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Ask to Join Life Is But A Shadow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Kyu Gardevoir, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. ((The apocalypse again will begin soon))

    Kyu was walking down the streets of the massive city of LA and she had some earbuds on while she lightly hummed and walked down the street as it was an average day for her,she proceeded to walk in a small weaponry store to see if her knife engraved with a dragon was ready as the man on the counter smiled

    "That'll be three thousand dollars ma'am" he said as Kyu pouted "awwww come onnnn~ can't you lower it a bit for lil ole me I mean I AM an average customer" she said winking at him as the man blushed hard "u-u-umm I-i forgot the discount I-its uhh 800$ ma'am"
    She smirked "Thanks!" She said paying for it and looking at the awesome design of the dragon of the knife as she stood there and admired it with her eyes shining a bit dramatically from how good and awesome it looked
  2. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Kyo smiled as she kissed AI goodbye and hugged her friend before leaving the cafe, she needed to go home and feed Spitfire then walk her then get her costume ready for the convention and...well she had a lot of stuff to do
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  3. Kyu still stood there admiring her knife as she looked around the shop and saw a cool looking bow and arrow "ooo!! This is badass!! Is this for sale??" She asked as the guy shook his head "sorry that's already reserved for someone else who's already paid for it" he said as Kyu pouted bummed out a bit but was distracted with several souvenirs
  4. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    "Okay I need treats for Spitfire then I need to go to the Boutique then...I really should have written this down" Kyo sighed annoyed at her tendency to forget to write things down at this rate she couldn't continue looking after Spitfire for much longer and she was a freaking Senior Dog!
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  5. Shane walked down the street looking for the small weaponry shop. He continued to walk down the street until he was in front of the small weaponry shop. He opened the door and walked into the store, examining all the weapons on display. The he saw the small dagger he came for. Shane bought the dagger and continued to admire the other souvenirs.
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  6. kyu was in a Walmart shopping for a few things and she then heard a lot of noise as she walked to a man who was sweating

    Man-he panted heavily "ma'am! Ma'am the end of the world is coming! I saw it with my own eyes!!"
    Kyu-.....ummmm you have a few screws loose dude
    Man-Listen!! I saw it!! You have to believe me!!
    Kyu-......I don't really believe in superstitions like that soooo.....sorry man" she said as she walked on to more shopping as the guy was trying hard to run around and convince other people
  7. A young man had his hood up as he walked past Kyu toward the weapon shop and went inside. He was a man of few words, but one not to be taken lightly. He rarely left the forest outside of the town, only doing so for school back when he was still in school, selling his game and pelts to those who would buy them, and the reason he was in town now: Shopping. Entering the shop, he gave the man at the counter a nod as he walked up to him. "My bow?" The clerk handed over the reserved weapon and he looked it over.

    "Custom orders don't come cheap, you know." The clerk grunted. "$1500." The man paid the money nonchalantly as he continued observing his weapon. "Just as you requested: Top quality Yew wood, strong thread, capable of firing a good 200 feet."

    "Thank you." He replied, then exited the shop, hearing a man rambling about the end of the world as he entered a walmart.
  8. The man quickly ran up to the man who looked mysterious "PLEASE!! You have to believe me sir grab your kids wife or any family and friends and you need to leave the city!! This is dangerous there gonna kill everything in the city!! They already took over a city I lived in it was small but if they come here this could mean millions dead man you have to believe me!" He said and he was so passionate and had a look to him showing he really was desperate

    Kyu-she sighed and saw the crazy man was talking to some guy carrying a bow "huh......wonder how he managed to be in here without being stopped by a cop...." she said admiring his bow a bit as the building in walmart softly shook but it was so minor you'd have to have supernatural powers to feel it
  9. The mysterious young man gave a grunt as he looked down to the man and put a hand to his shoulder. "What on earth are you rambling about?" he demanded in a tone that implied he honestly didn't care. He then felt someone else's glance and looked up to see some woman looking his way. He gave a small shrug as if to say 'I don't know this nutjob.'
  10. The man heard something
    "There......there coming" he said as the walmart was silent

    Kyu-"ummm dude? Nothing's happening" she said

    Suddenly a woman tackled the man and started biting deep into his flesh,It was really Gruesome as the guy was yelling in pain

    Kyu was really confused over what was happening and she froze up looking at the man wanting him to do something with urgent eyes
  11. Reacting quickly, the man whipped out his bow, backing away as he notched an arrow and fired it into the woman's shoulder. "Step away from the man or I'll shoot to kill." he ordered, his voice cold, like a hunter's. He didn't know exactly what was going on, and he knew he might be facing some serious charges, but the first thing on his mind was to break this carnage up.
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  12. The lady was hit by the arrow and she growled and looked at him,her jaw was was wide open and blood filled it as she ran at him faster then he can react and knocked him down

    Kyu-Hey!! *she ran and quickly pulled out her dagger from her bra and she stabbed her at the side of the neck over and over until the lady stopped moving* h-holy shit.....holy shit I killed someone" she said as she looked at her bloody hands "Man.....that's.....that was intense" she said not really scared since she's stabbed people before but she was still pretty spooked
  13. Julian looked at the woman who had saved her life. "Th-thanks..." he huffed out between breaths as he tried to calm down a bit. He then looked over to the injured man. "I don't think he'll survive that wound. Stay back." He told Kyu, drawing out another arrow.

    (Sorry for the late response, I'm sorta multitasking here.)
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  14. (It's aight :v just don't take like days and weeks and you'll be aight))

    Kyu-This is a freaking Walmart what the hell?! How are you even allowed to carry that??

    Man-I told you!.......I told you yet you didn't listen.....
    He died slowly and suddenly the building slightly shook as there was explosions outside and Julian and Kyu saw a massive horde of people who looked sick and messed up and insane walking to them

    Kyu-Oh crap.....Seriously I was not expecting today to be like how it is......this is a bad dream

    She said not really believing what she saw

    Over where the others were at the sighs of the outbreak was slowly showing
  15. (Do you think it'd be reasonable if a character saw this kinda thing in media and entertainment? If so, there's a comedy line I had planned for Julian)

    "Okay, we're leaving. Now." Julian said, tugging on Kyu's sleeve as he prepared another arrow and backed away from the advancing crowd. He had a feeling his life would never be as peaceful as it once was. "At least now we know why the cops haven't shown up yet." he muttered to himself.
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  16. (Just wait :p would this count as your opening for your line?)

    Kyu-Oh yeah sure that bow and arrow is cool and all,but there's a freaking large crowd of weirdos coming at us!! What are you trying to do?! Run!

    She said as she just grabbed his arm and started pulling hard and she was very surprisingly strong which caught him off guard as she ran with him out of the entrance and everything looked gray and messed up outside as there was crashed cars and there was many police sirens all around the massive city "Ok my place or your place?" She said urgently as she was awed how fast everything as been torn up

    Kyu-Man.......Are these zombies?!........I've seen walking dead and all and I've been seeing many crazy guys on tv talk about it but....

    Everywhere else in the city everyone noticed the signs of something big happening
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  17. "Mine's closer." Julian answered, nodding toward the woods and looking around at the devastation around him. "Jeez, one moment, it was all peaceful. Next thing you know, BAM! End of the world." As they ran, Julian notched an arrow and fired ahead of them, the arrow whizzing toward a zombie and sinking into it's temple.
  18. They heard many military fire all over the city as there was echoes and many people yelling and they saw a dead soldier on the ground as he had a star On his helmet covered in bloodas Kyu walked and picked up a radio off of him as she tried hard not to puke and she heard that this was a commanders radio meaning it has direct access to the headquarters base but since Kyu was too busy running and frantically picking it up all she was able to hear was people on the other end

    Headquarters-"10-9 what is your position now?"

    Kyu-she turnt off the radio as she saw a bunch of buttons on it but she didn't know what they meant since she never held one of these military radios before as it fit in her pocket as she saw Julian shooting a zombie in the temple

    Kyu-"nice shot!......and that man said that his city was overwhelmed and he came to warn us......that means this has been happening for a few days and no one said anything?!? Why?!" She said running with him following him
  19. "It's a common first reaction. Whenever the government is faced with something they don't know how to solve, they keep it behind closed doors to prevent panic among civilians." Julian explained as he ran into the forest. "Can you imagine what it would be like if social order was gone weeks before the dead came to consume us? Most of us would be dead in some way or another before they even reached the first city." He spotted his cabin and picked up his pace. "That, and it's kind of hard to register at first that there are corpses eating the living. They were probably in denial for a little while."
  20. Kyu-"i....I guess your right your pretty smart"

    She ran in and quickly closed the door once he came in as she panted a bit as she looked to the radio

    Kyu-".......I took this from a military guy......oh god......this is happening so fast

    She was hyperventilating for a few seconds before taking a few breaths and turning on the radio and messing with it a bit

    Headquarters-"HQ to all ground units,Any civilians trying to leave the city must be shot on sight! We can not risk any infection spreading.....our top scientists are working on how this all started and starting evidence and intel points to a lab experiment,standby for orders and more intel

    Kyu-"oh god.....s-shoot civilians who try to leave on sight h-huh......."

    She was freaking out and couldn't think straight as she looked around his house trying to distract her mind
  21. "We could use that, actually." Julian said, gently taking the radio from her hands and placing it on a table. His cabin was a bit on the small side, with two main rooms branching out into a den, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. It had a nice country feel to it, and was decorated by all sorts of Native American antiques and items. Immediately Julian got to work boarding up the windows, leaving only a small slit to peek out through. He then opened a trap door underneath the living room rug and climbed down the ladder it led to.

    Once in the basement, Julian began taking inventory. Enough food and water to last 30 days, Extra bows, arrows, knives and other hunting equipment, flashlights, first aid, seemed everything was there. Climbing back out, he went over to Kyu and sat down beside her, silently placing a hand over hers to try and comfort her.
  22. She took in a deep breath as she smiled "t-thanks heh.....sorry I'm usually my like this,this is just so much to process" she said
    She looked all around and loved the way his house looked as she looked at his antiques

    A few minutes later another radio transmission was heard through the Walkie talkie radio

    Headquarters Captain-Unit 10! What's your status?

    Unit 10-Sir! Hold on" there was a few gunshots heard as there was many gunshots heard through the radio "We're almost over runned,We've been barricaded here for hours but these zombies are hard to kill!"

    Headquarters captain-"There freaking walking corpses,Just kill em all!"

    Unit 10-"roger that! We keep shooting em but they keep on running at us and some seem to be a lot stronger then others"

    Kyu-"This feels like a movie.....maybe you should turn off the radio for now,unless if you still wanna hear in case f anything important happens.....anyways umm anything else cool you have around here? Cause I'm loving these antiques" she said admiring them a bit nervously since this wasn't her house
  23. "Don't mention it." Julian said, turning the radio off. "Hmmm...powered by AA's." he noted before making his way over to the couch and laying down. "There're some books in the den, including a manga collection." He said, pointing to one of the side rooms.

    The den was a quaint little place filled with various furniture such as armchairs and coffee tables. On one wall hung a dart board, and in the corner was an electric heater. There were also bookshelves; lots of them, with their shelves filled with novels, guides, comics, manga, and other reading material.
  24. Kyu walked back to him "Say we barley just met and we're gonna have to stick together for a while,let's get introductions outta the way since if i don't know your name I'll just make up a weird name that'll be awkward for both of us like ice or something I don't know,The names,or at least my full name is Joan Kyu Palmer but people usually refer to my middle name since for some reason that's the catchiest to them so just call me kyu of Joan if you want,what bout you?" She asked as she sat down on the couch and was a bit excited that he had so many books and even a manga collection
  25. "Name's Julian." The man replied, cleaning his equipment. "There's nothin' really special about me. I'm just your average hunter trying to get by." He explained nonchalantly. "Nice to meetcha, I guess."
  26. She shrugged "I see you don't really like people huh.... you don't have a last name or family?." she said as she looked outside through the window and saw the sky turnt gray as there was many zombies roaming around outside doing there own business and chasing after many stray humans
    She said "well we're gonna have to get used to each other if we're gonna have to trust each other through all of this.....now luckily I've eaten and drank so I won't be needing to eat or drink any of our rations for today.....but do you have a vehicle or any transportation?.....cause if not I have a kind of dangerous high risk high reward sort of deal" she said "we can't risk too much but a vehicle will be really important long term julian"
  27. "I have a pick-up parked around back, but in the state the roads are in, we'd just be adding to the deadlock." Julian pointed out. "And I do get along fairly with others, it's just I don't have a lot of company. My family's in another town, and my last name is Vance." He looked over toward the window for a moment, then picked up the book beside him and continued reading.
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  28. Kyu just nodded as she didn't want to interrupt his reading ".....your right.....Wait here for a second" she said as she went to the kitchen and took the radio and listened in on what the Headquarters were saying

    Headquarters Captain-Dammit.....we lost unit ten......Alpha 2 what's your status?

    Alpha 2 team-Sir we are treading across a forest....I lost fourty men and I only have two privates with me permission for air lift

    Headquarters captain-No our Air lifts are currently busy,Just stand still and stay safe until further instructions

    Kyu-"what started all of this.....hmm...." she said pondering it but she then saw a manga book she had trouble finding and she looked at it with her eyes sparkling "YES! I know what I'm doing" she said as she sat down in the carpet and was reading peacefully as she looked over to Julian reading and she read his cover for the book
  29. Shane ran into the forest hoping to out run the undead chasing him. He kept his pace weaving in and out of trees in his path. Shane soon outrun them to the point they were out of sight. Shane continued further into the forest going as silent as he could be, trying not to alert the zombies. He soon saw a cabin, "Finally some shelter" he said to himself. As he got closer to the cabin he grabbed his dagger and threw it straight at the zombies head. He proceeded to the cabin door and tried to open it but it was locked. He heard voices from inside, so he started knocking on the door, "let me in" He said.
  30. Kyu-she went to the door and looked to Julian thinking on what to do as she kept it locked but spoke up

    "Ummm.....Why? What do you have to offer?" She asked and she felt like she was being a bit selifish but she had to since the apocalypse began and she had to trust no one except for the ones she's sure about
  31. Shane started to get angry as the girl was being selfish, "Just open the door, the zombies are getting closer" He said as a zombie was coming into view. Shane kept banging the door until the zombie was so close he had to something. So he did a quick kick to its knee bringing the zombie to the ground and stomped on his head.

    "Please open the door I wont survive out here" Shane said begging for her to open the door.
  32. She panicked and quickly opened the door and threw him in with a surprising amount of force as a zombie ran right at her but she quickly stabbed it in the side of the head with her hidden dagger in her bra and she then kicked it and quickly locked and barricaded the door

    There was a plethora of zombies outside since they were all excited from seeing there was survivors inside but none made an attempt to break in surprisingly since they see there dead friend and so they just lurked outside the house

    Kyu looked out the tiny hole and saw the massive amount of zombies

    Kyu"Shit......There's a lot of them......and with you here we'll run out of rations faster....I think that the military would've left rations when some are slaughtered so later on one of us or two of us are gonna have to go out and scavenge for those military rations but as for now.......what's your name?" She asked as her light blue eyes met his and she looked deep in his eyes to try to read how he is
  33. "Jesus Christ.... that was close" Shane said breathing heavily. He looked outside to see multiple zombies walking around but not one trying to brake in. He looked at the girl and said "My names Shane, Shane Lyon" He said putting his hand out for a handshake. "What's yours?"
  34. She wasn't really a handshakes type of person so she formed his hand into a fist and she fist bumped him "Sup,Names Joan Kyu Palmer although you can call me whatever you want,this here is my buds house he's over there reading" I said pointing to him "His names Julian,There's books and anime mangas if your bored or you can listen in on the military through our radio,just try not to break anything" she said
  35. Julian was silent as he sized up the new visitor. He then looked out the window, his face slowly morphing into irritation. "God, you've really brought a mess to my doorstep." He muttered, grabbing his bow and arrows. "If anyone needs me, I'll be on the roof 'cleaning up'." He then went over to a trapdoor on the roof and opened it, a collapsible sliding down for him to climb up. Once he was on the roof, he began picking off any zombies he could see.
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  36. Suddenly the radio came on as a man said

    Headquarters-There appears to be a house surrounded by zombies sir what do we do?

    Captain-We clear out the area and we check in on these survivors,we can NOT let them leave the city so you'll have to convince them to stay in there home.....Hopefully all things go well once we unleash operation Shadow eagle but.....we will NOT use that unless if it's our last resort

    Kyu-Shadow eagle.........huh?!"

    Suddenly you noticed that a large APC unit drove in and began mowing down the massive hoard with its heavy machine gun as a soldier with a mask walked out after the coast was clear "Hey!! Stay in your homes alright? No one is allowed out of the city or you WILL be shot on sight!" He yelled up "We have food and water if you need some" he yelled
  37. Julian fired an arrow into an approaching zombie's head from the roof as he looked to the soldiers. "Look, I get you're trying to quarantine the...whatever it is, but do you really think you're supplied to take on a city's populace of zombies?" He called out. "Because right now you're probably killing off more humans indirectly than you are zombies." He paused, then took aim once more, firing over a soldier's shoulder to hit a zombie behind him. Seeing the coast was clear, he went back into the house, carrying his weapons with him.
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  38. The soldier sighed "Fine! And we have the situation under control we have the permission to use motion sensor bombs and attack helicopters" he said as he shot a few of the approaching zombies as the gunner fired the heavy machine gun and they completely cleaned the area in no time

    Soldier-he proceeded to give Julian a box "here is enough food to supply you for a month for two people and if your by yourself for two months and same with water" he said carrying another box from the back of the truck and putting the water next to his front door "Now listen,I don't mean to be rude but what you said was very offensive,We have been given orders to hold down certain positions and so far they are all up and run-" suddenly he received a transmission

    Soldier-"Echo to fire team what's you status?"

    Fire team-"Oh god!! These aren't normal anymore sir!! We're getting overrunned aghhhh!!" He yelled
    Soldier-"Fire leader!! Come in!" He yelled as there was just static "Damn!.......Not normal anymore?.....We were all up and running but now....one post is gone....." he sighed "What could've happened dammit" he said a bit pissed but still keeping his cool "im sorry but we may be needed someplace elsewhere" he said
  39. "You honestly think your generals actually care about you?" Julian scoffed, "If so, you're stupider than you look. No, buddy, here's the truth: you're just cannon fodder being tossed out willingly to the zombies to stall for time while the higher ups bring the political figures and fat cats to safety." He then glared at the soldier addressing him. "Tell me: what do you think is gonna happen when you seal out the public's only way out? You're basically asking for disaster to strike. More and more civilians will become one of THEM, and then the whole city'll be at your throat. But if you think that's where the bad stuff ends, then oh HO, are you mistaken." He put a hand on the militant's shoulder, leaning in and whispering into his ear. "They don't have to worry about running out of food, water, or ammo. They don't care if you blast their limbs off, or rip them in two with your shells and bombs. They don't have to worry about fatigue or low morale. You do. And as your numbers decrease, theirs will only grow. So tell me, is this really the right move?"

    After he had said this, the radio transmitted the distress signal from Fire Team. "Well, I appreciate the supplies, and it seems you gentleman CLEARLY have things under control." Julian remarked. "Come see us again when you're ready to get the job done RIGHT." With that, he carried the supplies into the house and shut the door.

    (Julian: Roasted Soldier, anyone?)
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  40. ((Dammmnnnn xD needs ice for that burn soldier not even his armor protected him from that))

    Soldier-"....wait!" He said loud enough to stop Julian dead in his tracks "After all of this your right Julian,Me and my boys will just find a place to take shelter until these corpses decompose,Cause that's what they are doing anyways so if we wait long enough they won't be able to move which should take only a few years or so once the world turns" he said "Thanks for that helpful insight,I've just been born under harsh circumstances and so I just followed orders for as long as I can remember,it's kinda hard to break that programming yaknow?" He said "well.....if you ever need anything I'll give you my radio,unlike you common civilians I have access to ammo and a much better place then your shack,they'll tear down your house like paper once they get hungry enough so maybe you should head off with m-" Suddenly all around them there was a singular zombie yell one that sounded distorted as the soldier on the gunner of the APC just turnt and spun around checking the forest for anything as there was fast footsteps almost too fast all around them as it sounded like it was everywhere as the yell sounded coordinated

    Soldier-"What the hell......This is a different one....." he said keeping his gun up as the gunner reloaded his gun and was ready

    Kyu-she walked outside since she heard the yell and she had out a pistol that she kept for emergencys as she cocked it and looked around with pure determination in her eyes "this....what was that?!" She said

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