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DPPt/HGSS Manaphy Egg

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by oizen6, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I have 3 manaphy eggs that I dont need does anyone want 1? I really dont need 4 manaphy (had 4 eggs 1 hatched)
  2. Are you looking for something in particular in exchange for them? I don't have much but I can see what I can rummage up...I know I'd definitely want one, as I don't have Pokemon Ranger and don't see myself picking up a copy just for a Manaphy.
  3. Im not really looking for any pokemon it was just on 1st come first serve basis there just takeing up room in my boxes
  4. Oh, well I'd be glad to be of assistance! :D I'm on Pearl right now, so would you like me to add you and go to the Union Room?
  5. Ok this is my first time using the wifi friend codes so is it the bottom room or the top room?
  6. Actually, I think it's the bottom room for Wi-Fi stuff.
  7. Alright im in the bottom blue room your on the pal pad and i think i press invite
  8. Yay, thank you! I guess you have to trade something, so, er, take good care of my level 21 Staravia. :p
  9. Dont worry I will ;) Well that leaves 2 for trade
  10. Oh man! I'd really like one, but I can't set up my wi-fi!
  11. I'll take one, my Wifi should be on my card.
  12. ok if your on right now add me to the pal pad and ill se you in the wifi room
    and morganlefey Ill still have 1 so you beter get it set up
  13. Okay, I just added you and I'm on Wifi right now.
  14. Im there but nothing comming up ???
  15. You added my code right?
  16. I think i figured it out ;)
  17. If you still havy one, I'd like one. Would you like a Sudowoodo for it? Cuz I got a spare.
  18. Ok if your still on meet me in the room
  19. You added me, right? Because you're not showing up... ???
  20. Ok A have traded all 3 eggs if you still want one just ask me
  21. skyler

    skyler Guest

    I don't need one seeing that ive got ranger but when i get pearl i might trade wit u
  22. I'll take one!!!!!
  23. That was uncalled for 1 you dont have your freind code up 2 read what i posted before Im out if eggs 3 That was a really short post but if you actually put your friend code up Ill get you one
  24. Oh I'm sorry :-[ I'll remeber that next time....
  25. Its fine just add me to your pal pad and meet me in the Wifi center blow the pokecenter oh yeah the other day i made 2 more and forgot about them sorry :-[
  26. Okay, I'm online
  27. So I only have 1 egg left now ;D If more than one person wants one I make a few more
  28. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    May I please have one? If I can my friend code is on the left. My Diamond one please.
  29. Hey, it's me again, can I have another please?
  30. If these are legitimate then I'll take one, but I doubt they are due to
    - The fact that you have three of them
    - You said you could "Make some more"

    By the second I hope you didn't mean you're breeding Manaphy, because you get a Phione from that
  31. Dont worry they are real I mean by make more is that my pokemon Ranger is bugged up so i can get more that one manaphy egg from the same misson when you can only normaly get 1. So you could say Im cheating but its just a glitch.
  32. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    cool, then can I have an egg?
  33. I got a few things you might want...just tell me what you want and i shall be more than happy to take one of those off your hands...
  34. Sorry My internet broke yesterday so I couldn`t get on till now I traded the last manaphy egg to a friend at school Sorry Im done running the manaphy buisness thingy Ill make a few more to trade in differnet topics but not this one.
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