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Open Kizmo Lake University of the Jiniea Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, it's me again (you probably don't know me).

    This is my first role play in a while since my long hiatus. Anyways, let's get to the roleplay!
    At just the crack of dawn, you hear a peck at the doorbell. A Fletchling sets down a note at your front door. The note was stamped with a symbol of a lake, two palm trees and letters of KL connected together. It is the official symbol of the college you planned to go to! It read:

    Dear (Name),
    We are proud to announce to you today that your request and scholarship payment was approved! Congrats and welcome to Kizmo Lake University of the Jiniea Region! We have a private plane to the island, please go to the Pokemon International Airport and go to Airport Area 213. We cannot wait for your arrival! The thing attached is your boarding passes.
    See you later-
    The KLU Staff

    Description and info of the college:
    KLU's campus is pretty big and beautiful, with a theme of a paradise fit for people and pokemon. However, there has been a little pollution happening recently. It is being cleaned currently.

    KLU is also famous for its PokeJam Team (A made up sport, I will tell you how to play it, and you can join the team as well.)
    PokeJam game:
    • 9 trainers in a team release 18 pokemon. (Two each)
    • The pokemon start to run or fly around to search for some sort of item.
    • If a pokemon find the item, they must do a certain challenge before they get to run it back to the side of their team's side. If they fail, they either:
    • A: Lend it to the referee to hide it again.
    • B: Give it up to the other team (They still need to do the challenge)
    • While running the item to their own side, the pokemon cannot use any moves. However, the teammates can protect them. Once you drop the item you must run back to your side of the field and back into the action.
    • You can also attack the other team while trying to find the item.
    The first point scores 15 points, while normal points score 10. If a team reaches 75 points they win, or they win because they had more points before the time limit.
    If you want to be on the team type PJAM in Other

    Fill this out. *=Not Required
    Age (In this RP, everyone is a freshman, so the average age is 18, but your character may have late or early education here):
    Room: (100-2000)
    Pokemon (All have to be first stage):

    Name: Kate Heai
    Gender: Female
    Age (In this RP, everyone is a freshman, so the average age is 18, but your character may have late or early education here): 18
    Appearance: She has green eyes, with hair stretching down to her chest. Her skin color is a faded shake of tan. She usually wears a pink and white striped t-shirt and grey sweatpants with rainbow sneakers and headband.
    Height: 5'4
    Personailty*: She takes things SERIOUSLY. She is not the girl to mess around with. However, she is usually nice, caring, and especially being shy. She has sprained her wrist 2 times.
    Room: 787
    Pokemon (All have to be first stage or have no evolution line, plus you can have 6): Eevee, Vulpix, Seel, Lapras, Fletchling and Pikipek.
    Other*: PJAM
    Actual Roleplay:
    The minimum amount of a post is a 1 paragraph with 6 sentences
    If you are playing PokeJam, you cannot be too good at it and dodge every move.
    Evolutions are allowed with my permissions.
    No legendaries/mythicals, unless you request me/ask me and then I will ask a moderator.
    Romance allowed, there will be proms and stuff, but keep it to a medium level please.
    Accepted People (also cool people yo)
    @Seal Pup
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  2. Anyone interested?
  3. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Kelvin Archwood
    Gender: Male
    Age (In this RP, everyone is a freshman, so the average age is 18, but your character may have late or early education here): 18
    Appearance: Brown-Black Spiked Hair, Black Top, White Hoodie, Grey Joggers, Black Shoes, Blue Lanyard hanging out of his Pocket, Brown Eyes, Peachy Skin, Fairly Good-Looking and Fairly Lean
    Height: 5"11'
    Personailty*: Kelvin is really chill and calm on mostly everything. There are very few things that would ever make him mad. He is also an impulsive guy, not really thinking beforehand. Kelvin really mostly just acts on what his heart desires to do so. He also has those really generic protagonist persona such as kind, friendly, and courageous. Though, a bad trait would be that whenever he gets mad, things get pretty wild.
    Room: (100-2000) 322
    Pokemon (All have to be first stage): Skorupi M, Duskull M, Vullaby F, Mienfoo F, Horsea F, Litten M
    Other*: PJAM
  4. Well, you are accepted! One more person and we will start!
  5. I will start the r0leplay at 4:30 PST, because in just a hour I have a school event I have to go to.
  6. Well, I am definitely interested here, as I have finally gotten back after a little work away from roleplaying. I hope that my speed won't be as much of an impeding factor as before since it can make me have to do gigantic posts like from previous moments before. I have also included an RP sample since it has been a while that I have been in a roleplay with you.

    Name: Her name is Mindy Avalon.
    Gender: Female
    Age: She is about 17 Years old, as she had earlier education in her life.
    Appearance: Mindy has long, blond hair, which is made in the style of a ponytail. She has blue eyes, a small nose and some freckles on her cheeks. She wears her 80s sci-fi reading glasses, along with her purple, short-sleeved, one piece velvet dress and her white penny loafers. She has a golden watch fitted around her left arm and a platnium necklace around her neck. The necklace has a figure of that of a star, as there are five small diamonds each on their respective edges. A small, curled, white spherical drone can be seen resting on her right shoulder, as its tiny, but resilient twin rotor blades unfold when it is in flight. Its small, mechanical arms also unfold if any assistance is needed, as one of her Pokémon possesses the device. Its big, one-eyed lens survey the area around her, as its swift processors and other mysterious parts process the information to her on its back, holographic panel like a Pokédex.
    Height: She is 165.1 centimeters, or 5'5".
    Personailty*: Coming from her father's side of the aristocratic family of Avalon, Mindy is one that tends to be rather sassy, as her arrogance can often get the better of her. She tends to spoil her Pokémon, as her soft, caring nature can sometimes get in the way of battles. She attempts to solve as much problems as she can with the pen, since she despises using the sword for resolutions.
    Room: Her room is 115.
    Pokémon: She currently has a Kangaskhan, a Rotom, a Ditto and a Froakie. (Please note that the Ditto cannot transform into any evolved and legendary Pokémon as his genetic disorder prevents him from doing so, as a result not being able to transform into bigger and complex Pokémon with his size limit.)
    Other*: PJAM! Some of Mindy's Pokémon have a significant, unique feature, which will be revealed in the roleplay.

    RP Sample:

  7. Accepted! (You didn't need to show a sample, I have seen your posts)
    I am creating the role play now!
    (Only 5 other roleplayers can be on the PokeJam team)
  8. Please note that I might not be able to be on the roleplay as much today and tommorow as I have to go to the hospital for medical evaluations and such. (To compensate for it, I may be having my posts slightly bigger, but not in quantity as much however.)
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  9. Name: Lexie Larkin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Lexie was long, curly dark brown hair and bright green eyes. She has light skin and freckles on her nose and cheeks. She wears a white shirt and denim overall shorts with maroon sneakers. She carries a navy colored backpack that contains a maroon sweatshirt and her pokeballs. She's fairly skinny and has dainty hands and feet.
    Height: 5'2"
    Personality: She's friendly and kind, and loves making friends with everyone. She was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, but that doesn't stop her. She's clumsy and kind of a mess, but she has a good heart.
    Room: 345
    Pokemon: Totodile, Sandile, Abra, Growlithe, Eevee, and Venipede.
  10. That's fine, we have life, and plus the rp only started.
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  11. Should we start the part where we fly on a plane or wait for 1-2 more people or for the other roleplayer to post?
  12. We could go ahead and get on the plane, and the other roleplayer can either start role playing on the plane or at the university
  13. Ok, the plane session will probably take 6-10 posts.
  14. I'm going to take a little break.. back in 10 min
  15. Well, alright... I just want to ask a question when you get back.

    So, I would like to have a new separate character in the roleplay, and the character has no trainer yet. (The other thing that I would like to ask is if I can use my fan made Pokémon for the roleplay since the Pokémon I am planning on using for my separate character is one of my fan made Pokémon.)

    Now, since I can't exactly draw due to my sprained arm, I will instead be using my pristine descriptions to describe their appearances instead.
  16. Sure! I cannot draw either so I do the same.
  17. Well, since I have already introduced my other character, I figured that I should put my fan made Pokémon's information here so that everyone can have an idea of who she is if it's too confusing to see what's going on.

    Name: Her name is currently unknown at the moment.
    Species: Celfium / Hidden Blades Pokémon
    Native Region: Her native region is Camtonia.
    Type: Dragon Flying
    Age: Her age is currently unknown, though she does seem to look awfully young.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Celfium is a small Pokémon with dragon-like characteristics and a light blue body. She has blue eyes, a small nose which are two tiny dots for her nostrils and a dark blue collar marking around her neck. Four tiny teeth can be seen when she opens her small mouth, as they are in their respective corners. Her body is slightly smaller in proportion to her head, as there is a red, modest sized dot on the upper section of her chest. Her wings each have a slightly curved bottom area that gives off the impression of blades, as she often uses them to split open firm berries or make territorial gashes; much to the dismay of Axew. Her feet each have three toes, as her long, needle-like tail has a sharp, pointy edge that aids her in silently burrowing through surfaces with ease.
    Personality: [To be revealed in the roleplay or now at the RP craator's request.]
    Ability: Circumvention (The Pokémon may evade attacks that would normally hit. The chance of evasion is proportional to the Pokémon's current HP and also stacks with its evasion buffs. This is the signature ability of Celfium and its evolutionary family.)
    Primary Moves: Twin Blade, Double Cross, Ambient Wind, Hideaway (Will be revealed a bit later or now at the RP creator's request.)
    Other: She seems to have a strong connection to a certain someone.
    Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
    Poké Browser Entry (Camtonia): "Trainers, beware as Celfium can be rather mischievous and a pain to deal with as they can often undergo translucency and silently burrow through most materials with ease."
    Poké Browser Entry (Vietbac): "Celfium seem to have an obsession with a mysterious berry because of its perfect taste and texture. However, this pesky Pokémon may discreetly steal from convenience stores or other places if its hunger is unsatisfied."
    Special Notes:
    • ????/????
    • Weak to ???, ???, and ???.
    • Vulnerable to ???.
    • Tends to execute hit and run tactics.
    • Often flees from battle if outmatched or at low HP.
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  18. Accepted.

    I won't ask for the info yet, but I will soon.

    EDIT: If you are in the PokeJam Team, on the first day of practice (which will be shortly) there will be a 1v1 exhibition match. You get to face one person. Here are basic rules:

    • It will only be 10 minutes (3-5 posts from each person)
    • 3 pokemon max can be sent out.
    • The battlefield is chosen by a coin flip, either jungle battlefield or islands battlefield (surrounded by water)
    • You can use moves against the other pokemon at anytime, even if you are holding the item.
    • No challenge will be needed, just get the item and run it.
    • If a Pokemon faints (applies to actual games too) they will be returned in their pokeballs and after the match MUST be sent to the Pokemon Center asap.
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  19. *Froakie nervously raises his right hand while hesitantly speaking to you in the discussion after running away from Nurse Joy for the third time*

    F- fro... Froakie Froakie Fro Froakie, F- Fr Fro... Fro... F- F- Fr- Fro...

    (Translation: U- umm... I can abide by every rule except m- maybe f- for the l- la- las- last...)
  20. Oh, umm...
    *Fletchling pecks at Kate's hair*
    Fletchling: FLETCHHHH FLETCH FLETCH fle tch tch
    (I think you can use potions too)
  21. Anyone able to post?

    No rush, but I have a fresh idea for another post.
  22. Everyone, I'll be making less posts due to vacations being back to back. Just arrived back home from one.
  23. Hmm... this has become a bit quiet, I suppose that the writing touch of mine should come out now if that's the case...

    Now, if I am going to be away from the roleplay for a good reason (I.e. On vacation or sick), then I may give the RP creator or someone else that is active my permission to control my characters should that be the case.
  24. Name: Emmeline Bardot
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17/18 (given that her birthday is late in the year)
    Appearance: Emmeline is a short female, shorter than most, being referred to as a shrimp because of it. She has short, choppy brown hair that comes to her chin and forest green eyes. She has a fringe that covers her eyebrows and fair skin which has freckles on it. She dresses simply, preferring comfort over style-- well, that's what she says. But she wears a
    Height: 4' 11" | 149 cm
    Personailty: Emmeline comes across as friendly -- and her forms of communicating make her charming and fun to be around -- and is caring for those around her, often taking the time to listen to their problems and help when necessary. Goodness knows if she's a better listener or a talker, she isn't the best at any of them but she tries. She is the type of person who can understand the pain of other people with ease, though, many claim not to believe her when she says so. She runs on the mindset of an optimist, believing that you can do anything if you really try and that nothing is impossible.
    Room: 648
    Pokemon: Spheal (Male), Drampa (Male), Goomy (Female)
    Other: - Spheal was given to her in an egg from her uncle and has been with her since birth. Whilst Drampa was her grandfather's and joined her just before leaving, thus making Goomy her only catch.
    - She gives each of her pokemon unoriginal names when outside of class, Spheal is called Baloo, Drampa is called Falkor and Goomy is called Gooey.
    - She cut her hair before arriving to the university as it was becoming too difficult to tend to.
  25. This role play might die :l

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