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Krazed's, lovely jubblies.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Krazed, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hey there, folks. Krazed here with a sprite topic. I'm BRAND new to this here Pokey style of spriting. So bear with me. :3

    Lets beign, with my first to last try.

    My first try, oi vey. Not very proud of this one.

    Organization: [​IMG]
    For some reason, I really like these. Simple, yet effective.

    First try, Karl (Me): [​IMG]
    First, try at a pokemon style version of the real me. Not to bad, but not great.

    Koal: [​IMG]
    A gift, I made for a friend.

    Better, Karl: [​IMG]
    Now, I like this one. I'm proud of this. : D

    Zora: [​IMG]
    I made, this for a trade. So I could get a Skarmory egg early on in Pearl.

    Is that it? Oh wait!

    My own personall signature design, complete with up to date badges and pokémon.

    I would, be greateful if I recive Critique.
    #1 Krazed, Jul 31, 2007
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  2. Nice job on the TC template.
  3. -Gasp!- You show much potential! :)

    You shade, and that's a wonderful [size=5pt]((but rare))[/size] thing to see amongst the newer spriters. I can already see some unique things you're doing in your sprites - such as how you create hair, which means your developing a personal style early on, and that's awesome.

    I very much so like the trainer card, especially how the boxes that hold the Poke'mon look like their [size=14pt]popping[/size] out.

    Keep up with the good start ~ heaven knows we need more people who know how to shade. [glow=dodgerblue,2,300]​
  4. @Nachoman: Thanklies, dude.

    @Spriteon: Wow, what do I say. ^. ^;;
    All I can think of, is a HUGE thanks. If I need any helps, I will definately contact you. Now for cyber hug! *Glomp*
  5. Kisoutengai Pokédex!

    Pokédex information.


    Pokédex Coloured.

    Top two, pure black outline, bottom two coloured outline.
    This is the Pokédex design for a project, on another site.

    #5 Krazed, Aug 2, 2007
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  6. ::gaspage::

    ;D Lovely job.

    And I love the hair. LOVE IT XD.

    the last sprite... The hair is too 'unnatural' looking. yeah, I know it's dyed hair, but make the blue a little less strong and you would of hit the spot XD
  7. Thankies, I like my Karls hair too. It came out awesome. On, about the blue haired dude. Yeah, its not to great, but hey. Its what the dude wanted. He wanted based off of his, Sonic style character so ya know. :E

    *Glomp* Thanks. :3
  8. Ohkay.

    Do you use paint or photoshop or what :O
  9. Paint, its pretty much. If not all you need to sprite. Photoshop like programs, are for shiny images, colouring in scanned pictures, effects in comics and many other things. Though whilse its comes to spriting, its just to fiddly. :3
  10. Yeah, I was just wondering. I find it a little easier to manipulate colors into what I want in Photoshop, but I don"t own it and I like paint just the same.

    I need Photoshop though DX
  11. Doesnt everyone need photoshop?

    I also need a tablet so I can finally get my comics online.

    And I need a mac >>
  13. Meh, I know a nice thing to replace photoshop. Its called, Paint.NET. You guys should look it up.
    It has ALOT, of stuff and has mods etc. :3
  14. Karl Overworld. (My pure smexy.)


    Kisoutengai Pokédex visual update.

    Now with side view. : D​
    #14 Krazed, Aug 3, 2007
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    Aww... tis soo cute!

    And great job with the Pokedex. I love the coloring. But it reminds me of a razor...
  16. Yeeee! Chibi Karl. : D

    Well, DEX's are based on stuffs. O:

    But, mine just accidently came out like that. Darn it. : E
  17. 'Accidently', ey?


  18. *counters pheonix wright powers*Hey krazed,wanna taco?
  19. Hey, that was mean D<

    Oh! Krazed, are you gonna make any more overworldz? I would love to see Zora as an overworldz. :3
  20. Well, my overworld Karl, is being made for a project. This whole new region thing on another site. So a Zora one is most unlikely. Sorry. ^. ^;;
  21. Oh, awww...

    You didn't specify this in the first post, so I'll ask you.

    Are you taking any requests? Just for the record.

    And I was wondering, does Kisoutengai have any real meaning? Or is it just a name?
    #21 xfma_addictx, Aug 3, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  22. Nupe sorries. Me no wanna take requests. I gots my hands full just for designs on the project. : E

    My friend has that for his regions name, it means Bizarre. : D
  23. In japanese, right?

    And you might want to put 'no requests' in the first post before you get more questions about requests. It saves a lot of time ;D
  24. Hakumei Pokédex info.


    Hakumei Pokédex.

    Well, my first DEX was such a succes on the forum with the project. I was asked to make another. So I did. :3
    Darnit, my faveourite repliers been banned. : E
    #24 Krazed, Aug 7, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  25. You're very good at designing those little contraptions, and the small detail is impressive to say the least. It's also pretty nice that you add descriptions about features and so forth so all in all it's great.
  26. Thank you very much! I like adding in some info. That way, its at least abit more clearer. ^.^
  27. Something new ya'll. This time its not Pokémon related. O:

    Sonic Karl style.
    So dudes, and dudette's. What cha think? Yes, I am well aware it has no arms. I'm stuck thar. : E
    Also, made from scratch. ​
    #27 Krazed, Aug 9, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  28. Karl Over world update.

    Do dee doo! ALSO, can some people pleease comment on my Sonic sprite.​
  29. It's got good shape, but I don't understand why you posted complete version of the incomplete sprite. Why not just wait until you did get the arms down?
  30. Because, I'll never can't the arms/hands done. I can't draw them in real life, so spriting them is outta the questiong. : E
  31. My advice dude is to try them anyways. Even if they look like crap, you'll *hopefully* take away something from it. Maybe you'll figure out that an angle is wrong or etc. You can't get better unless you try. /cliche
  32. ...I know that, I got about 6 tries with arms and hands, and they all looke like urhmm. Well they look bad, lets elave it at that. I won't give up, no. Thats outta the question. Just they shall never be good.
  33. A new Pokedex? Nice. ^^
    #33 Incarnate009, Aug 13, 2007
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  34. Your work is amazing. And this has been said, before, you shade. Which is always a good thing.

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