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Private/Closed Kanto league tournament Companion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. In light of the thread's warning I decided it best to create this companion forum. All OOC post will go here from now on. Let's try to not get this banned.
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  2. Little side note: the Rhon region is a region I made up based on my reallife homeregion. I eventually plan to maken a rp for an adventure through this region at some point
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  3. Just putting this out there. The top 16 round is going to be 3v3.
    That's going to have to be after Johto. I already have an RP ready for it.
    #3 Jagson, Sep 5, 2016
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  4. So say something so i can continue .3.
    Need to wait 30 sec .-.
  5. Say something xD so he dont got locked .3.
  6. Ahh Jado it's expose to be in third person. You said "Mine was Grimmer and his was muk."
  7. I Gotta go soon .3.
  8. Almost done.
    Good night.
  9. A couple of things.
    1) The top eight is going to be 6v6
    2) Does any one know any website That I can put everyone's name into so that the Quarter and Semi finals matches will be random?
  10. Google for a randomizer app I'm sure there will be something :)
  11. So the first 8 top battle will be Yannick vs Drew?
  12. I Think it would be awesome to be Yannick Vs Drew/ Jado vs Elizabeth/And Gotz vs that trainer with fetch xD.
    Cuz i think Yannick and Drew are rivals.Elizabeth and jado hate eachother cuz Elizabeth wanna teach some sense on Jado.And gotz fight a npc that probably will win or he lose and we all lose to that fetch trainer .3. and become ash-wanna be -.-
  13. To awnser the question. Yes it'll be Drew V Yannick first. As for the other thing that will be hilarious if we all lost to the farfecth trainer.
  14. Okie xD then Gotz win that trainer when then the trainer will decide from the rp.
  15. Will Götz even answer in the rp?
  16. I don't know.
  17. I dont know but drew said Gotz is against one npc.
  18. Jagson!Is dragonite allowed? .3.
  19. Yes any gen one pokemon aside from legendries are allowed.
  20. Oh jagson about johto league.we will start with op pokemons or caught our pokemons through our adventure?
  21. Start with. It's basically going to have the same format as Kanto league. beging, Bad guy that has to be stopped, and finally the tournament.
    What are you switching Grimer out for?
    #22 Jagson, Sep 5, 2016
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  22. My Nidoking .3.
    I Will change the trainer card
  23. Sorry guys but I have to eat dinner with the family. Be back in about an hour.
  24. Welcome back .3.

    Its up!

    okay... i think i've got the idea and won't mess up this time! :)
    #26 Notzuru, Sep 5, 2016
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  25. I guess the tournament is over as noone replies?
  26. I don't know. I'm waiting for Chewards to reply so the story can actually continue. Until then it's on Hiatus.
  27. Yeah.Iam waiting for chedwards to reply but last time she told she had a life so probably she is probably busy...Or i can just win and fight Yannick .3.
  28. there is still one more round to go before we get to the finals
  29. Oh yeah your right...its about Gotz right? and the top 4
  30. yes Götz and someone else are still missing and have to battle npcs
  31. yEAH So the best choice may be the farfetch npc win to everyone and he start Johto tournament .3.
  32. Johto has started already thats why my trainercard changed
  33. Okay then i will change mine too wasnt your eevee a normal one? :O
  34. yeah but I simply love shiny umbreon :)
  35. Yeah cuz my eevee became a shiny umbreon too xD
  36. There you have my Johto Team :D
    Now i need to choose their new atacks .3.
  37. Kingdra so op that everyone has one xD
  38. Yeah xD plus he becomes a Dragon e.e Jado will make a Dragon team just for you guys ♥
    And now i have the king of the sky >:3
    I will make my Heracross fight your scizzor too.

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