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Mass Effect RP?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dapper_Cat, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Hey, all! I've been thinking of starting an RP for one of my favorite sci-fi franchises, so, here goes. This RP would, of course, take place in the Mass Effect Universe. I have two ideas in mind, and I was hoping that I could get some feedback in here on which you think we should do.

    Idea No. 1: Galaxy At War. Named after ME3's Multiplayer, that's actually still kicking, this would take place during the events of the third game and go along with the Mass Effect game canon. It would probably be somewhere in between Rannoch and Thessia in the game storyline, to allow everyone's characters in immediately. We would, however, be going along with the decisions of my choosing. Mostly Paragon, saved the Council, destroyed the Collector Base, made peace between the Geth and Quarians, etc. This idea would allow everyone to be their decided characters, for the sake of free will in character customization.

    Idea No. 2: Alternate Universes. Now, this is something I thought of while deciding how this RP could play out. Instead of the normal ME storyline, we'd make a new one. It would still follow the ME Storyline, roughly, but without the crew we all know and love. For instance, Commander "Shepard" might not even be Shepard, or human. He/She could be Turian, Quarian, etc. As such, companions would be different too, and more or less plentiful than each individual game. Now, with this, everyone has a choice in how the story will play out. (WOO, Democracy! Yeah!) For example, when a big decision comes up, I'll start a poll here, keep it for a day or two, then let the main character pick said decision. As such, whatever Commander Shepard's race is, will switch their place with Humanity's in the Universe. Example: The Relay 314 Incident/First Contact War would be reversed, with the Turians being the newcomers, if Shepard is a Turian.

    Now, I am personally fond of both these ideas. If I can get three or four people on here join the RP and help decide which of these ideas we should go with, I'll start up a new thread for that. But first, a few rules hat go for both of these.
    1. No real characters. Now, in the Alternate Universe, you can have your character replace a scene where one of the original characters would be, with my permission. You can't be Tali or Garrus, etc. You MAY have the same first or last name, personality, etc, just, please, don't mash them into an obvious copy. For example, don't be a Turian named Garrus with Garrus's same personality.
    2. Follow the Pokecharm website's rules.
    3. As if this needs to be said, but no god modding.
    4. Don't control other people's characters, etc.
    5. You can have romaces, etc. just don't get too descriptive.

    Also, a note on swearing, no matter which one this goes to. This is Mass Effect, so swearing is okay. You've been warned!
  2. I like the idea of the second one. Then again I've always liked the idea of things happening differently based on how some else makes the decision, but either way you end up choosing you can count me it.
    Edit: I'm going to wait until after the idea is decided, to make my character so I know what history to give him.
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  3. Same here.

    Edit: and if i can, i'll make my CHA. but i'll wait :3
  4. I think I was leading towards the Alternate Universe thing myself. I'll start up the thread for it specifically either later today or tomorrow. But, beforehand, would either of you like to be the character who takes Shepard's place?
  5. I'm not good at leading a fleet, and besides, who seen a Geth or Krogan Captain on a hooman Ship xD

    EDIT:Yet im still thinking of What type of Geth i want my OC to be, i could be the Geth Prime, Geth Trooper, Geth Rocket Trooper, Shock Trooper, Sniper, Maybe Destroyer, but that would make me to OP, i could also be the Geth Hopper if i wanted my CHA. to be a troll
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  6. Yeah I'm going to have to say no to that. My character is definitely no Shepard material. Besides it's Your RP your the one who came up with the idea so it only seems right that your character is the Shepard of this series.
  7. Mhm, and i Don't think a Robot needs to be leading the hoomans to a Radioactive place.

    PS: I think Meh Geth OC Is gunna be a mix of dem all xD atleast a little of each, but mostly be gunna be using Wither Assault Rifle's, Pistols, or shotguns, but he's trained in all, he just dose'nt like using Sniper's that much
    #7 Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Dec 11, 2016
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  8. Alright, then. To allow your characters into the fold immediately, I'm going to say that, while there is still hostility between the Geth and the Quarians, the Galaxy still welcomes the Geth as a sentient species, though they're rarely seen. Also, I'm probably going to make the thread here soon.
  9. I'm posting a discussion thread specific to the AU that we agreed on, you'll post it there. I'll tag you two in it.

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