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Kingdom Hearts II Diary

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Yoshimitsu, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Well, I've just bought this game, and I have some free time, so I figured I may as well make a diary for it, and what I like/dislike about it so far.
    *Feedback would be great, thanks.
    *I'd like help, but not stuff like "omg ur bout 2 fite sephiroth, by loads of poshuns!". Something more like "Hey, you're about to hit _____, pick up ______ because you can't get it anywhere else."
    Ok, here we go:


    Being an arrogant prat, I pick standard mode instead of easy. =)

    Biiiiig improvement on KH1. The music is awesome, and much better than Simple and Clean. The opening isn't as great as FF8's fight scene, or Skies of Arcadia's pirate raid, but it's still nice. There's very little falling in this opening, and gives a few good clips from the past KH games, whilst not giving too much information. Makes me want to play on. Roxas's design looks to be a lot better than Sora's to start with. It's a nice opening.

    Twilight Town - Roxas

    So we meet Roxas and the gang. Roxas appears to be a very quiet, thoughtful person at first. The kiddy-friendly idea annoys me, though, hearing Haynor talk about how things 'tick' him off. Haynor looks like an opposite to Roxas, loud and boastful. He also seems full of himself, and I don't like him much. Pence and Olette don't speak much. We find out that their _____ have been stolen. This is interesting, because it made me want to know what the _____ was.

    So I'm greeted to the tutorial section. Ugh. There should be an option to skip this if you already know what you're doing. No such luck, and I'm taught how to run, jump and talk using the reaction command. The reaction command seems interesting enough, and I hope it gets used properly in the near future.

    And Seifer gives a classic line.


    And I've been thrown into a fight with him. But wait. I have to pick a weapon? Being a violent person on KH1, I pick the club to boost my attack. I get a +1 strength, and I kick Seifer's anime-fighting ass. Seriously, who shouts "Isn't this romantic?" when flying at you with a foam club? How do they fight with those things anyway?

    And a Nobody appears, stealing a camera and flying off with it. The Nobodies seem interesting enough. Roxas chases the Nobody and tries to fight it, but he can't hurt it. I'm not surprised, he's fighting it with a foam bat. The reaction command is used, and it's used well too. You slide around the back of the Nobody, and try to hit it. After a while, you can hurt the Nobody, and I kick its ass, recovering the _____. I'm slightly disappointed to find out what it is.

    The second day

    I have to earn money. What kind of game is this? Making me earn munny to go to the beach? I should just walk there! Anyway, I follow what it says, and try out the different jobs. The letter delivery and the junk destruction games are easily the best ways to get munny. I gather 1000 munny and meet Haynor. I also randomly get an extra AP for some reason. Weird. Roxas gets tripped by a mysertious black-cloaked person. He also finds out he lost his munny. He isn't too smart, really. No action today. Bored.

    The third day

    Naminé makes her appearence by freezing time. She also leaves some cryptic remarks. How silly. Then she vanishes, and Roxas gets snubbed by his friends. Ha. Sucker. I head to the mansion to follow Naminé, but get attacked. I run back to the town to meet Seifer, who decides Roxas is too much of a wimp to fight the Nobodies. He's right. Roxas gets knocked out, and goes to an area similar to the start of KH1. I have to pick my weapon again. I pick a sword. Again. I like swords =)

    And we hit the first real boss fight, and the Reaction command is used brilliantly. It's anime style, but rocks all the same, as Roxas throws his weapon to deal damage. Then, I get to properly fight this giant Nobody. It's head is the weakspot, so I find myself using the Reaction command to get close enough to attack. The boss offends the laws of physics, but yeah.

    The fourth day

    The tournament. And it's really quite boring. I get to fight Hayner, and kick his ass. It was fun, completely destroying him. Final score: 153 - 0. Next, I fight Vivi. Now, I must ask.


    It's a much closer match this time, as Vivi spends most of his time moving too fast to attack. I get in a few hits on him and steal the orbs. Final score: 112 - 65 or so. I'm about to finish him when he turns into a Nobody. Nobodies beaten, next I meet Axel. I love his voice, but his personality is different to the CoM Axel. He's very cool, and clearly cares for Roxas to a degree, but he isn't about to give his life for him. Axel beaten, and the tournament goes on.

    Setzer is NOT a sword-fighter. He uses dice and cards. So why did they give him a sword? He reminds me of Sephiroth, Ansem and Riku all at once, but he turns out to be a pushover. Final score: 150 (or so) - 10ish. I get some trophy, and we're done.

    The fifth day

    The seven wonders of Twilight Town were a joke. The seven wonders turn out to be seven glitches, and Roxas is the only person who knows. They seemed to be mostly filler, and a complete waste of time. Move on.

    The sixth day

    I go and explore the masion, finally. And Roxas talks to Naminé before she gets taken away. Roxas finally discovers the secrets behind Twilight town, learning what it is. Axel tries to stop Roxas, but Roxas suddenly gains two (very good) keyblades and fights him. The reaction command is put to good use, and Roxas shows clear skill in swordfighting. Roxas finally beats Axel and leaves.

    *Dual-wielding keyblades
    *Good character designs
    *Axel rocks

    *Roxas's, Axel's and Hayner's hair offend gravity
    *Roxas is essentially a three hour tutorial
    *Pence and Olette are too quiet
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  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    ROFL! Alex was right. Your sudden disappearence was due to KH II's release :p

    I didn't play very far into the game - got Sora and co. back and hit the first world - so don't expect any tips from me. Not sure what feedback I can give to your opinion either, lol. But I can agree that KH II seems a lot better than the original. It actually held my interest, while I more or less "Meh"'d at the original after a few hours of gameplay and never touched it again.

    I'll wait until you play further to say more, even if you probably already know what happens. And hell yes the music rocks in that game. It's the one thing about it no one can deny, whether you hate the Disney/FF idea or not. Must say, tho, that the original Japanese intro sounds better than the English version (and not just because you can't understand it :p It flows better).

    Oh, and I
  3. I loved this game. Sadly I rented not bought but I beat it in like a week and a half playing 1 or two hours a day. I was very upset playing Roxas was only like 1/10 of the game cause frankly...Roxas>Sora.

    Very good story and awesome battle system ect ect...

    BTW.....Roxas rearranged is Sora with an X........Anyone else notice that?

    Not to mention the nobody concept thing gets confusing but ROCKS.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Funnily enough... Yes. I did. Just like Xemnas is Ansem with an added 'X'.

    Haven't played KH2 recently =x But another addition should be up soon-ish.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    ... I didn't notice that, for either name =O

    And I thought you said you'd finished KH II already? ;p
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I have. I started again >=D

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