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keitorinchan's Fakemon sprites!!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by keitorinchan, May 13, 2007.

  1. Hello. I am an 'expert spriter' to many people on PokemonElite2000.com, so I've decided to see what people on here think.

    This page is strictly only for my Fakemon (Pokemon I've made up) Sprites. I made these completely from scratch! ;D


    Name: Mazukiba (pronounced mah-zooh-KEEH-bah)
    Type: Normal
    Description: Shy Fakemon; This little, fuzzy puffball is quite a shy one. Though they are quite numerous in population, making them common, many times when you spot them they timidly run away!! They enjoy spending there time harvesting berries.
    Habitat: Grasslands, Forests
    Attacks: Soon to come~~

    Name: Groogle (pronounced GROO-gel)
    Type: Normal
    Rarity: 18
    Description: Sight Fakemon; The red arrows around there eyes symbolize their terrific sight. They are ombnivores, but favor in meat. They would spot prey from about two miles, then twisting their feather-spikes back behind them, they shoot towards the prey. Their speed also makes them quite hard to catch.
    Habitat: Forests
    Attacks: Soon to come~~

    Name: Skanarad (pronounced SKAH-nahr-ahd)
    Type: Dark, Psychic
    Rarity: Yet unknown
    Description: Spike Fakemon; Though sometimes they may seem harmless, Skanarads have rectractable claws in the spots on their backs, and can perform telekenesis with the tips of their ears.
    Habitat: Caves, other unknown?
    Attacks: Soon to come~~

    Name: Gruse (pronounced GROOS)
    Type: Bug, Ground
    Rarity: 10
    Description: Mite Fakemon; These large insects are covered with a thick coat of feelers. They live in deserts, and they used the feelers for protection against sandstorms, and to detect where the wind is blowing to decide where to go. In the front, the side feelers are tougher and more flexible and can work as small, stubby fingers and digging tools for burrowing. They eat minerals.
    Habitat: Deserts, under ground
    Attacks: Soon to come~~

    [​IMG] Evolved form of Gruse
    Name: Crusom (pronounced KROO-suhm)
    Type: Bug, Ground
    Rarity: 56
    Description: Sand Shell Fakemon; As Gruse live on, more and more sand is collected in their feelers. During the period of evolution, this built up sand encases around the Fakemon, creating a shell layered with hardened sand.
    Habitat: Deserts
    Attacks: Soon to come~~

    [​IMG] Legendary
    Name: Cromaeri (pronounced KROH-mayr-riy)
    Type: Normal, Pyschic
    Rarity: 100+
    Description: Cliff Legendary Fakemon; Cromeari is a legendary cliff-leaper Fakemon. It lives high upon rocky mountains, and her lungs are built to be able to breath such thin air. She barely ever comes down. Why she ever does, we do not know......
    Habitat: Mountains
    Attacks: Soon to come~~

    Name: Mouzack (pronounced MOH-zahk)
    Type: Water
    Rarity: 100+
    Description: Ocean Spirit Legendary Fakemon; Also known as the 'Ocean Spirit', Mouzack travels throughout every sea, ocean, and sometimes even lakes. Turning itself into a stream of vapor, is able to travel across the world at the speed of sound, searching for more water. Eats krill and other water organisms.
    Habitat: Bodies of water
    Attacks: Soon to come~~

    Got any comments?
    Got any compliments?
    Got any suggestions?
    Got any insults? (me: I'd rather there be no insults!)
    Got any requests?
    NO STEALING!!!!!!! :evil:
    Steal and my clones will be after you!!!!
  2. I like them. Cromaeri looks more like an electic type than a Psychic.
  3. Ok, wow, just wow. Those are just owntacular. Make more of them, they look awsome.
  4. you should make Gruse be a grass bug type

    #4 Cutechao41, May 14, 2007
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  5. Lucky for you, I just made a new one! It's getting uploaded....

    [quote author=Cutechao41 link=topic=1796.msg17118#msg17118 date=1179110933]
    you should make Gruse be a grass bug type


    Well, they burrow into the ground for shelter when they're not on the look out for certain kinds of minerals hidden in the desert.

    [quote author=FireFly link=topic=1796.msg17095#msg17095 date=1179101147]
    I like them. Cromaeri looks more like an electic type than a Psychic.

    How so? Because of the spiky fur??

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