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Kirby Favourites

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Coreysawrus, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. So this thread is for discussing your favourite Kirby games and power-ups.

    For me I really like Nightmare in Dream Land and the Amazing Mirror.

    For powers I like fighter Kirby, beam Kirby and Sword Kirby
  2. Linkachu

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    Kirby Super Star, the original on SNES, is likely still my favourite. I enjoyed the new stages featured in Kirby Super Star Ultra but the graphics and sound took a bit of a dive. Besides, nothing beats playing through the game with a friend on a single TV screen. :)

    Sword and Fighter Kirby are two of my fave power-ups as well but I'd also choose Mirror, Yo-yo, Tornado, High Jump, and Bomb. As for the more specialty abilities, I love Mike, Crash, and the Ultra Sword (frelling epic ability 8D).


    The Crystal Shards had a few combination abilities that I really enjoyed spamming but I can't specifically recall which ones those were anymore. I always found it difficult to stick with that game...
  3. I love Nightmare in Dreamland, seeing as it was my first kirby game I ever played.

    As for abilities, I'd have to say Bomb, as well as sword, Hammer, and UFO.

    I just love bomb because of the hat (Not the Return to Dreamland one, the Nightmare in Dreamland and Amazing Mirror one). Sword's just awesome, hammer is powerful, and who doesn't love UFO?
  4. Valin

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    My favorite Kirby game, as well as my first, was Kirby's Adventure (which was later remade as Nightmare in Dream Land). The thing I liked best about it was the MetaKnight boss battle, which was the most epic boss battle of my childhood. I also liked Super Star Ultra, The Crystal Shards, The Amazing Mirror, and Return to Dream Land.

    My favorite abilities are Sword, Fighter, Hi-Jump, Smash (the ability from Amazing Mirror that gives Kirby his special moveset from Smash Bros.), Laser, Fireball (which was renamed "Burning" in Nightmare in Dream Land for some reason. "Fireball" just sounds cooler), Spark/Cutter from Crystal Shards (the dual-bladed lightsaber), and Master (the ability using MetaKnight's sword in Amazing Mirror).
  5. Looks like sword is the overall favourite :'D I blame the little Link hat he wears xD
  6. Linkachu

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    Truth be told, it's Sword Kirby's little Link-ish hat and sword that inspired me to create Linkachu. Sword Kirby was just so damn cute dressed like that. XD
  7. My favorite kirby game DEFINITELY isn't Super Star Ultra for the DS, considering how I'm scared of Marx's Soul. Well, I mean his ear-piercing screech. :O

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