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Mega Alakazam

Discussion in 'Mega Pokémon' started by Magpie, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mega Alakazam

    Japanese Name: MegaFudin
    Height: 1.2m / 3'11''
    Weight: 48kg / 105.8 lbs.
    Classification: Psi Pokemon

    Ability: Trace

    Revealed: Mega Alakazam was officially revealed by Pokemon.com following the release of X & Y.

    Mega Alakazam has greatly boosted Special Attack and Speed. It also gains a minor boost to its Defense.

    HP: 55
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 65
    Sp. Attack: 175
    Sp. Defense: 95
    Speed: 150

    Mega Stone
    X/Y: Reflecting Cave B3F, post-game.
    OR/AS: Slateport City market.

    Mega-Evolves from Alakazam


    nov_p06_01.jpg nov_p06_02.jpg
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  2. Alakazam grewa beard! awesome:)
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  3. Wow hes like Gandalf!!!!!!
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  4. ThatSeviper

    ThatSeviper Formerly MegaMudkip02

    with spoons
  5. I LOVE Alakazam, and now, a mega evolution! SICK!
  6. DittoWantsToBattle

    DittoWantsToBattle Formerly PokemonMastaaa

    When Abra evolved into Kadabra, it developed a strong love for soup. So it carried a spoon around everywhere. Then when Kadabra evolved into Alakazam, it loved soup even more, so it carried 2 spoons. Then when Alakazam became Mega Alakazam, it had a serious soup problem, and carried around 5 spoons. The end :D
  7. It's the Jesus Pokemon!
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  8. It looks like A Hindu Guru
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  9. Meh, this thing is modest in competitive. It's great for late game sweeping, but the low defences kinda requires it to hit first. Priority (read: Sucker Punch) fucks Mega Alakazam up.
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  10. Mega Alakazam: FEAR ME AND MY SILVERWARE
  11. better watch out vanniluxe cause mega alakazam coming to get you! choose your spoon and and you choose your fate!
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  12. I hate him with the spoons
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  13. Why? did you want him to have sporks instead
  14. No that's even badder
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  15. then what do you want him to have
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  16. It's a super butcher! XD
  17. Who doesn't love soup? It would be weird if carried spoons around for nothing.
  18. Funny, cause he Really does look like Gandalf.
  19. I Scream For Ice Cream.
    -Mega Alakazam

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