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Ask to Join Little Witch's Academia

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Hello, new students and old! I am one of your teachers, Ms. Mandrake! This is a whole new year for you all, and I am happy to say we can all enjoy it! We all know the new...Troubles lately, But we shall all simply leave it in the hands of our...Highest forces of magic. Don't worry! Our master wizards will surely take care of it. Now, who's ready for a WHOLE NEW YEAR!" Professor Mandrake, the Witch History teacher, had announced. The crowd of students cheered. "We shall start our TRUE day tomorrow! This is your history teacher, Ms. Mandrake, signing off!" The Teacher walked off the stage, and the students started leaving. For they all knew what happened if you were LATE for the ceremony. Expulsion. Permanently.
    -I will NOT be accepting anyone else after opening ceremony. Unless there's only One or two people, then we can extend the time allotted.
    -No disgusting content. No barf (In exquisite detail, at least.), no weight gain, no burping or farting. It can make people VERY, VERY sick just reading it.
    -You must have a basic understanding of 'Little Witch's Academia'.
    -No, you can't understand every single magic spell in the book at first shot. But you may be skilled at a natural HUMAN skill. Even if your character comes from a witch family.
    -You don't HAVE to go to the Witch Academia, but you have to SOMEWHAT be involved in the plot.
    -Keep cussing at a minimum, as I haven't heard the characters use actual cuss words. 'Crap', 'Fricking', and words that AREN'T considered cussing in every social literature, can be said a little more often.
    -Have fun!

    (Either witch, or human. Humans can go to the school.):
    (All who go to the Witch Academia must be female. Male figures never attend the school. EVEN teachers.)
    Preferred Magic Type:

    Carvery Mandrake (Ms. Mandrake, @Ghostly Jazz Hand's)

    Anna Crackling (@Ghostly Jazz Hand's)

    Name: Carvery 'Andromeda' Mandrake
    Species: Witch
    Sexuality: None/Not looking for love
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Carvery wears the standard teacher outfit, except the dress part is longer, and has brown eyes. She wears small glasses, and has fair white skin. She has brown and blonde hair, let down in a bob cut in the style of the 'Brown and Blonde Wavy Bob' (Look it up).
    Personality: Carvery is a caring type of teacher, and is very merciful. She enjoys chocolate brownies, often eating them during class. She has her manners straight, and is very serious about them. She prefers that her students sit up straight. She believes all students can reach there goals with enough effort, and is happy to help those who need it.
    Preferred Magic Type: Wind Magic, Puppet Magic, Object Control Magic
    Other: She may have a addiction with chocolate.

    Name: Anna 'Creavis' Creeklin
    Species: Witch
    Sexuality: None/Not looking for love. (Yet)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: They wear the normal school outfit when suppose to. When not wearing the school outfit, they wear a red plaid over shirt with a black tank top under it, khaki short's and red sneakers with black socks. They sport Black hair down to their shoulder's with a single white streak. The hair covers one eye.
    Personality: They act very showy on a broom, and is very cocky. They act very responsible in front of teachers, however, and really doesn't care what others think of them. They are also very stubborn. They don't mean harm, however. They have Determination.
    Preferred Magic Type: Floating Magic, Body Strengthening Magic, Illusory Magic
    Other: They are very skilled at fighting with a sword.
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