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Open King of fists 2

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Set two years after the fifth King of Fists tournament.
    fallowing the death of Genzo corps CEO. The three big companies that rule the world Disney, La valruen, and McGarrack swoop in to try and take control of Genzo Corps. Not wanting to have his grandfarther's legacy to be taken over by rival companies or from within Lee Genzo creates the sixth King of Fists tournament. The winner becomes the new CEO of Genzo Corps becoming one of the four most persons people on the planet.

    Hundreds of people throughout each class flock to the tournament to see who might be crowned the next King of the Fist.

    The population of the earth is broken into 4 classes
    The Commonwealth: Those who are extremely rich, and live in the laps of luxury
    Business class: While not totally rich they are able to afforded some pleasures and live with clean air.
    Commons: Not very well off they mostly live in big apartments working to make just enough.
    Scrubs: unemployed. Only a few scrubs have homes other's live in tents barley able to make any kind of living. depending on where they live the air can be a little dirty or down right toxic.

    If you want a more in depth explanation about what this series is PM me or go to the first King of the Fist discussion thread. https://pokecharms.com/threads/king-of-the-fist.19267/

    Tournament Rules
    1. Killing an opponent will lead to immediate disqualification and imprisonment
    2. No weapons can be used in the tournament
    3. If you have mechanical Prosthetics they must be modified so as to be legal.
    4. You win the match three ways either by total knock out, Your opponent tapping out, or they get knocked off of the ring.

    Character bio
    age ( For obvious reasons have to be atleast eighteen or older)
    Class ( Common wealth, Buisness, commons, Scrubs)
    Fighting style.
    Back story(Optional)
    Just a heads up but this rp will not begin until the first King of Fists tournament ends.
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  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I know the first King of the Fist isn't done yet but i'd like to put this in early just in case.

    Name: Adam Fury
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Brown-haired, muscular, height 5 foot 8, green eyes, middleweight/light-heavyweight, huge fists. Wears boxers with an emblem of a demon monster with horns and the horns and head are on fire, with the emblem doted around the boxers in great numbers. Red boxing gloves with an image of the fiery demon on them just once.
    Sex: Male
    Class: Originally Scrubs, but has been elevated since
    Fighting style: Mainly Boxing. Can fight bare-knuckled too.
    Back story: Adam was born to an extremely poor family that were either from the Commons or the Scrubs. Either way, they couldn't really afford to live. Adam's mother died and his father had problems raising him because he no longer had another place to get income from. Adam can't remember what happened to his father, but it seems he abandoned him. From what has been gathered, a high ranking member of McGarrack or even the CEO of this company may have taken Adam under his belt. After a number of years, this man left Adam in an apartment where he watched over him, giving support when needed, but he did not give Adam riches, just what he needed to survive. Adam found it difficult to get a job. He started training as a boxer when he was scouted out by one. He trained every day from then and soon won many fights, becoming a champion boxer at a young age. He seems to be either a middleweight or a light heavyweight champion. After becoming one of the best young boxers of his time, Fury decided to join the King of the Fist tournament. His father was secretly a retired boxer too who went under the name of the Hooves of Hell and was a representative of McGarrack for many years. Most of the money he recieves from his winnings has been swooped up by McGarrack, in an attempt to control him, so he is still considerably poor.

    I have been trying to work out what is going on the original King of Fists plot, though to less success. Once it is over, do tell me what happened.

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