matter either, there are lots of ‘spooky’ quirks out there, ones that are a lot scarier than yours at least, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it too much. Stealth quirks can be pretty useful when it comes to certain situations too, just not sure how well you’ll fare in the exam if it’s combat based.” Katsumi explained, “but anyways, why do you want to come to U.A? I wouldn’t be here if it were up to me, but my parents want me to be better than my uncle, so they told me it was either U.A or nothing.”
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  19. "I'm here because I'm hoping to figure more about my quirk, and because of proximity to home," Izumi explained, "All I know about the one part was that my father had it."

    Izumi was fiddling with her pendant, as she was nervous, but not uncomfortably nervous. She met her first classmate so far, and seemed to be quite a few of them gathering around.
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  20. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Gichin was listening into a lot of the conversations to see what his competition was and possibly future classmates. He listened in to see if there was anyone alone he could possibly talk with. He heard no footsteps or people talking next to a guy who he assumed to be alone and walked forward to the person.

    "Hello, sorry to bother you but I am afraid I have gone to the wrong location, or is this the training ground for new UA students? Ah yes sorry i forgot to introduce myself. Gichin Miyagi at your service." He said with a calm voice and bowing after the last sentence.

    (He is talking with @Manu456Alola OC)
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  21. Kaito made his way over to the training grounds with his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket and noticed several strange individuals who were also present, they too must be people who wanted to try and get in to U.A. just like him. Kaito didn't really pay much attention to anyone he saw as too interesting, not even the lady who's transformation was rather... grotesque to say the least, but he didn't dwell on that thought as he saw plenty of freaks in his life--especially when some people saw him as one because of his blue skin.
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  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bordie heard the conversation of two people who were close to where her and Jake were standing, they were talking about there quirks, something about weight and something about play dough, she shrugged and dragging Jake by the arm she pulled him over to the two people, she stood by them and smiled "Hello, my name is Bordie Fairchild and this is my friend Jake Smith, it's a pleasure to meet you both, were you talking about quirks" she said tilting her head slightly, behind her Jake sighed and nodded to the two, he wondered when this entrance exam was going to begin, he couldn't wait.
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  23. Séan walked up to a boy who asked if he was at the right place.
    "Excuse me, i couldn't help but hear. But yes, you are at the right place. This is U.A's entrance exam place... i don't know how to speak so shut up" he said with a big smile. Although he seemed pretty stupid, he knew not to reveal what his quirk was. He had heard a few rumors about what the entrance exam would be but he didn't know which one was true so he chose to keep his quirk secret for now.
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  24. Takashi finally got bored of waiting around, and seeing the bird turn into a girl, he decided to play a little joke. He pulled out a six point shuriken, before flicking it through the air at her. The shuriken whistled through the air, as it went past her head. He ran after the shuriken, before pulling out his wakizashi, and stopping it an inch away from her throat. "Hi I'm Takashi shinto" he laughed, sheathing the blade. "Normally when I play that joke, I end up with someone kicking me in the balls", he said. "You guys excited for the exams? I am really excited, I can't wait" he was now jumping around, like a toddle in a toy store. He turned to Wyatt, "I'm being an obnoxious child aren't I?" he said, calming down.
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  25. “No, not at all,” Yua said sarcastically before beginning her fly morph. Her skin hardened and turned black, then began to flake off into plates. Next her mouth transformed into the fly’s grabbing mouthparts and proboscis. Her wings sprouted next, just a pair of oval-shaped gossamer filament. She was beginning to shrink, but before she was fly-sized, her eyes ballooned out and her vision exploded into a million tiny fragments. She was now a three-foot-tall monstrosity with black armored skin, compound eyes, fly mouthparts, and human hair. But not for long! She reversed the morph, and in about a minute was back to her human self. Hands on hips, she shifted her weight to one side and flipped her hair out of her face, then glanced to the other newcomer. “Yeah, we were. Speaking of quirks, that was mine.”
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  26. Takashi gagged, and held his hand over his mouth. "Even then you looked better than my sister" he laughed. "since we're doing a show and tell here, I might as well go next" he said, before unsheathing his katana. A green glow ran up his arm, glowing through his sleeve. His eyes went a deep green. His sword was trembled in his hand, like a ship at sea, before it slowly stopped. "As you can see my quirk is related to an object, weird right?" he said, before clapping his fist into the palm of his hand. One of his shadow clones appeared next to him. He sheathed his sword and the clone disappeared. "And that's my quirk, I can do other things with it, but I won't reveal my tricks" he smirked.
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  27. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Ki was running to the U.A. field, hoping with all her being she wasn’t late. Slowing gaining in size, filling her clothes. She saw the gate before the school, but quickly rushed to were everybody was. She was tired but quickly regained her stamina. She saw lots of people, but stayed to herself, scared of all the people here. “Calm down, Ki, you got this” she whispered to herself.
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  28. Ryu saw a group of people showing off their quirks and laughed. "What buffoons, this is an exam, not a slumber party," he said to himself. He was holding a bowl of salad, oddly enough, and using a plastic fork to eat it. He thought it would be odd enough to not raise any questions. Of course, Ryu would never act like this outside of competition. He would usually be staying out of groups, but he thought he could give it a try. He put on a gas mask just in case his quirk activated and slowly walked towards the group. He didn't say anything, he just looked at the other people's quirks so he could gain intel. "Clones, I see...," he would chuckle," Neat."
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  29. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Wyatt looked surprised at the group around him. First the bubbly girl that came over with her bored-looking friend, and then the boy who greeted them by nearly killing Yua.
    "Nah. I, too, put sharp things near people I greet." he said in response to Takashi's question.
    Then, out of nowhere, Yua decided to do another presentation about how it was like being dissected. Wyatt quickly turned around, learning his lesson "Warn me next time you do that. I can only stay conscious so long."
    While he spoke, he was also curious as to what they were going to do for the exam. He wasn't sure if his quirk would be great in a 1v1, or the original exam, but he would have to figure something out.
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  30. “You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to reveal all their tricks,” Yua said darkly, then fell silent. She didn’t mention anything more about her other morphs, or her quirk weaknesses; maybe if she was lucky, they’d think that fly-monster and birdie were her only morphs and that she was some sort of super powerful quirk master-senpai. Yeah, right. Somehow, though, she thought it was unlikely. Still, better gather as much info as she could on everyone else.

    So Wyatt could control his weight, Sir Dude-Who-Almost-Took-Off-Her-Head had his quirk in some sword or something, and... well, that was all she knew. She could see some other people milling around, including a guy in a gas mask and a girl who seemed to be growing in size as she ran towards the gates (though she doubted that her quirk was all height changing). Besides, it was better to overestimate people then underestimate; that way, she’d always be prepared. But still, couldn’t hurt to make friends, could it?
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  31. “She still seems pretty nervous, well I guess it makes sense given the circumstances... but it seems her nervousness might be caused by something bigger... guess I’ll find out sooner or later if she manages to get in.” Katsumi thought to himself. “Well good luck in the exam Izumi! I’m sure you’ll get in, your type of quirk is pretty rare, so the world could definitely use more stealth heroes.” He said in a bid to calm her nerves.
  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bordie had managed to look away before the girl went through her transformations, once others had shown of she smiled "you all have pretty cool quirks, my quirk is pretty visually obvious, I have different genetic properties of certain animals, like my ears, eyes, tongue and tail are all from different animals" she stated pointing out the different parts as she mentioned them. Jake sighed and without saying anything summoned a green chain that came from his back and waved to the group before disappearing inside him again. Bordie smiled "yeah that's his quirk, I don't think he wants me talking about it though so I won't" she said shrugging slightly.
    @Night's Shadow @Gamingfan @Schrift007
  33. Ryu started to get used to his surroundings, which usually meant him acting like he usually does outside of competitions. His legs would start to tremble as he nearly fell backwards. He coughed on some salad he was eating, making him release a bit of Phosphorus trifluoride out of his mouth. It filled up his gasmask and he threw it on the ground. The toxic gas would start to float towards the group of people showing off their quirks. "Oh no... Is there some sort of oxygen tank thing around here?," he said to himself as he looked around the vicinity. He put his gasmask back on and ran towards the group, yelling," Get out of the way!," with zero context whatsoever. He tried to fan the gas away, and it worked somehow. The oxygen in the air must be hydrolyzing the gas, he sighed with relief. Then he tightened up again when he realized he was in the middle of the group he was trying to save. Oh no, I must've shown them my quirk..., he thought.
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  34. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Ki was looking around everywhere, and saw a group talking with a boy with a chain on his back. She also saw a boy with a gas mask run into a group and dispersing poison gas. “Those must be their quirks” Ki thought. Ki then realized that at that point she looked around 7”5 tall and could see over everyone, and she hoped no one noticed her.
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  35. "What he said, pretty much. This is the entrance to the testing grounds, where the Entrance Exam will take place." Nuno replied to Gichin's question, even if there was no need to, as another boy answered before he had a chance to speak. "Hey, Gichin. I'm Nuno Yasuhiro, pleased to make your acquaintance." He introduced himself as formally as Gichin had, imitating him. He didn't usually introduce himself that way, but he figured he'd give it a go. He let out a small chuckle. "So, Gichin... What do you think the exam will be like? I've heard rumors that they would be 1-v-1 fights, though I don't think they're true. I'd rather have them be the regular, robot fighting way."
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  36. “Wait, wha— holy crap!” Apparently, Gas Mask Kid had good reason for his gas mask as he fanned gas presumably caused by his quirk away from the group. Just in the nick of time, too. Yua breathed a sigh of relief. “Well. That was almost as terrifying as when this kid”—she jerked a thumb at Takashi—“almost took off my head. Neither of those really were as terrifying as when I discovered my quirk, though. Was petting my cat when I started becoming her. An eye-opening experience for a five-year-old when you suddenly sprout a tail.”

    Yua grinned at the memory; it was pretty funny, actually, when she ran to her mother, crying because fur was sprouting all over her body as she shrunk and her knee joints reversed. She didn’t mind that they all knew now she had a cat morph; it wasn’t a morph she used very often. Her grizzly bear was better for battles and her owl was better for stealth. “Anyways. Cool quirk, actually.”
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  37. "Your quirk is amazing, mine makes me the ultimate ninja, if I could control it" he muttered the last part. "My name is Takashi Shinto" he said to Bordie. Hearing the guy shout run, he jumped back with cat like agility. But unlike a cat he fell on his face, with a grizzly cracking noise. He stood up, and felt the fresh blood run down his lip. Takashi licked the blood in hopes of getting rid of it. He walked back to the others sheepishly. "Yeah well try keeping calm when a dragon ghost comes out of nowhere when your playing, I cried so hard that day" he smirked. "Well good to know you can become an emotional support animal" he said to yua.
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  38. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Ki saw someone in the big group jump and hit their head on the ground. “Oh no, I should help him” she whispered. She walked over, besides being 8 feet tall. “Umm, excuse me are you okay, leaning over to look down. “Calm down, Calm down, you have no reason to panic” Ki thought.
  39. “You want a fly as an emotional support animal?” Yua asked, feigning confusion. “I’d be happy to oblige and buzz by your ear sometime if that helps your stress release.” Suddenly, she became acutely aware of her shortness when she realized there was a girl who was eight feet tall... standing about four feet away. Yeesh... tall girl got TALL. She’s almost as tall as my grizzly, my God. Noticing that she was staring like a deer in headlights, she blinked and grinned. “Hi, I’m Yua.”
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  40. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Ki got startled by getting noticed and could see the girl could see how tall she was panicked and said “Hi Yua, I’m K-Ki, Whats your name, wait they already told me, idiot, idiot, they will think your braindead. I mean, uh how are you, and” she looks over to the boy who jumped and fell on the ground”Are you hurt or anything” she said, clearly embarrassed.
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