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Open Kirby: Dark Matter's Last Stand

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DopeLeafeon470, Feb 18, 2018.


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  1. (camera zooms in on ancient writing)
    Long ago, a giant and devilish being known as Zero was born.
    He created an empire of monsters called Dark Matter.
    The Dark Matter species caused havoc wherever they went, but of course, a heroic Star Warrior stopped them.
    Zero tried everything it could, but the Star Warrior always prevailed.
    Dark Matter were forced to retreat, but Zero swore, one day, Dark Matter will shroud the universe in darkness, and nothing, not even the Star Rod, could stop them.
    Citizens still nervously wait for that moment.

    Only, a century or two later in the future, a band of heroes will join forces to defeat them forever.
    -Pokecharms rules
    -No guns--this is Kirby.
    -You can have as many characters as you want, just don't come crying to me when you're not paying attention to one of your billion characters

    Power: (Hammer, Ice, Sword, etc.)

    Here's mine:
    Name: Daven
    Gender: Male
    Species: Recolor
    Appearance: Daven is a Kirby recolor, being light blue for his body and dark blue for his feet. His blush is also dark blue. He has a black-and-yellow headband and a Hammer on his back.
    Personality: Daven always loves a good fight, but always gets negative about himself when someone beats him.
    Power: Hammer
    History: Daven grew up with his parents in Onion Ocean, but when he was old enough he went on an adventure through Raisin Ruins to Cookie Country, and met Daydream who he instantly had a crush on and they soon became friends. They built houses together and met a Waddle Dee who they named Cookie.
    Extra: Has a wooden hammer painted silver.

    Name: Daydream
    Gender: Female
    Species: Recolor
    Appearance: Daydream is colelsaw resurrected into a Kirby recolor, with a white body, light gray blush, and orange feet. She also wears a veil that supplies her Ice powers.
    Personality: Daydream is your average fun-loving girl with a creative mindset. She created a vehicle called Wheelie, as well as Wheelie+. No, they're not the original Wheelies, just her versions of it!
    Power: Ice
    History: Daydream lived in Raisin Ruins, where her family always made her work. Daven found out about this, and somehow found a way to save her from pretty much slavery, and enlightened her life. She originally had a Whip before Daven and Daydream explored a cave where Daydream was casted as "The Chosen Dancer". And so, Daydream was given a veil and switched from Whip to Ice.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Cookie
    Gender: Male
    Species: Waddle Dee
    Appearance: Just your average orange Waddle Dee, but with a stylish top hat that Daydream made to tell them apart.
    Personality: Cookie is treated like a baby, which is what he is. He can do everything a Waddle Dee can: walk. But he can't talk. Oh, the irony of rhyming.
    Power: Parasol
    History: Cookie was a lone Waddle Dee that couldn't take King Dedede's commands so he ran away and ran into Daven and Daydream. They gave him a top hat and called them a friend.
    Extra: Never wants to fight unless he absolutely positively has to or his friends command him to.

    Name: Shadow Daven
    Gender: Male
    Species: Recolor
    Appearance: Shadow Daven has a dark look. He looks like Daven, but he has no pupils and is mostly purple with black feet.
    Personality: Shadow Daven is the Mirror World version of Daven, with a more evil look to himself. He's much more capable of using his hammer than Daven, not to mention his attitude. He thinks more strategically.
    Power: Hammer
    History: Above
    Extra: His best pal is Dark Matter Swordsman. Call it messing with the canon, but they're a match made in heaven.
  2. Oh... This looks nice. I'd like to join, but I don't have much knowledge of the Kirby franchise. I've played the games on occasion before. I just wanted to check and see if you needed to be... Pretty much, extremely familiar with the games to join.
  3. If your OC makes sense, you'll be accepted.
  4. Name: Xan
    Gender: Male
    Species: Recolour
    Appearance: Although he is a green Kirby(with Dark green Shoes), he wears Dark Blue Gloves and his Hat(Sword Hat) Is Red. His Blush is also Dark green.
    Personality: Always up for a challenge, And Hates people who play dirty mid Fight. Kind mostly, and Pretty creative and Smart. Gets overconfident. except around woman, he gets nervous. very nervous.
    Power: Sword
    History: Xan was a Loner for the most part of his life, Learning how to use the blade by himself. thanks to this, he made many techniques, but still needs to learn more, he started roaming the world after this, aspiring to learn new techniques and get even stronger.
    Extra: N/A
  5. Name: Yang
    Gender: Male
    Species Recolour
    Appearance: A black coloured Kirby with dark purple eyes and boots. He has a dark purple hood as well.
    Personality: Yang never says no to a fight and likes rushing into things. He doesn't mind getting hurt, as well as likes a good challenge. Other than that, Yang is emotionless showing and feeling nothing.
    Power: He wields two Sickles in either hand.
    History: Yang lived on a basic farm where he worked for the begining of his life. When he left, Yang took the two weapon-like tools he had, two sickles. He began to train with them and became quite good with using them as weapons. Now he tries to get better by taking most any challenge.
    Extra: This is a Kirby I made called Crescent Kirby.
  6. Oh, and you might be interested in this, @Super Nova.
  7. Yea, and what do you guys think of Crescent Kirby?
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  8. I think its cool, Especially compared to other fan-made Copy abilities.
  9. It's based on Ancient Egypt, seeing how other Kirbys are based on other generations or weaponry. (And a few random things)
  10. Sorry for the late response, but alrighty then. Just was curious.
  11. Name: Willow

    Gender: Female

    Species: Pop-star Owl


    Draw a circle.
    Draw a beak in the middle.
    Draw two teardrops with the wide part facing the beak.
    Add a big black dot in each one.
    Draw six ovals on the bottom of the circle, 3 on each side.
    Add two triangles on each side of the top.
    Paint it Brown and BAM! You got Willow.

    But seriously, Willow looks a lot like Coo from kirby's dreamland 2, expect she has 6 toes instead of 4 and she has two horn like tuffs on her head instead of 5 spikey ones. She also doesn't have markings on her underbelly, but half her wings are dyed black. Her eyes are like teardrops slanted towards her beak, but not droopy.

    Personality: She may seem shy and reluctant at first, but she's really adventurous and ambitious inside, wanting to see the world around her. She can be nosy at times, but not so much that it's a problem. She's usually willing to hand a helping hand but unfortunately, she always wants to bite off more than she can chew.
    Power: Cutter

    History: She was born in Whisper Woods with the rest of the animals, taught by her father how to fight with her feathers, but having grown sick of the endless rows and rows of trees, she snuck away from her hometown in hopes of something new.

    Extra: The name she was given at birth was Baya, but she changed it to Willow once she left for personal reasons(She's embarrassed).
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    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
  12. I'll post my bio later, I have to finish drawing my charecter
  13. Everyone that I didn't accept that has a bio is accepted.
  14. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Me to Me: I see that I want to join this RP and all I can ask myself is, okay but y tho
    Name: Alpha
    Gender: Male
    Species: Recolor
    Appearance: he is a emerald green Kirby with azure shoes. His blush is Jade green
    Personality: Very open with his feelings, if something is bothering him he isn't afraid to speak out about it, he is very clear on what he wants and isn't afraid to use violence to get what he wants.
    Power: Fire
    History: He was born in Whispy Woods, he went to fight the king of the forest every day, usually stealing an apple every time he won, eventually, he was bored of fighting Whispy Woods and decided to leave to challenge more people, but not before stealing 10 of the forest guardian's apples.
    Extra: will probably steal a sword if he could, also he may burn up your hammers so, yeah.
  15. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    uhh i finished kirby planet robobobobobobobo bot but anyways ill try and make a bio that sucks

    Name: Uhhhhhh... Furea? (Japanese for flare I THINK.)

    Gender: Female I guess.

    Species: Recolor

    Appearance: Kirby recolor that is dark orange (black + orange or something idk) and feet are red. Wears a fire power hat.

    Power: Fire

    Personality: Odd, loves to take risks, smol, doesn't believe in myths/legends, stands up for people, and very hot-headed. (Bad pun meter: 100)

    History: Just a regular old recolor that loves to fight.

    Extra: hailing me is da best choice

    also i made a fan made power because i can

  16. Name: Knuckle Jim(not to be confused with Gim)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Knuckle Joe guys
    Appearance: like a Knuckle joe, but red with orange hair and a white headband
    Personality:hotheaded and always ready for a fight, dislike backing down from an opponent.
    Power: (Hammer, Ice, Sword, etc.) fffffffffffffighter
    History: from cookie country, that’s about it. Felt like traveling, and ended up here.
    Extra: the voicing in Kirby’s avalanche

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