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Kaora's PokeSprite Center

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kaora, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Just thought I'd try my hand at spriting.. They're not that good >_>
    So far I've only made two:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lasseus Pikarisu
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  2. I made more. Also, I am taking requests, but only if you comment on my sprites first.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Emolchu Raydreigon

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  3. You need to get rid of the black backgrounds - I presume you're using them because the copypasta'd sprites have transparent backgrounds that are converted into black in MS Paint. Try saving the images first and then opening them in paint.
    The recolours are quite good, but some of the parts look a bit tacked on (e.g. Emolga's Pikachu tail.) Think about where the parts would be attached to - Some of Emogla's Pikachu tail should be obscured by its body, otherwise it looks like it's attached to the side of the sprite.
    With splices, the base sprite should be recoloured with the colours of the other one - although you did this with the Emolchu sprite, you didn't with the Raydreigon sprite. It looks like a Rayquaza with Hydreigon parts tacked on, but if Raydreigon also had Hydreigon's colours it would look more like a new creature.
    Hopes this helps :)
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  4. Ok, I redid Raydregion: [​IMG]

    But I'm still having problems with the black backrounds. I don't know exactly what you mean. I'm using a program called Paint Shop Pro 7, if it helps.

    I will think of a proper name later, but for now I christen it:

    Basically, the most loaded sprite I've ever done or seen. A splice of Politoed, Bellossom, Shinx, Flygon, and Arceus. The reason the backround is black is because the pokeball burst effect didn't work on transparent.

    Side note: Even though the majority of spliced pokemon were green, I decided to keep Shinx blue. I dunno, I just like it that way.
  6. Ked


    Toastie pretty much covered everything I wanted to say here. Your shading could also use some work, since it appears you just use the same shading that the sprites already had before you spliced them. I would suggest using darker colors on places that are covered by other parts, like the tail on Pikarisu behind its head.

    To get rid of the black backgrounds I would just save a Pokemon sprite sheet to your computer, and then when you need a certain Pokemon, just copy the Pokemon you want, paste it into the program you're using, and make the background transparent before you do anything to it. You could also get the sprite sheet, and then use transparent selection (if the program you're using has that. I'm assuming it does) to each of the parts you're using in the splice, then just make the white background on your sprite transparent after you finish. Believe me, it is SO much easier to do than how I explained it. I tend to ramble in and make no sense~

    In your newest sprite I really like the Pokeball effect you did on your newest sprite. However, the sprite itself seems to be a bit jumbled and messy. It's good that you're trying to use many different parts and all, but the way you did it didn't turn out good. Before you start making your splice, think about what you want the final sprite to look like and, particularly in this case, if the parts would all fit onto the base. Shinx is a pretty small Pokemon, and I think Pollosinxgoneus would look better if you used less or smaller parts on it. Remember, unless you know what you're doing with your sprite, try using Pokemon that are similar. Using Pokemon that are almost the same in size, and aren't too different will make it easier for you to splice them. For example, mixing an Espeon with an Umbreon will be easier than mixing an Igglybuff with a Rayquaza, but that doesn't mean splicing different things together is impossible, just more difficult.

    Sorry if I sounded mean, typed too much, or made no sense; I'm just trying to help you~
  7. omg, someone else uses psp!! ok well to make a transperent background you need to go on to colours and then go on set palette trancperency then when this warning thing comes up press yes and then ok then click on the black and then it will look as if nothing happened but go back onto colours and click on veiw palette trancperency and all the black bits will be trancperent. It helps to change the colour of the background to a colour not on the sprite.
    hope I helped
  8. Thanks this really helped! :3


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