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Ask to Join Mayhem In The Saha Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Lord Of Pain, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Back story :

    long ago the Saha region was filled with plant life of all kinds, with all kinds of water bodies dotting the region, but one day almost 3 quarters of the plant life withered almost instantly and most of the water bodies evaporated, now the Saha region is mostly a desert with some of its former glory still existing in the north west of it, even then most people of this region still live in it and with the help of a kind organisation known as team Rainbow they plan to restore the whole region's glory

    Plot :

    what most people don't know is that Team Rainbow is an evil organisation led by 7 generals and the second in comand to summon their leader into the living world, the grim reaper, their presence is what caused the Saha region to become what it is right now, our goal is to go on an adventure to be the very best while also stopping team Rainbow

    Rules :

    1 - no swearing
    2 - max 3 characters per RPer
    3 - No Megas and Legendaries
    4 - no one line posts
    5 - posts should be at least 5 sentences long
    6 - all of pokecharm' RP rules apply here
    7 - only 1 shiny per RPer

    Character Bio :

    Name -
    Nickname -
    Gender -
    Age -
    In relationship? -
    looks -
    Pokemon team (with nickname and moves) -
    Personality -
    Home region -
    Occupation (current, previous or both if has) -

    Here are my characters

    Name - Valmont Nexon

    Nickname - Val

    Gender - male

    Age - 19

    In relationship? - none

    looks - pale skin, white hair, stormy grey eyes, wears a white turtleneck under a lab coat, black jeans and glasses with lenses tinted icy blue and his hight is 6'7

    Pokemon team -
    Tyrant (tyrantrum)
    •thunder fang
    •dragon tail

    Willow (trevenant)
    •horn leech
    •leech seed
    •shadow ball

    Lunar (shiny umbreon)
    •dazzling gleam
    •dark pulse

    Personality - short tempered and extreamly smart, a coffee addict, skilled with machines and loyal to friends

    Home region - kanto

    Occupation - formerly team Plasma scientists

    Name - Phobos Nexon (Valmont's cousin)

    Nickname - Phobs

    Gender -male

    Age - 15

    In relationship? - none

    looks - pale skin, white hair, maroon eyes, black Tshirt with a skull on it, a white furry coat and black jeans

    Pokemon team -
    Zen (Pangoro)
    •drain punch
    •beat up
    •sky uppercut
    •rock slide

    Sylvan (serperior)
    •vine whip
    •giga drain
    •aerial ace

    Volt (emolga)
    •volt switch

    Personality - prankster, friendly, tactical, enjoys annoying the hell out of people he is irritated by, cares for even the slightest Details

    Home region - Kanto

    Occupation - miner

    Name - Nicolas Aiser

    Nickname - Nick

    Gender - Male

    Age - 16

    In relationship? - none

    looks - slightly tanned, platinum blond hair, amber Eyes, sandy yellow hoodie with beige jeans

    Pokemon team -
    Thor (Electrivire)
    •thunder punch
    •bulk up
    •drain punch

    Loki (sabelye)
    •confuse ray
    •foul play

    Freya (blaziken)
    •blaze kick
    •swords dance
    •flame charge

    Personality - kind, loves to help others, enjoys making occasional pun jokes and is a team person

    Home region - Unova

    Occupation - none at the moment
  2. The return of Valmont and Phobs! Man I'm excited for this. I'd bring Lady and Tyler back, but they, with Ego, were retired after TBNR. Flow is still on the table but she's a bit too violent for this. So, I made a whole new set.

    Name - Alena Dare
    Nickname - Al
    Gender - Female
    Age - 16
    In relationship? - Yes
    looks - Dark skinned, with long silky black hair that reaches the middle of her back, that also has a single gold strip about an inch and a half thick in the front. Her eyes are an olive color.
    Pokemon team (with nickname and moves)

    Nickname: Squirt
    Poke: Eevee
    Moves: Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Dig, Iron Tail
    Other features: He is adorable, cocky and a fashion loving little runt. He loves to wear bow ties, oddly enough, and it amused Alena to no end.

    Nickname: Posy
    Poke: Plusle
    Moves: Nasty Plot, Discharge, Volt switch, Grass Knot
    Other Features: Very polite and smart. He knows how to use his size in battle, something that has helped Alena since she caught him.

    Nickname: Mango
    Poke: Flygon
    Moves: Earthquake, dragon rush, Aerial ace, Stone edge
    Other Features: Mango was Alena's first Pokemon. She first got the Flygon as a trapinch when she was twelve from her uncle. She trained Mango only until she caught Posy when she was 14, then was gifted Squirt as an egg when her mother's Umbreon suddenly had an egg one day. Mango is her strongest Pokemon.

    Personality - She loves her hair a little too much, and freaks if she can't find a hair dryer. She's a big fashion lover, but don't let that fool you- she wants to be a champion. She loves competitive battling, and is a smart battler, using a odd ball set of moves, but getting the job done.

    Home region - Hoenn
    Occupation - has a job in her older sisters company, Contest Dolls, designing clothes for both Pokemon and people, but it's mainly on the side. She has a talent for fashion in general, but wants to help train her little sister in the ways of a Pokemon trainer, so she's making her way to champion earlier than she had planned.

    Name: Pania Dare
    Nickname: Pan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9
    In a relationship?: No
    Looks: Dark skinned, long silky black hair, usually in pigtails. She has a electric blue strip, about half an inch long in the front of her hair. Her eyes are a olive-brown color.

    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname: Skittles
    Poke: Scatterbug
    Moves: Tackle, string shot
    Other features: Super fluffy and sneezes a lot

    Personality: She's a girly girl like her sister, always having fun dressing up. She's sweet but timid. She's been avoiding telling her sister that she doesn't want to be a Pokemon trainer, but a dancer. She's hoping if she proves to be terrible at being a trainer, that her sister will stop helping her.

    Home Region: Hoenn
    Occupation: Pokemon trainer, with her mentor, Alena Dare
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  3. accepted! ill wait for one more participant before posting the actual thread, good to have you in this LadyLucs!
  4. Lol thanks.Cant wait to start RPing this
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  5. Name: Kenna Wilde
    Age: 15
    In Relationship?:Heck No!
    Looks: Pale Skin, Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Black Leather Jacket, White Tank Top, Cargo Pants, Black Military Boots, Fire Symbol Necklace
    Pokemon Team

    Name: Charizard
    Nickname: Cal

    • Flamethrower
    • Earthquake
    • Fly
    • Thunder Punch
    Other: Cal's Nature is Impish. Cal's Personality Is Confident, Brave, Stubborn, Reckless, And Hotheaded

    Name: Arcanine
    Nickname: Fang

    • Flamethrower
    • Extreme Speed
    • Solar Beam
    • Wild Charge
    Other: Fang's Nature is Gentle and Even Though his names sounds tough, he is a big softie

    Name: Pikachu
    Nickname: Sugar

    • Thunderbolt,
    • Grass Not,
    • Hidden Power Fire,
    • Nuzzle
    Other: Sugar's Nature is Naive. Sugar is Hyper Active, Naive, And Sweet.

    Personality - Feisty, Hot Headed, Stubborn,
    Home region -Kanto
    Occupation (current, previous or both if has) - Use to be a student now is a trainer.

    Name: Leo Roux
    Nickname: None
    Age: 12
    In relationship?: No...Sadly :(

    Name: Chesnaught
    Nickname: Chestnut

    • Synthesis
    • Wood Hammer
    • Earthquake
    • Leech Seed
    Other: Chestnut's Nature Is: Jolly and His Personality is Happy Go Lucky but Serious in Battle.

    Name: Pyroar
    Nickname: Pyro

    • Flamethrower
    • Hidden Power Ice
    • Hyper Voice
    • Fire Blast
    Other: Pyro's Nature is Timid. His personality is Shy, Quiet, Thoughtful Kind and Gentle.

    Name: Marill


    • Aqua Tail
    • Aqua Ring
    • Bubble Beam
    • Play Rough
    Other: Bubble's Nature is Docile. And her personality is Calm, Quiet, Motherly, Sweet, Friendly

  6. Name: Amita Stencer
    Nickname: Amy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    In Relationship?: No
    Looks: Amy is pale, has golden brown straight hair up to her waist, and bright blue eyes. She wears a white dress with a dark red jacket over it, a dark red clip in her hair, and dark red high boots.

    Pokemon Team:

    (female) Slurpuff: Draining Kiss, Play Rough, Return, Thunderbolt
    (male) Zoroark: Dark Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Foul Play, Return
    (female) Gardevoir: Moonblast, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic

    Personality: Amy is very energetic and jumpy, but when it comes to something dangerous, she risks everything to make sure nobody gets seriously hurt, especially her friends.

    Home Region: Kalos
    Occupation: Ace Trainer

    Name: Summerina Flaker
    Nickname: Summer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    In Relationship?: No
    Looks: Summer has eyes the color of honey and pitch black stick-straight hair up to her shoulders. She wears a white sweater, jeans, and black sneakers.

    Pokemon Team:
    Dream (Female Misdreavus): Power Gem, Shadow Ball, Psybeam, Thunder
    Ambi (Male Ambipom): Fire Punch, Agility, Acrobatics, Body Slam
    Zeli (Female Floatzel): Waterfall, Ice Punch, Aqua Tail, Return

    Personality: Summer is very serious, but quite shy. She doesn't talk much unless she knows the person she's talking to. While coordinating, Summer doesn't pay attention to the audience. She gets completely in sync with her pokemon, which makes her able to get over the shy part of herself.

    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Occupation: Pokemon Coordinator
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  8. Name: Jane Vordana
    Nickname: Janey-Waney (it's what her mom calls her sometimes), Janey, The Burning Star (what the people at the Pokemon Musical like to call her)
    Gender: Female
    In relationship?: Nope
    Looks: Similar to the Hilda sprite shown on my profile picture, except she mostly wears orange instead of pink. Her pants are about knee-length, with the cuffs rolled up, and her sleeves go a little bit behind the elbows. She has hot pink/bright red sunglasses. Has no hat, and her hair is a lighter shade of brown. Her hair is more...poofy and all over the place.
    Pokemon Team
    Blaze, male Emboar, holding a Smoke Ball in order for a quick getaway from wild Pokemon
    Brick Break
    Exposhala, female Volcorona
    Quiver Dance
    Sunny Day
    Mocha, Female Dragonite
    Dragon Dance
    (Since no legendaries I decided to replace kyurem with a zebrastrika
    Charge, Male Zebrastrika
    Toxic (yes, I checked. Zebrastrika can learn toxic)
    Double Team

    An egg with a Dratini in it
    An egg with a Shieldion in it

    Personality: Jane can be impatient, and at times, runs blindly into battles. And unless you're a member of the Pokemon League, she doesn't bring a huge amount of Full Restores and Revives. She also is a bit showy and bold, and also very talkative. But, if you ARE a member of the Pokemon League, or just a strong Trainer in general, don't expect her to hold back. Expect...112+% from her.
    Home Region: Unova
    Occupation: President of the Nuvema-Accumula Battle Club

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