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Lollipop Flavoured Tales

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Atma, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    This will essentially be a slowly growing collection of random stories and inspirations sparked in my head by whatever I might be doing at the time or even just because of pondering something. Some will have the time and world defined but some others will just jump on in.

    Apple Flavoured - Random bits of creativity
    Cola Flavoured - Actual Story line, but for my PRP chara/s
    Strawberry Flavoured - Actual storyline, but for my RP chara/s.

    Changes will most likely be continuously made. Stories will feature titles and time tags of original date of ... publishing, as such. Some might even be clustered together! Stories in each post are paired together by the creative train of thought that links them, for example this post will contain one story per year when I take in the weather just as it is and reflect upon it.

    Image thing to follow at some later date~

    Why LFT as the title when lollipops have multiple flavours? Why not. Spontaneous stories each have their own substance and as such, flavour. As varyingly wide ranged as the colours and flavours of the candy I find myself so partial to.

    Please treat me and my stories with some degree of respect and comment freely with anything from constructive criticism to just general thoughts or expectations. And no, my spelling and punctuation is not perfect.

    Cola Flavoured - A Day of Snow - 17/12/2010

    In our world, creatures known as pokemon live alongside people in what can be beautiful harmony of souls or a deep bond of friendship, in some poorer cases even just as workers or tools of war. People would say there is balance between the two but in the modern age little is certain or even definate aside from the simple facts that as surely as the government and police exist, so do the crime syndicates and gangs roaming their 'territories'.

    In one part of the world, the island nation of Britain dwells in a cape of snow amongst the European Union. This is where the famous port city of Liverpool sits lazily on the north westerly coastline, looked down at by the rest of England as it produces a populace worthy of the petty criminality containing at least a ghost of pride and emulation of the more likable figures echoed in not so long gone years, topped with a trademark ability to laugh at everything through jokes at each turn.

    In particular, two young teenagers from one of the nicer areas are todays subject of interest. The eyes of the news would be fixed on them by the end of the day and they didn't even know it.

    It was around one o'clock in the afternoon, two tall teenagers were strolling through inches thick of snow nearly brushing against their knees as they ventured through the local park to reach a postal depo on the other side. The slightly shorter of the two dusted the accumulation of the gently falling snow from the shoulder of his grey winter coat and his curley hair as he inquired in his usual lightly pitched, enthusiasm laced voice ... "We just need to get this mystery parcel right?" He was accompanied by his starter, an equally enthusaistic Crocnaw.

    "Sounds about right." Replied the deeper voiced, somewhat depression toned individual. His pace altered in the crunching white snow as he maneuvered around another frantic citizen with his right hand guiding him around them and back to his beeline through the snow. Glancing back to the fence lined perimeter of the park he heard another chain of curses drift away on the wind.

    "What did you say was going on?" Inquired the younger individual, his Crocnaw peeking up curiously.

    "The annual ice-type hunt." Responded the blue eyed, dark brown haired elder teen who was the taller of the two. Pausing in his tracks he reached into the fake fur lined interior of his black knitwear coat to tug out a knot in his curling ends. with curiosity eyed to completely curled mass of his friend's own brown hair. Full of ice the same as last year.

    Shaking his head he continued his pace and sentance, "Each time it snows this heavily and manages by some plot of fate to stick ice types emerge from their little hidey holes and scatter about the park. The thing is they can hide so well in this weather that people only catch around twenty altogether over a course of two or three months. As such..." A pause was given to step around a Pidgeot pecking at patches of snow to find pokemon as per trainer's request no doubt, "...The first to catch an ice type earns front page of the local Echo and a commemorative pokeball."

    "Sounds great! We should try it!"

    "What about the parcel, genius?"

    "Good point, I guess."

    "Don't worry, we got time..." He found some measure of amusement in playing the other along. Judging by his pout and frown he didn't appreciate it but his tough act never lasted long. Giving him a light push toward the tree lined path winding through the park and a sharp word or two the straighter haired male made off into the middle of an area where no one seemed to be bothering to check. It was calmer here, quiet and all voices a whisper in the distance. Crouching down the trainer tugged his hood down and felt for the red-white sphere resting on the black belt holding up his jeans, ready at a moment's notice.

    All this rushing would do nothing but scare ice pokemon in all their timid nature or fiendish glory. Oceanic eyes watched patiently across the beautiful plane of snow, careful for movement amongst the expanding mass of bushes and trees on the side of the park he was facing. A few people were lumbering past the fence, batting at it with sticks to try and scare the pokemon out. Once they passed time seemed to meld into an unknowable presense that even itself was pierced.

    Smiling to himself with some level of smugness, he spied a familiar yellow point of a cetain pokemon he'd always had an eye out for. The brunette felt himself tense as fingers nibbled by frost closed around a micro-sphere, clicking the button he could barely feel to trigger it to grow. Next came the hard part, he'd always been a poor thrower. Of course the option of closing some distance was there but he wasn't about to scare away this precious creature.

    As the Snorunt's oval, pale blue eyes began to scan for any sign of people or things the prone trainer pulled his snow coated hood up over his head, freezing in both temperature and motion on the spot. For an instant blue eyes met blue eyes causing trainer and pokemon alike to stop and think. What if he'd been caught? What if it would run? The second stretched on in tense silence... To perfect avail, the yellow cloaked pokemon paced off to the left with what looked like not a care in the world.

    Pushing himself up the trainer near enough leapt from the snow, tossing the pokeball across the small expanse of snow with frost falling from his coat like a thin cloud of ice. The sphere hit the pokemon neatly in the back of the head, transforming it into light and trapping it within before it fell softly into the snow.

    A feeling of joy welled up in the teenager, a smile plastered to his face and an actual feeling of uplifting relief as he darted across the snow. Taking the pokeball gently from the snow he sat in thought over what to do, oblivious to the world for precious minutes before his deep thought was pierced by a rising applause around him. Looking up with brow furrowed in confusion it appeared a crowd had gathered, Somebody must have seen him capture the ice type. Some degree of cheers and congratulations rippled through the crowd, encouraging a dusted pink blush and heartfelt smile from the trainer as a camera flashed from what he presumed was the local news crew.

    After a brief exhcange and his Snorunt being transferred into a pokeball with icy blue glass-like substance replacing red the two teen trainers set off back towards the post office. This time they followed the path, snow smothered trees defining the concealed tarmac. The elder of the two recited the brief encounter as the path twisted around a hill and lead them out past the sports center on the edge of the park. He'd come to the decision that the Snorunt would not be released until alone, he didn't want any complications with people or too big a panic. Following the roads devoid of cars around the corner, the cube building with large painted black digital controlled gates was easy to spot, red vans as snow choked as the park. Next to the imposing 'fortress' lock door that was beside the gate-shielded car park a sing was fastened to the wall. It read a gloomy message of the building and service closed until snow cleared up.

    Giving a groan and deflaing somewhat the blue eyed male stopped himself from a small outburst of aggression. "Ugh, another day.." The mysterious package would go undiscovered for now, turning on his heel in disappointment after standing in distraught hope for some five minutes.  All the way through the park the two more or less complained then picked at details, looking at how much it felt they were in some mysterious role play game. Then they heard it. A faint rumble from somewhere alarming.

    "What was-" The younger began.

    "Shut up. Be very..very..quiet.." Slowly the two turned about, nothing but an obscenely 'plump' tree beside them. As caution began to fade into simple uneasiness another rumble shook snow from the tree with a dull thud as it hit the ground. Turning to inspect the tree the black coat clad trainer commented. "Don't you think the branches on this tree are..awfully..." Realisation dawned. This wasn't supposed to be real, it was just a flight of fancy kids had when they were young, just a fairy tale to scare each other, it couldn't be real! "...Oh...dear...god.." He backed away in terror, fumbling at his belt as his friend tugged his arm with his own panic rising at recognition of his abstract horror.

    "What is it?" The younger near enough begged out of human nature, adrenaline nearly flowing. A look of displeasure crossed him as his hand was knocked away with a comment of, "Idiot!" and his Quilava, Cherry, was released. The grace of realisation only reached him as a rumbling roar pierced the air, evergreen arms shaking snow loose from the form of the giant Abomasnow. Standing some ten meters tall that gargantuan form of the creature had raged etched into it's eyes as it swung down a mighty fist with torrents of cold air swirling about it, impacting with the ground with a brilliant eruption of spikes formed of ice leaping up from the ground around it. As it took it's hand from the ground the ice collapsed into faint frost on the wind.

    "That was a weak one!" Yelled the male. The snow the pokemon had shaken from it's body was lashing in torrents all about them, a snowstorm. "Cherry now!" Cried the trainer, pointing at the giant. Loyally the Quilava sent a jet of flame into the chest of the Abomasnow to hardly any avail, the creature shielding it's eyes with one massive arm, other hand gathering a full Ice Punch. This time the torrents fed into flat shimmering blue crystal shaped slats of light encircling the beast's fist, two or three rows circling together at the wrist, main bulk and around the knuckles. Using it's guarding arm the Abomasnow let out a cry of rage and literally swept aside the fire with sheer mass causing a sweeping wind to swing it's power charged fist. Lucky for the trainer his Quilava was agile, leaping up and delivering a Flame Wheel to it's face, leaving it smouldering slightly as the explosion of ice from it's fist decimated a section of the fence, leaving more permanent peaks of ice jutting at angles from the ground.

    The younger in the meantime had released his Magmar after returning the Crocnaw, covering Cherry's escape with a flamethrower burning the shoulder of the giant Abomasnow which only angered it further. Cherry and the Magmar held fast, side by side with their flames burning brightly as the opposing pokemon inhaled to such a size the trainers ducked behind bushes in foreboding.

    The composed Elder of the two stood with determination running as hot in his veins as the crescendo of roaring flames about the double team before him. Reaching out to touch the youngers pokeball a small hexagonal data grid formed of white light around his touch, recognising him as the original owner of the Magmar. His companion looked at him with a degree of confusion beng clearly unsure of what move was to be pulled next.

    The initial adrenaline of the surprise battle had stopped and senses came back with the feel of the snowstorm beng suppressed by the heat of their pokemon, he realised just how cold he was in these damp clothes too. As the hazardous cocktail of panic and instinctual reaction gave way to logic the trainer skimmed through a plan to cut down this beast. His voice rang out calm yet firm, "Fire Spin. Overheat. Teach the snow monster a lesson!"

    Of course by no means was the goliath idling and awaiting the twin attacks. Raising its arms unto the sky a white energy formed that gathered up the very air and snow around it shimmered between outstretched hands, tufts of the evergreen giant exposed as its own cloak was consumed as fuel. In the same few moments Cherry's mane of fire withdrew timidly before leaping forth with an almighty roar as a collar of raging hellfire lashed at the very air wth Magmar's coal furnace heart unleashing a heated fury enough to burn through the snow and grass at its feet in seconds.

    A dreaded second hung in the air as the Abomasnow gave a fersome roar, hands thrown out towards the trainers and their companions before a torrent of pure ice exhibiting the sounds of glaciers scraping against one another lashed across the distance between them with such force the thick fallen snow around it was brought up into the air. The Magmar exploded violently outward in the same instant that Cherry lauched a magnificent core of fire at the opposing force.

    Shielding their eyes from theh clash the trainers felt a rush of fleetingly unbareable heat then the powder snow remnant of the attack the Abomasnow had hoped to launch. There was a sound of crackling as they both lowered their arms

    Two blue eyes observed waves of fire washing over scorched ground from the tower of flames that engulfed the giant. "Karu, stop!" Cried the younger as he feared lethal damage.

    "Toru.." Began the chastisation of the elder, his tone enough to stop his complaints. "Look closer."

    The creature was in the centre of the inferno, brow furrowed and arms crossed in defence. It was hardly impacted by the attacks of creatures not even fully evolved. Falling forward onto one knee the giant managed to prop itself up with a fist, injured but far from defeated.

    "Catch it." Said the older with the same collective calm as earlier.


    "Or leave it. Personally I don't take to this kind of ... creature. But I don't believe in merciless killing."

    "Oh, right!" Toru fumbled for an empty pokeball as Karu looked on with a pleased smile. The ultra ball thrown by his friend thudded neatly into the pokemon, fading it to white light then trapping it within. After some furious rocks of the sphere the escape attempts were in vain. The ball glowed warmly with Toru's fingerprints visible in blue as the pokemon was imprinted with who its trainer was. After a congratulations and returning their two exhausted pokemon the two paced out from the park and went their seperate ways for the time being, that curious package resting quietly and awaiting a chance to turn the young life of one trainer upside down.
    Cola Flavoured - A Day of Rain

    [TBR Dec 15]
  2. Yaaaay, Karu writes something~

    I found this peice of fiction following a certain two Trainers very entertaining - you have a really good way of explaining situations with nice, pleasant details. I can't wait to see what you do with these stories, Karu. Until next time, keep it up.
  3. This story is fantastic! Everything is wonderfully described and no person, pokemon, place or anything else for that matter is left out. The characters are easy to warm to, and I pictured the in my head instantly. Looking forward to the next chapter or story =3
  4. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Bump since this thread is now active again and I'm going to post a new story =V Just gotta type it up and will edit into this post. Title & Date below.

    Apple Flavour - Hiking, Volcanoes and Magikarp. - 14/5/2011
    Sulfur. An infernal smell to be sure. Karu bared it throuh gritted tetth and sweat-stung squinting eyes. How he ended up hiking up a volcano was infinitely beyond him along with the ridiculous notion of the the same friendly tour guide who told him with a sneer this would be fun.

    Grasping a hand hold to balance himself as he eased himself further up the ugly grey rockface Karu found his footing was beginning to give way as the aged rock surrendered to so many people who had climbed this same route with pokemon. Karu currently had an innocent little Plusle resting upon his shoulder, tugging lightly at him to hurry with squeaks of panic. As timely adrenaline flowed the reinvigorated trainer rapidly maneuvered himself from the flat faced of the volcano to the not much more pleasent slope.

    Collapsing down into a sitting position, leaning back with his elbows supporting he tried his utmost to catch his breath and gauge how far he'd come. With a shrug he turned his attention to his Plusle, Magnette and her curious little morale boosting dance she performed. Giving a chuckle and patting her head he eased himself up with a groan, the tiny pokemon climbing back up to his shoulded as he advanced up the slope.

    After some time the air began to increase in heat and smoke towered high overhead. Even the ground around them was choked with rivers of lava bubbling with unrivalled heat.

    As their pace slowed the dark haired teen spotted something. Something was causing..wake lines.. In the lava. Cautiously edging closer to the riverside, the wake lines drew closer to him. Magnette was becoming anxious as she expected the same kind of horrific beast Karu as anticipating... But no, instead the strangest thing happened.

    The 'King' of the sea, crowned lord of uselessness, Magikarp leapt up from the lava as if it were mere water! Then again, calling out with a very dumb, witless tone of, "Karp!"

    "What?!" Exclaimed the bedazzled trainer. His petite companion exhibited a similar cry, leaping down with blackened feet to get a closer look. Again the unphased carp king leapt up, this time Magnette giving it a small shock and tackling it to the ground. Staring down at it with awe and confusion, trainer and pokemon alike were dumbfounded.

    "Err.. I'll catch it, I guess...What the fuck..." Murmered Karu. That day when he returned home the brunette certainly had caught himself a prize. And since that day the slightly scorched Premier Ball has had a special place in his house.
  5. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu


    Strawberry Flavoured - Bearer of the Fake Wings
    Memories of Moonlight

    It was within the greyed ruins, a broken and dead civilisation. Amongst this necropolis of memories and suffering, between shattered houses and crippled towers lurking within the veil of dust and wisps of sorrow hanging in the air, he sat. A man – no, a mere teenager, as broken as the city he called home. Propped against the splintered status of his one enigmatic leader and idol, his body was limp and his head down. All there had been here for some time was the smell and taste of the rubble yet he still returned, no matter what the two spirits keeping his soul in chains would dare to reason this was the blue eyed male’s home.
    “Wake up, Adam.” Came the silk-like voice cradled in affection.
    “I thought that wasn’t my name any more.” Came a weary reply in his sorrowful tone, desperately close to tears.
    “We agreed on it for the time being, didn’t we? So long as we are in this place your name as a knight is not to be used.” Adam could feel her hand resting on his shoulder through the worn grey folds of rags stitched raggedly into a blanket. The white glow emanating from her faux manifestation was unmistakable. With a sniffle the male turned tear-glossed eyes upward to meet the warm smile of his goddess, giving to her a simple question.
    “What must I do to earn it all back?”
    “We require our bodies.” The question was remarkably calm considering the gargantuan scale of the task.
    “What!?” To describer such an utterance as distraught would be a horrific understatement. “How am I supposed to find something like that when you were destroyed!?!” Shimmering tears began to flow, each one as white as the full moon as they caught the holy light of his ‘companion’. Before long own thin face was in his hands and the tiny pearls met with sobs of futility and mians if anguish. The divine creature leant down to drape herself over him as if a lover, whispering into his ear. How he would wish that just once it would be some words of comfort, an offering of happiness, a chance to be free as opposed to the repeated incantation that would lock away his mind. His lips parted to yield a scream to the world in hope someone would find this cursed land sealed beyond time and help him but no sound ever sprang forth.

    Instead the two white wings leapt forth from pale scarred back and a squire’s armour faded away into sparkling lights, white robes in the fashion of some blessed elegant god wreathed about him in replacement. His once light bringing blade was replaced by the ornate sword that would guarantee power ephemeral and brown hair became a holy white. Blue eyes surrendered to emanating white as his very being itself was shaped and moulded to how they would have him, yet as the final dregs of his free mind were dragged away into the dark solitude of his cell … A final pearl of light would part from his cheek, falling as freely as his soul through the despair of his captivity, only to be caught in the palm of his hand as his body turned the tool of the goddesses faded through reality, to stalk across the worlds in their stead.
  6. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Shiny Hunters Inc. ! The Only Way Is SHINY! - Cola Flavour

    Between a steady pounding of rain and lush green tropical terrain the individual leapt over tree roots and dashed through thick underbrush with the company of his mud-slick Wartortle dashing slightly ahead of him. The hulking black mass forming their quarry was incredibly fast for it's size, wings beating and tail lashing through the jungle growth as it snaked through air between trees and charged through thick underbrush. Sunlight peered through holes in the canopy of the forest with the raindrops splashing down upon his face keeping him awake, keeping the adrenaline flowing. The occasional whip of leaves and weak branches would have deterred him if not for his might quarry...

    Wings red like blood and body black as midnight. Head held proudly high and a flame of pride adorning it's tail. A shiny Charizard, oft' described in some circles as a dark Charizard for the appearance dictated by natures grand design. Calling out an attack with the taste of singed greenery in his mouth and the irritation of smoke in his nose his nose the Wartorle seemed to vanish with the only sign of it the blur of its forward motion for barely second as spiked wakes of water appearing either side of it before their precious hunt barrel rolled to the side, breathing flame onto the tree as the Wartortle collided with it. The sheer force of the small aquatic explosion shattered the trunk, turtle pokemon rebounding before flames could reach him as the chase continued.

    The tall trainer became aware of how damp his clothes were as they clung to his body as a mix of sweat and rainwater encourage them. His breath was coming in laboured pants while his limbs burned with effort and strain. The flames embracing the fallen corpse of the tree caught his attention briefly, a bold and vibrant colours amongst all the dark greens of the forest. As he turned his head he felt his hair lash across, losing some volume of water in weight with a light prying through the forest ahead signalling the end of the horrific terrain. Time seemed to speed back up. Oh so horribly.

    In chasing this magnificent creature this far they had forgotten one crucial thing. Cliffs. With a cry he jammed his shoes into the ground catching on the plants and causing him to trip down onto his Wartorle and dragging him over the edge as he saw through his dazed vision the Charizard circle overhead before diving down.

    In their plummet he fumbled through his pokeballs, loosing grip of them in sheer terror. Reaching out from them desperately the rest of his world suddenly filled in as a plume of blame filled the air before him. "Zorin!" He called out, the Wartortle already reacting with a jet of water from his mouth to stem the flames. In retaliation the Charizard paused briefly, opening it's maw. Recoiling from the force of the fireball it launched the Charizard had to take a moment to regain composure and steady flight, watching as the ball expanded outword into the kanji symbol 大(Dai) with what one could only assume was a devilish grin laced with satisfaction.

    The trainer panicked as the air was suddenly choked with intense heat, shielding his eyes from the flame and throwing a Great Ball towards the ground. Moments later the mass of fire collided with the ground, rock cracking around it with the flames seeping through the ground itself before in an instant the fire roared upward. The ground around it shattered, reduced to fine ash and smouldering remains as the kanji exploded outward and dissipated. All the seemed to remain was a thick cloud of smoke.

    A presumed victorious Charizard landed, flapping his wings and roared out with a plume of flame as a sign of dominance and victory over these hunters...

    And then came a torrent of water to cease his flame, striking him in the face. The dark creature snarled, eyeing the centre of the explosion. There stood an angered trainer with his clothes only singed, the Wartortle and the hulking form of a Muk. Screaming a cry of battle in anger the Charizard threw himself towards them, flames from his mouth engulfing his body and expanding. The eyes and sinister grin of the Charizard materialised in the flame as it sped ever closer. The trainer called out for his pokemon, The Muk named Landslide grasping the Charizard's flame armoured form as it crashed into its body, wincing at the flames slowly wearing it away. Zorin leapt into the air, Aqua Jetting downward into the spine of the creature, stunning it for a moment and giving Landslide the chance it needed to counter with Sludge Wave and send the Charizard hurtling into the mountainside.

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