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Open Legend of Korra! Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Mar 16, 2017.

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  2. Can I leave bio later plz? I have to do other stuff.
  3. I loved this RP idea, since i'm a big fan of Avatar and Legend of Korra, and i really recommend you to put here the bio model, as well as your bio. Put in the RP thread only the RP part. Oh, and by the way, Blood bendind is not a part of airbending, it's a part of waterbending. As for air alternated styles we have flight and spiritual projection, healing for waterbending and metalbending for earthbending.
    And we shouldn't get too involved with canon characters.
  4. I know, I know, yet I plan on giving people the option of canon characters. i am not too far into the episodes, and I think I'll keep the bio and everything there, on the original post, so people know where to find it, and what to do. You might want to tell me the additional powers related to bending so I know what to edit. Also I'm not on a lot, only weekends, so it might be a small situation for some of you...
  5. Name:Adris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Bending Power: Fire
    Probending team: Golden Dragonflies
    Pet: None
    Appearance: Yellow eyes and tan skin, Adris is tall with a lean shape. His short black hair is always messy inside a beanie he wears even when is hot.
    Personality: Outgoing, kind and usually smart but very silly sometimes.
    Interesting facts: Adris doesn't like when people touch his hat.
    Backstory: His mother died at his birth, he was raised by his father, a fire-bender just like him. His fater worked at a factory in Republic City, using lightning bending to produce energy. He was the one who tought him how to bend fire and lightning at a very young age, what made Adris very good at lightning generation.
    Profession: Pro-Bender
    Hobbies: Adris take lots of time practicing lightning bending.

    You can look for information online, here http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Specialized_bending_techniques (Specialized bending techniques) .
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  6. Name: Laraya
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Bending Power: Water
    Probending team: N
    Pet: N
    Appearance: Brown wavy hair, light skin, blue eyes and a silver necklace.
    Personality: Intelligent, ambicious, arrogant and hot-headed.
    Interesting facts: She used to be very rich.
    Backstory: Born in a rich family, she never had to work or study. Now her family is poor and she is doing everything she can to get her old life back.
    Profession: Store Worker.
    Hobbies: Reading magazines.
  7. I love this show and will happily join

    Le-Shang Mao
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Bending Power: Fire
    Pro-bending team: Laogai Lion Vultures
    Pet: N
    Appearance: Black messy hair that reaches the base of his necks, golden eyes, dark red vest with a grey long sleeve shirt and black pants
    Personality: Intelligent, powerful, cool headed, tries to avoid conflict, understanding, and anti-social
    Interesting facts: He comes from a rich family
    Backstory: Le-Shang's family were extremist followers of fire lord Ozai and helped supply the fire nation with their machinery and vehicles, but once he was defeated at the hands of Avatar Aang they found themselves without a source of income from their business their family's honour had been put to shame. After the founding of Republic City they decided to use what they had left to restore the nation to its former glory before the Hundred Year War. Now the new heir to the family business Le-Shang has moved to Republic City.
    Profession: Pro-bending
    Hobbies: Practicing the ancient forms of fire-bending, and reading about ancient fire nation culture.
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  8. I was looking for a RP like this one

    Name: Liane
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Bending Power: Earth
    Pro-bending team: East Sand Sharks
    Appearance: Average high, dark skin, wavy brown hair and green eyes.
    Personality: Outgoing, smart and loud, but very serious when she needs to be.
    Interesting facts:
    -She's better at bending sand and metal than earth itself.
    -She doesn't like the fire nation or firebenders.
    Backstory: Born in Ba-Sing-Se, her family raised her in a way she would hate the Fire Nation for it past actions, even it's actual behavior would be explained as a pitiful attempt to redeem for it's past. Her distrust for the Fire Nation extended to a distrust for all firebenders. She moved to Republic City following her dream to become a Pro-bending champion.
    Profession: Pro-bender
    Hobbies: Discovering creative ways to use sandbending and metalbending.
  9. These are real probending teams, right? And thank you for reading the whole thread I posted, since some people give there character there, and then join automatically. and @Blaxes , bending sand is not a real Legend of Korra profession, but you can lift up the dirt, or earth, underneath the sand. And I also ask you to change your profile pic. I feel, and these are only my feelings, that it shows a bit of skin, and I can't quite except it as appropriate, sorry:'|...you can all join, but for blaxes, if you change your profile pic, please.
  10. Ok, no one has responded for a long time...
  11. Name: Horu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Bending Power: Water
    Probending team: Laogai Lion-Vultures
    Appearance: Fair white hair, olive skin, with blue eyes. Fairly skinny, but lean build
    Personality: Patient, level-headed, but also focused and ambitious.
    Interesting facts:
    - Is a far descendant from the Northern Water Tribe's Chieftan family line.
    - Horu was raised quite well, with an upper-middle class upbringing. He recognized his waterbending abilities at a young age, causing him to work at mastering as well as he could immediately, being influenced to wanting to join a Pro-Bending team as soon as he could. However, although he has grown to be a pretty talented waterbender, he still finds himself learning new things everyday.
    Profession: Pro-bending
    Hobbies: Reading about the original ways of his family, the Water Tribe, and the four nation's history in general
  12. Hey everyone, sorry I've been gone for so long working on a new post to the rp.
  13. Hey, @Platinum_ you can join. I've been grounded.
  14. Is anyone going to respond? The RP looks kind of dead.
  15. Sorry, I've been slaving away selling my non-existent soul to the devil working on three separate film projects two of which set in the same universe. And plus after the recent passing of a dear friend, I'll be taking a break from here, except for my occasional updating on project two EwigeNacht.
  16. Oh my...I can't tell if you were mad at me, or what.....I'm sorry...
  17. Not mad, just dying inside
  18. here is some advice.

    Climbing a tree is easy. Finding a way down is the hard part.

    What I mean, is that things like these situations your having, happen so easily every day, and it's hard to let go. But everything will get better. Eventually.
  19. Thank you for that, I needed that. I'll be on till 10:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, but after that I'll be gone for about two weeks
  20. Hey, all! I know this is late...extremely. But I need help rebooting this RP!
  21. I'd be glad to join for a reboot, but a little tip.
    Don't use the previous rp for the reboot, restart it all. Just a tip.
  22. Good to know. I'll post the reboot link here after setting it up.
  23. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    May I ask if you know when you're going to finish the reboot link because this looks fun to be in but, it's a shame that some of the guys aren't active that much but, I can see this being a very popular.
  24. Thanks. I kind of forgot a bit about it till now. I’ll do it as soon as I finish clearing up my notifications.

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