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Let's Play Pokémon Sapphire: The Nuzlocke Edition

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Psycho Monkey, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Today marks the 10th anniversary of my favorite Pokémon game, the lovely Sapphire Version. After beating Crystal I was pretty much bored and done with the series. That is until I saw that magnificent whale, Kyogre, on the cover of one of the newest Pokémon games in early 2003. I thought the other mascot, Groudon, was pretty cool looking too, but let's be real here, I'm an ocean person. And so I bought Sapphire (my brother got Ruby) and with all the new innovations the game had to offer, I was roped back into the Pokémon franchise to stay. Needless to say I was horribly disappointed that Gen V ended without a remake, or at the very least another Hoenn based game. So to celebrate this momentous occasion, I'm replaying Sapphire as a Nuzlocke Challenge and chronicling my experience for all of you to read as a Let's Play fic.

    I'll start the game tonight after I'm done classes for the day so for now I present to you the rules I'll be playing by as well as an amusing Prologue I threw together. The first chapter will appear when I feel like I'm far enough.

    Let’s Play Pokémon Sapphire: The Nuzlocke Edition

    The Rules:
    1. Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be put in the graveyard. No exceptions.
    2. Only the first Pokémon encountered in each area may be caught, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. The only exceptions are HM slaves and Shiny Pokémon, but they must never be used unless they were the first encounter.
    3. Only one of each species may be caught. If a Zigzagoon is caught on Route 101, a second Zigzagoon may not be caught on Route 102 even if it is the first encounter. However, a Linoone can be caught should that be the first Pokémon encountered on a Route they are available. The only exception is if the duplicate is shiny (see above).
    4. Every Battle must be fought. Every single Trainer that can be battled in Hoenn, even ones that are easily avoided or skipped, have to be battled. Likewise, there is no running from Wild Encounters. The only exceptions are if all Pokémon in the party are in the red and are out of PP or in the unlikely chance that a Wild Pokémon is a type that is immune to all the moves in the party (Wild Shuppet versus a party full of Normal and Fighting moves).


    “This is Pokémon Talk with Mary and Prof. Oak! Here to tell you about all 251 species of Pokémon!” my radio said waking me up. I grumbled as I got out of bed. Prof. Oak claims to be the authority on Pokémon, yet he still thinks there are only 251 Pokémon? Ha! What a joke! Maybe in the neighboring Johto and Kanto regions, but not in the whole world! My father Norman is originally from the Hoenn region and according to him there are about 135 unique species there not found over here!

    “Sapph! Time to wake up! We need to go to breakfast before the movers come!” my mother called up to me. Today was moving day so instead of dirtying our dishes which were already packed, Mom decided we were going to the Rob Evens for our last meal in Johto.

    The only clothes that I hadn’t packed yet were a pair of black pants with yellow at the bottom of the legs, a red and black sweatshirt with a yellow collar, a pair of yellow and blue fingerless gloves, a pair of yellow shoes, and my lucky white hat which were all laying on the floor ready for me to put on. I didn’t bother combing my short black hair since my hat covered all of it anyway. In fact, because of the fine texture, people often mistake my hat for my hair and think I have white hair and am just wearing a black headband marked with a Pokéball.

    After putting my alarm clock in the last open box I took one last look around my bedroom to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. It was the room I had known my whole life but I barely recognized it because everything I owned were in boxes stacked against the wall. Starting today I would be living in Littleroot Town, Hoenn where Dad lived.

    So I’m told, my dad was from Hoenn but came to Johto for a change of scenery and to broaden his horizons. It was here he met my mom and decided to stay in Johto up until last year when he moved back to Hoenn to become a Gym Leader.

    “Sapphire! Did you hear me?” Mom called again. I cringed at the sound of my full name. It’s not my fault my parents thought they were having a daughter just because the sonogram didn’t pick up a crucial part of my anatomy. Shouldn’t they have come up with a boy’s name just in case? When I asked them about it they said the only other name they could come up with was Ruby!

    “Yes Mom! I heard you! I’m coming down right now!” I shouted back as I made my way to the stairs.

    After we came home from breakfast we waited around for the movers to come. Luckily they didn’t take long. And by ‘they’ I mean one guy wearing a blue jumpsuit and two hulking grey Pokémon known as Machoke! Despite my initial shock, they were quite efficient in emptying everything from our old house to the moving van. Yes. Just one van. Huh.

    “Alright Sapph, let’s head out.” Mom said getting in the cab of the moving van.

    “Uh… Mom? Where do I sit?” I asked. There only seemed to be room in the front seat for two: her and the driver.

    “In the back with all of our stuff of course!” she said cheerfully. Uh huh. Riiiight.

    “Move it Kid, we’re on a tight schedule!” the driver said gruffly standing behind me. I quietly sobbed to myself as I made my way to the back. I climbed in like the piece of luggage I was treated as and was locked in by the driver.

    “This couldn’t possibly get worse!” I bemoaned out loud. My cries were answered by the low guttural growls of the two Machokes who were also in back with me. One of them stared right at me cracking its knuckles while the other one flexed its biceps. Biceps the size of my head no less! I chuckled nervously. It was a good thing the box with my other clothes was on top because I might need a change of pants if I survive my journey to Hoenn.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    And so the Challenge has begun! ~evil~

    Chapter 1: Welcome to the Hoenn Region!

    Immerse yourself in the beautiful region of Hoenn, a place of masterful heroes and mysterious teams, of friendship and battles. As the new kid in town, you set off your journey as a Pokémon Trainer. Who knows what wonders and dangers await you? Now it's time to grab your gear and head out on your own...

    The grass was vibrant green and wet with dew. So wet in fact that a few drops were dripping off forming a puddle. As for me, I was riding my bike threw said grass with the ocean to my left and a crisp breeze blowing in my face. Then suddenly this large red and white Pokémon flew beside me! I had never seen something as overwhelmingly beautiful! The Pokémon looked at me with a large golden eye before speeding off into the distance. I peddled as fast as I could to catch up to it but to no use!


    “Ouch! What the…?” I looked around to find that I was still in the moving van. We must have hit a pothole or something. Hopefully it wasn’t a pedestrian. Still, that was an awesome dream I was having. I wonder if a Pokémon like that really exists or if it was just a product of my imagination. I was now alone in the back of the van because the mover returned the Machoke to their Pokéballs when we stopped for gas on the way here. Finally the van stopped and the door was opened.

    “Freedom!” I cried jumping out the back.

    “Welcome to Littleroot Town Sapph.” Mom said greeting me. “It must have been hard riding in the back with all our stuff.” she said leading me inside our new house where the Machoke were already setting up.

    “You have no idea.” I said checking the place out. It was about the same size as our old house was. The two Machokes turned to me giving me death glares that made me tremble.

    “The mover’s Pokémon are doing all the work so why not go upstairs to your room. Dad bought you a new clock to commemorate our move here.” suggested my mom.

    “Yeah ok.” I agreed. Anything to get away from those Machokes. I went up to my room and fiddled with the clock but no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get it to run. I can’t believe this! My dad gets me a new clock but doesn’t get me fresh batteries to go with it! You know what, FINE! It’s noon. There. Done!

    “Hey Sapph! Check your desk and make sure everything is where it needs to be!” my mom called up to me. I did as told and found a very strange drawing. It was a poorly drawn stick figure of me with x’ed out eyes laying in a pool of blood. Standing above me were poorly drawn renditions of the Machoke. Those fiends! I crumbled up the picture and threw it in my recycling bin. I then withdrew a Potion from my PC and put it in my yellow backpack. I was saving that Potion for the day I become a Pokémon Trainer, but I might just need to use it on myself if those monsters downstairs get ahold of me! Too bad I didn’t have a Revive.

    After making sure everything else in my room was in its place I cautiously went downstairs to rejoin my mother. I’m her only son so surely she’d look out for my safety right? Luckily it looked as if the movers were done and gone. I sighed with relief.

    “Sapph! Sapph! Come quickly! Petalburg Gym is on TV!” Mom called urgently. I ran over for the chance to see my dad but I only saw the anchor woman on the screen.

    “This has been Gaby and Ty live from Petalburg Gym. Back to you Guile.” she said.

    “Looks like we missed him.” Mom said disappointedly. “Oh well. Why don’t you go next door and introduce yourself to Prof. Birch. He’s a friend of your dad’s you know.”

    “What about you?” I asked wondering why only I was being sent out.

    “The Birches already know me. Besides, my soaps are on.” she said dismissively taking a seat in front of the TV. “Bye Sapph!” I can’t believe her sometimes! So neglectful! I sighed and went outside. Considering how there were only three buildings in the whole town, I went immediately next door since I figured that was where Prof. Birch lived. As soon as I walked in the house a woman jumped up and got in my face.

    “Who are you!? What do you think you’re doing just barging into someone’s house uninvited!? Don’t you know how to knock!? Didn’t your mother teach you any manners!? I should call the cops!” she yelled. I was crouching with my hands over my head trying to appear as submissive as possible.

    “I’m sorry lady. My name is Sapph, I just moved in next door. I just wanted to come over and introduce myself. In Johto no one knocks so I’m just so used to walking into people’s houses. Please don’t call the cops!” I said pathetically.

    “Oh so you’re Sapphire! Your father said you’d be moving in today. Sorry for the third degree. I should have guessed you were Norman’s son based on how you act like you were raised by wild monkeys. The white hair completely threw me off.” the woman said cordially.

    “It’s a hat. And I go by Sapph.” I said flatly.

    “What’s all the commotion down here?” I turned to the stairs and saw the cutest girl to ever grace my sights. Time seemed to freeze as I took in her radiant beauty.

    “Uh… um… H-hi. I-I’m Sapphire… er, Sapph. I-I just moved in next door.” I stammered. What was wrong with me? Here I am talking to a goddess and I’m stuttering like a four-year-old! I bet my face is red too!

    “Hi Sapph! I’m May. I heard you were moving in today. I… I was hoping we could be friends.” she said. May. A name that rings with the beauty of Spring. If only my name was Emerald, then we would be destined to be together!

    “Sure May, I’d love to be friends with you.” I said. Then maybe we could be more than friends~

    “Oh right! I’m supposed to go help my dad with his research! See ya later Sapph!” she said running out the door. My heart sank. Did I say something stupid?

    “I think my husband is in his Lab. Why not go introduce yourself Sapph. I’m sure he’d love to meet you.” Ms. Birch suggested. I left the house without a second thought. May said she was going to help him with research so that means she’ll be there too!

    “Hello? Prof. Birch? May?” I called walking in the Lab.

    “Can I help you?” asked a scientist. Crap, I forgot to knock. At least he doesn’t seem mad about me showing up uninvited.

    “Yeah, are you Prof. Birch?” I inquired.

    “Oh no. I’m just an Aide. Prof. Birch is on Route 101 doing field research.” he answered.

    “Ok thanks!” I said leaving the Lab. Well that was a bust. I walked to the north of town where a kid was standing around with a derpy face.

    “Hey do you hear someone calling for help? I think someone is in trouble!” the kid said. Oh no! May! Don’t worry! I’m coming! I ran up the road only to see a man about the same age as my dad wearing brown sorts, sandals, and a white lab coat running from a small dog with black fur and big teeth.

    “You there! Help me!” the man called.

    “How?” I shouted back.

    “My bag there! I have three Pokémon in it! Take whichever one you want and save me!” he cried as he climbed up a small tree just out of the canine’s reach.

    “Alright then!” I said running over to the yellow bag he had pointed to. I reached inside and pulled out a Pokéball. “Pokémon! Go!” I called throwing the sphere. Emerging was a small blue Pokémon with short legs, pointed orange cheeks, a large fin on its head, and a large tail fin.

    “Pokémon! That man is in trouble! Use Tackle on the Wild Pokémon!” I instructed. The blue Pokémon looked up at me.

    “First of all, my name is not Pokémon. My name is Lelouch vi Britannia! I am of the species Mudkip! Secondly, that Wild Pokémon is called Poochyena. Get your facts straight before you even think of commanding me!” the Mudkip berated.

    “Sorry. Lelouch! Tackle that Poochyena!” I commanded.

    “Better!” Lelouch complemented before ramming the wild Poochyena with his head. Poochyena retaliated with its own Tackle. I gave Lelouch the order to Tackle again and this time Poochyena was down.

    “You were not half bad. It was a pleasure working with you.” Lelouch complemented.

    “You too.” I said. I had seen my dad battle countless times but being in an actual battle was way different. I’m glad everything worked out.

    “You saved me! Thank you so much!” the man said gratefully. “I’m Prof. Birch.” he introduced.

    “I’m Sapph.” I reciprocated.

    “Oh Norman’s son! Well come back with me to my Lab so that I can thank you properly.” said Prof. Birch. I did as requested and followed him back into town.

    “So,” he started when we were in the Lab. “The way you battled today was superb! You truly are your father’s son. Well done Sapph! As your reward, I will let you keep Mudkip. You will make a talented Trainer.”

    “Thank you. I don’t know what to say.” I said graciously. I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t been in Hoenn more than half an hour and I was already a Pokémon Trainer! This was amazing!

    “Wait a minute! Professor! Don’t I get a say in this matter?” complained Lelouch.

    “Nope!” Birch replied cheerfully.

    “Unbelievable!” Lelouch looked up at me. “Fine, I will work with you, but not as your subordinate. From now on we are accomplices. We are equals.”

    “Sounds good to me. I’ll accept this contract.” I said.

    “Good! I’m glad you two are getting along.” said the Professor. “Now, why don’t you go find my daughter, May, on Route 103. You and her are about the same age and you both have Pokémon so why not have a battle? I’m sure she’d be excited to teach you how things are done in Hoenn!” A chance to see May again? I’m there!

    “You got it!” I cheered.

    “You’re giving us up to die!” complained Lelouch.

    “Nonsense! You both will be fine!” reassured Birch.

    “He’s right! I’ve actually already met her. She’s a very nice girl.” Very nice~

    “Don’t be an idiot! You don’t know what battles in Hoenn are like!” At my Pokémon’s continued persistence, Prof. Birch got this very strange frightening look in his eyes. They were narrow and cold.

    “That’s enough Mudkip. Let May teach Sapph. We’ll see who is right.” I shivered at the Professor’s words. They were spoken so icily compared to the warm jovialness he spoke with before. At least I knew May wasn’t this scary.

    “Let’s go.” I told Lelouch although my previous excitement at seeing my neighbor was replaced with dread.

    As I traveled up Route 101 I got in a few battles. Wild Pokémon were a lot more vicious than I thought they would be. Every encounter felt like a life or death struggle for survival as if they were deliberately trying to kill Lelouch and I. There was no way I could even attempt to flee without being afraid for my life. This must be what my Pokémon meant about battles in Hoenn. I actually had to convince him not to kill his opponents, even if it was in self-defense! Still, it made me feel a lot better about my visit with May because I knew Trainer Battles were not going to be as dangerous.

    When I got to the next town, Oldale Town, I first went to a building with a red roof. I heard from my dad that those were called Pokémon Centers where my Pokémon would be healed free of charge. I then started asking people around town how to get to Route 103.

    “Excuse me, is this the way to Route 103?”

    “No! It’s the way to Route 102 but you can’t go that way! I’m drawing the footprints of a rare Pokémon!” Those footprints look like a person’s though…

    The next person I asked was also unhelpful but at least they gave me a Potion for my trouble. At least it didn’t take me too long to find Route 103 on my own. NPCs can be so useless sometimes. I got in another scuffle with a Wild Pokémon but Lelouch was getting strong enough that we dispatched it easily. That was when I saw that angelic glow between the trees.

    “May!” I called excitedly.

    “Huh? Hey Sapph! How did you get here all by yourself?” she asked surprised to see me.

    “Your dad gave me a Pokémon.” I explained.

    “He did? So you’re a Trainer just like me?” she inquired.

    “That’s right!” I said proudly. To my horror, May’s eyes grew wide but her pupils narrowed into vertical slits and she got a sadistic fanged grin. My goddess had become a demon!

    “Oh boy! This is going to be so great! I was hoping we could have been friends, but it looks like I’m going to have to teach you the way we do things around here! Get them Treeko!” she said like a madwoman as she summoned a green bipedal gecko with a red belly. “Pound them into dust!” she commanded. Treeko slammed its tail hard against Lelouch’s side.

    “I warned you about this!” he coughed. “In Hoenn it is survival of the fittest. Might is right and the strong devour the weak! It makes me sick!” Lelouch spat. I couldn’t believe this! What had I gotten myself into? May laughed evilly.

    “What are you waiting for Sapph? Order Mudkip to attack! If you don’t you both are going to die!” she challenged. To think such a cute girl could be such a monster! If I don’t do something, my first and only Pokémon is going to be killed. But if I run… No! Dad taught me that there is no running from a Trainer Battle! Besides, it would be just like the Wild Pokémon. They’d kill me if I tried to protect Lelouch. No choice then!

    “Lelouch! Tackle Treeko!” I commanded. The Mudkip did as told and tackled Treeko in the stomach.

    “That’s more like it!” cheered May in sadistic pleasure. Our Pokémon continued trading blows until both were exhausted.

    “Not yet… I can’t die yet!” said my Pokémon weakly but with determination. He let out a war cry before delivering the final blow to Treeko. At seeing her Pokémon on the ground, May’s eyes returned to normal.

    “No! Treeko!” she cried in alarm running over to the Pokémon.

    “Don’t worry. I only left him unconscious.” Lelouch reassured.

    “What? But this is a Battle? It’s not over until you finish us both off.” she said in confusion.

    “I’m not a killer.” I said flatly. “I don’t know what kind of rules Hoenn lives under and I don’t care! I had to convince Lelouch not to kill all those Wild Pokémon we fought so he must have understood my intentions in fighting with you.”

    “You refuse to kill?” questioned May like she couldn’t comprehend what I was saying. “Then you better make sure you become the most powerful Trainer in all of Hoenn, otherwise it is you who will be killed Sapph!” she warned.

    “Tell me, what is going on around here?” I demanded.

    “Come with me back to the Lab. Dad and I will explain everything.” May beckoned. The two of us headed south back to Littleroot Town so I could get a full explanation. When we walked in the Lab Prof. Birch looked surprised to see us.

    “May! Sapph! You’re both still alive? How?” he asked.

    “Sapph won, but didn’t kill Treeko or me.” informed May.

    “Will someone please tell me what is going on?” I demanded exasperatedly. Prof. Birch cleared his throat.

    “In Hoenn, whenever two Pokémon fight, it is a fight to the death. Wild Pokémon see us and our Pokémon as prey so they will not hesitate to take us down. You already witnessed that earlier when that Poochyena attacked me Sapph. Even harmless looking Wurmple are capable of inflicting fatal wounds. Trainer Battles are even more dangerous with every Trainer striving to be the best. In order to guarantee their survival and status, they kill the competition so that none may surpass them.” Birch revealed.

    “That’s barbaric!” I shouted. “How could people allow this to happen? Why doesn’t anyone stop it? It’s nothing but a waste of life!”

    “We don’t have a choice. Something just comes over us. Most Trainers are actually decent people when not fighting.” May informed. “You’re new at this so the instinct probably hasn’t taken effect in you yet.”

    “I refuse to take a life!” I declared adamantly.

    “You say that now, but if you keep battling, you might not have a choice Sapph!” she retorted.

    “Sometimes you have to be willing to shed blood so as not to waste the blood that has already been spilled.” Lelouch said philosophically.

    “You’re wrong!” I yelled at the Mudkip.

    “I’m sorry Sapph, that’s just how it is around here. These are the laws set down by the Pokémon League.” The Professor reached into his lab coat and pulled out a red device. “Here, take this Pokédex. If you are going to insist on not killing, then you’re going to need to know everything you can about Pokémon.”

    “I have one too, but I use it to help Dad with his research.” May said holding hers up too. “Also, I told you you would need to be a lot stronger so you don’t get yourself and Lelouch killed, so take these Pokéballs.” She said giving me five empty spheres. “Use them to catch yourself more Pokémon so that you can have yourself an army.”

    “Thank you May.” I said. Then I thought of something. “You said it was an instinct, something that comes over you. So the way you behaved on Route 103 wasn’t entirely your fault. In that case, I hope we can still be friends.” I offered.

    “I’m sorry Sapph, we can’t be friends.” she rejected. My heart sank until I saw her get a serious smirk. “From now on we’re rivals! I’m going to go on my own journey to get stronger so that I can keep you on your toes. I should be fine as long as you stick to your naïve declaration and don’t let anyone die.” What an amazing girl! I think I might be falling in love~

    “Sounds good to me!” I accepted giving her a thumbs up. “If the Pokémon League is the reason for this cruelty than I’m going to Petalburg City to talk to my dad. As a Gym Leader he should know what to do.”

    “Ideals alone won’t change things here you know.” Lelouch pointed out pessimistically.

    “Maybe not. But I until I know the truth they’re all I’ve got. All we’ve got.”

    On my way to Route 101, I stopped by my house to tell my mom that I was planning to go to Petalburg. She may be neglectful of me sometimes, but she’s still my mother and will worry if I don’t come home.

    “Hey Mom! I’m home!” I greeted.

    “Oh there you are Sapph! Where have you been?” she asked.

    “Prof. Birch gave me a Pokémon! This is Lelouch the Mudkip!” I said proudly holding the Mud Fish Pokémon up.

    “Put me down.” he requested.

    “He’s so cute! Why don’t the two of you rest here a bit?” Mom suggested.

    “Actually, I was going to Petalburg to see Dad and show him too.” I said. I didn’t want to go into details about what was really going on.

    “In that case, why not try out these new Running Shoes I got you!” she said pulling a pair of black and red shoes out of a bag. “You can run a lot faster in these than in your current shoes.”

    “Thanks Mom!” I quickly switched shoes my shoes. These were definitely a lot more comfortable than my old pair.

    “Ok, I’m off!” I called running out the door.

    Sorry for the mood whiplash so early on, but this is a Nuzlocke. I have actually played further than where this chapter ends, but I thought this was a good stopping point. I hope you enjoy the little subplot I've introduced within Sapphire's main plot. As you can tell, no one has died yet, although I came close in the battle with May who's AI was genre savvy enough to use Pound every turn. Next chapter, will introduce the newest companion(s?) to the Black Knights Team Sapphire.

    Just as an aside, as I was writing, I thought it would be funnier if I were playing Emerald for two reasons. The first is obvious: Shipping between Sapphire (who would be named Emerald instead) and May. The second would be Sapph's issues would be with Vigoroths not Machokes which would come up again in his interaction with Norman who has a Vigoroth. Daddy issues much?

    [​IMG]Lelouch vi Britannia commands you, all of you, to COMMENT!
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    Chapter 2: New Companions

    At the border between Oldale Town and Route 102 I saw the footprint guy sitting on the ground crying. When I asked him what was wrong, he sobbed and told me that when he finished sketching the footprints he realized they were his own. I just shook my head and kept walking.

    While I wanted to visit my dad was soon as possible, Lelouch can’t do this alone, he was going to need back up. I wandered into the tall grass by a pond looking for my first wild capture. Unfortunately there were no Wild Pokémon in sight, just a lily pad floating in the pond. That’s when I noticed the lily pad was floating away from land but the soft breeze was blowing towards land.

    “Lelouch, I think that’s a Pokémon right there!” I pointed out.

    “On it!” said the Mudkip jumping in the water. The lily pad tried to evade Lelouch, but he was able to chase it to shore. Aside from the lily pad on its head, the Pokémon was small and dark blue with a yellow beak and six legs. My Pokédex calls it Lotad, the Waterweed Pokémon.

    “No stop! Leave me alone! I don’t want any trouble!” Lotad screamed in panic. Unlike other wild Pokémon, this one didn’t seem as vicious and cut throat. I got to my knees to appear less intimidating.

    “It’s ok. We won’t hurt you.” I said gently.

    “Get away from me! You’re both liars!” she screamed at us.

    “Liars?” I asked in confusion.

    “I know what you are! You’re a Pokémon Trainer! You’re either going to kill me or enslave me!”

    “You’re wrong! Sapph is not that kind of Trainer and I won’t kill the weak and helpless.” Lelouch proclaimed.

    “I won’t fall for that!” yelled Lotad before clapping her small front legs on Lelouch’s head.

    “So you were just pretending to be helpless this whole time?” yelled Lelouch in anger. He ran into her with a powerful Tackle.

    “I knew it! You really did want to hurt me!” Lotad cried letting out a loud Growl. The Mudfish Pokémon retaliated with another Tackle.

    “Lelouch stop!” I commanded noticing the tears in Lotad’s eyes. “Can’t you see she’s scared? She only attacked you in self-defense!” I scolded.

    “She should have said something then!” he defended.

    “You just weren’t listening. That’s the problem with this world. Everyone uses violence to solve their problems so we end up with Trainers killing each other’s Pokémon.” I said bitterly.

    I looked at Lotad who was still conscious but too injured to move. She would be easy prey for other Wild Pokémon or any other Trainers that pass by here. There was no choice then. I pulled out a Pokéball and threw it at her. The ball shook vigorously as she tried breaking free, but in the end the ball locked making Lotad mine now. No. Not mine. My new partner if she wanted to tag-a-long. I would release her if I couldn’t convince her. But first things first. I walked back to Oldale Town to take Lotad to the Pokémon Center.

    “Are you alright now Lotad?” I asked the Waterweed Pokémon after getting my Pokémon back.

    “So I’m a slave now. I’ll be forced to fight.” she lamented in defeat.

    “No one is forcing you to do anything. Listen, I’ll tell you what I’m trying to accomplish and then you can decide if you want to stay with me or if you want to be released back into the wild.” I offered. “My name is Sapph and this is my accomplice Lelouch. I just became a Trainer and already I’m appalled by the way battles are conducted in Hoenn. My father Norman is the Petalburg Gym Leader so I was on my way there to figure out ways to stop all the killing.”

    “Impossible.” denied Lotad.

    “Maybe, but nothing will change if someone doesn’t take a stand. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you if you join me. I’ll train you to make you stronger so that you no longer have to live in fear, but if you rather go back to your old life, now is the time to say so.”

    “No! Anything but that! I want to believe in you. I’ll stay.” Lotad conceded. She then put on an energetic smile. “By the way, I’m Shirley!” she introduced.

    “Welcome aboard Shirley.” I said.

    “Let’s see… you’re Sapph, and… Luluff?” she asked pointing at us.

    “It’s Lelouch.” he corrected.

    “That’s kind of hard to say, so I’ll just call you Lulu from now on!” Shirley declared.

    “Whatever.” the Mudkip said dismissively. “Are you really going through with this Sapph?” he asked me.

    “Of course.” I answered. “Alright Shirley, we need to work on getting you stronger so let’s go to Route 101.” I proposed.

    “I’m kind of scared, but I’ll try.” she said nervously.

    “Don’t worry. Lelouch will back you up if you get in a tight spot.”

    “You’ve gotta be kidding me! Of well, at least I’ll get something out of this too.” he grudgingly agreed to.

    As expected, Shirley was very inexperienced as a battler so early on Lelouch had to come in and bail her out. There were many trips back to the Pokémon Center. She had a really hard time in dealing with Zigzagoon since they were completely immune to her Astonish. After a while though, she was strong enough to hold her own in battle and was even able to combat Zigzagoon after learning Absorb. Unfortunately, we had spent the entire day training and with the sun almost completely below the horizon, we had to spend the night in the Oldale Pokémon Center. My Pokémon were getting stronger, but I still had no idea what dangers awaited us at night.

    The following morning we headed straight for Route 102 after breakfast.

    “Hey you!” a boy called. He was short, most definitely younger than me, and wore shorts and a baseball cap. I knew right away this kid was trouble because he had the same eyes as May when we had our battle. “You’re a Pokémon Trainer right? Let’s battle!” he challenged. Without even waiting for me to reply, he threw down a Pokéball releasing a Zigzagoon.

    “I’ll take this one Sapph.” Shirley offered stepping forward.

    “Go for it. Absorb!” I called. Shirley bit down on the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon’s head and started sucking its energy.

    “Don’t lose! Use Tail Whip to get it off!” the Youngster commanded. Zigzagoon swatted Shirley with its bushy tail.

    “Absorb again!” I countered. The Lotad did as told.

    “Brush it off with another Tail Whip!” my opponent ordered.

    “Once more!” Zigzagoon must have not had much left because Shirley finished draining it in no time. “Alright, that’s the battle. Take Zigzagoon to a Pokémon Center to get it healed.” I told the Youngster.

    “What are you talking about? We aren’t done here yet!” he complained.

    “Do you have more Pokémon?” I asked.


    Then we’re done.” I said walking away.

    “Hey! HEY! You can’t just walk away from this dammit! We aren’t finished!” he shouted. When it became clear to him that I was ignoring him, he yelled louder. “I am Youngster Calvin! If I ever see you again, you’re dead! You hear me? DEAD!!” I just kept walking. I ran into three more Trainers on my way to Petalburg City and each one gave me similar treats about not finishing off their Pokémon. Things are a lot worse off here than I thought if Trainers are getting agitated about being spared. The fact that May wasn’t nearly as crazy as these people shows just how wonderful she really is~

    “Sapph! Over there!” Shirley said pointing to two strange looking trees.

    “I’ve heard of them. Those are Berry trees aren’t they?” Lelouch inquired.

    “Berry trees?” I asked.

    “Yeah! Berries can reenergize Pokémon that are fatigued or cure ailments if the right ones are eaten. They’re very nutritious!” informed Shirley.

    “Then let’s stock up.” I said picking a few and putting them in my backpack. I also came across a Potion that someone must have dropped. Hey, it saves me a trip to the store. A few minutes later we finally reached Petalburg City.

    “Well guys we’re here. Now let’s look for my dad’s Gym.” I said looking around the city.

    “Wally! Wally! Where the heck could that kid have gone? Wally!” a woman was shouting. This must be a pretty busy city.

    “Hey kid! Are you a new Trainer? Yeah you’re a new Trainer alright!” said some random guy. He grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me with him. RAPE! RAPE! “Come with me. I’ll take you to the Pokémon Gym. All new Trainers should go to the Gym when they get to a new town.” …RAPE? True to his word, the creeper dumped me off right in front of my dad’s Gym before walking off to presumably abduct more unsuspecting Trainers. So help me if he lays a greasy hand on May!

    I walked inside and saw my dad sitting on the floor meditating. He must have either heard me walk in or sensed me because as soon as I set foot on the hardwood floor of the Gym, his eyes shoot open and he jumped to his feet.

    “Well well well. Sapph! I’m glad to see you made it to Hoenn in one piece. But… how did you get to Petalburg City in one piece?” he asked in confusion.

    “With their help.” I said sending out Lelouch and Shirley. Dad’s eyes got wide with amazement.

    “You have Pokémon now? That’s great! I knew you’d take after me!” he said proudly.

    “Yeah, about that. You realize Trainers in Hoenn kill each other to get to the top right?” I demanded.

    “And?” he asked looking for a point. I was taken aback by his lack of caring. Sure both my parents were comically neglectful of me, but I would think my dad of all people would see something morally wrong with this, especially as a Gym Leader!

    “You don’t see a problem with that?” I interrogated.

    “No. It’s been this way since I was a boy.” he admit. “I went abroad to study how other regions battled, but you know what they say: ‘There’s no place like home.’ I missed being able to go all out!” I clenched my fist in anger. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

    “What about the safety of your Pokémon?” Before I could get my answer, a boy with green hair wearing a white shirt and green pants walked into the Gym. Could this kid be a challenger?

    “Excuse me, are you Norman the Gym Leader?” the boy asked.

    “I am, but if you’re a challenger I’m going to have to ask you to wait. I’m having a talk with my son right now.” Dad replied.

    “Oh no, I don’t have any Pokémon.” the boy said. “But I was hoping you would help me catch one. See, I’m moving to Verdanturf Town today to live with relatives.I was hoping that if I had a Pokémon it would make the transition easier.”

    “I thought you looked familiar. You’re name’s Wally isn’t it?” Dad realized. So he’s the boy that woman was looking for.

    “Yes sir. I’m very sickly so I don’t get out much and I don’t have any friends.” Wally admit shamefully.

    “Very well. Take my Zigzagoon and this empty Pokéball. Sapph, go out and help Wally catch a Pokémon of his own.” instructed my dad.

    “What? Are you sure? What about--?”

    “You heard him. He’s only looking for a friend. There should be no harm in that right?” he persisted. I rolled my eyes. What the hell is wrong with these people? Are they being brainwashed or something?

    “Alright Wally, follow me.” I said cheerfully.

    “Really? Oh thank you so much Sapph!” Wally said appreciatively. After graciously taking Dad’s Zigzagoon, Wally and I went to Route 102 to catch him a Pokémon.

    “So Sapph, how long have you been a Trainer? You must be really strong being a Gym Leader’s son and all!” inquired Wally.

    “I actually just became a Trainer yesterday but I’m doing pretty good for myself. I’m so far undefeated.” I told him. I didn’t mean to brag but it was the truth.

    “I never would have guessed you were Mr. Norman’s son though. I mean, he has such dark black hair and yours is so white!” he said.

    “It’s a hat.” I corrected. Just then a small white Pokémon with green hair and a red horn jumped out of the grass Growling at us.

    “Oh wow! A Pokémon!” Wally said is surprise. My Pokédex said this Pokémon was called Ralts and that it was a very rare Pokémon. Some people have all the luck.

    “Well there you go Wally. Catch it!” I told him.

    “Here I go! Zigzagoon… uh… Tackle!” he called. My dad’s Pokémon lunged into Ralts momentarily stunning it. Ralts then Growled again. Wally followed up with another Tackle. “I think that should do it!” he said throwing the Pokéball. After three shakes the sphere laid still indicating Ralts was now Wally’s companion.

    “Congratulations Wally.” I congratulated. “Treat Ralts well.”

    “Oh I will!” he said proudly looking at the Pokéball. “Sapph? Will you be my friend too?” he asked.

    “Sure. No problem at all.” I answered. Wally gave me a big satisfied smile. With that accomplished we went back to Petalburg Gym so Wally could return Zigzagoon.

    “Thank you Mr. Norman and Sapph. I won’t forget your kindness!” he said appreciatively before leaving. If I ever go to Verdanturf Town, I’ll be sure to pay him a visit.

    “Sapph.” Dad said to me. “You are my son so the blood of Trainers flows through your veins. I know you must be as eager to battle me now as I am to battle you, but we must be patient. If we fought now, your Mudkip and Latad would be smears on my floor and I just had it waxed. For now go to Rustboro City and challenge the Gym Leader there. Then one day, if you haven’t given up or been killed, come challenge me.”

    “Fine! Just know that the next time I see you, I’m kicking your ass.” I promised.

    “Don’t think it’ll be easy. I am still a Gym Leader.” he reminded. “Don’t worry, I’ll tell Mom you went on a Pokémon Journey. I’m sure she’ll be so proud of you too!”

    I stormed out of the Gym and headed towards Route 104. I couldn’t believe him! Not only was he completely unhelpful, he was the epitome of what I was fighting against. May and Prof. Birch at least seemed regretful of how things were around here. If they were as insane as my dad just now I would just say it was this whole region that was screwed up!

    “Bombs away!” something shouted.

    “Look out!” Shirley yelled pushing me out of the way of a small bird that would have otherwise driven its beak into my skull. I recognized the bird as Taillow. A Trainer I battled on Route 102 had one.

    “So you dodged! Then come! Dodge this!” he yelled Pecking Shirley.

    “Ow! Hey that really hurt you know!” she yelled.

    “Suck the energy back with Absorb!” I called. Shirley did as told biting down on Taillow’s side and draining him.

    “Oh yeah? Just wait until I power up!” the bird said. “Aaaaahhh!” he yelled as a battle aura surrounded him.

    “Absorb more energy!” I called. Lotad sucked more until Taillow looked ready to collapse.

    “You… you’re pretty good.” he said panting. “Before you finish me off I have a request. I want to be stronger. Train me.” I honored that request by throwing a Pokéball. There was almost no resistance.

    “I see you!” shouted a Youngster running up to me from the sand. “I was just going to leave footprints, but I think battling you would be much more fun! Prepare to die!” the Trainer said sending out a small round brown Pokémon that my Pokédex called Seedot.

    “Get ready Lelouch!” I said readying his Pokéball. Instead, my newly acquired Taillow burst on to the field. “What? Taillow! You’re in no condition to fight!” I shouted in panic.

    “The name’s Robin and I can handle this punk! Watch this!” Robin fluttered over to Seedot and Pecked it hard on the head.

    “You won’t break our defense! Use Harden!” the Youngster ordered.

    “Like that’ll help!” Robin taunted going in for another Peck.

    “If you’re going to be so offensive, then try out Seedot’s Bide!” To counter, Robin started using Focus Energy again before Growling at Seedot making the opponent’s attack useless.

    “Now for my finishing move!” Robin pulled back for another Peck which looked like it would be strong enough to crack Seedot in half.

    “Robin! Hold back! Don’t kill it!” I commanded.

    “Where’s the fun in that?” he questioned before attacking. At least he obeyed and Seedot was still breathing.

    “Don’t kill? Your pacifism is going to get you kill! Get ‘em Taillow!” the Youngster sneered calling upon his own bird.

    “Now Lelouch!” I called switching Pokémon. Robin may have done well against Seedot, but in his weakened state he was no match for another Taillow. “Use Water Gun!”

    “Not so fast! Quick Attack!” countered the Youngster. Taillow corkscrewed though the air striking the Mudfish Pokémon in his flank, but Lelouch was able to blast the bird out of the sky with a well-timed Water Gun.

    “Lucky.” the boy spat.

    I wasted no time in getting to the Petalburg Pokémon Center to restore my now team of three. After everyone was at full health, I acquainted Robin with the rest of the team and introduced myself as well. I then told him about my no killing policy which he found to be absurd. I told him if he didn’t like it, he could go back to the wild. To that he said he could only get stronger if he fought alongside a Trainer and so reluctantly agreed to my terms.

    I went back to Route 104 and had to fight a Rich Kid that though having money made him powerful. Shirley showed him that commoners were better. I then gathered more Berries off of nearby trees. After that, I entered the dark Petalburg Woods. As I wandered around I was assaulted by a Bug Catcher with six Wurmples. Robin made quick work of them, though I had to stop him from eating them!

    “Honestly, what’s with you Robin?” I demanded.

    “Look Boss, you can make a case for Seedots or other Pokémon but Wurmple are my natural prey items. I couldn’t help myself. Instinct told me to eat!” he defended. I guess he had a point there. All of a sudden a Zigzagoon jumped out of the bushes and Tackled Robin pinning him to the ground.

    “You’re gonna get it now!” Robin shouted getting out from under the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon.

    “Oh yeah?” Zigzagoon taunted.

    “That’s right! Give me an order Boss!” my Pokémon requested.

    “Quick Attack!” I called. The Tiny Swallow Pokémon zipped around before striking Zigzagoon in the face. The two Pokémon traded blows for a bit but it soon became obvious the winner was Robin. Still, the Zigzagoon put up enough of a fight that I considered him to be a worthy addition to the team. I threw a Pokéball and sure enough he was my fourth member.

    “Nice to meet you guys. I’m Kenny.” he introduced after I healed him. Before we could get better acquainted, we were attacked by a Wurmple.

    “Go get it Kenny! Tackle!” I called. The Zigzagoon slammed his body into Wurmple. The Worm Pokémon countered by using String Shot tangling Kenny in a white sticky thread. Wurmple then stabbed him with its yellow tail injecting deadly poison into my Pokémon.

    “Kenny! Hang in there! Tackle it again!” I encouraged. Kenny and Wumple traded blows until Wurmple was fainted. Unfortunately, Kenny was losing strength fast due to the poison. He would never make it to the Pokémon Center.

    “Sapph… I’m… sorry… I’m so weak…” he said weakly.

    “Don’t say that! You aren’t weak!” I corrected.

    “Sapph! The Pecha Berries you picked earlier! They can cure poison!” Shirley pointed out. Yes that’s right! Just hang in a moment longer Kenny! I reached into my backpack and pulled out the pink heart shaped fruit.

    “Here, eat this. It’ll help you.” I told the Zigzagoon. Kenny weakly opened his mouth and started chewing on the berry. I then got out a Potion to heal him back to full strength.

    “Hey it worked! I feel good as new!” cheered Kenny. “Thank you Sapph! I promise you I’ll get stronger. I know you meant it when you said I wasn’t weak so I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

    We continued walking through the woods until coming into a clearing where there was a man dressed in business clothes looking around. Was he some kind of Trainer too? He then saw me but instead of going berserk he cheerfully ran over to me.

    “Hey have you seen Shroomish? They are my favorite Pokémon! I absolutely looooooove Shroomish! Unfortunately I haven’t seen any here.” said the man. I was thoroughly confused.

    “Sorry, but I don’t even know what Shroomish look like.” I apologized.

    “I know of Shroomish, but I haven’t seen any today.” Kenny informed.

    “I don’t know what Shroomish is, but it sounds like something I could easily beat.” Robin boasted.

    “Alright that’s enough! I’m done waiting!” yelled a man dressed as a pirate jumping out of a bush. He wore blue pants, a black and white striped shirt, and a blue bandanna with an ‘A’ written in the skull and crossbones on it. “How can I ambush you if you dillydally?”

    “Eek!” shrieked the office worker like a ten-year-old girl as he ran behind me. “You’re a Trainer right? Please help me!” he begged. Before I could say anything the pirate sent out a Poochyena.

    “If you’re going to protect him you better be prepared for the consequences!” He’s a pirate and yet he just missed a great opportunity to use ‘Arr’.

    “You can do it Kenny!” I encouraged my newest member. “Use Tackle!” The Zigzagoon lunged at his adversary.

    “Power-up with Howl!” commanded the pirate. I found it strange that the pirate didn’t have the same evil expression as the other Trainers I fought. Poochyena turned its snout to the sky letting out a mighty holler. “Now show them your Tackle!” The small hyena rammed into Kenny with great force.

    “Don’t quit! Use Sand Attack then Tackle!” I instructed. Kenny kicked dirt into Poochyena’s eyes before slamming into it again.

    “Arr!” growled the pirate. There it is! “Don’t let this brat take you out! Attack with another your own Sand Attack and Tackle!” Poochyena did the same as Kenny leaving both Pokémon exhausted.

    “Boss! Switch me in! At this rate Kenny will be killed!” requested Robin.

    “It’s up to you Kenny.” I said.

    “You told me I wasn’t weak. I promise I won’t let you down!” Kenny said with determination. He gave one more Tackle which defeated the pirate’s Pokémon.

    “This isn’t over yet!” he said fiercely. I got ready to prep Robin for his next Pokémon. The pirate then slouched in defeat. “That is what I want to say, but I’m all out of Pokémon.” The pirate returned his Poochyena then looked right at me. “You’re not like the other Trainers of Hoenn are you. You’re like us, the members of Team Aqua.” I was taken back by his statement.

    “You mean you don’t fight to kill either?” I asked in surprise.

    “I never said that. Anyway, I have things to do in Rustboro.” The pirate turned to the office worker who quivered in fear behind me. “This isn’t over you Devon Twit!” he said before running off into the woods.

    “*Sigh* Looks like he’s gone. Thank you…” the office worker paused as if waiting for my name.

    “Sapph.” I told him.

    “Sapph! Here is your reward for helping me.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Pokéball that was blue instead of red and had two red stripes on the side. “This is a Great Ball. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to work.” With that he too ran off into the woods.

    “So strange.” Lelouch said.

    Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of weeks even though I only seem to be talking to myself. Along with playing the actual game (I'm in Mauville) I have also been musing on the actual plot of the story. There is still a lot of mystery at this point but it should start to become clear as the story progresses. Providing I don't die along the way that is :p

    The team at this point in the story were between the levels of 7 and 11 which is pretty average I think between four Pokémon. Everyone was still alive although Kenny was a pretty close call on two occasions. Shirley needed Lelouch's help early on when caught at Lv.3 and only able to harm Wurmple, other Lotad, and Ralts but she pulled through and is doing fine on her own as of the end of this Chapter. Knowing Absorb really helps. Chapter 3 will be up whenever I get around to it.

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    [​IMG] Shirley
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