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Meep draws too?

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by meep43, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Why yes I do. But I don't upload them very often because I think people won't like them. I'm getting better and more confident about putting them up though, so I'll post some of them here.

    I like doing traditional art, and here's my newest uploaded one.
    Lol, I used Copics and Prismacolor markers.

    I've been practicing with digital art now that I have a tablet.
    I did this one of Lucian before I got my tabbie. I was gonna open a shop and use this as a sample, but never got around to it. I did this all in Paint Tool SAI.

    Click on the picture to fullview. This one is huge. D:
    This is an entry for a DA group called Pokemon Battle Frontier. It's my OC Adena and I'm happy to finally have some solid info about her and her team. I did this all in Photoshop. 7.0.

    I do dabble with doll bases too, but I'm not sure if it counts as pixel art because people on DA complain about them not being art sometimes, so I might post some up later.

    If you want to see all the stuff I have on my DA, go here: http://fatefulwings.deviantart.com/

    What do you all think of my art skills? And how could I improve?
  2. EEK! The shading on Lucian is the best! It looks so 3-D. I do hope you'll do more like that.
  3. Meep draws too!!!

    And she's good at it!!!

    I'm especially in love with that Ralts. It's adorable!!!

    And, you drew all the pogeymanz on that team card, I assume?

  4. Daww...thanks you guys!

    Yes Cody, I did draw those pokemon. They took forever and I needed references because I can't draw animal-like things very well.

    Oh yeah, I just finished doing this for practice.
    It's Adena's Growlithe Juno, and her daddy Yun-seong.
  5. very nice ^ ^. You draw pokemanz much better than I can haha. Great job on the pictures!
  6. Not like them? Meep, you can draw waaaaaaay better than me. And now, not only sprites, but DRAWING TOO?! Next I expect you'll be able to BREATHE better than me ::)

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