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Legacy League 2 (open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. ((Hi guys this rp is based off of an amazing fanfic i read (its written better than the anime in most parts) basicly this rp is set in the legacy region and focuses around the legacy league, like every Pokemon region it has 8 gyms, an elite four and a champion however every one of them is an unbeliably strong Pokemon master.

    However unlike every other region, in legacy you don't travel alone you travel with four other trainers, each trainer chooses six Pokemon and may only use those six Pokemon.

    There are other rules and stuff but i don't have time to explain all of it, so i will put the URL of the story below. (You only need to read the first 3 or 4 pages but reading more will help. Please enjoy


    Dear (insert your name here)
    You have been invited by the Pokemon grand champion to be part of a team to travel to the legacy region and challenge the legacy league and if you are successful in defeating the elite four and the grand champion will be crown a supreme Pokemon master

    For further information and to meet your future team mates, the league has organised a meet and greet at the hotel Richissime in Lumiose city in the Kalos region.

    Attached to this invitation are two tickets one for a first class plane ticket from your nearest airport and the other a penthouse suite on a cruise from your nearest seaport both are open ended and work going both to and from the legacy region.

    Contained in the parcel delivered with this invitation is a set of six legacy league pokeball covers, a town map of the legacy region with full information on all cities, towns and attractions, a full deluxe legacy league issue pokedex with everything you need to know about all 721 Pokemon and finally a limitless cash card for use in the legacy region, the card is accepted by all businesses and comes free of charge courtesy of the league.

    On beharth of all the members of the legacy league we hope to see you soon


    As Jake read the letter he began to smile uncontrollably. He had finally done it, he finally had the recognition he had always wanted, he had traveled to just about every region on the globe and had challenged each and everyone of their Pokemon leagues, he had defeated every gym leader, beaten every elite four and befriended most of the champions.

    "Guys come have a look at this!" He yelled soon his multitude of Pokemon began to arrive, not even surprised by their trainers news.
    "We did it guys we finally get a chance to become a pokemon master, this invitation says I get to take six main Pokemon andas many subs i want with me to the legacy region and that i should be prepared for anything, now who to chose. well let's see Kangaskan your my right hand Pokemon of course i want you to come with me," the normal type nodded and gave a spirited
    "kanga Kangaskan!!"
    "Now who next um i need someone defensive yet versitile as well, so aegislash wanna go on another adventure?" Jake asked his steel ghost type
    "Aegis Aegislash" his response
    "Now some air support and firepower, charizard, gliscor you up for the challenge?"
    "Gli gliscorr!"
    "Ok now lets get some thing fast and powerful, greninja ready to kick ass?"
    "Gre greninja"
    "And finally something to balance us all out, Alakazam lets create a new future for ourselves"
    "Ok everyone else when we get back either I'll be a Pokemon master or the grand champion!" Jake said eunthiesiasticly as he ran up the stairs of his house to pack as his Pokemon files into jakes workshop to be return to their pokeballs, sorted and loaded into part of jakes multipurpose back pack. While jake filled another part with his personal belongs and the final part with food and camping gear


    Jake was the first to arrive at the Hotel Richissime the sun just starting to set, the meet and greet wasn't until 8 o'clock and it was only 6:30 so jake had heaps of time to spare he might as well go up to his room and hang with his Pokemon for a couple of hours.

    But just as jake was heading to the elevator he heard a familiar voice
    "Jake is that you?"
  2. Grace's hand started to wave as she ran into the hotel. "Hey! Long time no see!" She called to Jake. She had gone to the same school as the aspiring trainer had and considered herself his friend.

    --Flashback to earlier that day--

    Earlier the girl just woke up from a nap when she checked the mail. Never has she ever gotten more than one letter a month, and that was from her grandma back in Hearthome city. The teen was curious as she opened the letter and was instantly surprised. "No way! I just did that! Now way....." That was her reaction, but half of the excitement. Grace was just about literally bouncing off the walls of her house, too much excitement in her. After about four broken vases and about a dozen eggs on the floor, Grace finally started thinking rationally.

    Of course, living in Florama town in Sinnoh, she had a garden that seemed to be filled with Pokemon all the time. However, she had set out a separate garden for her main team. Once the trainer moved from the floral town, most of her main team left to stay with the wild Pokemon but one stayed with her. Her Roserade, which was a Budew at the time hid in her bag during the long flight to the Kalos region, in which she called her home Laverre city.
    Now Grace has a permanent full team of six and has been invited to the journey of a lifetime.

    "Wisteria!" Grace called outside to one of her smaller gardens. "The roses have already been watered, but the Oran trees haven't! That's not why I came out here though...." The teen thought for a moment.... Or five. "Wisteria! We've been invited to the Legacy region! Come on! I'll get Lilli to water the flowers for us!" The Roserade just about dropped the watering can it was using. "Rose, Roserade? Rade! Rose!" She cheered as the Roserade ran to hug Grace's leg. Grace giggled and bent down to hug the equally excited Pokemon. "Let's round up the others!"

    The duo set off into the flowery field, searching for Grace's flower loving Pokemon. "Harmony! Flash! Cinder! There you are!" The three Pokemon were easy to spot due to their larger size compared to some of the other garden Pokemon. The Altaria, Luxray and Ninetales all raised their heads from discussion as Grace approached. "Find Neptune and Silver for me please! We're going to the Legacy region!" The trio instantly shook their heads in disbelief. Then they ran off into the feilds, yipping the two Pokemon's names. Grace continued to search. "Neptune shouldn't be that hard to find, he's a huge Lapras." She observed, studying the lake nearby. "There! Neptune! Come!" By now Grace was too excited for sentences. As the Lapras leisurely swam over, Wisteria grew somewhat impatient. "Rose!" She called, but Neptune didn't seem to notice the grass type's excitement as he continued his slow pace. To save the poor Lapras from going deaf, when he was in range Grace returned the Pokeball. "I know, I'm excited too. Just don't take it out on anyone else!" She scolded gently to the bundle of roses. Soon, Harmony returned with a Absol running in the shadow of the soaring Pokemon. "Silver! Now we can go!"

    Grace had found a nice taxi to drive her though Lumios as she has never been good with directions. Multiple times they had to stop while going through the swampy route prior to the large city because Silver wanted to see the haunted house, or Wisteria wanted to swing on the swings in the small playground after the route. Finally Grace returned all of her Pokemon except for Wisteria who was trying to make a flower crown to match Grace's apperence. To be honest, the Roserade wa doing a wonderful job. The blue almost perfectly matched the color of her sleeveless shirt, and the white was defiantly as pure as her jeans were. Grace noticed the Roserade struggling a bit during the car ride, deciding what flowers to use for her hair. "How about this yellow one?" She asked, pulling out a bright yellow flower for. Her blonde hair. Grace always believed that yellow was the sign of happiness and wore a flower in her ponytail reflecting her mood. "Ready?" She asked Wisteria as she was about to enter the hotel. "Rose." It confirmed before Grace walked in.
  3. As Reen opened the letter, she ran out into Snowbelle City. The legacy region was finally gonna be conquered by The apReen Team. She grabbed her pokeballs. Then, she woke up Chespin, shaking him rapidly. When he was finally awake, she sent out her other Pokemon: a Sylveon, flareon, Floette, and, her most rare Pokemon, a piplup. The other one was for a Pokemon she'd get in the legacy region. She packed her backpack, boarded the plane, then went to the hotel. She heard her pen pal was here to. Was it maybe the girl or boy talking? She stepped in. "Hi, I'm Reen."
  4. "Hi I'm jake I'm the current Kalos champion and only the second person to ever defeat all three battle frontiers, hoenn Johoto and sinnoh"jake said trying to show off his training prowess
    "But enough about me what have you girls achieved?" Jake asked trying to seem friendly
  5. Marc, a 17 year old boy from New Bark town in Johto, was sitting on a branch of the tree in his back garden. With his back against the trunk, he started to doze off.... he was awoken by the sound of his gengar, running trough the back door with a letter in his hands.
    "Gengar? Jeez, I was trying to- huh?" Marc exclaimed as he look down.
    "Gen- GenGAR!!!" Gengar reached up with the letter.
    "Whats this?" Marc asked as he hopped down, "Not those damn Pokemart sales people aga- wait a minute......" His face lit up with joy.
    "Gar?" Gengar peered over to read it.
    "WE DID IT! GUYS WE DID IT!!" Marc shouted.
    His shouts had woken up the other Pokemon ; Steelix popped out from its self dug cave, Raichu ran out of the house, and Swanna flew down from who knows where.
    All the Pokemon roared in truimph.
    "Oh yeah, and I wont forget you two.... SERPIROR, TORKOAL, COME ON OUT!"
    Marc walked up to the Hotel Richissime, in Lumiose City, Gengar by his side.
    "It feels good to be back in Kalos" Marc said to himself, "You ready Gengar?"
    "Gar! Gar" Gengar chanted in response.
    "Me too old pal" Marc smiled, as he took his first step towards his new journey.....
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  6. Marc it's called the legacy league not the silver league

    "Welcome to the party Marx is it?" Jake said as he saw the boy enter with his invitation "what have you got under your belt so to speak
  7. ((Sorry, I mixed up with someting else XD))

    "Yes, and you must be Jake? Nice to meet you!" Marc said, as he walked up to his fellow travelling partners.
  8. "Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm Levy, and this is Wisteria." Levy chirped happily, pointing at her Roserade.

    "Oh, I'm nothing much," Levy started sounding modest."I'm the Current Sinnoh Champion and the best Contest Coordinator. I've also gotten all of Unova and Kanto's badges but I never felt like being the Champion of more than one region." Levy started to boast but quickly fixed her tone. "So, what has everyone else accomplished?" She asked, trying to be as friendly as possible.
  9. "I'm the current Unova champion and Kalosos queen two years running. I've defeated unova, hoenn, and of course Kalos gyms and elite four."
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  10. "Well 5 years ago me and my Gengar, who was at the time a ghastly, travelled the johto region and became the Indigo Plateau champion. We then travelled Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and finally Kalos; that was a year ago."
  11. "Wow that's Johoto/kanto sinnoh Unova and Kalos all we need now is the hoenn champ and we have the champions lucky six" jake said enthusiastically
    "So have any of you guys heard anything about the legacy league or the legacy challenge
  12. "Nothing much. All I know is that we travel in groups, and the battles are a lot harder." Marc answered.
  13. "Trust me thats just the tip of the iceberg Marc the legacy league is known for its challenges and unpredictability
  14. "That just makes it all the more exciting!" Mark smiled.

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