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Lady Monroe's Tarot&Tableture

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by BlackRoseJack, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Hello there... and welcome to my tarot reading and tablet art exibit...

    The first peice of art I shall show is a gift for miss kasumi slater as a thanks for making my portrait...

    and the next is a sableye I drew with my new tablet and laptop

  2. Very cool artwork,nicely detailed! the Gengar and Sableye are cute! ♥
  3. Uwaaaa!!~♥♥♥♥
    : DD

    That signature is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Check out his massive grin! Hahaha! That is so cute!
    Oh my gosh, I Love it so much!! >// u //<♥♥
    Thank you so much Psy! ://D It is wonderful and I love you so much! ASDFGHJKL

    ^// 3 //^♥

    Your Sableye pic is so detailed too! *// o //*
    I love your art! I can't wait to see more! ://D

    Lots and lots of love,
    Kasumi ♥♥
  4. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    good to hear you like it kasi xx :) (given you a little nickname as a charm-buddy)

    I will be posting more and I'm open to suggestions for drawing ideas :)
    #4 BlackRoseJack, Dec 30, 2010
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  5. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Hello peoplez I have some new peices I wish to share...

    This is my Emblem (it is mine and my main OC's first initial)

    And this is a random butterfly pattern i did out of bordom :)

    It will be nice to hear from y'all soon :)
    #5 BlackRoseJack, Jan 2, 2011
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  6. These are some right nice pieces of work you've got here ^^

    I like the design of the emblem, it's just simple, yet elegant, and I like the color choice for it ;) The art you did for kasumi_slater is lovely, and the Sableye is adorable. The butterfly pattern is quite nice as well, and I'm digging the purple you used in it.

    Since you're up for suggestions, perhaps a Sandile? I think you'd be able to draw a really cute one ^^

    I look forward to seeing more from you :3
    #6 Shocari, Jan 2, 2011
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  7. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    I shall get right on that... and as you have requested it from me expect a few suprises with your request :)
  8. Uwaa~♥
    That emblem is so pretty!

    I absolutely suck at word art .3.''
    So when I saw yours I was all like ASDFGHKL pretty *///3///*
    And that butterfly pattern is really elegant!
    I love the different swirls~ ://D

    Keep up the great work; and I can't wait to see your Sandile! ^///^

    Kasi xx
  9. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Thanks for the compliment kasi its good to hear from you :)

    and for sandile i have a sandile...


    hope you like it... :)
    #9 BlackRoseJack, Jan 3, 2011
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  10. OH

    Check out his little face!! <33333344445555566666
    He is so cute! You've drawn him really well- he looks identical to the sprite! Fabulous!
    I also like the background with your blend of swirls and colour; like a sandstorm ://D

    Simply amazing! It's brilliant! Much love,
    Kasi xx
  11. OHMYGOSH, Sandile is teh cutest thing ever! It looks like it was just born :p
    #11 MSML, Jan 3, 2011
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  12. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    heres somthing I made out of boredom :)
  13. Ooh I love these pictures :>

    The butterfly one is my favourite. It's quite detailed and has some nice composition and a good colour scheme. I like the Sandile and Weavile pictures (although I think Sandile's snout is too short). I'd say shading is the next step for improving your pictures (You've added some rather accurate shading on Weavile's head-thingamijig already, so that's a start.)

    I'd like to make a request - Vanipucchi. Thank you very much :D
  14. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    ok I have your request and another art i drew earlier...


    sorry if its not very good but i found the proportioning difficult :(

  15. Psy!!~ ♥

    Your most recent pictures are FANTASTIC!! I love them!
    Vanipucchi is glorious- you've mastered the shading perfectly and it looks so cute!!

    As does the Spider 'mon (who's name escapes me -.-'') I think that is one of your best pictures yet!
    I really really love them!

    Great work, nya!
    Kasumi xx
  16. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Bachuru is one of me fav bugs from unova... its also the sign on my shop "WELCOME =]"

    thankx kasi ur a fantastic critique... "care to venture into my minccino cafe... the tea and espresso shots are as mystic as the readings :)"

  17. Sounds positively delicious! ;//D

    Kasi xx
  18. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    ive modified my previous post with the sign on the front of the cafe :)
    #18 BlackRoseJack, Jan 5, 2011
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  19. How did you draw Kasumi's current avatar ?
    What did you use ?
    I think it's very cute and I want to learn how to make my own , if its not a problem :)
  20. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    I just used the pre downloaded paint on my laptop i think its ms paint but im not sure :)
  21. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Hi charmers I know I havent posted in a while, so to bring myself back with a bang, I would like to introduce the mascot for my threads my OC Jessi.


    cant wait to here what you charmers think. :)
    #21 BlackRoseJack, Feb 6, 2011
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  22. Wow, Lady Monroe!

    I love your latest piece- it's the same base that I used in my thread isn't it?
    I love the colours and the way you've shaded Jessi's clothes~
    They are fantastic!

    Can't wait to see more art from you soon!
    ♥ ♥
    Kasumi xx
  23. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Im glad you liked it kasumi I used the misty sugimori base. The clothes were the easiest, the hair I found most difficult. :)
    #23 BlackRoseJack, Feb 6, 2011
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