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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Picnicker Virgil, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Yesterday in History class I sat in my seat while the teacher handed back our quizzes we had taken just before vacation. Last class, when we had been taking the exam, I was struggling a bit on the last five questions, all multiple choice. A girl in my class noticed and starting whispering answers to me, not looking straight at me so she wouldn't get in trouble. Immediately catching on, I wrote the answers as quick as I could and handed my quiz in without even double checking what I had selected.

    The quiz handed back to me had a large red 50 written on the top. It occurred to me that the answers the girl in my class had been whispering were not only meant for the friend sitting next to her, but they were also very similar to the first five answers on my test, matching ones. After actually looking at some of the questions I neglected during the test I noticed I had written 'F' for a multiple choice question which had A B C or D as the only possible answers. I felt like an idiot, and still do, but I suppose it's my fault for trying to cheat in the first place.

    So, anyone else have any stories where 'karma' worked for or against you?
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
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    That's a good Karma story XD

    I can't think of a story in particular, but I know they've happened to me enough for me to believe in it. Generally now I do my best to think about my actions before I do them, which when I was younger I didn't do at all. So, touch wood, I think my karma levels are ok at the moment...

    I know from experience that being in a bad mood just makes everything worse. Like in my part time job at Tesco. If I let customers annoy me (I'm customer service), then the day seems to get worse in terms of machines breaking down on me, more difficult customers than usual coming in etc. Whereas if I'm in a good mood, the day goes ok. Whether that's just a vagary of perception - aka I just deal with stuff better in a good mood, other whether it's a form of karma isn't clear, but it certainly happens.

    And generally speaking, it's very difficult to remain positive towards people after at least ten have come to me to complain that canned beans have gone up by a penny and demand that I do something about it

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