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Private/Closed Kingdom Hearts: Call of the Keyblade

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Godjacob, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. This is a private RP thread for only myself and Sarah316. No one else is allowed to post or ask to join.

    (Destiny Islands)

    Sora and Riku crashed onto the ocean, just beyond the shores of Destiny Island. Living on a beach his whole life, Sora was easily enough able to shrug off the currents and avoid panic under the sea, but his thoughts were focused on a different concern.

    Riku...I've got to get Riku!

    Sora swam down a little more towards Riku, who had been showing some signs of damage from their fight with Xemnas. Riku was conscious and already began to swim up, but Sora had to help. Sora wasn't gonna take a chance.
  2. From the shores of Destiny Island, Kairi watched as two figures fell from the sky and landed into the ocean just up ahead. Kairi couldn't make out what they where, but in her heart she already knew the answer.

    It has to be Sora and Riku, it just has to be!

    Meanwhile Riku accepted Sora's hand as the two worked together to get back to the surface. Sora was truly something, even when they were both trying to avoid drowning, Sora till took the time to make sure someone else was okay. Riku had to count his blessings he had a friend like that.
  3. Sora made sure to keep a good hold on Riku and soon enough the two broke the surface. Sora took the time to take a deep breathe to catch some air.

    "We made it. I told you we'd find a way." Sora said to Riku with a smile. Soon Sora began to swim forward, hoping he could get them to shore as soon as possible.
  4. Kairi saw her two best friends emerge from the water and broke out in a big smile. They made it!

    "Sora! Riku! Over here! Kairi called out, giving her friends a way. Riku saw this, and turned his attention to Sora and shook his head. Sora really was unbelievable. Soon the pair made it to shore, ready to greet their friend and families.
  5. Sora helped Riku to shore, letting out a sigh of relief. They made it! Sora stood up and saw Kairi, happy to see his friend again. Sora began to move to Kairi to give her a hug...only to be tackled to the ground by the trio of Donald, Goofy and even King Mickey.

    "Sora. I thought you and Riku were goners!" Donald said, giving Sora a hug.

    "Golly Donald, I told you to have some faith. I knew you guys would make it." Goofy said, also having given Sora a hug.

    "Well I'm just glad you two are okay!" Mickey said, also giving a hug to Sora. The trio having buried their friend under their bodies.

    "C-can't breathe...help me..." Sora managed to squeak out.
  6. Kairi couldn't help but laugh, it was funny. Riku let out a sigh and went over to Sora and the pile of bodies.

    "Uh guys, I think Sora might need some air." Riku said, rubbing the back of his head. Part of him found this quite humerus as well, but he owed Sora at least this much to help him here.
  7. "I think he's talking about us Donald?" Goofy said, stating the obvious as he remained on top of Sora despite Riku's statement.

    "Nah really? I thought he was talking to Jiminy OF COURSE HE WAS TALKING TO US YOU BIG PALOOKA!" Donald yelled in annoyance, funny enough also not having moved off Sora.

    "Guys...I think we should get up." Mickey said, having already moved off the pile as Donald and Goofy realized and stopped fighting long enough to get off Sora and give their friend breathing room. Sora got off, dusting off the sand and taking a moment to catch his breathe.

    "Thanks...good to see you guys." Sora said to Donald, Goofy and Mickey. Then Sora turned to Kairi and gave his longtime friend a smile.

    "It's...it's good to see you Kairi." Sora said to Kairi.
  8. Kairi decided to skip the formalities and just ran up to Sora, giving her friend a big hug.

    "It's great to see you, I knew you would make it back!" Kairi said before turning over to Riku.

    "Come on, there's enough room for everybody." Kairi said with a big grin, an open arm that acted as invitation for Riku to join the hug. Riku shook his head, but went over to join in the group hug. The three friends finally get a proper reunion.
  9. Sora was caught momentarily off guard, but soon relaxed and returned the hug. It felt nice. Sora didn't object to Kairi bringing Riku into the hug. Sora was glad that his friends were okay. That's all that mattered. King Mickey, Donald and Goofy looked on with smiles, happy the friends were reunited.
  10. Kairi eventually broke the hug and broke out another grin at her friends before a thought entered her head.

    "So, that's it. The Organization is gone, right? No more Ansem, no more Xemnas, no more nothing?" Kairi asked, wanting this whole thing to be over and done with.

    "I can confirm Ansem is finished, and we took care of Xemnas. So yeah...I think its over." Riku said, referencing his personal battle with the remnants of Ansem as well as his and Sora's battle with Xemnas.
  11. "Yeah, I think it's over. It has to be." Sora said in agreement with Riku. They beat Ansem, the beat the Organization, they beat Xemnas. Now they were free to relax and not worry about the end of all words for once. Now they could...


    The voice was one Sora hadn't heard in a long, long time. But it was one Sora would never fail to recognize. Sora looked over and saw an older woman watching the group from a distance. Even at said distance, Sora could see tears in the women's eyes. Well, Sora did for a moment before his tears obstructed his own vision.

    "MOM!" Sora yelled, running over to his mother. His mother he had not seen in two years. Likewise Sora's mother ran over to her son; Due to alterations caused by Namine, Sora's mother believed she hadn't seen her son for sever months. None of that mattered though. The two met up and gave each other a warm embrace. Tears of joy flowing from the mother and son as they had their long awaited reunion. Sora had so much to say: Sorry I've been gone mom. I've missed you so much. There's so much I have to tell you.

    However, neither he nor his mother said a word. In the end, just seeing each other again was all Sora wanted. Nothing he said would capture the emotions he felt at the moment anyway.
  12. Kairi began to tear up. Kairi was just so happy for Sora, and happy his mother. After everything they've been through, this is exactly what Sora needed. Riku also looked on with a smile on his face, he was happy his friend got a chance to see his mom again. Sora had not had an easy couple years, so it was great to see overcome with emotion and back with his family.
  13. Mickey looked on with a smile, while Goofy began to sniffle as he became overcome with emotion. Even Donald wiped away a tear. Sora and his mother embraced for a little longer before breaking the hug.

    "It's good to see you hunny. Are these some new friends you made?" Sora's mother asked, having wiped away her tears before she pointed to King Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

    "Yeah, they're Donald, Goofy and King Mickey." Sora said, wiping away his own tears before he pointed to Donald, Goofy and Mickey respectively.

    "Well then I think it's only fair we give your new friends a proper greeting. How bout it? Want to stay for the night?" Sora's mother offered.

    "Gee I don't know we don't want to..." Goofy started to say before Donald covered his mouth to keep him quite.

    "Ignore the doofus, we'd love to stay." Donald said, wanting very much to sleep in a nice bed instead of the stupid Gummi Ship.

    "Well, if it's alright with you?" Mickey said, with Sora's mom smiling at the king.

    "No problem. We've got plenty of room to spare. You want to stay the night as well Riku, Kairi?" Sora's mother asked Sora's best friends.
  14. "That sounds great! Right Riku?" Kairi said, turning to Riku with a smile in anticipation. Riku gave his friend a nod before turning to Sora's mother.

    "Sure, after...the day we've had. I could use something to eat. Thank you." Riku said to Sora's mother, keeping the details of their day vague for obvious reasons.
  15. "Alright, then everyone head inside. I'll have dinner ready as soon as possible." Sora's mother said as she lead the group inside Sora's house for a nice, relaxing dinner.

    (Keyblade Graveyard)

    Among the vast emptiness of the wasteland, hundreds of Keyblades from fallen Keyblade Wielders were scattered across the land. Untouched for generations. Soon this calm serenity was shattered by a portal opening; a distortion created as electricity shot out in all directions. Soon two figures emerged from the portal; one was the infamous Gilgamesh. An inter-dimensional warrior who prided himself on his precious collection of rare weapons. The other however was unknown; a teenager wearing a white jacket with a hoodie, blue jeans and a white fox mask. Not even Gilgamesh knew his real name, all he knew was what the figure chose to call himself...Apollo.

    "Well kid, we're here. Got to say...there are a lot more of these than I anticipated. Guess you weren't selling me a bunch of nonsense." Gilgamesh said twirling one of his personal weapon, the deadly spear Naginata, behind his head while taking a moment to admire the hundreds of Keyblades in front of him.

    "Like I said, I"m a man of my word. Now go ahead and pick whichever one you want. Don't make me wait." Apollo said with a deathly serious tone. Gilgamesh gave a chuckle before moving onto the massive pile. Gilgamesh searched through, having a hard time making a choice. Eventually his eyes settled on the Keyblade Leviathan, taking a moment to swing it in the air to test it out.

    "There...this is the one for me. Now you said I couldn't use it like any other weapon, mind telling me the details so I can use it to its full potential." Gilgamesh said, walking over to Apollo with his chosen Keyblade.

    "Simple. All you need is an answer to this question. Are you worthy to wield that weapon?" Apollo asked, eyes focused on the massive Keyblade pile rather than Gilgamesh. This made Gilgamesh laugh.

    "Are you kidding brat? There is no weapon that can escape my desires!" Gilgamesh said with confidence. Apollo let out a sigh before he turned to face Gilgamesh; giving him a look in the eye through the eye holes on his fox mask.

    "That's not what I said. You have to prove yourself to the Keyblade, not the other way around. You'll find that out soon enough. Now get ready. The Great Awakening is about to begin." Apollo instructed, making Gilgamesh fall silent. Apollo then moved to the center of the massive Keyblade pile as soon enough called for his own Keyblade, True Light's Flight, which appeared in his right hand. The Keyblade then began to glow, a powerful energy began to emit from it.

    "Now, the time has come. Find the hearts of those who will help fulfill the desire of light and let those who worship the shadows of darkness feel their might. I ask of thee...AWAKEN!" Apollo said before he stabbed his own Keyblade into the ground. Nothing happened initially...then each and every Keyblade began to glow. One by one the energy from Apollo's Keyblade spread to the others, including the one Gilgamesh held in his hand.

    "Wow..." Gilgamesh said, speechless as he watched the display before he felt the power surge through him. The Keyblades on the ground began to convert into spheres of light and began to float in the air. Soon Apollo was surrounded by hundreds of spheres of light, Gilgamesh would have made a comment if he had not been sent to a place deep inside his own heart. Eventually the spheres shot out into the sky and left. Traveling through the stars to the various worlds looking for suitable owners. Where they would lead, not even Apollo could say, but he knew things would never be the same.
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  16. On the desolate world of the Keyblade Graveyard, the site of hundreds of lights taking to the sky would have been impossible not to notice. As such, an armored figure dashed through the wasteland to find out what was going on. Whatever it was, the armored warrior sensed it wasn't good. This being had no official name, merely acted at the lingering will of the lost Keyblade Wielder Terra. As such, Lingering Will was what it referred to itself as...not that it could speak. Soon enough Lingering Will arrived onto the source of the troubling even, bringing a sandstorm with it that concealed its appearance. Even in the middle of the storm, it could see two figures in front of it, each with a Keyblade. Whoever they were, Lingering Will sensed they were up to no good...and it would stop them here and now.
  17. Moments after the ceremony was finished, Apollo walked over to Gilgamesh who remained standing in a daze. Either Apollo would gain his first true ally....or Gilgamesh would fall to darkness. Apollo did not have to wait long as Gilgamesh shook his head a took a moment...before he began to laugh.

    "I told you....I TOLD YOU there is no weapon that can escape my desires!" Gilgamesh said, holding his Keyblade high in their air, he now felt its power surge through him.

    "I'll admit, I was prepared to cut you down after your heart gave into the darkness. Guess your will was stronger than I..." Apollo started to say before a sudden sand storm came in the area. Both Apollo and Gilgamesh looked in the direction the sand storm came from, but were unable to see anything. However, both of them felt a presence; they knew this was not natural.

    "Looks like we've got company, I thought you said this rock was empty?" Gilgamesh said, a tone of annoyance all to clear.

    "I guess I was wrong. No matter, whoever this is will regret coming here." Apollo said matter of factly. Soon the storm subsided as a lone armored figure stood; Keyblade in hand.

    "Well look at that, another one of you...I mean us Keyblade Wielders. Didn't expect to see one this early, did you?" Gilgamesh asked.

    "No, but it is quite convenient. Warrior, I desire allies in my fight against darkness. Will you join the cause of the light and stand by our side?" Apollo asked the newcomer.
  18. Lingering Will's response was a charge, looking to stab Gilgamesh with his Keyblade The Ends of the Earth and finish him in one blow.
  19. Gilgamesh just barley managed to use his own Keyblade Leviathan to block Lingering Will's strike, though even with the blow blocked the armored figure managed to push Gilgamesh back a fair distance.

    "I don't think he's interested in joining your little club." Gilgamesh said, offering a sarcastic quip in the middle of a tense battle. Apollo wasn't in the mood for jokes however as he vanished before he reappeared behind Lingering Will looking to take his head off with one clean strike with his Keyblade True Light's Flight.
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  20. Just before True Light's Flight made contact, Lingering Will suddenly vanished into thin air. Soon enough it appeared behind Gilgamesh and Apollo. Lingering Will then dashed forward, looking to deliver a critical blow from behind.
  21. Gilgamesh quickly turned and thew his signature weapon Naginata right at Lingering Will. If it hit, Naginata would take his head off. If he dodged it, Gilgamesh would pursue with a quick strike with Leviathan; same if Lingering Will blocked it. Apollo meanwhile landed on his feet behind Gilgamesh after the missed strike before he held True Light's Flight in the air and began to gather energy.
  22. Lingering Will vanished once more, the spear shot past where he once stood. Lingering Will soon appeared in the air above Gilgamesh and Apollo. Lingering Will then prepared another slash before he dashed forward; moving at a remarkable speed as he looked to deliver a diagonal slash from the sky towards Apollo before he could finish whatever he had planned.
  23. Apollo and Gilgamesh had underestimated Lingering Will's speed as they just barley managed to avoid the sky slash. Apollo forced to halt his energy charge to make the escape. Whoever this was, he was fast and meant business.

    "This guy is good, I can wait to take his head off." Gilgamesh said, confidence still oozing out of the multi-weapon warrior. Apollo said nothing as he aimed True Light's Flight at Lingering Will and began to fire a series of magical light beams.
  24. Lingering Will dashed through the wasteland, performing a series of masterful dodges to avoid the blasts from Apollo's Keyblade. It did not take Lingering Will long to close the distance, he dashed past Gilgamesh and looked to deliver a clean slash with The Ends of the Earth across Apollo's stomach.
  25. Apollo held up True Light's Flight to defend himself, but Gilgamesh got in-between the two, slamming his signature weapon Naginata into the ground.

    "First mistake armored fool, don't ignore me!" Gilgamesh said before he swung Leviathan trying to take Lingering Will's head off.
  26. Lingering Will jumped back avoiding the strike as it stood face to face with the dangerous duo. Lingering Will decided to wait, allow the two to plan an offensive and look for an opening for a counter attack. Lingering Will felt it need to change tactics as trying to just use its speed to take them out quickly had not been working.
  27. Gilgamesh gave a feral grin, picking Naginata up and ready to make a charge, only to have Apollo cut him off.

    "You'd better explain yourself." Gilgamesh said, clearly annoyed. Apollo didn't even bother to turn around, keeping his focus on the armored figure ahead.

    "We've already done what we needed to do here. Fighting this one would take more effort than I'm willing to risk. This battle is pointless, we are taking our leave..." Apollo said, opening a portal to warp out of this barren world, Gilgamesh only giving an annoyed grumble before he followed him. The portal quickly closed behind them.
  28. Lingering Will tried to catch them once it realized what they did. However, it proved to be a step too slow as it couldn't stop the pair from making an escape. With no way to get off this wasteland, Lingering Will could only contemplate its own failure.

    Failure. A word it had grown to know quite well...
  29. (Destiny Islands)

    After the meal, the trio hung out at Sora's place for a little bit before they all went to bed. Sora slept peacefully, only a light snore or two escaping his lips.

    Sora found himself in a dark void standing on a glass floor, the image of Sleeping Beauty below. Sora had to glance around and found no one around...initially. However, soon a cloaked figure would appear behind Sora.

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