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Life with guitar

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by arek, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Gotta let you knwo a guitar was the best thing I ever bought. Now when I write out these long ass poems I place on my live journal I can play music to help set the mood. I still suck at guitar but oh well singing to my own poems while strumming random notes and chords is better than just releasing feelings who knows maybe I'll come up with the right riffs and bam become a rockstar. I doubt I get that lucky but maybe just maybe I can also keep a look on myspace.com for a band called short as day they kick ass. I personally know the whole band. lol I'm currently helping to promote them if anyone would like to lsiten to their two song demo I'll try and post it somewhere on the internet later this week.
  2. I play guitar aswell maybe we can swap lyrics ???
  3. *raises hand* I also play guitar I've had a go at writing poems and lyrics but mostly I lose focus and give up half way through writing but I manage some really good lines so it's a shame for them to go to waste.

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