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Open Life as a trainer in Hoenn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by 115superads, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Rules: rule 1:No swearing
    Rule 2: follow the pokecharms rules
    follow the rules or you will be kicked out
    and remember to ask to join

    Now the profile:

    Name: Red
    Role: Trainer
    Team of Pokemon: charmander
    Appearance: Dark blonde hair, red t-shirt with a Pokeball on it, Blue pants, Red cap, Red jacket
    Personality: Wants to be a pokemon master, Nice
    Previous regions: Kanto, Johto
    Rivals: Blue

    Red had arrived in Littleroot a moment before he rushed into his new house and put his stuff down. Then he said bye to his mum nand rushed out the door to the professor's lab.
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  2. Name: Zachary
    Role: Trainer
    Team of Pokemon: Sandslash,Eevee,Arcanine
    Appearance: Profile Picture
    Personality: Energetic, Friendly
    Previous Reigions: Unova, Kanto
    Rivals: None ( Yet )

    Zachary got off of his Lapras on the shore of Hoenn, Ready to continue his pokemon adventure from Unova!
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  3. Red saw the professor and he gave him a pokenav and all the options. Red rushed to route 101. Red ran around the route, desperatley looking for pokemon. he saw a ralts, quickly sent out his charmander and commanded it to use Ember. the ralts fainted. he was so dissapointed.
  4. Okay
    Name: Light
    Role: Trainer
    Team of Pokemon: Torchic
    Appearance: My profile pic
    Personality: serious but can be hard headed at time's
    Rival's: Sliver

    Light has just arrive at Littleroot to start a new pokemon Journey as he headed to the Professor house to get a new pokedex for the Hoenn Region as he arrive at the lab he walk in "hello anyome here" he said
  5. ye
    yes you can join
  6. Zachary was searching around around in the tall grass when he found a trainer also searching around. He walked over to the pokemon trainer cautiously.
  7. you
    can too
  8. Red saw a trainer walking towards him. Red kept searching for pokemon
  9. Red hesitated for a bit, took a good look at the trainer, and said "When the eyes of two trainers meet, its a battle!"
  10. " Uh, hello there, " Zachary said, making sure he was paying attention.
  11. " Oh right! " Zach said loudly, then yelling " Sandslash! Go! " It was a level 65 Sandslash.
  12. Red sent out his charmander. It had grew 3 levels from the battle with ralts. it was lev. 8
  13. "Charmander, use scratch!" Red commanded
  14. Charmander wasnt scared of a level 65 sandslash. it would stay and fight for its trainer
  15. It seemed to only do about 5 dmg. " Now Sandslash! Use Double kick! " It took out Charmander in an instant.
  16. "Woah! That sandslash looks strong!" Red said. "Remember, this is my first battle in hoenn, so i wont give up!"
  17. Light walk into the grass to see the tao Trainer's battle "this should be interesting to watch" he said as he sat down on the ground and sent out Torchic to watch too.
  18. " Thanks for the complement! " Zachary said, " Slash! Slash! " His Sandslash said excitedly "
  19. "Return, charmander" Red said. "That was a great battle!"
  20. "I think you'll easily beat the gym leader!" Red said to Zachary.
  21. " It sure was! " Zachary said energetically " Hey, if it isn't any trouble, can i come along with you on your journey? "
  22. "I've challenged the gym and i lost. With Pokemon like that, you'll take out Roxanne's Nosepass and geodude!" Red said
  23. Light got up and return Torchic "can i come to i need to beat the Gym Leader there" said ask as he fixed his helment to see battle "oh and my name's Light by the way" he put his hand out
  24. "I've been looking for a travelling buddy! So yes." Red said
  25. " Thanks for the advice "
  26. "Ok. you too!" Red said.
  27. " Ha! Yes! " Zachary said Energetically
  28. Red spotted Blue. "Hey, that's my rival over there" Red whispered.
  29. " Hm, he doesn't seem that bad.. " Zachary said slowly approaching Blue.

    ( OOC im gonna be afk for a little bit gotta go eat. )
  30. He walked over to Blue. "Hi?" Blue said that Gold wasn't going to Hoenn. He was going to Sinnoh. "Ok. We'll battle soon!"
  31. Light smiled "Thanks oh and if you want i know a lake we can go to so he can catch some water pokemon there" he said pulling out his pokedex and taking out a great ball from hsi bag
  32. ok
  33. "But I'm fine searching for pokemon here, Right Charmander?" Charmander! his little lizard replied.
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  34. Red continued his search for pokemon.
  35. ( OOC Alright i'm back. )

    " So, that Blue guy is your rival per se? "
  36. Zachary continued searching and found a wild Ralts.
    " Eevee, I Choose you! " Eevee was sent out
  37. He found a Pidgeotto and sent out charmander. charmander used scratch and then red threw a pokeball,
    "Oh, Right! I caught a Pidgeotto!" Red exclaimed.

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