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Katsuo's (new) Art~~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Katsuo, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. So since my old thread died of neglect (>>); I've decided to create a new one~ With new and art that isn't new, but is new for most of y'all.

    *Please don't ask for my old Gijinka Pokemon. They're all on that old thread and on my deviantART-------> http://www.katsuomangaka.deviantart.com
    **Critiques are welcome, but please don't flame. I know what's wrong my work, and I do try to correct it over time.
    ***Requests, Commissions, and Trades are open. Just message the details, but please be patient with me. It can take me a while to get the artwork done.
    Here we go~! *Mario music plays*
    This is Tonks and a chara of mine, Yv. Tonks belongs to http://www.jubilations.deviantart.com and she has given me permission to use him. Note that Tonks is dead.
    Yv, the Pendeogan(a race created by Jubilations(Angel), addicted to videogames.
    My RADDIISH Charas+Yv Karaoke fun tiem.

    Mairi and Roto from RADDIISH

    Gaia Online commission for an RP character.
    Couples' Commission
    Bizenghast fanart
    Lord Death and Lady Life
  2. I forgot to post these pictures. While drawing them I couldn't get Zombies out of my mind. Heh... xD
    Her name is Chelsea and she likes brains.
    Brains are skooshy.
    SpeedPaint in open canvas.
  3. I've taken an Anatomy class and dissected brains. They're pretty firm, actually. :p

    Naaaaice. These pictures are excellent, with an edgy, thick-lined style.

    I'm curious, what characteristics does your race have?

    I think the alien courting comic was pretty adorable. I'm curious on what he was saying, though.
  4. The Pendeogan race belongs to Jubilations.deviantart.com. The characteristics include:
    • A tail to match their haircolor (unless hair is dyed) The base of the tail on females is lower than on males.
    • Long pointed ears, male ears are significantly longer than female.
    • Eye color is a shade of red. Can range of red-orange to dark almost brown red.
    • Addiction. Addiction to anything, exagerrated from human addiction. Addiction appears around puberty but it varies. Withdrawal is extreme in Pendeogans and can lead to death.

    And thanks for the comment on my art. ^^ I haven't dissected brains yet, but I will next semester.
  5. You have wonderful works here. I really like your vampire strips. Chelsea looks good too. ;)
  6. Thank you very much. And Chelsea thanks you too, it's not easy keepin that body on nothin' but scraps and brains. nomnomnom.

    I;ll show you a vampire strip.

    Actually Mairi and Roto aren't vampires of any sort... they just like role-playing, so to speak. They both love creepy and supernatural things.... xD I love 'em to death though.
    I drew this for Halloween. Halloween is their Valentine's day.
  7. [​IMG]
    I feel this is appropriate cuz Xmas is 5 days away~

    Happy Holidays everyone! Love you~
  8. Dear sweet Arceus.

    Katsuo I love you so much you have no idea.
  9. Yay it's the Nightmare Before Christmas!

    The spider holding the mistletoe is cute ^.^

    Must say that, despite her being very well created, your zombie freaks me out. Freaky~
  10. I actually love that my Zombie girl freaks you out. I really wanted her to be creepy.
  11. [​IMG]

    Na'Vi from James Cameron's AVATAR.

    Oh wow. This took a while.

    But, I've been so captivated and enthralled by James Cameron's "Avatar" that it's all I ever think about now.
    There's so much I wanna say about how positively spectacular the movie is, I've seen it multiple times, I just don't have the enery to right now.

    I took special care to get the Na'Vi woman just right, and it could be better, but I'm happy with her.

    The background is crap, but for now I'll leave it as such.
  12. [​IMG]
    Photomanipulation of SCT~

    Photomanipulation of Me~
  13. [​IMG]

    More Photomanips of myself. I'm getting better! :D I really like these two. Especially the first one.
  14. Wow. These are bleeping cool. I think the Na'Vi ones are pretty intriguing, but it's your Jack and Sally one I like the best. The Nightmare Before Christmas is an awesome movie.
  15. Yes, Jack and Sally is my favorite. I love NmBC, and they are my favorite characters from that movie.

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